Mobile Game Review: King of Fighters -for girls-

Did you ever want to date the guys in all your year 1990s fighting games? Well now you can with King of Fighters for girls! Even updated with the most recent popular seiyuus so you don’t just have a bunch of 60 year old ojisans voicing everyone that they voiced 20 years ago! 😂😂

Our heroine Yukari accepts a job offer at a local training dojo to be a housekeeper doing basic things like cooking and cleaning. On her first day she runs into some faceless/bodyless shadow who threatens to beat her up for no reason until she is rescued by some muscly ikemans!

While the ikemans are busy showing off in style and telling her how they will defend her, the dude randomly runs off and she realizes these guys all train at her new workplace. For some reason she did 0 research about her position and has no idea that the training dojo is actually for fighting (kakutogi) and all the guys in there are competing in a world tournament called the King of Fighters. She’s like wah wah I was only told I would cook and clean but Kyo tells her to dealwithit and become their manager. 😂 So now miss clueless here is a manager of a fighting team but she also then gets to meet and make a man harem of more fighting dudes when she comes to the fighter introduction ceremony for KOF. And basically that’s the main plot of the game and as usual since it’s a mobile game there’s a few things to do.

In order to raise your level, your guys level and unlock stories you have to train them and have them do daily fights. There’s Easy – Expert modes so once you do 1 of each daily you can basically keep spamming expert for the most amount of exp and items earned. It also raises affection which you need in order to unlock the side (aka romance) stories with the guys.

Once you get a decent amount of levels on your guy you can set them off to do daily battles. When you pair them up in a battle you also pair them up with —— you guessed, cards you obtain via gachas. 😂 Obviously the higher rarity of card (SSR) the more power your guy will get. That said I managed to beat even expert mode with 1SSR, 1SR and ranked up R. If your guys have enough level you can literally beat up a team that’s double the HP of your own. Also above it says to “tap” but I think you only need to tap to fill in the heart of your partner (that you manually pick in my case I picked Kyo.) The game is nice though and gave me lots of freebies so I managed to get 2 SSRs and a bunch of SRs. The thing is you might think “i’m just gonna use the guys whose best cards I have” – this is all ok except if you wanna see romance story of a different guy and you ignore him, you won’t unlock it. So even though my Nagi is sitting here with a shitty R card, I want to see his story so I’m just training/fighting with him anyway.

The general main scenario first introduces the fighters and then basically has interactions with Yukari and all of them..with the biggest mystery of creepy psycho stalker Nagi who randomly appears in the dojo lawn at night beckoning her ~soul to come to him~. They definitely nailed with Hirakawa as the voice actor and frankly I just want to know what the hell is his deal so I’m grinding him out lol. 😂

Of course there’s a huge motivation killer that comes with the app: JAPAN ONRY. So it’s bad enough that you have to get it via third party apps like Qoo App in the first place, but it’s also set on Japan time. So for example say you’re in EST time zone, it’s 10AM for you but now it’s midnight for Japan. So in Japan it will be the following day but you’re still in the previous day! So now the game thinks that there’s something wrong and will not let you train or do fights! The only way to get around this is to play when YOUR phone clock is also in the following day, OR simply change your time zone, open the app, then immediately change it back so you don’t mess up any other time set things on your phone. The app basically “time stamps” your local timezone only as you login, so as long as you continue to be logged in with the “japan time zone” it doesn’t matter what your actual phone’s time zone is. THIS IS REALLY FREAKING ANNOYING PLEASE WHY DO YOU DO THIS JAPAN. Unfortunately I kinda wanna know what happens with some of the guys I’m working on (main scenario is kinda blah but I really like the side romance stories.)

There’s also unique stories for each SR/SSR card if you level it up and it includes a CG even if you never got 2 of the same card to “unlock” the image like the one above. The down side, aside from the prologue of the main scenario, nothing is fully voiced :(. It’s all partial voices with a few hellos and goodbyes etc. I was hoping they would at least full voice the romance scenario like yumeiro cast did. Unlike yumecast though it appears that all the romance scenarios are already IN the game and not “unfinished” but you have to grind player level to like 59 and unlock a bunch of the main scenario chapters before being able to read them. Seeing how I am rank 26 after 2 days I don’t think it will take that long honestly lol. There’s also a ton of guys so while I’m currently grinding 3 at the moment, there’s a few others I’m interested in.

Like with Shining Live there’s also the feature where you poke the dude to raise a bit of affection 3 times per day but it’s in a really weird place from a sub menu rather than the main screen so I often just forget this feature exists. (ヽ´ω`)

And finally there was this cute SNS feature while I was downloading the huge amount of data as you can see above.

Overall I guess we’ll have to see how this goes. With the timezone bullshit I’m pretty hesitant to spend any money on this game because who knows if they will one day decide to block foreign connections too.  For now it’s good enough to play for free so I’m just gonna work on grinding up my guys and seeing the romance stories. As far as Yukari? She’s generic mobage sponge with no real personality and there’s definitely a lot of “template” scenario that makes me roll my eyes. For example how Kyo constantly tells her not to walk around by herself because she’ll get into trouble. I’m pretty sure she’s at least of adult age since she can drink alcohol, so she doesn’t need some high school kid accompanying her to buy groceries?? Or when Kyo and her were walking down from the hill he was wheeling his bike manually while walking so they could talk and she’s like “wow you can do that?? that’s amazing!” and hes like “uh okay?” And I’m like ಠ_ಠ. She seems like she’s slightly less bad with Nagi and Pao so maybe Kyo is just a sad victim of “avg template dude”. Still I wish mobile game heroines had a little more spice in their personality like Madoka from yumecast (rip yumecast.)

There doesn’t appear to be any social features like adding friends or any benefits of having friends. Since the game just launched there doesn’t appear to be any competitive events yet either but I can definitely see them making event only fighting battles where unless you’re decked out in shiny SSRs you can’t actually defeat the team lol. Guess I’ll wait and see what happens.


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  1. yea hence why I mentioned how annoying it is to have to change timezones every time I login lol. I don’t know why they have it set like that I wish they didn’t.

  2. I wish the main story at least have full voiced.

    I was happy because I thought I can hear Koyasu voice in main story. But what a bummer it didn’t.

    Also that error code is because of time zone. That’s explain why I can’t training above 10 P.M ._.

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