Otome Game Review: Ayakashi Gohan ~Okawari!~

Happy new year everyone, unfortunately my first review of the year is off to a not so great start. (;´・ω・) This is the fandisk to Ayakashi Gohan which I finished recently, but unfortunately it was very disappointing and not what I had in mind when I think of “fandisks” in general. The game takes place after the plot resolution (?) in the first game and focuses on Rin’s senior year of high school and her path to going to college and growing up.

Human Arc & Tsuzuri End:

human01The game takes place in March after all the first game’s events. Asagi joins their class and since reset, nobody actually knows who he is. They get new seats, and the one seat Rin gets put into is known for being bullied by some kind of ayakashi.  They find some ayakashi boku shota who says some ayakashi tricked him and were planning to feed him and stuff him all plump so they could eat him. They also then get with the boku and try to make him feel better by getting him to help throw Asagi a welcome party. So then afterwards Rin sees a flashback that the shota dragon Chiko had a BFF named Yuichi who left him and told him to make new friends. Chiko decided to wait and so every time someone sat in Yuichi’s old seat he’d get mad and play pranks on them. He’s waited for many years and Yuichi never returned and Chiko refused to make new friends. After seeing this flashback, Rin tells Chiko that she wants to be his friend instead. Chiko ends up staying at Ponpokorin with them until one day when Rin, Uta & Tsuzuri are shopping they run by a guy who they hear is named “Yuichi”. This Yuichi ends up visiting the school because he had graduated from here. They bring Yuichi back to his classroom and Chiko recognizes him but Yuichi can no longer see him. Rin tries to get Yuichi to see Chiko but he says that he can no longer see or feel Chiko’s existence.  He admits he never really “saw” them, he just kinda “felt” their existence and heard their voices. As he got older though, he realized he can no longer feel or hear ayakashi around him like he used to.

human02Rin then runs into a bird ayakashi named Shion who’s at Gin’s restaurant and asks for her help to get Yuichi to notice Chiko. She asks Shion to teach Chiko how to sing so that maybe Chiko  can sing and get Yuichi to notice his existence. Unfortunately Chiko sucks at singing but Shion keeps hard core training him :lol:. He eventually gets better but the day they go to see him, Yuichi’s gone into the mountains to study plants but it begins heavily raining. They go to look for him and Rin ends up slipping down the slope with Chiko and injuring her leg. The good news is they find Yuichi, but he’s out cold under a pile of rubble. To save them both, Chiko turns into his dragon form and they climb on his back to fly out of the mountain forest. Everyone returns to Ponpokorin, except Yuichi who rests at home and Chiko who is out cold because he used up a lot of his powers. After he wakes up everyone tells him that his song will definitely reach Yuichi. And so the next day when Rin goes to visit Yuichi, Chiko comes and starts singing – and Yuichi hears the song. He can’t see Chiko but he cries because he knows that it’s him singing. After this the route basically swerves into Tsuzuri’s ending where he wants to deliver a bento Rin forgot at home to her school. Unfortunately some other Ayakashi steals it and eats it so Rin offers to buy lunch for both herself and Tsuzuri in the school cafeteria. Tsuzuri feels bad so he asks Gin to help him make something for Rin and Chiko decides to join in. They make various shaped hamburger for everyone and it turns out well so Rin thanks them and they’re happy they succeeded. (*´∀`*) Too bad we never really see a grown up Tsuzuri except in the ending of Asagi’s route. :\

