Otome Game Review: Code Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~

It’s a miracle this FD was released because it finally contained the content I wanted to see in…the last one. 😂 Most of the contents of the FD takes place with Cardia’s poison gone except for Sholmes and Cantarella routes. And now on to the fangirling (and emoji spam lol)!

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Unboxing: Code Realize ~Silver Miracles~ Animate Set

Otomate no more, my bank account can’t take it 😂

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Otome Game Review: Code:Realize ~Koufuku no Mirai~

I didn’t realize it’s actually been 2 years since I finished Code Realize since the English version actually only came out a year ago. Due to this I was a bit rusty on what happened but fortunately the after stories gave a brief review of what happened in case people like me forgot. The FD also adds an original mafia gang story as well as routes for Finis and Sholmes (which take place as if they were in the first game’s story.) The final section is a little bit of time Cardia spends with Dela-chan’s daily activities.

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Unboxing: Code Realize ~Koufuku no Mirai~ Stellaworth Set

It’s been a while since I posted an unboxing but I figured this would be worth it 🙂

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