Guest Review: Norn9 Var Commons

Greetings again, buta-ettes!  Oink if ya hear me! (::deafening grunts split the earth asunder and blot out the sun::).  Today we will be reviewing Norn9 (and unfortunately this is the all ages version, not the R18 version Norn69), and trigger warning here but…it kinda sucked.  I’ll also toss in an overall spoiler warning in here because while I won’t be doing summaries of the routes, I will be discussing plot points in a spoiler way in order to complain about them.

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Otome Game Review: The Wizard & the Master

From the graveyard of Quin Rose, I’ve finally picked up & finished Wizard & Master! I originally had the PC version but I couldn’t get started on it because I didn’t want to deal with yet another grueling battle/stat raiser system like Crimson Empire or Arabian’s Lost. Thankfully Quin Rose made the Vita port a straight VN but just like with Alice, it was at the cost of a lot of CGs on the chopping block. (;´・ω・) Oh well our story begins in the country of Rune Venus where everyone can use magic – everyone except our heroine Alicia who has 0 magic powers (or so she thinks.) In order to inherit the throne, princess Alicia has 25 weeks to find a powerful wizard husbando or else she gets sent back to the countryside and loses her inheritance. It’s a fateful half a year, will Alicia be able to secure her wizard ikeman? 😆

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Official Otome Game Kickstarter for Beastmaster & Prince is live!


Trying to spread the news as many places as possible, but Gloczus has launched a kickstarter to bring Moujuutsukai to Oujisama (Beastmaster & Prince) to Steam in English! I’ve reviewed both the game and FD on PS2 but they have since added several additional things in both the PSP and Vita ports. All of them will be included on 1 game now and not only that but it’s both the game AND the fandisk all in one! They have various packages that include the Steam code and the goodies such as buttons, clear files, tote backs and pillows with character of choice! The most expensive package is already gone so the stuff is going fast – pledge while you can! Also please be careful to note that not ALL the pledge tiers contain the steam code. Some are JUST the goodies so read carefully before pledging (though I believe you can change before the deadline.) Let’s show them that there are otome fans out there and we are interested in seeing more localized titles. This is finally our chance to do so, so if you want to see this and other games in English, be sure to pledge your support! (`・д・´)キリッ


Edit: Well this kickstarter ended up failing and now the same company is running another KS for some eroge asking for even MORE money. I’m starting to get very suspicious of them and I’m probably not going to support them in any future KS’s they do. It seems very fishy that they can just keep running random Kickstarters and they seem to be asking for more and more money every time. (눈_눈)

FFXIV: Happy Valentione’s Day!

That’s not a misspell it’s intended to be spelled that way 😉

This year’s event was a lot of fun, love hotel themed furniture and fortunes you can do with your friends or lovers. I did both and I made a video as well!

While we were at it, I forced my husband to get the 5 pack Fantasia too and made him turn into a catboy (*’ノ∀’)ノ

Sometimes I kinda miss his midlander but eh we have plenty of time to return to our former selves lol. Maybe we’ll even turn into potatoes for old times’ sake (though I hate the camera angle of lalafells it’s really awkward.)

Hope everyone has a nice Valentione and Valentine’s day!