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Happy Valentine’s Day! Nothing like spending it with your 2D mans right? So because all the terrible vita otome games that I’ve suffered through lately and with the delay of Taisho Alice FD, I’ve fallen back on more mobile apps by getting a bunch of  Osomatsu apps that were released over the past year. I picked up PazuMatsu, Hesokuri Wars, Osomatsu Sanpo and TabiMatsu which I’ll be reviewing after the jump!

Osomatsu Sanpo

This is basically the Osomatsu edition of Pokemon Go. Unfortunately unlike PokeGo, this only really works in Japan! That means you can’t “hatch eggs” (Matsu Boxes) or get any rare Matsus via the “work” option which also requires walking. I did manage to get a decent amount of Matsus because they DO still appear even if the GPS has no idea where you are, but not being able to hatch the Matsu-eggs is a real bummer so I may be uninstalling it soon. The Valentine’s Day event is kinda infuriating too because even when I did manage to run on to the rare valentine Matsu’s, any attempts to catch them would turn into Iyami for reasons unknown to me……

Hesokuri Wars

This game you basically take your army of Matsus to fight against an army of all the other characters in the show. So whether you have a mob of angry Dayons or Totokos in swimsuits, you need to have a strategy (and perhaps some extra items) to be able to clear a lot of the harder stages. The biggest challenge are any stages that have “air” enemies. You need a few of your own “flying” enemies to defeat them otherwise they will annihilate the Matsu house faster than you can get all your guys out. I’m pretty much stuck at stage 40 at the moment and the only way to beat it is probably to power up my main attackers which again requires more coins so if you play for free like I do it will take some time :P. That said you can play the easier stages and do dailies (like just logging in) to get coins so it’s not so bad as a casual play side app. Probably if you have a weird enjoyment of people screaming “Hentai!” and “NEET!” and other random Matsu phrases, you will really like this one. 😂


Pazumatsu is exactly what it sounds: a puzzle game. It’s your standard candy crush/bubble pop whatever  but with colored Matsu heads. As you can see in the video, I am pretty terrible at these kind of games, but once again, I enjoy it for all the random phrases the Matsus spit out while you are playing it. Particularly the Matsu I am using for the current event is Choromatsu and his latest phrase is “For god’s sake go to the bathroom alone!” 😂 You can only play 6 games at a time before you have to wait, but honestly with all the Matsu apps it’s not so bad to juggle these between doing random things throughout the day.  Each event you have to use a certain “Matsu” to be able to participate and I guess lucky me that not only is this time it’s Choromatsu, but I lucked out in getting his ultra rare card from 1 spin of the free coins I received from the Valentine’s day gift.

Osomatsu Tabi

The final app in my roundup is the Osomatsu dice board game. You basically go around a giant gameboard by rolling the dice and collecting money for your neets. It’s like a mix of Monopoly and nekoatsume. Once you get money, you can put some furniture into your “house”. The Matsus will come and hang out on that furniture, give new “costumes” to wear and when they leave they…take your money 😂.  Currently again there’s a Valentine’s Day event and you’re going around a board full of chocolates that you’re collecting for Totoko. Some of the event items include room decor as well as furniture that gives you weird fairy costumes for the boys. Just with the free login/event money I got I managed to pull some room items that allowed me to collect the pajama set for all the guys as well as random “X cosplaying Karamatsu” outfits 😂. Anyway overall I found it to be really cute and as usual you gotta wait till you can roll dice in between but as a side app it’s pretty decent and it will even give you a notification when your dice has refilled. Additionally you can watch adds to refill dice and the adds basically never load for me so you just wait like 10 seconds and bam free refill!

So overall, aside from the Pokematsu go, I enjoy playing these apps daily. They’re a nice way to kill time and can be fairly entertaining without putting too much thought or feeling like I have to spend money. There’s a couple other Matsu apps floating around, but the one other one I did try is where you basically “raise” Matsus by sending them to work and then using the money to buy them costumes. I found it to be kinda pointless and not really that great (also unvoiced completely unlike these apps) that I never bothered coming back to it. As usual though, GAIJIN HATE ZONE so in order to get these you need to use QooApp if you’re on Android or set your app store to Japan if you’re on iOS.

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  1. Hello, Hinano-san! Late Valentines day. \(≧ω≦)/❤ Sorry for bothering you, just wanted to ask: what do you think about Shiro to Kuroh no Alice by Otomate and Idea Factory? Will you play it yourself? Sorry if you already answered this question. ><

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