Otome Game Review: Fortissimo

Well this was certainly not your “average idol game”.  Fujisaki Futaba works at the James company and the president Lily chooses her to become the new idol manager for the group Fortissimo. Futaba is a country bumpkin with no style or experience so thanks to hurls of insults from bratty underage teens and her strict boss, she ~blooms~ into a Cinderella.

Akeboshi Eiichiro – Eichi is the group leader that seems like the nicest and normal guy out of all of them (except when he bombs his coffee with tons of sugar). He’s also Ryo’s best friend and Ryo can’t stand Futaba looking like stiff next to his bff so he even buy clothes for her lol. Eichi also has an actress sister by the name of Erina. Well turns out he’s actually a siscon and has a crush on his sister Erina so when news breaks out of her being in a relationship, he suddenly can’t do anything and messes up on the job. Not only that but he gets a phone call from Erina telling him she’s pregnant and he really loses it 😂. In order to try to get him back up, she flies to Los Angeles to try to convince Fuuto to reunite with forttê. As usual Fuuto acts like a whiny turd, but Futaba manages to convince him to return. Unfortunately this just makes Eichi think that now that Fuuto’s back, he’s no longer needed in the group. Futaba tries to talk him out if his emo siscon wangst and instead he forces himself on her. 🙄 She kicks him away and runs out of his apartment bumping into Ryo, who sees that her shirt’s partially unbuttoned. Ryo tells Eichi to cool his head and Futaba thanks him and goes home. After this Eichi goes on break while Futaba works with the rest of the group and eventually she talks to him and convinces him that the group needs him. Once he returns, everyone does their concert and become even more popular. Six months pass and Futaba’s been working non stop.

Not too soon later, Eichi’s sister Erina gives birth to twins. After this Eichi finally gets over his siscon love lol. Everything goes ok until a paparazzi  scandal breaks out and Futaba has to quit her job but Ryo is against it. They meet with the photographer Matsunaga and Eichi intentionally kisses Futaba in front of him so that the scandal would be with him and not Ryo. After this incident they admit they’re both in love with each other and on their next day off they go on a secret date. The date really is her coming over for pancakes lol. Happy end: After their next concert and after party, Eichi sneaks out with Futaba back to her place for some celebratory humping. 🤭 I still don’t really get how they resolved the paparazzi thing though 🤔. Nikushoku end: Futaba gets all jelly when Eichi is constantly having acting roles with Erina. Erina notices this and acts all flirty on purpose lmao thinking Futaba’s jealousy is adorable. After this Futaba comes over Eichi’s place to bang almost every night 😏. Bad end: Futaba gets into a fight with Eichi and realizes it’s really stressful to date an idol. Just then her manager goes in for the rebound and Eichi accidentally overhears the whole thing. He runs away and the manager calls him a beta cuck telling Futaba to pick him instead lol.

Seike Ryo – Ryo is the sub leader and Eichi’s homo childhood bff who would fight against Futaba for him 😂. I actually don’t even understand why he fell in love with Ryo just because they were in the same acting class?? He’s also a popular fashion model and he’s definitely not in the mood for Futaba’s noob management bs lol. Ryo still attends college, but acts a lot more professional and even offers her advice on what to wear. When Ryo and Futaba get close is when Eichi has his shitfit about his sister getting pregnant etc. Thanks to Futaba hearing out his feelings for Eichi, they both go to try and finally convince Eichi to stop emoing like a siscon and get his ass back to work. Honestly when not doing his route, Eichi seems so annoying and immature with his dumb siscon crush. After this also Ryo realizes he’s been ~dumped~ (lmao) and decides to get over Eichi and move on to his manager ( ̄ー ̄)✨ (so much for that many year gay crush of his). After the group is back together and performs their concert, Ryo and Futaba go to a bar together for a drink and that’s when Futaba realizes she’s in love with him. A few weeks later they go to a fancy part for models/magazine editors etc and some ero GGE starts hitting on Futaba but she can’t tell and thinks the dude has a nice offer for a job for Ryo. Ryo fortunately notices this (and the fact that she’s half drunk) and pulls her away saying he didn’t come here to find work but just wanted her to enjoy a nice party. He gets annoyed and goes home and their time at a restaurant is ruined a few days later by Matsunaga. Instead they go to Ryo’s place where Futaba plays with his baby nuko Hachi (who Ryo named after Eichi).

