Otome Game Review: KLAP! ~Kind Love & Punish~ Fun Party

This is the KLAP fandisk but apparently Otomate couldn’t afford to get Kawahito Yasutake to draw the CGs so most of them look like they’re done by Otomate inhouse staff. 😂 Despite the CG derp the FD was still short & sweet and worth the play if you enjoyed the previous game.

Another Story – The klap guys and Shion sensei come to the sister school in the human world where Koyomi is currently working. They need to pass the test to be able to control themselves while being “exchange students”. Cute story but disappointing that the cgs are all chibi only. 😟 The ending cg for each guy is a normal cg where they confess their love to Koyomi and she’s magically in love with them already 🤔😂. At least Ryo got an ending which was kinda cute. And now for the after stories.

Toma – Toma and Koyomi got married in the end of the first game but the after story takes place after his graduation but before the marriage. Toma is basically working on trying to train to be a good leader of the tengu clan but a bunch of anti’s are trying to sabotage him because they don’t like the idea that he associates with a human. They even try to get Haruka to become leader instead but Haruka has given in and feels Toma is the right person to be leader. They hurt Koyomi and capture Haruka but in the end Toma manages to fight and defeat them showing that he indeed deserves to be the leader. After all this is settled, Toma proposes to Koyomi and then goes to meet her parents to ask for approval.

Akito – Akito is supposed to announce his engagement to Koyomi at his fancy birthday party. This all comes to a halt when his mom comes back from overseas and cancels the announcement in front of everyone. After the party the mom, Miyabi, tells Koyomi that she’s not yet fit to be a bride in the Suruga household. Koyomi accepts the challenge to become the perfect wife for Akito and the Suruga name. Koyomi and Akito barely see each other cause he’s always busy with helping his father and she’s busy training. She loses confidence when the other kappas constantly talk shit saying she’s unfit to be Akito wife. They both have some sexy time to release their frustration and eventually Koyomi completes her wife training with the mom. They have another party to officially announce their engagement to everyone. In the epilogue Akito makes it rain on their wedding day for good luck. ✨

Sosuke – Koyomi decides to take Sosuke out on a date in the human world since he’s been kinda sitting at home the whole time. It turns out to be unpleasant cause he gets hit on and stalked by a bunch of crazy hoes. Fortunately he tells them off with his ice cold words and forces them to delete the secret pics they took of him. After being a neet for a year, Sosuke tells Koyomi that he wants to get a job. He then secretly gets a part time job at the aquarium because he thinks penguins are the cutest animals ever. Unfortunately things go bad when Sosuke’s grandma Sumire falls ill and Sosuke flips his shit on Koyomi for no reason. After granny’s released she asks Koyomi to forgive him because he’s an immature child and Koyomi’s like yea I know. 😂 They make up and then he proposes to her giving her a snowflake themed ring. In the epilogue, it’s Koyomi and Sosuke’s wedding day at the aquarium (though seems like nobody’s there if they don’t even have someone to take their photo ??? lol)

Camil – Camil decides to surprise Koyomi by getting a job at her school as a nurse’s assistant. He mostly just annoys the shit out of Shinobu but still manages to treat people and not go crazy from the sight of blood. Just then his brother Michael from his country comes and he wants Camil to come back home. Camil however has no intention to leave Koyomi so Michael suggests that Koyomi just become a vampire and they all go happily back to their house. Both Camil and Koyomi are against this so Michael tries to use force and beats up the both of them. Before it gets too dangerous, Nurarihyon intervenes and tells Michael to gtfo. Michael asks Camil one last time if he’s sure about his decision especially since he’ll outlive Koyomi. Camil’s will is set in stone and he says he’ll come visit the family twice a year as a compromise. After Michael leaves, Camil then asks Koyomi to marry him and in the epilogue they’re in a gondola on the lake where he first confessed his feelings to her.

Kanade – Kanade wants to live together with Koyomi but can’t because he feels it’s lewd for a woman and man to live together before marriage. Akito tells Kanade to just then propose and marry Koyomi to solve this problem. Kanade is like oh ok but then has trouble actually proposing properly and some of his attempts end in failure. Eventually he even tries to make himself look older but Koyomi says she likes him the way he is. Kanade then calms himself and properly asks her to marry him. In the epilogue they have a traditional Japanese wedding and Kanade gets drunk lol. I could tell they really ran out of ideas in my favorite dude’s route…very disappointing. (´・ω・`)

Shion – Shion and Koyomi move in together while as they save money for their wedding. Since he’s now the god of Good luck, he sparkles and releases his good luck aura every time he thinks about Koyomi. One day he thinks that what if he disappears and leaves Koyomi behind or what if she dies before him since she’s a human. After Valentines day, Shion’s good luck charm vanishes and then Koyomi gets really sick. After this Shion makes the decision to perform a ceremony to end his existence after Koyomi dies cause he doesn’t want to live without her. Upon reaching this decision his good luck returns, and in the epilogue they go visit Koyomi’s parents to tell them of their plans to marry. Koyomi jokingly asks the god of her shrine to watch over them even though the god of her shrine is standing right next to her 😂. The only stupid part of this route is Koyomi complaining that Shion does all the cooking and makes her feel less like a wife. Wow let’s trade I’d love for a hot god to cook delicious meals for me on a daily basis 😑.

