A Week in FFXIV: [5/21 – 5/27/2019]

Well obviously the biggest news this week is the Shadowbringers benchmark!

So the Shadowbringers benchmark is out allowing you to see if your computer can handle the graphics/motion as well as give you the chance to create the latest 2 races Viera (female only) and Hrothgar (male only – also known as Ronso from FF10). Here’s a few screenshots from the bench with reshade running!

If you’ve been thinking about starting FFXIV you can always play around with the character creator benchmark without even having a Square Enix account. You can download it here. I had trouble deciding on which Viera faced to use for mine but ultimately I settled on face 4. The one thing is the lack of hair styles I like on Viera at the moment. Too many are the same thing but with/without bangs being the only difference. Hopefully once the full game is out there will be more hairstyles available :(. For Rothgars it appears the face type is also part of the type of hair that goes with it which seems even more unfortunate to me. I really wish they would have just focused on 1 race (male/female viera) instead of trying to haphazardly throw in 2 races when they are clearly understaffed for race building. We’ll see what happens though – I’d like to stay bunny girl but if I end up not liking it I’ll just go back to Au Ra cause that’s what all my characters are anyway.

With the live letter last week as well it brought us lots of news about what skills are going away and how they plan to really redo how Machinist and Summoner work. Seems like tanks are getting a huge work around to make tanking more appealing to those who struggle with it. Overall I’m pleased with all the announcements and there’s more coming mid June at the next live letter.

One of the bigger accomplishments this week is of course our final run of Heaven on high. We had yet more freaking out moments and yelling but once we got into the mid 90s things finally brightened up and we managed to clear with flying colors….in our colorful set of suits.

This run allows us to get our shrines and so since me and my husband both share houses we got 2 shrines now:

Since a bunch of us want to get the Diadem pegasus mount and minion without having to run Praeratorium 100 times starting this week….we set off to complete a few missions. After just 3 runs I already have 69 spoils (need 99 for mount and 50 for minion) so overall it doesn’t seem that big of a deal at all! So now that  Heaven on High is behind us, we’re all going in to get our horses in the Diadem 😂

I had also joined a party after a long time of kinda ignoring them (since in Japanese servers this is basically the best way to make gil) and for the 2nd time in my life saw the little baby elephant pop up ^_^

Unrelated to FFXIV I saw Aladdin this weekend and it appears that the Chinese FF14 servers are getting a magic carpet mount!

Since we get a lot of stuff the China servers get, hopefully that means we’ll be getting this sooner or later. ☺

I decided to finally go through the grief and level up my GAIA DC alt. I got her from gathering currents in the Lochs all the way to patch 4.3! Mostly what’s stopping me is the endless queues that never pop. I feel bad for anyone who is still going to be doing main scenario in 5.0…probably will be even harder to do anything from older content because everyone will be busy doing the new stuff. (;’∀’)

The final thing I did over the weekend was a FF15 RP style event where some guy posted some dialogue that the FF15 guys might say while riding through Eorzea. It was kinda fun at first but I think he got waaayy too into it with the gathering and then completely derailed off course by killing time with people’s unrelated bard performances. I ended up leaving then because I was getting bored after 2 hours. Wish he did the campfire stuff before I had left lol.