A Week in FFXIV: [5/28 – 6/3/2019]

Oh no, I made another Viera and now I can’t decide between the two 😅😅😅

Sometimes I feel lazy to write these posts but I know I’ll regret it later and if I change to bi-weekly it will become a mess of too much stuff because despite what it may seem like, I actually really play a lot lol. So we got new mogstation outfits and pretty much tons of Japanese players on my server bought one, and me and my husband picked it up too. I really like it, reminds me of Meiji Tokyo Renka! So my wish from last week came true and on top of that magic carpet!! I’m still planning to do an Aladdin cosplay one of these days now that we got our flying rug xD

After waiting hours in queue I finally got my alt on Gaia to finish up omega and all the 24 man raids so now it’s 5.0 ready. However while completing Omega I ran into someone from my former FC on Alexander….and they basically ignored me and ran off immediately after I emoted them L O L. Guess my attempt to reconnect with my former FC mates is a waste of time and I only managed to reconnect with 2 of them and ultimately being on different servers and timezones it wasn’t going to work out anyway……..so I actually ended up transferring my alt to Elemental DC! I haven’t had a chance to run any content there to see what it’s like but I can certainly say the server I came to is MUCH MORE POPULATED than my last one on Gaia…….Gaia is such a dead data center honestly but hey if you’re looking for a house and that’s ALL you care about maybe that’s the place to go. ┐(´∀`)┌


(Also I totally teared up at the Alpha quest again (´;ω;`))

Meanwhile on Mana, my 2 friends finally reached Lakshimi. I made a silly macro for them in LS chat so they knew when to press the Vrill and for the most part everyone managed to clear okay! After that we completed the Crystal Tower series for them to prepare for 5.0. I still remember when CT was a wipe fest and people had to do mechanics. Now everyone just ignores everything and plows over every boss like a steamroller lol. 😅

My neighbor near the FC house also went Paissa so now our ward has 8 Paissa houses. I hope more people jump on the bandwagon lol 👀

And finally the highlight this week was my self-housing tour of a famous housing person on Elemental, Souryu Yamato. He has a lot of houses he decorated and while sometimes his style starts to “blend in” over time, he still has a lot of very unique white color themed housing so it gives a more “open” feel inside. He also does really great Japanese theme houses and is definitely worth a look. You can see the details of his housing on his blog over here. In the meantime check out my gallery of his houses!