Unfortunately right before she is about to leave she accidentally spills wine all over herself and has to take a shower while her clothes wash. She ends up wearing his shirt and despite her “manager manager” protests Ryo’s like “woman I wouldn’t invite you to my apartment if I only saw you as a manager.” He kisses her and they end up banging on his couch all night long. The next morning Futaba wakes up, freaks out and runs home thinking of herself a failure of a manager. As usual Mr. Paparazzi gets pics of her leaving Ryo’s apartment and threatens to spread them but somehow once again they just simply talk him out of it??? Lol. After this Ryo gets Futaba to admit that she loves him and she doesn’t care that they are idol & manager and the group will do fine regardless if they are dating. After this Futaba works harder on trying to be pretty and care about her looks because of Ryo… which causes her to constantly get staff guys to give her their phone #and make Ryo jealous lol. She even ends doing a wedding photo shoot with him because the model couldn’t make it that day lol. Bad End: This was sooo weird because basically Futaba is forced to bang both Ryo and Eichi in order to keep their relationship a secret lol. And Ryo is totally ok with getting cucked by Eichi right in front of him wtf. 🤨 Nikushoku End: Futaba wants to bang but Ryo makes her put on a strip show for him to get him in the mood 😂😂😂. After this they go to the bar a lot, get drunk and bang at his place. Apparently she’s asked the bartender to make Ryo extra drunk cause alcohol is the only thing that gets him horned up for her lol. He also gives her a copy of his apartment key so she can come anytime.

Takesue Takuma – Takuma is the charai guy of the group and the intro reveals him having a girlfriend. Apparently she is the Takuma even became an idol and he’s upset cause lately he hasn’t gotten laid 😂😂. Apparently he’s also the thirstiest one cause he literally tells Futaba straight up he’s aroused the moment she tells him she relies on him as a group member… wtf. He nearly assaults her in her car until Osamu pulls him away in time. So then he starts getting into fights with his gf cause she realized him being an idol means he has work a lot and less time for her. Takumi gets into a car accident that requires him to be hospitalized for rehabilitation. Apparently the accident happened because he was on the phone with his gf who broke up with him… and wasn’t watching where he’s going. After he recovers he’s really happy for all the support Futaba’s offered him. After her image change and their concert, Takuma confesses that he loves Futaba and kisses her backstage. Futaba is afraid to tell him anything because of when she heard stupid fangirls calling her names for being a female idol manager. 🙄After this he basically forces himself on her, kissing her and stuff when no one is around but Futaba just lets him do it and doesn’t resist or push him away. He invites her to his place after one of their concerts and he complains that she won’t love him back even though internally she does but won’t come out with it.

While he’s taking a bath she finds a gift from his exgf and it’s recent so she thinks they’re still together. Disgusted by everything Futaba immediately heads home. The next day the other members apparently know that the two of them have been getting close and try to give her advice. They say most likely he got the gift from his ex and just left it and forgot about it. They say the wrong message is probably an honest mistake and she’s thinking about it too much. Well turns out he went to Ibaraki to tell his exgf to fuck off cause she wouldn’t stop bugging him to get back together. He’s shocked that Futaba thought that he liked anyone else but her lol. Futaba finally admits that she loves him too. A few weeks later on a radio show Takumi’s ex gf calls in asking about advice to get back together lol. After the radio show Futaba calls up his bitchy ex telling her to stop trying to ruin his idol career. Just then Takuma comes out, says he only loves Futaba and kisses her. Conveniently, Matsunaga the paparazzi is there and snaps a clear photo. He tells Futaba he won’t publish the photo if she quits her agency and comes to work for him. Once again Takuma somehow convinces him not to, and on top of it Suenaga plays a recording of the ex gf admitting she cheated on him lmao what a hoe 😂. Happy end: Futaba and Takumi go on a date and after she asks him to consider disguises more. In the end he cooks for her at his apartment. Nikushoku End: Futaba is jealous of Takumi’s fangirls and becomes more aggressive with her desires for him. They end up banging in his giant apartment bathtub. Bad end: Takuma cheats on her for no reason. I mean these bad ends are so out of character I’m just ??? what is even the point of having them. Also Takuma’s constantly bouts of “I’M SO HORNY OMFGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” yea like the fucks I give, go fap or something.