uta01Inushima Uta – Everyone makes fun of Uta saying that he lives with Rin but the most they’ve done is a kiss on the cheek 😆  (Poor Uta got shafted badddly in the first game.) Then after this Uta starts to get all nervous and fidgety around Rin XD Honestly this whole plot is kinda silly since Rin had no problems kissing the other guys in this game LOL. Rin’s attempts to kiss Uta get cockblocked without success. They decide to then go on a date together to try and uh…progress :lol:. And so finally on their way home on the empty train, they finally have their first kiss :P. But yea the cute stuff doesn’t last long cause some ossan god named Nagi shows up and says that he’s better for Rin than Uta which makes Uta rage. He challenges Uta to a duel for Rin and for some reason Uta agrees and starts training every day like Rocky. Uta ends up winning but he knows it’s because Nagi went easy on him. After this Nagi tells Uta to be his disciple and drags Uta out to train despite his protests. After the training everyone goes to a summer festival together. After the fireworks start, he gives Rin a ring and tells her he wants to make lots of memories with her even if she has to go away for college. At the school festival Uta tells Rin that the following year he wants to go on a training journey with Nagi and leave the village for a while. Rin gets upset about this and when she tells her classmate Horikawa she ends up crying. Uta overhears her telling him everything and gets pissed that she talked to her classmate and not to her boyfriend. Rin gets pissed saying that he didn’t tell her that he was planning to leave the village until he already decided it either. She cries saying that he doesn’t know how long he’ll be gone but her human lifetime is limited. She then blurts out that she wishes he was human so he could understand her feelings but then quickly realizes how she’s hurt him by saying that.

uta02When Uta tells Nagi what happened he’s like “how about I make you human then?” (゚∀゚)  He then sucks out all of Uta’s Ayakashi powers and tells Rin that eventually they’ll come back, so in the meantime he can imagine what it’s like to be as powerless as a human. Uta is surprisingly chill and just says whatever since his powers will eventually come back anyway. This also gives them more cuddle time because she’s not busy with exams and he’s not busy with his training. And so they kiss & make up and finally talk things out, until the middle of the night when Nagi creeps through the window telling Rin to come outside. Nagi then turns out that oni that wanted to eat Rin and attacks her. Fortunately Uta comes in time and fights him, but then Nagi turns back into his normal form and is like lol jk this was just part of your training. /(^o^)\ Best End: Uta gets his powers back and turns into his doge form and flies with Rin into the night sky~. Rin then applies to college and gets accepted. And so after graduation every sees Uta off as he goes to his training and he gives Rin a goodbye hug as she cries in his arms.  And so years later after training and college graduations, Uta &  Rin get married and have babbies. But then honeybee HAS to go and show a flash to white forward to when Rin is on her deathbed and Uta says that he will one day be reunited with her when his time comes as she dies of old age. (´;ω;`)ウゥゥ Wtf honeybee why do you do this in a best end! Good End: Rin returns back to Momiji village 4 years later and she’s reunited with Uta who heard she was coming back so he came back to visit. Also he hasn’t cut his hair in like 4 years so it’s super long now xD. Bad End: Uta tells Rin that he cannot be human enough for her and he can only be an ayakashi. He then disappears from her sight and goes off to train with Nagi without saying goodbye.

hagi01Ibuki Haginosuke – Hagi’s route was awful because the entire thing revolved around throw away side characters that would come & go. They didn’t even bring his sister back even though she was extremely important in his route which made it seem like a huge waste of time. It all begins when one night they all go up to the mountains near the Oogawa spring, the night where all the Ayakashi get together to make wishes. Something happens and Haginosuke gets a sakura petal in his iris – because he made a wish to be able to see Ayakashi. The wish came true and now Haginosuke is able to see Ayakashi, but everyone else gets terrified that something may harm his body. Everyone is really worried but Haginosuke says everything is fine and now he wants to make friends with all the ayakashi he couldn’t see before. After this Haginosuke is super excited about all the Ayakashi he can now see. So then they find a dog ayakashi who leads dead souls to heaven injured because some kids threw rocks at him. His name is Sui and they take care of his wounds and then hang around with him for a while in the woods. Eventually they return him to his family and he thanks them for being kind humans. So the next story is a girl who looks like Kei’s old lover Yume, comes to the school but her name is Mari and she has some inaka rage going. She can see Kei and is amazed by him being a sparkly firefly man. But as it turns out, Mari has to get some kind of life threatening surgery but she says she has no intention of dying. I found it odd since if someone had to get life threatening surgery, they seem like they should be hospitalized, not running around the inaka lol. After the side chara stuff, we finally get to see Rin and Haginosuke go on a date at the summer festival. At the end of the festival during the fireworks, Hagi & Rin end up kinda shipping Mari and Kei lol. Kei is all upset that he’s worried Mari might die from her surgery so he was trying to avoid her.  In the end he tells her that he’ll be waiting for her after her surgery. Does she ever make it through surgery? We’ll never know.

