Otome Game Review: Taisho Alice ~Heads & Tails~

This is the fandisk to Taisho Alice, and because some of it is more like another point of view, it contains some spoilers from the first game so caution to anyone reading.

After Stories:

These were about 1 hour long stories that take place AFTER the first game while all of Alistairs personality are in their happy dreamland with Yurika.

This literally makes the entire game worth it
  • Kaguya asks Yurika to marry him after being all jelly while taking care of her as she’s sick.
  • Shirayuki and Yurika get trapped in his old house while it rains until Ryoshi and the mom come to their rescue.
  • Mahoutsukai finally admits defeat and tells his black cat edition Yurika that she’s been promoted from pawn to queen and he can finally get over his feelings for real life Yurika.
  • Cinderella asks Gretel & Shirayuki to gtfo for a day so he can properly propose to Yurika. Meanwhile Yurika accidentally get drunk and complains that Cinderella won’t get down & dirty with her despite them being engaged.
  • Akazukin’s route features Yurika giving him a bath (with force and lies xD) and eventually telling him he needs to stop hiding his lewdness and BRING IT ALL OUT ON HER. He apologizes for acting like he’s pure when he really just wants to bang her, but then Yurika reminds him that just cause she asked him to be more proactive, doesn’t mean she’s gonna stop…and I think she finally takes his virginity that night. 😂
  • Gretel gains 3 kg and freaks out deciding to go on a diet. After exercising for a while and not losing weight,  Yurika’s brother tells him that he’s just “growing” up and that’s why he gained weight. Gretel decides to drop the diet but eat healthier so he can grow into a better man for Yurika.
  • In Alice’s route, Yurika is turned into a loli by the mahoutsukai and suddenly Alice is super nice to her. Turns out he knew it was her all along and has to kiss dat loli in order to turn her back to normal. Once she’s back to normal he kisses her again properly. Later on she asks him to carry her princess style because he’s her prince (*´ω`*)

Ookami & Ryoshi:

False advertising (´;ω;`)

Ookami Yuki – His route reveals that his real name is Yuki and he heard about the wolf from his grandma. It also focuses on the past when he actually met Yurika in real life when she transferred into his class. He transferred back to the inaka just to see Alistair again but the moment he meets him, Alistair of course has no idea who he is since Akazukin’s personality isn’t out. Yurika asks for Ookami’s cooperation to see if they can get more information on Akazukin personality cause it doesn’t like Yurika and hates her brother Ryoushi. After hearing more about Akazukin, Akazukin never comes out in front of Ookami at all. In fact based on past events, it seems like Ookami is a trauma for Akazukin because of Ookami’s grandma getting ill and Akazukin thinking it was his fault. Turns out grandma recovered and only died the year before this game takes place. Ookami then remembered about Alistair and that’s why he moved back to the countryside to try to find him again. After this, Ookami tries to become friendlier with Alistair by helping him study and at the same time he grows closer to Yurika. During this period is when Alistair creates the Gretel personality. When Ookami gets sick Yurika visits him every day and helps him get better, meanwhile Alistair apologizes to Ookami for not letting him meet Akazukin.

After all the incidents with Gretel’s uguu cage of love and Mahoutsukai’s sexy time, Alistair returns to his normal self again. He then admits to Ookami that he never forgot Yurika, and acted like he did but he thinks the one that she loves is not him but the personal ALICE that he created. He lied to Yurika because he thought that he wasn’t fit to be her lover. So then after a sad montage of fantasies where Ookami marries Yurika, news breaks that Alistair has gone into a coma – aka we’re now up to when the first game originally began. Yurika then tells Ookami about her plans to create copies of herself to inject them into Alistair’s brain while he’s sleeping. And so after Alistair wakes up, he confesses his love to Yurika and she confesses back, right as Ookami is about to walk in and he’s obviously heart broken and starts to cry when he goes to buy drinks (´;ω;`)ブワッ. Ookami also then has a dream where he talks to Akazukin and says that even if he never sees Akazukin again, it’s best for Alistair to be his real self. In the end both Alistair and Ookami admit to each other that they love Yurika and then they both tell that to her. Most of the ends just felt like 3P endings with both Ookami and Alistair…which saddens me so much lol. They should have had at least 1 AU end to allow him to be happy ;_;. In his 3rd end that I did he confessed to her and she rejected him right off the bat orz.

A brother’s conflict

Arisu Ryoshi – Ryoshi’s story goes far back into his past about how he  had to deal with looking like a foreigner amongst Japanese people as a child as well. He also struggled with his studies to be a doctor like the rest of his doctor family. It got worse after Yurika was born because as she grew older she learned things a lot faster and he realized she had the talent that he didn’t. At the same time, he also found out that Yurika dealt with the same bullying that he did because despite being Japanese both of them looked like foreigners. He was then forced to dye his hair black for his college exams because they were hands on exams because his “natural” hair was too “weird”. ಠ_ಠ In the meantime, Yurika had moved to America with her parents. During this time he found Ookami’s grandma passed out, saved her and then saved Ookami from drowning. It was also this time when he had first met with Alistair – who was Akazukin at the time. As Ryoshi spends time with Shirayuki at the lake, eventually Shirayuki shows Ryoshi his dead mom’s corpse. Shirayuki felt a connection with Ryoshi because he also didn’t look like his mother and had to deal with being “different”.