Shinobu – After leaving to work in the human world, Koyomi is visited by Shinobu. A few months later he visits her again at her shrine for New year’s where she’s helping her family by working as a miko. He even comes to her rescue when she overworks herself helping her family sell good luck charms at the shrine. One night while she’s at the bar with Shion and Shinobu, she finds out that Shinobu has been doing arranged marriage meetings. Shion tells her to ask Shinobu of his decision, but she chickens out. It’s also then revealed that Shinobu is in denial of his feelings for Koyomi because he doesn’t want to NTR her from Shion. 😂 The day Shinobu returns to the yokai world, Koyomi runs to the bus stop and half confesses her feelings for him. He then asks her on a date and tells her to pick a spot to go before boarding the bus. In the epilogue they’re on a date when Koyomi gets a caterpillar in her hair. She jumps and hugs Shinobu but he’s like eww I hate them too!! 😂😂

Ryo – Koyomi doesn’t have anyone she likes so Kaede tells her to hurry and find someone before she grows into a lonely old lady. She ends up hanging out with Ryo who meets her at her school in the human world. While there they have some romcom moment where she falls on top of Ryo and they miraculously lock lips. 😂 This somehow triggers him to lose control of himself so Koyomi takes him to an empty classroom where she rips masking tape off him as a punishment 😂😂😂🕯️. After this  he feels like he should take responsibility for the kiss and confesses his love to Koyomi. Koyomi rejects him thinking he doesn’t actually love her and is just feeling guilty from the first kiss he took from her. Ryo leaves all sad and calls up Kaede for advice (where she also confirms she’d never date him either 😭😂). After this Ryo comes back to Koyomi and confesses his feelings one more time saying his love is not some misunderstanding. Koyomi tells him she is happy but still needs time until she sees him as a man and not a student. 🙄 Just then Kaede pops out cheering them on 😂. I guess they end up technically dating now and in the epilogue after dating for several months Koyomi tells Ryo she sees him as a man now. Since I kinda shipped Ryo with Kaede I am so disappointed lmao ;;. Spanking Kakki’s voiced character was great though 😂😂😂😂😂

The biggest complaint as I mentioned in the beginning are the CGs. They are not BAD but they are not Yasutake’s artwork. So when you see the sprites look a certain way, then you suddenly see the CG something looks really off since he has a very unique style for his art. I compared it to the previous game and yea….something ain’t right:

Left is the first game, and right is the FD…as I said, it’s not BAD but it just doesn’t seem right.

Combined with the fact that the entire first section of the game is ALL CHIBI CGs except the last one of each guy’s ending, already confirmed my suspicions. The examples here aren’t even the worst of them….there were some CGs where the characters just looked like completely different people.

For example Koyomi’s face was made longer in the FD so she almost begun to look like one of Otomate’s ikemen instead 😂

So honestly if they just managed to either find a better copy cat or you know, hire the original artist, this would have been a totally okay fandisk. They didn’t randomly introduce new original FD only characters or waste time, the writing was the usual KLAP humor. Some after stories were written better than others (I could tell they didn’t know what to do with Kanade because his was the weakest lol). There was a nice CG touch system as well which I only discovered while screencapping stuff for this post. Any CGs that have a little heart icon next to them have a touch feature if you press the □ button. Finally they added new items to the whipping system like cucumbers, lightning bolts, hair dryers and oden 😂

Oh and the only other ??? moment for me was the Sweet Memory system had no voices for the guy. I mean what you guys couldn’t afford to pay the seiyuu to say 6 more lines?? ಠ_ಠ One thing I did really enjoy was the ending credits. Normally I don’t care about ending movies but in these, each one had a unique “LINE” type conversation with Koyomi and the guy. They each used their own matching sticker set (like Ryo used a Shibainu and Kanade used a cat lol) while talking to Koyomi who used a seal because it’s her favorite animal. So I thought that was a really nice touch as well. I mean overall, I think I’d still recommend playing it because they still have the spanking system (even if it’s not really part of the game anymore) but they added new items and new phrase to it. (That said I think the ones in the original game were way more fun lol.) I just hope with all these fandisks Otomate is announcing (looking at you Beasts & princess 🙄) that they’re not just gonna half ass them. It kinda reminds me how Quin Rose would constantly release “fandisks” for their games but the quality was below subpar to try to make a quick buck which eventually led to their demise.


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  1. yea I’m not sure what’s been going on with Otomate but it seems like they’ve been doing this a lot for their recent games…..I guess they just aren’t making enough money and can’t afford it. I’d prefer them hiring newb/cheaper seiyuus if it means improving the artwork. Maybe seiyuus are what sells a product in Japan these days with all the idol/drama CD overload there.

  2. Ugh, different artist trying to masquerade as the original really irks me. One of the reasons why i didn’t get Norn9’s fandisk, too, asides from the crappy writing mentioned in your review. Why can’t they hire the original artist again if they’re planning on making the fandisk? Increased fees? Or the company wants to maximize profits for another game? It just doesn’t feel right.

    Since KLAP’s fandisk turns out to be lackluster, the only one i’m looking forward to next is Kenka Banchou’s. Please don’t suck. >.>;;

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