hagi02A few days later they run into some perma-angry looking dude who says he wants to get rid of all Ayakashi cause they are an “unnatural existence”. Turns out he’s been hired by random villagers to kill ayakashi that get in their way and since he has onmyoji powers, he’s been “sealing” them off. Rin starts to panic that Sagiri might get sealed off again. When Rin tells her this, she’s like it’s ok, I enjoyed my non-sealed life and the friends I made now, that if it happens, so be it. So as it turns out, this ayakashi buster Handa, is on a mission to destroy ayakashi because his fiance got killed by an ayakashi and he went to jail because nobody believed him since not everyone can see them. After he was released (which is hilarious – released after being sent to jail for murder whut) he studied on how to seal spirits and became an ayakashi buster. Oh and also turns out his fiance Chie was actually an ayakashi who decided to be with him because she wanted to stop him from being foreveralone. On the day of Rin’s school play Sagiri heads to go see it, but Handa stops her and tries to seal her. Just then Hagi & Rin run up to him asking him to stop and that Sagiri promised to no longer attack humans. He rages for a while but uh somehow they end up stopping him and saving Sagiri. Best End: After the school play Hagi tells Rin that he was jelly that someone else got to dance with her so they end up dancing outside of Rin’s house that evening. Handa tells Hagi that his powers to see Ayakashi are weakening and eventually he might not be able to see them at all. And so Rin and Haginosuke take their exam and graduate going to the university for 4 years outside the village. Right before they leave, the Oogawa miracle ends and Haginosuke is no longer able to see ayakashi. He tells Rin he wants to open up a place for ayakashi to come for help but he’ll need Rin to act as “his eyes”. In the epilogue, they graduate and get married moving back to the village as Haginosuke continues his shrine work. Rin takes care of the house work and lets him ichaicha with her after his long day of work (*´ω`*). Oh and she tells Haginosuke that she’s preggo. I can’t believe it, an actual happy ending! Uta got shafted. Good End: Haginosuke & Rin have the traditional Japanese wedding ceremony. Bad End: Handa seals Sagiri and then Haginosuke loses his ability to see ayakashi. He’s so upset he runs to the Ogawa river to make a wish once more but instead he falls inside of it and drowns to death.

suoh01Hana Suoh – Suoh, yet another victim of side character cockblocking like the rest of the guys in this game. Suoh & Rin go clean up his old master’s grave in the woods that Suoh created 150 years ago. Rin teaches him how to write Japanese cause up to now he’s just been using his powers to do it.  Suoh also ends up confessing to Haginosuke that he’s an ayakashi and Hagi is super excited. Rin keeps trying to teach him how to write hiragana but he gets frustrated, so Gin suggests they do an exchange diary to get him to practice writing. And so everyone, including Haginosuke, Uta & Yomi decide to join in as well. So that nekomata they fought in the first game, Kagesumi comes back and refuses to believe that Suoh and Rin are lovers. He tells Rin he wants to learn what she did to Suoh to make him be her lover but Suoh tells him to GTFO. He keeps coming back telling Rin to be his friend and with Suoh telling him to get out or else. Eventually Rin gives in and tells him he can be her friend and he starts to hang out with everyone lol. After Haginosuke tells Suoh that if he intends to live with Rin, he needs to understand how human society works. Suoh then begins reading books he borrowed from Haginosuke about various types of jobs he can take on after high school. Eventually everyone drops the exchange diary except for Suoh and Rin since they figure that by now he can already write pretty decently. After this Rin gets really busy studying for her university exams but Suoh cheers her on and says to give him some attention once in awhile.