Narimoto Osamu – Osamu seems like the polite nice guy but he’s secretly thirsty af. Osamu also plays piano and composes music for fortte. He has pretty blue eyes but hides them with contacts or people keep asking him if he’s half foreigner. Apparently he was born that way despite being 100% Japanese. He’s been playing piano since he was 3 years old and has had Ruka Honami sensei as his teacher for years. However it seems like there’s more to them than just piano teacher and student. Futaba tries to put a stop to the cougar and Ruka admits she’s a big shota tempting hoe refusing to give him up. 😱 Even Osamu admits they’re having a sexual relationship and Osamu just wanted her to not be all lonely while her husband is away at work. 😱🙄 Can we just be reminded for a moment that Osamu isn’t even a legal adult in Japan (19). 🤦‍♂️ The next day Osamu confesses in front of the whole group that he loves Futaba and kisses her on the spot. Apparently he’s decided she is gonna be the one to fill his milf gap. 😂😂😂 Futaba brings up the whole manager idol thing but doesn’t deny her feelings for Osamu… so even though she won’t officially date him they still act like secret lovers anyway cause he’s thirsty af. He also admits that once he broke it off with the cougar he realized like wtf was I doing!?

And welp some months later Ruka runs to Osamu crying that her husband caught her being a hoe and filed for divorce. When Osamu rejects her she gets pissed especially knowing that Futaba’s taken her spot. She then threatens to go public with her relationship with Osamu and then threatens Futaba with a freaking box cutter. The crazy bitch gives up and leaves and then that’s when Futaba agrees to be Osamu’s official lover. Just then Matsunaga shows up with his pic of Futaba and Osamu kissing in her car. But then as usual when Osamu kisses her in front of Matsunaga, he gives up publishing the photo. 🤦‍♂️ After this they go on a secret date, bang in his apartment and he puts on a mini solo concert for her with a song he wrote just for her. Nikushoku end: Futaba can’t keep up with Osamu’s virility 😂. Bad end: Osamu decides he’s done with Futaba and cheats on her with some rando. Honestly this is the worst route to me because not only is there no regards to the fact that Ruka is a child molester, but her child molestation turned Osamu into some coercive sex fiend. He literally acts like a pua demanding that Futaba fill the sex friend gap and claims it’s love.. uh no.

Morishima Towa – Towa’s route was already bad before I even began because he’s 16 and literally acts like Fuuto. 😑 Because he’s still in school he has exams and he’s failing into Futaba offers to babysit his studies. She also intentionally gives him a day off so he can relax but someone snaps a photo of them eating at a street fair together. But then again, nothing happens. None of these idol scandals like ever have ANY consequences in this game lol. At their next concert Towa freezes and messes up his solo part but other members are able to cover for him. He then goes on a rant how Fuuto puts less time but still performs better than him. Towa and Futaba see a movie Fuuto was in when he was 15 and realize he’s a good actor and continues his rant of how he can’t be better than him. 🙄 Somehow this is when Futaba realizes she’s in love with Towa… uhuhh ok…?? 🤨 A few weeks later Towa says to everyone that he wants to quit being in fortte. So then insert copypasta with Matsunaga and the scandal and Towa asks to speak with him before Futaba quits. Towa tells Matsunaga to publish a story about him quitting fortte instead. And now that they aren’t idol and manager he kisses her because somewhere in this route they both fell in love with each other. 🤔 So when Towa says he’s graduating he also asks Toranosuke from the group Shibuki to take his spot in the meantime. Bad end: Towa makes friends with college kids his age so he no longer needs bba Futaba around 😂. Nikushoku end: For passing his college exams, Futaba rewards Towa by taking his virginity sigh. 🤦‍♂️

