A Week in FFXIV: [6/11/2019 – 6/17/2019]

Less than 13 now but never forget Raubahn Ex 😂

A bit behind on this week’s post but better late than never!

As I mentioned last week I’m on crunch time trying to get the last of my remaining sub-jobs to 70 so that’s another reason this post is late. Last night I was grinding to get monk to 70 and finally got it to max before bed.

Apparently the 70 AF gloves already have a glow without doing Eureka

Last week was also E3 so Producer Yoshida would randomly visit NA servers to get bombarded with people on his AFK character. Most of the time he was covered by a cloud of people but I managed to get 1  good screenshot of him:

His token lala is a black mage in Minfilia’s outfit.

Speaking of black mages, I finally unlocked my blackmage and ground that to 32 so I could do leveling roulettes with my husband’s astrologian. I went back and found my old black mage screenshots and look at that DIFFERENCE in quality!

Don’t mind the fact that 6 years ago I was a potato…….. 😂

I’ve been working on a screenshot stamp rally for 1 of my linkshells as well where you have to take pictures they assign as well as pictures in that one dungeon. Here’s some images below:

The black fat chocobo promotion has come to NA and all I had to do was buy a 60 day time card! Easy! In Japan you had to apparently buy tons of friend chicken and be embarrassed at the convenience store. 😂

A hefty chonker

Other stuff of note was the live letter which gave us a sneak peak of information on upcoming system changes but that was about it.We did get to make some meme-ful templates though!


The official twitter also currently has an artwork countdown going on with some lovely art:

As I was leveling samurai I encountered a butt enthusiast in Coerthas Western Highlands


My friends who have been leveling for a while have also finally cleared the final 4.0 leveling dungeon Castrum Abania and moved on to the Lochs with those god forsaken aether currents 😱


This week is also the final week of the gold saucer event and I’ve been religiously doing my weekly challenge logs on 2 of my 3 characters 😱 But ayy I got lots of mgp now ready for whatever new items 5.0 throws at me. There’s exactly 10 days left until early access so I hope  I can finish variable barricade before then too lolol.


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  1. That fat chocobo ❤ Would you want the Viera and Hrothgar races to have male and female options?
    Quick question as a noob about to venture into FFXIV: I can purchase the Complete Edition of Shadowbringers for all of the expansions and then a sub for the chocobo mount. So if I'm planning on playing the free trial first, so as long as I don't redeem those codes (I'd assume they give out codes) I won't lose that trial and then be put onto the sub, right? Thank you!!

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