Otome Game Review: Code:Realize ~Koufuku no Mirai~

I didn’t realize it’s actually been 2 years since I finished Code Realize since the English version actually only came out a year ago. Due to this I was a bit rusty on what happened but fortunately the after stories gave a brief review of what happened in case people like me forgot. The FD also adds an original mafia gang story as well as routes for Finis and Sholmes (which take place as if they were in the first game’s story.) The final section is a little bit of time Cardia spends with Dela-chan’s daily activities.

sanSaint Germain – I was honestly disappointed with San’s route and was hoping he’d have more sweet/fluffy moments but well can’t have San without ANGST apparently. Cardia & San have been traveling trying to find a way to cure her poison. San of course doesn’t care if he melts his face off kissing his bae. The two of them go to France together but after running into Lupin, San begins to act shady. Turns out he’s just depressed that the poison may not go away ever. Just then Lupin shows up and tells him to stop being selfish cause San thinks when Cardia’s poison is gone he no longer is a special snowflake that can touch her. He then warns San that if he won’t do it, Lupin will then cure her instead. San realizes that he’ll get ntr’ed and yells out that he loves Cardia more than anyone. Cardia hears all this and Lupin is like pls guys talk things out. 😂 They find an old tablet left behind by San’s alchemist friend from back in the day which is a key to removing the poison. Apparently emerald is able to resist the poison which is why when Cardia touches the tablet, it doesn’t melt. A few days later San puts an emerald ring on Cardia’s ring finger cause it’s “connected to the heart” which will help keep her poison at bay. With this problem now solved, Cardia & San continue their world tour.  San also tells her eventually when they’re done, he wants to marry her. He then finally kisses her without burning his face off saying once all her poison is gone, he’ll take her ~everything.~ 😘

impeyImpey Barbicane – Impey is a waifu who cooks for Cardia while spending all night working with Fran to cure her poison. Sisi lives with them and cockblocks and bites him whenever he tries to ichaicha with his bae. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) He makes a deal with the queen to get funds for his “project” if he agrees to build an underwater vessel for her. Along with Fran they work on the vessel while Cardia cooks food for them. One day she even walks in on Impey showering and can’t get the sexy naked beast out of her head. ( ̄▽ ̄) They eventually go in the vessel under the sea together and after they come back up, Impey gives Cardia a vial of medicine. After she drinks it, he touches her bare hand and explains he and Fran finally finished the medicine to make her horologium be poison free. They try to kiss until they get cockblocked – after which Cardia is sick of waiting so she grabs Impey and kisses him herself. 😂 In the epilogue, 1 year later Impey and Cardia have a wedding on top of his airship (and they literally fall into it lol.) 🤵👰💖 I actually really enjoyed Impey’s route and I’m sad to announce he’s the only one who actually got a wedding end…

vanVan Helsing – Van’s route began really cute but then they realized they have nothing else to do with him…so they created this fake drama that just made me roll my eyes. Soon as Van finds out that Fran has cured Cardia’s poison, he runs home, grabs Cardia and immediately kisses her… In  front of an embarrassed Fran 😂😂😂 He’s been a deredere cupcake to Cardia and trying to do as much for her as possible so she doesn’t upset the balance of her disappearing poison. They decide to celebrate her ability to not melt things by going out on a date together. He takes her to a restaurant for after, she walks over to a church where she hears wedding bells. For some reason she thinks she’s not ready to get married but can’t figure out why. Van then takes her to a clothing store to try on some dresses since she won’t melt clothes that aren’t specifically made for her. He then asks the shop lady to bring out a wedding dress for Cardia to try, and when she does he kisses the horologium on her chest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). The date ends on a weird note when Cardia thinks that Van isn’t enjoying himself and tells him he feels distant to her. He tells her just wanted to make her happy, but as they enter the house he says he has to go do something and leaves. He runs to emo off at some bar when Lupin and Impey give him some ~love advice~ 😂. Basically they tell him it’s nothing to worry about and they take him out on the town. Meanwhile back at home Cardia gets some comforting words from Fran after her physical exam. At the end of their dude outing, Impey basically makes Van realize that Cardia isn’t one to be pampered with endless love and wants an equal relationship :P.  They run into Dela-chan who rages at Van calling him a pathetic loser compared to how he used to be. 😂  Van then immediately runs home to Cardia, and they both apologize to each other at the same time lol. They realize they should just be happy with each other and they kiss. Σ(・∀・;) I mean the fact that the whole route is based around “We’re so in love what ever shall we do” kinda makes me roll my eyes… oh well lol. In the epilogue, Cardia is angry at Van because he made her try on 20 dresses at the dress store… 🙄. Afterwards they go to a garden where they hear wedding bells and Van lifts her in his arms asking her to marry him. Cardia of course agrees and calls him her husbando. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Now if only this was the whole route rather than random drama about absolutely nothing lol.