suoh02She then admits to Suoh that she’s going to leave the village once she graduates because she wants to attend university outside the village. After hearing this Suoh gets upset and tells Rin he needs some time to think alone. As winter hits, Suoh suddenly stops coming to school but Haginosuke says that he’ll be fine. Kagesumi tells Rin where Suoh is and she finds him huddled in the snow near his old master’s grave. Some ojisan walks by telling them that Suoh’s previous master got hitched with a girl, against her family’s will. They had a child but the woman was weak bodied and ended up dying before she could give birth. The man was so depressed, he then adopted Suoh and when someone saw Suoh talking, they spread the rumro that his master was keeping an ayakashi. The family of the deceased girl was pissed and sent a bunch of dudes to kill him and set the forest on fire because he claimed the guy was “possessed by an ayakashi.” Well turns out the enraged dad was the one possessed by the ayakashi and the ayakashi ate his body, and then killed Suoh’s master. Right before he died, the image and feelings of Suoh’s master entered the hearts of all the villagers and they started to cry realizing how awful they are. After this the relatives/family of the village chief was killed and wiped out completely. Suoh hears this and starts strangling the ojisan saying that he refuses to believe that his master’s family would do this and that he was killed by other ayakashi. Rin tries to stop him but it makes him even more pissed that he just sees red and starts strangling her (;´・ω・).

suoh03Just then Kagesumi comes in handy and pushes Suoh off Rin and when Suoh comes to his senses he’s horrified at what he’s done. Kagesumi puts Rin into some sleep jutsu and unless she’s willing to get out of it herself, she’ll be in a coma forever~. He brings a sleeping Rin back home and Uta & Yomi come raging at Suoh the next day telling him to get Rin to wake dafuq up. Best End: Rin wakes up from her slumber but she suddenly has amnesia! No worries though, her exchange diary with Suoh magically brings everything back! And so Rin graduates and as she leaves the village she tells Suoh she’ll write letters to him like they did with their diary. Some years later, Rin graduates, returns to the village, marries Suoh and has 2 kids. Poor Haginosuke, he never got any baby endings! Suoh ends up working as a farmer while Rin lives with the kids in the shack in the woods (which still looks the same as it did 10 years earlier I don’t know how anyone can live there, let alone with children :lol:). Good End: Rin comes back from college to visit and they have sexy time in Suoh’s love shack for their reunion. 😆 Bad End: Kagesumi kidnaps Rin, brings her to his broken down house and keeps her there like a blow up doll while she’s in an eternal coma. A bit off topic but I don’t get how Suoh gets electricity to his shack in the woods. In the route Rin mentioned that you need to get a job to get money so you can pay for living expenses like food, electricity…so clearly he doesn’t work but somehow he gets free electricity to his bumshack in the woods?? ಠ_ಠ

Ayakashi Arc & Gin End:

ginIn this ark Asagi obviously actually has a role because even though he transferred into their class in the human ark, he kinda dropped off the face of the earth. Rin invites Asagi to Ponpokorin to eat and Yomi is sooo buttmad with jealousy lol. Manatsu comes to Gin with a problem that suddenly he has some babby shell ayakashi who decide to live in his house and constantly cries every night so Manatsu can’t sleep. He says that his name is Ayame and everyone, including Asagi thinks of ways to get Ayame to calm down. Rin offers to keep Ayame for the night since there’s a lot of people who can take care of him there, including Tsuzuri who plays with him. As usual Ayame starts crying in the middle of the night so Rin figures maybe he’ll calm down if she makes him something to eat. It’s super effective! Rin & Asagi then find a kappa ayakashi and borrow some of his shell collection to bring for Ayame. They take some shells and paint them together at Gin’s house and after this Ayame stops crying and eventually disappears. He leaves a little shell behind which says “thank you” on it. After this, the first lady of the tanuki world comes by the name of Otaki. She takes a liking to Rin and asks her to “train” Tanukichi and Tanuie to be better tanukis. After a week, Otaki approves it and says she did this because she was worried how the 2 of them can make it on their own. After she leaves, Rin & Gin go home and Rin admits to Gin that she doesn’t want to leave the village and she just wants to work at his restaurant after graduating high school. Again, I expected some kind of actual important route for Gin so this was yet another disappointment :/.

