FFXIV: A calm before the storm.

Patch 5.1 is happening in 3 days!

Notto dis shitto agein

Been working on leveling a few jobs before 5.1 hits and holding off some jobs because of upcoming buffs. Preliminary patch notes have been posted and I’m mostly excited for the Nier Raid, the new beast tribes, new gpose features and being able to finally blacklist and not see RMT sale spammers in party finder. Ultimate content is not for me and don’t care for the new PVP/dungeon gear. I’m still slowly leveling my 2 characters’ jobs all to 80. Currently leveling gunbreaker on both of them so at least it’s a little easier consistency wise. At the rate I’m going hopefully I’ll have everything to 80 by January. 😂

Chocobo server had some Umadori Festival today which I honestly couldn’t really keep track of. I know some people were selling random items or doing some kind of screenshots but there was SO many people I couldn’t even figure out who was who. Also the chat log was flooded with yells and says so my text went by quicker before I could read all the Japanese (ヽ´ω`). Just then I ran into my friend!

We ended up following them to Castrum Oriens and taking a screenshot where I ran into 2 more friends (the green frog suit lol). Overall I didn’t really understand much at all, I think I prefer smaller user events where I can actually talk to people and see people and not have like half of the map randomly vanish on and off because of culling. After that, we quickly jumped into the fc airship and went to say goodbye to the Diadem! Goodbye! Your spongy mobs, fate grinding and having to do dumb quests to fly back in HW will not be missed. Neither will your crappy rng stat gear that would drop lol. Never did get to properly complete and emergency mission but at this point I don’t think I care anymore.

After that we did our dailies and then went for 1 last round of Halloween screenshots (mostly so I could indulge in my secret OTP of Hien and Yugiri lol.)

I’ve been playing FF12 now but probably starting next week that will be on hold once more as I get through patch 5.1 on 3 characters 😅😅

Can’t wait for all the nier gear!