fran01Victor Frankenstein –  Fran’s route went the opposite way as Van where it had a decent plot but it sorta ends up breaking the whole fandisk immersion of everyone else by bringing up a topic nobody thinks about in the other routes. He’s all deredere to Cardia too since her poison is gone since the first game. He makes up with Dorachan about his experiments and the vampire casualties. Cardia brings him the lunch he forgot at home and he gets ultra embarrassed 😂. For some reason San has Cardia and Fran meet with Omnibus and she tells them about Idea.(Which is honestly weird since we saw this in San’s route in the first game.) Omnibus says Fran is getting too close to tampering with the will of God and she’s giving him a fair warning. She says that while Fran is alive, he can manage her horologium but Cardia is going to outlive him so Omnibus suggests Fran join Idea so he can gain eternal life to be with Cardia (just like San). However he’s warned that if he becomes one of them he will be forced to kill anything that might “change history” or be a threat to humanity. This also includes Cardia if she becomes a threat again. Omnibus tells Fran he has 3 days to decide before leaving them.

fran02Fran is of course completely torn on what he should do. Cardia then bursts into his conversation with Queen Victoria, and pins him down to the floor saying she doesn’t want him to become a murderer for her. After their ichaicha on the floor Victoria’s like umm yeah I’m still here 😂. She makes fun of them making them both embarrassed but then questions them about Idea since Cardia kinda spilled the beans. So 3 days later Fran tells Omnibus he won’t join Idea, because he will instead research how to make Cardia more human by shortening her life rather than joining Idea to extend his own. Omnibus threatens to kill Cardia and just then Lupin & co come for backup to San who’s been on the defensive the whole time. Omnibus gives in and leaves and Cardia and Fran decide to live together and work on making her more human. Fran then kisses Cardia in front of everyone and Van covers up Dora’s eyes 😂. In the epilogue, Cardia becomes Fran’s research assistant. Fran takes her to a church that afternoon and says his wedding vows to her promising to live happily ever after. They kiss in front of the church and that’s when I realized Cardia’s last name is Beckford 😂. (Don’t know why I never put two and two together until Fran mentioned it.) It bothers me that they kinda leave the whole “will Cardia outgrow her man” thing open ended and then you think about Van or even Impey where it’s not brought up at all…but obviously it still applies! With San at least he’s eternal so it works out but yea ….the kind of thing I didn’t want to think about so Fran’s route left me on a weird note.

lupin01Arsene Lupin – I suggest playing Lupin’s route last out of all of them because it focuses on Cardia’s past and feels like it helps bring the entire story together better. Route starts with Cardia and Lupin rolling in bed the morning a couple days after their wedding.😋 Apparently Lupin has a hentai hobby of barging into her room every night, surprising her, and uh ending up in bed with her until morning. He refuses to just legitimately go to bed together with her at the same time lmao. Since Lupin “stole her heart” she decides to get back at him and “steal his heart” too. She feels that she likes him more so she wants him to feel the same way instead of always being the smooth criminal 😏 She asks Fran for help so he decided to think of something with Dora & Van. They dress up in tasogare dude outfits to try to scare them 😂 but Fran gets owned by Sisi. Van then reveals himself saying they accomplished their goal of making Lupin admit that he loves Cardia more than anyone or anything. So then Impey comes up with an idea to make Lupin jealous by having Cardia go on a “date”. She tells Lupin not to follow her (which is so mean omg 😂😂 how can you do that to your husbando!??) She then meets up with Impey and San in town where they go on their 3p date lol.