yomi01Inushima Yomi – The route was just like Uta’s where it started out really cute, then they brought in shitty disposable side characters and everything went to hell :roll:.  Rin and Yomi have been dating but she’s upset that their relationship isn’t ~progressing~ lol. She finally gets the courage to take his hand and hold it making the 2 of them blush like dorks :3. Yomi gets all jelly when Rin spends time showing Asagi around the school since he just transferred. Meanwhile Rin gets jealous of all the random girls who get friendly with him so they end up fighting over each other’s jealousy lol. He admits he’s been talking to other girls to try to understand human feelings so he could better understand Rin (;´・ω・). Rin’s like if you want to know my feelings you can just ask me and he tells her that she should be telling HIM instead of Guren (who randomly shows up lol.) They make up and smooch and everyone catches them kissing XD so Yomi finally admits that they’re dating. So now the route takes a turn to shipping Guren with his new girlfriend. Guren then tells them how he found some girl he plans to abduct to make his wife and Rin rages at him that he needs to actually meet the girl and get to know her first.  Turns out she’s a student named Chiori at Rin’s school and they go talk to her and she admits that she can see Ayakashi and has met Guren before. Apparently she comes to the tengu shrine daily to clean it and pray which is how Guren found her. Guren makes fun of Rin saying that she and Yomi are just playing house. She gets pissed and goes home and rolls around her room with Yomi (upon which Uta walks in and misunderstands :lol:). The next day Guren comes to Ponpokorin and apologizes for what he said. He also says he thinks he’s in love with Chiori and they decide to help him out on what to do/say to get her to notice him.

yomi02Unfortunately when they tell him to do things like compliment her, only insults come out 😆 They try to give him more advice but it’s too late as by then Chiori stops coming to the tengu shrine. They talk to Chiori at school and she says that it’s been too hot to go to the shrine so she hasn’t been coming. To try to progress things they decide to go on a double date with the two of them. It’s a success and Chiori starts to feel a little more for Guren. A couple days later Rin tells Uta, Yomi & Kami-sama that she plans to leave the village so she can study to become a teacher. Yomi says he wants to leave the village and learn more about the outside world and Kami-sama approves of it. Uta says it’s all good he’ll watch over the village while Yomi is gone. Rin and Yomi tell Gin about their plans to apply to college. Gin approves and they begin studying for their entrance exams. In the meantime they catch Guren and Chiori getting all deredere and are happy that they’re finally hooking up lol. Chiori asks Rin if they can have a double date again for the fall festival and Rin agrees….but Yomi is pissed cause he wanted to have a date alone with Rin. He forgives her though and says next time they better go alone. At the festival though, Yomi purposely takes Rin away so Guren and Chiori can have their alone time together too. Yomi then finally stops being shy and compliments Rin on her yukata. After they smooch, Guren and Chiori show up and announce that they’ve officially become a couple. Chiori admits that she’s also quarter tengu cause her grandmother had married a tengu apparently. That’s also why she was able to see ayakashi and why she always visited the tengu shrine. Suddenly Guren’s “old friend” Yatogarasu shows up and he looks like L from Death Note :lol:.He comes to bitch at the school festival saying that Guren’s a pussy now and that ayakashi hanging out with humans is stupid. Guren tells him to GTFO and at the end of the festival Rin and Yomi dance by the bonfire. But yea the route can’t end without some stupid dramatic forced plot and Guren comes to Ponpokorin one night panicking that Chiori’s MIA. They find L in his shack in the woods and he’s extremely buttmad about the relationships between humans & ayakashi. He offers Yomi to become human so he can live the same lifespan as Rin but Yomi tells him to stfu. Just then Guren shows up demanding to know where Chiori is and L tells him that he threw her in the river near the tengu shrine.