After Ryoshi reports Shirayuki and his dead mom’s corpse to authorities, a few years pass and when Ryoshi meets him again – he’s now Alistair and has “no idea” who Ryoshi is. Ryoshi then works with the doctor who took over Alistair’s case and watches as he gives up after creating the Mahoutsukai persona. This is when Ryoshi ended up taking over Alistair’s case cause the other doctor decided he couldn’t deal with crazy people anymore. The rest basically follows the original story/Ookami’s route etc. One thing that this route did reveal that was new was the reason Alistair was in his coma state to begin with was because he overdosed on sleeping pills.  Honestly I felt sorry for Ryoshi and the fact that he had to babysit both Alistair who was literally insane and his sister Yurika who is basically a yandere and wants nothing but Alistair in her life. One of the endings totally has Yurika being a huge brocon and constantly spending time sleeping at Ryoshi’s house lol. This is kind of annoying because she ichaichas more with her brother than with poor Ookami-kun (´;д;`)ブワッ

Gakuen Alice:


An AU edition of Alice & co. going to school. Akazukin, Kaguya & Cinderella are teachers while everyone else is a student. Obviously Ryoshi is a nurse usual. My favorite “routes” were probably Gretel, Akazukin and Alice but I guess I’m biased. I found a lot of the other characters kinda forgettable and sadly neither Ookami nor Ryoshi had a route in this section. I also honestly wished they went more AU with this AU?? For example you don’t need to have Mahoutsukai lamenting about his love for “the other Yurika” while rejecting school Yurika’s feelings etc. Like yea I get it they wanted to keep canon but I think in a fandisk we can forgive a little creativity..especially since he finally got a happy ending in the after story. Overall it ended up being more boring/disappointing than I had hoped.

Poor rando eyeless girl

I’m a bit torn on what to say overall. Some after  story routes were so much better than others while others were so much worse. For example Akazukin and Alice’s were absolutely amazing while Shirayuki’s was just …did you even try?? Mahoutsukai’s was the only route who received a huge improvement from the first game. Kaguya, Gretel and Cinderella felt like they were watered down compared to the first game. Then you have the issue with the 2 “new routes” weren’t new routes at all. They were basically supplemental routes to the first game. You saw the entire first game from the point of view of either Ookami or Ryoshi. That means a lot of the scenario was repetitive since the events were identical and there absolutely no breaking of canon at all – which means that in the end Yurika will still end up with the same guy she ended up in the first game! All the 2 “side character” routes did was give you their point of view – which allowed for new scenes but at the same time was heartbreaking for Ookami because his feelings would never be returned by Yurika. (。・_・。) So in that sense I got bored during those 2 routes a lot because they offered nothing new, except disappointment lol. The only content that felt like a true fandisk was Gakuen Alice…and even that was disappointing because once again, they stuck to canon. Otherwise this felt more like a “sequel” or a supplement disk. It also felt unsatisfying when all the “after story” routes for all the other guys were literally 1 hour long.  And that’s 1 hour long with auto mode and listening to everyone’s voices fully. If you are the type to not listen to voices and only read the text before proceeding it’s probably even shorter!

The one other thing I noticed they seem like they completely redid all the sprites which made everyone look really young (or extra hot like Cinderella lol.) I had no idea they were going to do this but was a nice surprise. In some CGs though Yurika looked like a child lol so I guess the artist’s style changed a little bit. Anyway overall I guess if you’re really a fan of Taisho Alice it makes a great supplement disk, but as a “fandisk” it’s a disappointment except for the brief after stories of Akazukin and Alice. When I finished the original game I figured there was no way they could truly have a fandisk without destroying the canon but they chose to have one anyway, didn’t break the canon, and therefore it just felt like a lot of dejavu. And in case you have been under a rock, the English localization ended up being a giant dumpster fire.

Update 7/4/2021: Rejoice, as the NEW English localization is actually good and they localized the entire game on Steam.


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  1. yea for a fandisk his route was definitely a disappointment..and I thought the same as you 😦

    And I agree Akazukin’s was the best XD

  2. I’m playing Ookami route, I really expect his route because his character is my favorite and I hope there’s a good ending with YUrika because I saw the wedding clothes, but … @0@. After all, when I read you review, I’m so dissapointed and don’t want to finnish Ookami route anymore :((.

    Akazukin’s after story is really good. I laughed so much when Akazukin used a lot of onomatopoeic words.
    I also enjoyed Cinderella route too!

    About Ryoushi, I expect more about LOVE with Yurika lol lol.
    Actually, I thought his route is well too.

    Thanks for your review. It helped me so much o^0^o.
    Taisho Alice is the only PC game I love

  3. yea not sure what to tell you if you can’t read Japanese but maybe some kind of text hooker app would be better than nothing? the game is one of my favorite, so it’s a pity these trashlords ruined it and might have ruined the opportunity for a real company to pick it up

  4. Such a pity about that e2gaming. I was keeping track of it somewhat closely but their lack of, well everything, kind of showed disaster up to their “release date”. I was looking forward to play akazukin route too =/

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