Tsukishiro Sota – Tsukishiro is Futaba’s manager and the former manager of fortte. He used to be an idol but he only sold thanks to his looks and not singing. He got annoyed at this and quit ABC tried to form his own vk band where he was called Cid Vicious. Unfortunately it didn’t sell at all and he had to quit that… when he was offered by president Lily to be an idol manager instead. When Eichi and Futaba find Tsukishiro’s old vk pics he’s shocked and embarrassed lol. When Futaba goes to LA, Tsukishiro actually goes with her in his route. He saves her from getting drunk raped by some hentei sponsor gge too. When she starts drunk crying saying she’s meiwaku and why is he so nice to her he kisses her and confesses that he’s in love with her. (๑♜ڡ ♜) Unfortunately the next day he acts completely normal again like it never happened. When she confronts him directly he says he wasn’t going to admit it because I guess whatever I skipped had her have a crush on Eichi?? 🤔 lol. Tsukishiro confirms that he loves her but also tells her his position as her boss will be changing soon. Realizing he’ll be gone from working beside her suddenly Futaba realizes she loves him too.

So then Matsunaga brings out the photo of Osamu and the cougar piano teacher and says he wants to get Futaba to work for him in exchange. They refuse obviously in exchange for publishing Tsukishiro’s old pics and then the group decides to do a goodbye party for Tsukishiro and congratulate him on becoming a director. At the end of the party, the fortte guys act like wingmen lie to Tsukishiro that Futaba’s drunk and tell her to take her home. 😂 She then finally confesses her feelings to him and admits she’s gonna be lonely without working with him by her side. In the end they still once in a while make time for each other and go on dates. When the article on Tsukishiro is published there’s a pic of him half naked and Futaba stares really hard at it 👀 lol. Tsukishiro also gives Futaba a watch as a gift as a reward for all her hard work until now. He also says some day he will give her an engagement ring as well. Kinda disappointed no wedding end 😞. Nikushoku end: Futaba gets thirsty af and constantly wants to bang even secretly at work lol. Bad end: Futaba can’t stop thinking about Tsukishiro and can’t focus on her work. Then there’s a dumb misunderstanding where he thinks she’s going with Matsunaga now 🙄.


This game in a nutshell

What in the living hell was this?? Granted I played through the whole thing while coughing my lungs out and being half awake due to a horrid virus but whut. Landmine tropes everywhere! None of the guys were appealing once you found out the “truth” about them except her manager who was a turbo douchebag at the start of the game and took me a while to warm up to anyway 😐. A siscon, a homo, the stalker ex, cougar milf, shota….wtf. Ok to be fair, the shota was pretty normal, but why the freak did Futaba fall in love with him is beyond to me. Maybe they were trying to go for the Fuuto effect except Fuuto is voiced by Kenn and sounds/acts hot but Towa was voiced by Hanae and he’s just CUTE no matter how you look at it. He’s not sexy, he’s cute, he’s like the little bro type…and the fact that Futaba is probably like 22 or something makes the whole thing even worse than just “oh noes idol and manager.” 😦 It felt like the guys fell in love with Futaba as a way to get over whatever obsession they had previously which made her value seem even less…it was possibly the worst in Osamu’s route. Some of the CGs looked less like like Brothers Conflict and more like some shokomi manga combined with some of the trashy (and rapey) endings made me think of the garbo Shinjo Mayu poops out. Did UdaJo even draw some of them? During the live concerts, there were these looping screaming fangirl sound effects that you couldn’t turn off or lower the volume and it was like nails on chalkboard every time. I’m still not sure why cutting her hair and changing her clothes suddenly made her into a better manager. I thought her suit was completely fine, and her hair seemed cuter before, but everyone constantly insulted it like wtf is wrong with everyone. It’s like the entire company is a bunch of sexist ass twats…she’s your manager, she doesn’t need to look like an idol herself. Also when she changed her suit it was just to a pinstripe suit?? Instead of a black one? OK?? Big whooptee doo.

Why is this even a CG

There was some lazyness with sprites – for example they’d be out on a date and say “I’m in disguise” but looked like their usual sprite so I had no idea they were actually disguised or not. Some CGs just were the guy’s sprite with a blurred background…and it’s like why even have a “CG” then?? Probably system was my favorite thing with the whole “jump” to next choice feature (which every game should haveeee Otomaaateteeee) which really helped speed things up. The choices in the game were just boiled down to your replies to people’s emails via this “LINK” system. Some of them were so…generic? That I really couldn’t tell how in the world I’d increase or decrease someone’s affection unless I heard a certain “ring” sound which was pretty faint. If I didn’t have a guide I’m not sure if I’d have been able to complete this…especially getting into Tsukishiro’s route which had no obvious “choice pick” at the start like the others did.