lupin02Lupin of course follows them along with Sisi raging about how they’re getting too close to his waifu. 😂😂 After the 3 go to an outdoor cafe, Lupin sits nearby buttmad hugging Sisi while grumbling lol.  However once he hears Cardia talking about how much she loves him, he blushes like a tomato 😋. After he hears that Cardia just wanted an equal relationship he reveals himself at the café. Impey and San leave the newlyweds alone and Cardia continues her date with Lupin. He takes her to the docks and tells her that he just pretends to be a cool dude in front of her but inside he’s just like her. And that there’s no point of her stealing his heart cause she stole it a while ago. He then kisses her as compensation for making him jelly. 😏 A few days later Lupin and Cardia go to the royal library to do research on Isaac Beckford. They find his old diary where he talks about his children and his research. Inside is a family photo of Isaac, Cardia’s mom, and her brother with her. By the looks of it Finis looked a lot like Isaac. Both Lupin & Cardia realize that Isaac loved his family and was desperate to get them back after the tragedy that took them away from him.In the epilogue, Impey kicks Lupin out of his omnisopter as he flies off to America 😂. He dropped Lupin near Cardia so she could show him the city view of London – the city her father changed. The ending is a bit cheesy when a bunch of white petals magically fly by them and Lupin says it’s a 1 week later wedding congratulations lol. The CG of Lupin with Sisi was the most adorable thing, especially when he stuck his head into the doge’s face. (〃ω〃)モェ!!

extraAnother Story – I really really wish this was never in the fandisk. I wish the CGs, the story, and time they used for this was put into making longer and better after story routes for the main guys. Cardia gets involved in some mafia affairs with a girl named Shirley Gordon and her dad (with a creepy metal claw hand) who’s just upset his little girl keeps running out alone. 😂 Apparently there’s a mafia drug war going on between the rival gang over some drug that basically acts like the drug in Van’s original route that unleashes human strength and turns them into an animal. So then Shirley and Cardia get captured by the other mafia gang leader Avido. Shirley’s mom was killed and dad’s arm was chopped off by this gang in the past so she’s hated him ever since. Lupin & co. infiltrate his ship in order to help rescue Cardia & Shirley, who obviously run away thanks to Cardia’s acid hands. They eventually infiltrate and replace the drugged drinks so there’s no more casualties of the drug. The final battle comes down to Avido vs. Darius but since Avido is a scumbag he uses Shirley as hostage. Fortunately Avido gets his ass handed to him and his drug stash goes up in flames. Avido then reveals that his father used to work for the Gordon family and was so loyal that he ignored his wife who died from an illness. He bitches that the Gordon family is a shitty mafia who doesn’t kill anyone. He threatens that even if he’s imprisoned he’ll escape someday and try to kill Shirley. He says the only way to stop him is to kill him now, but instead Darius just punches him and tells him to stfu.😂 In the epilogue the idiot is jailed, and Cardia continues her girl bff adventures with Shirley, Dora and Shirley’s butler Passy. This was so weirdly long I’m almost devastated that they put so much resources into it. All the cgs and writing used in this could have gone towards the main cast and you know… Actual wedding ends…😐

