Otome Game Review: Dance with Devils -My Carol-

Fandisk to Dance with Devils.

Honestly I don’t have much to say here so I’ll just talk about what’s inside the game itself. There’s 4 sections. The first one All Star is a common route where all the guys put on a play, Jek cockblocks with his vampire zombies, Rem & co. magically save the day and the show goes on. Second section is My Carol where it’s like a short after story that comes after the best ends of the first game. Third is After Story which are small after stories that take place after both the GOOD AND BAD ends.  The final is the Extra section in which there’s a Christmas and a normal date as well as some other short scenario. A lot of these were really short/similar so I just kinda wrote my opinions on mostly My Carol below:

True waifu

Rem – In My Carol, the local ppl in town drink cursed water from the exorcist cult and start walking around like devil hating zombies. Eventually Rem and co. with the help of Lindo figure out it’s them and put a stop to it. As usual, Lindo acts like a huge cockblock to both Rem and imoutoooo.

I never wanna hear Hatano Wataru’s blood sucking noises again

Lindo – Lindo has a bunch of vampires come to earth to persuade him to be their next vampire king. Lindo just wants to bang imouto and doesn’t wanna go back to the underworld…so the vampires go around attacking people on earth to force him to go. Instead, he just goes down there, beats them all up and comes back to bang imouto happily ever after. 😂

The only wedding end!

Urie – Urie gets rekt for being horny on main by having his own dream powers take over him…and of course thanks to Rem they manage to defeat dream-Urie and get out. All because he wanted to bang Ritsuka IRL but she too shy so gotta do it in the ~dream world~. The biggest offense I take from this stupid route and hateful character I’ve still not forgiven from last game – he gets a wedding end! Not even poster boy gets a wedding end W T F. At least his after stories were pretty funny.

I love Mage with his hair down

Mage – Mage’s route was ruined by Lindo’s cockblocking. The entire thing revolved around Mage trying to get oniisan’s approval to be good enough for Ritsuka and tbh I’ve been done with that shit 2 routes ago 🙄. The ending was funny though because Mage wanted to learn how to do massage for Lindo and the mom Lmfao 😂. But as usual niisan cockblocks and ruins everything…

Too cute (///▽///)

Shiki – Shiki’s was really cute but… as usual there was Lindo cockblocking 🤦‍♂️. If that wasn’t enough the Jek and Azuna joined the cockblocking bandwagon. ( ー̀дー́ ) I love how they cockblock during cute scenes but when Shiki and Ritsuka are attacked they’re nowhere in sight. Thanks to Azuna finally coming to help they manage to escape. Overall I did like Shiki embracing his human side more so cockblocking aside he was really sweet. ☺️ It’s a shame I had to be reminded of his awful bad ends in the after stories.


Roen – This is the only Route where Lindo gets along with Ritsuka’s boyfriend instead of raging and throwing around holy water. Sadly Rowen just focused on some mystery power stemming from  flowers at Ritsuka’s grandpa’s house. There was a serious lack of romance other than the very end, and left me a bit disappointed 😞. He did have one cute after story though.

Are these dakimakura prototypes?

To be honest a lot of this FD really bored me. Instead of having a bunch of segmented scenarios I would have preferred a more deeply involved one instead. Also holy shit I did NOT wanna see after stories after the bad ends. Really, I didn’t. And what about people who never play bad ends? They would have been so confused. The other thing is, it’s been a while since I played the first game…so I honestly couldn’t even remember what the original endings were about….so a lot of the after stories were just ??? to me. The game also brings back that stupid POS garbage card collection for the trophy meaning I had to restart my game 108 times to collect them all 🤦‍♀️ I think in order to enjoy this fandisk you REALLY had to like your DWD guy. For me, I mostly like Shiki, so I did enjoy his route…but all the rest left me bored/uninterested. It also annoyed me that despite being an FD, only Urie (my least fav) got a wedding ending….wtf.

This image is 2 years old but still applies.

There’s also this really stupid coin collecting system and you don’t realize you could overflow on coins (max 999) so you have to use those coins to unlock voices in the omake section before you overflow or you’ll be forced to go back and play scenarios twice to get more points. There was a scene I didn’t wanna see with Jek basically being a vampire mollester and attacking Ritsuka and it’s like…who asked for this. Really? I didn’t even bother unlocking his omake voices because seriously go bugger yourself. 🙄 Anyway an overall general disappointment, and while a lot of the CGs were super cute, the scenarios that went with most of them weren’t really interesting at all to me. It may be different if you really have a strong bias towards a character but even though I enjoyed Shiki’s scenarios (ignoring the horrid bad end after stories) overall it doesn’t redeem the FD for me.

At least this time the stupid cards allowed you to see and save the anime screencap it was from

Oh and finally the dummy head mic parts were mostly disappointing. A lot of them were just really boring dialogue? Like yea ok I don’t really care that you’re talking about being tired or whatnot while in dummy head. Dummy head should be saved for romantic/intimate parts. It felt like they just used them at random points and it kinda killed the entire novelty for me.

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  1. How did you learn japanese. I wanted to try teaching myself but I’m pretty slow sometimes and I want to play these untranslated games, so I was wondering what you did.

    1. its been like 15 years since I started 😂😂
      it takes a long time if you don’t take any real classes and just self study (which is how I did it)

  2. I am also learning Japanese how much do you have to know to play untranslated games and what self study did you do?

  3. While Lindo’d my fave, him cockblocking most of the routes sounds super annoying

    1. yea I didn’t particularly care for Lindo in the last game (other than laughing at his Imoutooo crap) but him cockblocking in literally every route was REALLY annoying that I went from not caring to utterly hating him lol

  4. Did you know that sony is ending the production of Vita hardcopy games so after February 2019 they won’t make any more physical games and you can only get digital games I think that also includes otome because animate said they were moving over to the switch instead of the Vita.

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