RIP Pangya (again)


The inevitable finally happened and Pangya NA has finally closed its doors. I guess the 5 people who were spending $800 per gacha every 2 weeks finally decided to call it quits (or went bankrupt) so they had no one else to fund their tin can servers. Honestly I haven’t logged in or played pangya in years but hey this blog did originally begin as a Pangya blog and even the domain “breadmasterlee” originated from the google translation of the word パンマステリー (pang mastery).

At this point as far as I know only Pangya Japan and Pangya Thailand are still running because they have an in house development team creating new content. Pangya Korea closed its doors in August of this year.

For those who have a smartphone, I stumbled upon a literal Pangya clone with art by the Koichoco/Imaimo illustrator. A lot of reviewers say it’s a lot like Pangya so you can always get your fix there.


5 thoughts on “RIP Pangya (again)”

  1. More or less like you said. It’s the same old game when I quitted years ago.

    – it’s old version.
    – I do not remember seeing any Brasilian player. I think they went to another private server called pangyabrasil.
    – Level up is probably too fast. I’m already Amateur in a week. And I mostly play pangs farming tourney
    – Recharge can earn you some small advantages
    – Server has issues sometimes. Currently, the up time is around 90%

    – Because of Asian, EU and American players. I see people aound in any time zone. I think people are getting along quite well.
    – You can contact the GM with discord. Actually, you will need discord to know what is happening when the server is down. Last GM event we had 87 players.
    – Since Pangya Global closure, there is a new wave of people start anew. Means we can expect rather lively environment for some months.
    – Almost all items are in pangs. You can pretty much get SSAF, elf wings and elf ears in first day. You can even buy pang mastery, card packs and all consumables with pangs.

    In summary, you won’t see “pathetic f2p players” in Pangya Celebrity. Everyone have what they need in a few days and are kinda spoiled.

  2. That’s basically around when I quit so I jumped ship knewing it was gonna fail sooner or later anyway. A friend who played on the JP servers for a bit told me it’s mostly dead there too. It’s likely they will be closing sooner or later as well, especially since a lot of Japanese players are into mobile games anyway.

    I wouldn’t play a private server for pangya cause you know there won’t be any updates so it would get stale in my head to play the same thing over and over lol

  3. Pangya was always on decline after 2009. I wasn’t paying attention to the game since I quitted on 2011. But seriously, I doubt those recycled-looked courses can get gain players. Even Japanese server had been on low-cost maintenance mode for years. Events are mostly recycled. The forum looked so dead that I don’t ever bother to check if they are doing well.

    Logically, this invites me to think Ntreev goes mobile, Smilegate flees, and GMO take over the sources cheap. Things that we do not need to bother. It makes me to think that there are high chance of closure in Pangya Thai/JP next year. It dependent on development and Pangya mobile.

    About alternative, I think the best choice is Pangya PSP or Wii. There are still plenty people playing on private servers like Pangya Celebrity happily.

    MMO is a only business. Mobile game tends to end faster. Everything will come to an end eventually

  4. I never really played much of the web version, but I got pretty into it on the PSP. I wish Pangya had made its way onto the Vita as well.

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