holmes01Sherlock Holmes (Herlock Sholmes) – The route begins when Cardia wanders off alone and runs into Jack the Ripper. This time instead of being saved by Van, she’s rescued by Watson. Bad news ladies, Watson is married and loyal to his waifu. 😋 Cardia’s reasoning was she was thinking she’d be dangerous and kill Lupin & co. like she did with the previous lady who saved her. Cardia tells Watson she’s seen the guy in his wedding photo – known as Sholmes. Watson & Cardia then head to Baker street and find Holmes just chillin in his house. He reveals that he was fighting against someone (who by the voice was Jimmy Arester) and they both fell off a waterfall – but Holmes survived. Figuring Arester prolly did too, he faked his death so he could pursue Arester secretly. Cardia tells San about her decision to stay with Holmes, and Lupin is SO MAD that his waifu is being NTRed 😂. Cardia in the meantime spends time cleaning up Holmes’ place out of boredom. A few days later she decides to help Holmes with catching Jack the Ripper because she feels she’s a monster appropriate to be bait. She starts to cry thinking about the lady who died and Holmes hugs her despite her saying he’ll get burned by her acid body. Once they defeat Jack, news breaks out and Arester dumps Finis & Isaac’s plans to chase after Holmes instead. After they find a dying Finis who was stabbed by Arester, he spills the beans to go to the London Bridge. When they get there they run into Arester who reveals himself as James Moriarty.

holmes02Before they can do anything, the bridge begins to open and they run away. They next day the newspapers print a bunch of lies revealing Sholmes’ real identity as Holmes, calling him a terrorist and lying about how the queen  was murdered by him, Watson and Cardia. Figuring they’re gonna have a lynch mob/press after them, Holmes & co. leave Baker street and go hide out in some abandoned warehouse. As they continue to be on the run Lupin and co help rescue them on the omnisopter. However Arester shoots at Cardia’s hand making her bleed acid on Holmes who’s holding it. Instead Holmes gets Cardia inside the omnisopter but jumps off himself saying he’ll get James Moriarty on his own. A flashback is shown revealing that Watson’s wife was killed because she got possessed by hidden strength thanks to Moriarty. Holmes was forced to kill her because she was like a rabid animal…and has since blamed himself for not protecting her, and taking away Watson’s happiness. Not wanting to get anyone else involved from that day forth Holmes decided to only solve crimes on his own. Meanwhile Holmes wakes up to find himself strapped to a wooden post  with all his wounds bandaged. Moriarty is buttmad that Holmes senpai won’t notice him and that he’d rather get with a babe like Cardia. 😂 Meanwhile back at the ranch Cardia thinks about her feelings for him and gets love advice from Watson. Watson tells her just cause she can’t physically touch someone, doesn’t mean she can’t love them… Like  how Watson still loves Mary to this day. Apparently Sherlock Holmes is Houdini cause he manages to escape, and come to find Moriarty to fight with him once more. Just then Cardia & co burst in as back up… except that Holmes gets a punch from Watson and a slap from Cardia. 😂

holmes03Moriarty unlocks Van’s hidden strength and he attacks Holmes and Watson. I’m the meantime, Moriarty kidnaps Cardia and takes her away. While they’re fighting Van, Cardia asks Moriarty what exactly his mission is. Turns out he has a bromance crush on Holmes and Cardia & Watson are cockblocking it. 😂😂 Unfortunately for him, this is an otome game and Holmes would rather get with the hot heroine instead.😂 When Holmes gets there he protects Cardia and Moriarty uses him as a pincushion and I have no idea how he survived so many stabbings. Best end: Moriarty plans to spread Cardia’s poison all over and kill everyone in London so he tells Holmes to kill her. Holmes refuses so butthurt that he can’t win, Moriarty kills himself on the spot. They try to figure out how to make her horologium stop the awakening (cause Moriarty took the jikterium and put it near her to start the process.) Holmes finds the medicine to stop the horologium poison and Cardia drinks it. Just then the royal guards arrive raging at Holmes for murdering the Queen. Just then Impey and co bring the Queen safe & sound clearing his name. In the epilogue, Watson writes a novel about Cardia and Holmes love story. In the meantime Cardia & Holmes head back to her home. Everyone else goes to do their own thing except Van who’s recovering from the hidden strength debuff. Watson told Holmes to be happy with Cardia and not dwell on Mary’s death because she wouldn’t have wanted that anyway. Sadly Cardia’s poison is still not gone so Holmes is the one getting screwed out of a kiss cg in this game. 😅 Holmes swears that on his name he’ll find a way to cure her poison cause he can’t wait to get his hands on his hot new gf. 😂 When they return from visiting her home in Wales, Holmes asks Cardia to help stop Lupin from stealing a rare blue diamond and she’s like sure since she’s now joined Holmes team. (Poor Lupin 😂😂) Normal end: Cardia’s poison gets so bad even her clothes, that are supposed to be poison proof, start melting off. She asks Holmes to kill her by having her stab her horologium and before she dies she says she loves him.