Overall I think I’d be more disappointed but it served as a good way to kill time this week while I lay half dead in bed 😂. That said I’m not sure if I’d recommend it. I don’t hate the heroine, but sometimes her actions really confused me (or why she fell in love with some people to begin with). All the guys but the manager were a turn off for me, and while some of the artwork is pretty artwork alone can’t really hold a game for me. Like I could tell they put effort into this, but the direction they took it just wasn’t really my thing I guess. Also a lot of the endings kinda ended abruptly leaving me confused and lacking closure…so I guess I kinda walked out unsatisfied with it overall. Oh and all the idol scandals got resolved SO EASILY it’s like why is this even a plot point…it made it feel even more  like some crappy watered shokomi plot. If you’re looking for some non-typical idol game then it might be worth checking out but if you want a good satisfying story you may want to stay away.


15 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Fortissimo

  1. Sounds kind of disappointing, much like I Doll U. Maybe if it goes really cheap, but I’m glad I didn’t preorder it. Especially if the CGs are as detailed as the last one, sheesh.

  2. LOL Even though this game is not R 18 you sure make it sound like one!
    “Futaba bangs with [man] every night” LOL
    Game does sound disappointing though, heroine with a bunch or trashbag idols is like the must have plot before any other details nowadays smh lol

    1. i mean to be honest, each guy has an end where literally fucking non stop lmao….i don’t mind sexual stuff if it’s like well led into, and romantic but these just felt so weird and shoved in…

  3. Oh my… My eyes… My eyes burn T^T (although I know you’ve played something much worse). What were the writers thinking? -_-||

    I’m more confused than anything else with this game. I pity the protagonist for working in a place like this where they only respect her after changing the appearance, type WTF?

    I think I’ll just play BroCon and pass away from them. Idols were never my thing, anyway.

    God, you need luck with the next games!

    1. yea I don’ t understand their complaints about her at ALL. She looked completely fine to me, it just seems like completely unwarranted harassment wtf?

  4. One of the worst things is how I didn’t even blink when you said they made her change her style. I’ve heard horror stories of women in the workplace who are harrassed if they don’t wear enough make up or wear too much, and they’re forced to change their appearance because the taichou or buchou told them to. -__- Japan, why

    1. it’s like they didn’t really tell her to change her looks or she’s fired, but they constantly insulted her to the point that when she did, and they stopped it made it seem like it really was a workplace requirement. the whole thing just feels so stupid and sexist, I don’t even think idol mobages have this kind of BS in them lmao

  5. this game honestly sounds a little weird LOL it sounds like they tried making it like a japanese drama, but the plot feels rather empty. im pretty sure in the novels futaba wouldn’t fall in love with some like towa but its like WE’RE TRYING TO MAKE A GAME PEOPLE

    1. yea I get they were trying to give Towa a route but it was sooo terribly forced…maybe they shoulda done a time skip like with Fuuto in Brocon..that would have been a little less weird…

  6. Well, I bought this game a few weeks ago and I started to play it yesterday, I saw you did a review so I jumped to the final thoughts part to see your opinion. xD. Fortissimo had awesome reviews in japanese pages I usually check and I was super excited to star playing the game but now reading your opinion idk I’m afraid it’s gonna be a waste of time. Do you think it’s worth to play it?

    1. I mean I guess it depends on what you’re looking for? If you want a good story ehh maybe not…if you want really weird idol drama then go for it? XD

  7. I just found your blog, and I really like the way you write them. I feel like we might have similar ideas on misogyny, Damsel in Distress tropes, and general sexism in otome.

    I was wondering if you have any recs, or maybe a list posted somewhere of otome with plot/characterization you didn’t find abhorrent…?


    1. maybe the code realize/collar malice games ? the heroine was pretty good in both of them instead of being the stereotypical mary sue doormat lol

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