A Week in FFXIV: [6/4/2019 – 6/10/2019]

OH SHIT HYPE FOR 5.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been spending most of last week grinding Monk! I finished Machinist to level 70 and in a massive rush to level the rest of my jobs.

And while I really don’t like playing melee jobs, especially monk with all the positionals, I do have to say I adore the 1-30 Pugilist quests because I will never not love Hamon Holyfist (and his constantly getting his ass kicked by star marmots 😂😂)

The game in general has a new Gold Saucer event until the 24th where you can get a new Senor Sabotender emote! It’s the typical cactuar emote you always see at the gold saucer and in other final fantasy games.

I’ve been taking advantage of all the MGP bonuses and using squadron scrolls to boost up my MGP so that when Shadowbringers comes out hopefully there will be new glamor items to spend it on!

Not much else going on at the moment, but once I finish my daily roulettes I’ve been actually making progress in Variable barricade. Already completed 2 routes so I’ll try to get that done before the new XIV expansion drops….cause once it does I’m probably gonna crawl under a rock again 😂




5 thoughts on “A Week in FFXIV: [6/4/2019 – 6/10/2019]”

  1. I think I’ve reached the limit on my friend invites so I asked my husband to generate a code for you! (it doesn’t matter whose code you use the items are the same) Code: BB4A5KTK

  2. Oh wow that’d be awesome, I’d love to join your server!! I legit just paid for all the parts to build my first PC so it’ll be a few days before I start FFXIV but I’ll definitely let you know when I join 😀 Thanks so much!!

  3. Nice? 😙👌 Make sure you make a character on a preferred server for the exp bonus. Also if you want to be on the same data center as me pick a server on Aether ! Let me know too if you need a friend code 😎

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