familyFinis – Surprisingly, Finis’ route was probably my favorite in this fandisk. It really felt like it belonged in the first game, so I’m really glad that he got one here to make up for it. Finis’ route begins as a flashback to when Isaac created his homunculus in the tube. The route is basically an alternative ending where Cardia dumps everyone to pursue her otoutokun. She goes back to the old house and he’s there babbling about how their father never loved them and they’re just puppets that look like his real children. Just then the angry villagers come around and start throwing rocks at her. Finis comes out and rather than defending her, he just shit talks the priest saying he was just using Cardia as an excuse to gain control of people’s stupidity in the village. He then calls to Alester and orders him to kill everyone there. After everyone’s dead, Cardia agrees to go with Finis to the dark side (aka dad’s lab.) When she gets there, she runs into Nemo and Finis explains that they need to complete her Horologium to awaken their father. So then Cardia realizes she’s being used as a tool and after a while she says her own name cause no one else does and she doesn’t want to lose her sense of being human. Lupin sneaks in and gives her a cube which is like a cell phone equivalent so she can let everyone know she’s ok. The next day Finis tells her about his and his father’s souls and shows his hundreds of clones. Daddy temporarily comes out and takes over Finis’ body babbling how he and Cardia are just “tools” and he only loves his “real daughter Cardia.”

twiins02After he leaves Finis’ body, Cardia is like wtf why do you care about this guy. Finis doesn’t seem to give a crap and says that he’ll disappear once daddy takes over his body and Cardia will disappear with the completion of the philosopher’s  stone. Around time, Lupin & co. Along with IDEA crash their party. Cardia & Finis run away from San who stabs one of Finis’ many clones. They then run into another IDEA dude who is new to this game named Hansel. They run away from him and when Finis rambles that he and Cardia are just puppets, she gives the poor sap a hug and tells him to shut it. She then tells him to stop treating himself like a puppet because she doesn’t see him as one. After that Hansel shows up, daddy uses Finis as a shield and it’s then Cardia realizes that all the Finis clones are dolls that Isaac created and recreated because they could never become the true Finis that he wanted. Meanwhile we get a flashback of Hansel’s past, aka the Grimm tale of the 2 kids being abandoned in the woods by their parents. The Idea granny ended up adopting Hansel and she put the soul of his sister Gretel into his weapon that he carries around with him at all times and talks to. Anyway Lupin & co find the Finis who fell off the Nautilus, the one Cardia thought was like the “true” Finis. They take him back to their house and treat his wounds then ask him to cooperate with them to rescue Cardia. He agrees and it’s similar to Lupin’s ending where Cardia’s horologium begins to complete itself and Isaac takes over Finis’ body.

