RPG Review: Super Mario Odyssey

Concluding my Mario game marathon I’ve finally finished playing through Super Mario Odyssey. Unfortunately I did not know about screenshot mode until I literally found this trailer for the game for this post so please enjoy my crappy screenshots after the jump 😂 Warning for a bit of spoilers near the end.

So AS USUAL our game begins when Bowser kidnaps peach but this time he’s a creeper forcing her into marrying him. He goes around the world stealing cakes, rings, bouquets, dresses and even food for his ultimate wedding on…the moon.

It’s up to Mario to rescue her as usual however this time he has a friend named Cappy! As it turns out, Peach’s wedding crown  just so happens to be Cappy’s sister so Cappy offers Mario to join forces to rescue them both.

Mario of course agrees and now you’re off on an adventure throwing your hat everywhere. But here’s the kicker, Cappy is a magical hat! By throwing him towards monsters/random objects you can teleport Mario INTO becoming those objects in order to get tasks done.

For example you can turn into this moai statue in order to walk across hidden bridges and not fall into the pool of lava. The game allows you to turn into all sorts of things like tanks, fireballs, taxi cabs, giant dinosaurs and well…even Bowser himself.

There’s a variety of different worlds ranging from New York City to Japan 😂

But also there’s worlds that reminded me of Nier Automata and FF14!? 😂

Finally once you make your way to the moon and defeat Bowser a 2nd time you jump into Bowser’s body, throw Peach on your shoulder and break your way out so you can teleport to safety and then jump to the Odyssey back to Mushroom Kingdom.

But well apparently she’s a strong woman who don’t need no man (or angry dino-turtle) so she rejects both of them. 😂😂😂😂 This basically completes the main story and then Peach is off to travel the world while you can collect all the moons you missed in other words and defeat bosses a 2nd time for some easter eggs. Since my goal was to just finish the main story I considered myself done here.

I explored around a bit an collected a few moons but decided to basically call it quits then and there. Also I had no idea about assist mode (which I could have probably used in that hellish cooking world) so uh I guess maybe check out some kind of newbie guide before you play this game. Also it would definitely help to find guides on where to capture a lot of the moons. Some of them I had absolutely no clue would be hidden in some places. The only worlds I was able to find most moons on my own was the 2 water worlds somehow were weirdly easy for me. All the other worlds , especially that horrid cooking pink lava one, I definitely had to pull out a guide to uncover.

Overall I really did enjoy the game. While a few places here and there were frustrating without a guide, overall I think it was fun to blindly explore and find things on my own. Usually when you’d find something unusual like “why is there a dog here” it means it’s related to uncovering a hidden moon somewhere. So after a while it became fun trying to find out hidden stuff on your own. I wish I had known about the screenshot mode as I would have definitely taken more screenshots beyond just the main story cut scenes. The game also REALLY wanted you to buy Amiibos, which I think added some sort of hints or extra content to the game but that just felt too gimmicky for me to care about and seemed like some kind of weird unnecessary physical DLC. Overall though I’d definitely recommend this game, I think even those who never played a Mario game in their life will probably enjoy this as just a fun & cute RPG.