twins03Isaac had intended to just revive his son but after many Finis clones he gave up. After he got info abour jikterium and the philosopher’s stone, he decided to make a homunculus clone of his daughter because attempting to put horologium into the Finis clones would just melt them. He kept trying to grow homunculi of Cardia but none would ever develop and would die early….except one… The  current Cardia. Best end: Finis has a change of heart because of his wound treatment and desire to save his neesan~. He tries to sneak in on the Nautilus figuring no one will realize he’s not like the rest, but nothing can get past Alester. However seeing Finis’ pride all dried up, Alester is amused and decides to help him out. They also convince Nemo that Isaac-senpai will never notice him and make up some lie that Impey and Fran think he’s the greatest scientist ever. Nemo, being a simpleton, has an orgasm of joy and decides to help stop Code:Realize. 😂 And so after a long battle and with Hansel’s help, they get Cardia out and hurt the “true” vessel of Isaac. Finis then says he’s going to fully destroy it so there can only be one of him left, instead of jumping bodies all the time. After Isaac finally rests in peace we see a flashback of the twins right after they’re born. In the epilogue, Cardia and Finis return to their old home in Wales. Everyone else went to do their things but some of them, like Fran still visit Cardia to check on how they’re doing. Cardia’s horologium stopped spewing poison and Finis is just living like a regular person now. He’s just turned into a tsundere siscon otoutokun. 😂 In the normal end, Finis pretends to act like Isaac took over his body and lets Hansel kill him. Cardia decides not to go down to earth with everyone and flies into the galaxy with the Nautilus.

WTB adult Delacroix route... 😂
WTB adult Delacroix route… 😂

Delacroix’s Room – Most of the scenes weren’t anything special unless you really think he’s cute. The only one I really liked is the one of him and Sisi drenched in water and the one of him grown up…wish we got to see more of that…😂  I think it might have been different if he had a different voice actor cause his yelling grated my ears so much in Van’s route I actually had to turn down the volume of his voice in the options…😶.


I have very mixed feelings about this FD. My favorite routes were Impey, Lupin and Finis. The rest left me unsatisfied and the mafia gang original story left me angry that they wasted time and resources on that, instead of putting it all into the main guys’ routes. It’s also really annoying that all the promotion they did for this game showed wedding attire, even in the opening movie – but who got a wedding end? Impey. That’s it. Nobody else gets a wedding end in some routes apparently a kiss is supposed to be all we should be happy we’re even getting. ショボ──(´・ω・`)──ン Also since Holmes was the new guy in this game getting a route, of course he’s now the most screwed over since he gets no kiss at all or his face would melt off. 😂 Some of the CGs also looked a bit..strange? I’m actually not sure if miko even drew all of them. It wasn’t that bothersome just made me wonder what’s happening over there especially with the recent news of Hanamura Mai leaving Otomate to go freelance. Otomate’s FDs lately seem to be trying to cram as much random content as possible and it seems gone are the days where it’s just “after stories” for the main cast and maybe 1 or 2 routes for some of the side characters. But you know what Otomate, that’s what I want. I want to spend more happy time with the main guys of the game, that’s why I bought this fandisk. I don’t care about mafia wars with original characters especially when it means that the main cast gets their time cut. It’s been a pattern in their fandisks lately and that’s why FDs like Yunohana Spring and this one leave me disappointed.

That said, I still think any Code Realize fan should get this – but I wouldn’t overhype or raise your hopes for it like I did.  With an anime announced, it’s likely Otomate is going to milk this series and release another fandisk/AU game anyway and maybe they will slowly throw us another bone like they did with Amnesia 😂.

24 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Code:Realize ~Koufuku no Mirai~

  1. thanks for your review!! i’ll be sure to be wary while playing. i really don’t want to overhype it and then feel disappointed.

    how long is the fandisk btw?

    1. it’s really short, each after story was maybe 2ish hours. the original mafia route was the longest it felt like and Finis and Sholmes were maybe 3-4 hours each.

  2. I was dissapointed that the routes were so short as well, and that only Impey and Lupin (in the first game) end up with weddings……
    I really did enjoy Finis’s route and Another Story route, I just like it when Lupin and the gang are together :3
    Thanks for the review, its awesome ;3

    1. Yea I mean, the another story route, wasn’t terrible or anything, I just couldn’t get into it because I was just upset the whole time feeling like the main guys after stories got shafted lol…I like when the gang is together too but I really wanted more beef in their individual routes 😦

      And yea Finis’ route was really well done!

  3. GROWN UP DORA-CHAN!!! 😍😍😭😭
    If they’re gonna make another FD, I’m okay with that but I feel conflicted that they purposely made this one not so satisfying just so they can make another one. Just hope it doesn’t get to the point where miko stops doing the art.

    1. Oh my god how I wish we got a grown up dora-chan route lmao xD And yea I’m a bit concerned about the art…I mean overall it wasn’t bad but there were a few cgs where I thought it was kinda off looking…especially any kiss CGs :/

  4. ouch i was hoping we’d get to date older delly but it’s not to be. Also are FD always so short? I hope it’ll be cheaper too then :v

    1. They are usually short but I feel like they keep shoving too much “original” or “au” stuff in now and it fees like a huge waste of time :/

  5. Hello Hinano !

    Oh, I’m sorry that you feel a bit disappointed with the FD. 😦
    I haven’t played it myself yet since I wanted to finish Kokuchou first and my exams are right around the corner so I’ll probably wait a bit longer before getting at it >.<
    Kinda bit sad that the after stories are so short though. 😦 But well, even if it's short I still look forward spending some time with my husbandos & adorable Dora-chan ԅ(‾⌣‾ԅ)

    (Btw I finished Kokuchou yesterday and I definitely recommend it ! I'm far from being as experienced as you in terms of otome gaming but I definitely think it's a good game :D)

    What are you gonna play next ? Norn9 ?

    Have a nice day !


    1. Currently playing Norn9 FD, it’s even worse than this one lol. Honestly I think Otomate’s FD quality has drastically been going down…

  6. Hello! I am really grateful for you review on Code Realize!
    When this game comes out in 2017, I will take your advice and not get to hyped!
    Thanks so much for your time,


  7. Saint Germain deserved better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fucking ugly sobs* Ugh whatever I’ll still get it for him and I actually like all the guys. Lupin thank fuck seems to at least have a decent route-sorry I don’t curse that often but this game was my bae-and ADULT DELA HOLYYYYYYYYYYY YAS someone age him up now somehow. What a shame Otomate. I hope this doesn’t become DL in that the series devolves into fanfiction…..

    1. I think everyone in general deserved better except Lupin & Impey who got decent routes and at least Lupin got his wedding end last game. Wish we could date adult Dela to begin with rather than it being just a figment of Cardia’s imagination…. 😂

        1. I’m not sure, cause honestly he was like my 2nd fav after Lupin lol….maybe they felt bad for him and decided to give him a happy end? Not sure…I didn’t mind it was adorable af 😛

  8. Yeah, I hear they going to turn this game into anime, this make me began to imagine horrible like what they did to amnesia… I like Amnesia in game version but the anime just… OMG i can’t stand watching it… But I watched anyway 0\\\0¡… I just hope they not make the game image down just because the anime bad…

    1. yea I believe it will be an anime…but usually otome game anime are as you said – pretty awful so I wouldn’t get your hopes up for this either lol

  9. I am included in the ones who was so overhyped by this… I was satisfied with Lupin but I was so disappointed with what they do with Van (he’s my 2nd fave after Lupin) that the pointless problem got longer and longer… I wished they just teased him of his cooking skills instead, like a rom-com since I don’t need more drama for him after his route from the first game. Or maybe my expectations was so high since because of the kiss CG that they showed. Impey’s not my fave but I found his route really cute.

    I enjoyed the game overall though. It just feels like they put too many unnecessary details and forgot the good ones.

    Thanks for the review!

    1. Lupin felt like the only route they really put thought into and IMpey’s was just fluffy and adorable. I agree that giving drama to Van and Farn was so pointless, it’s a fandisk let us just enjoy it…poor San felt like he was the most screwed over tbh. Maybe there will be another game/FD where we will finally get nothing but fluff? XD

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