yomi03They find Chiori cold and passed out but Guren uses some of his powers to save her life. The next night Rin finds Yomi and L outside Ponpokorin talking and tries to spy on them.  After L leaves Rin tries to ask Yomi what he wa doing and he just shrugs her off. Turns out it’s because Yomi is still thinking about the fact that L offered to turn him human – but Guren warns them not to deal with him. Good End: Yomi asks Rin what she thinks if he became human and she says she’ll be happy since they’d be able to age together. However she says she fell in love with Yomi as an ayakashi and she’s perfectly happy with him the way he is. But yea the game just CAN’T END without more drama so L kidnaps both Rin and Chiori, but thanks to Rin’s emergency-wanko-button Yomi and Guren come save her before L kills anyone. After this Guren tells Yomi & Rin about L’s SAAD story about how he fell in love with a human girl and he used to love humans until he was betrayed and became to haaaate them. So unexpected! 🙄 And so after a few years Rin & Yomi finish their education and get married. Rin then breaks the news to Yomi that she’s preggo and so she has a baby girl 1 year later. Some time later Yomi earns an award for his book as well. After many years Rin finally dies, and Yomi returns to his post as the shrine guardian while he watches over his offspring. (´・ω・`) I didn’t wanna see the same treatment in Yomi’s route as Uta got but sighh honeybee… Best End: L  kills Rin but Guren uses a special potion to save her…which ends up turning her into an ayakashi. Rin is happy though because now she can be with Yomi together forever. Sigh Yomi always gets away with the best endings in both games (´・ω・`). Anyway as they live together they go around Japan preventing villages from being wiped by natural disasters together and a legend is born. I dunno mabye it’s me but it feels like the best & good ends should have been reversed ?_? Bad End: L kills Rin so Yomi sacrifices all of his powers to save her and then disappears.

mana01Serigano Manatsu – I thought Yomi’s route with L was pretty bad but Manatsu’s pretty much takes the cake. Honeybee decided they wanted some of that Diabolik Lovers popularity and threw in a yanhomo vampire to trample over the entire route. Manatsu’s route is also full of recycled Cgs from the first game which is yet another cheap shortcut they took (they did this in Asagi’s route too.) They introduce some priest character who is also a new teacher in Rin & co.’s class. But yea as most otome games have taught me PRIESTS ARE NEVER A GOOD THING. Manatsu tells Rin that this priest guy, Shimon is a vampire ayakashi. Apparently they met in one of Manatsu’s past lives and Manatsu asked Shimon to kill him, but he refused because ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ… Annnd as usual this game can’t rest without ruining everybody’s route so the big thing in this route is that Shimon can’t control his vampiric blood cravings. THIS CAN ONLY GO SO WELL! This asshole instantly made my shitlist the moment he attacked & killed a cat just to get its blood (´;ω;`)ウゥゥ. So yea by now this guy is already on my shit list pretty much and I’ve decided to coin him as SHITmon. One night there’s a typhoon outside and Rin has to end up staying at Manatsu’s house – while his parents are off on a hot springs trip. ( ̄▽ ̄)  They end up sleeping in his room – in the same bed – but nothing happens because Manatsu decides to ~hold it in~. There’s actually quite a few cute scenes of them like at the beach, or him saving her from some gross ossan at the school festival…but they are always short lived & abruptly cut off :/.

mana02The focus switches back to the fact that Shitmon is EXXXTREMELY buttmad that he can’t yaoi it up with Manatsu because Rin hasn’t died like she always does GRR! He tells Rin that Manatsu only ever looks for Rin-hime in all the Rins he’s ever seen and that he doesn’t love the current Rin. The worst part is RIN BELIEVES HIM. You’d think after the first game and everything she and Manatsu went through, they’ve both confirmed their love for each other. But no, this random asshole comes into the game, says some bullshit and Rin believes him immediately. What the hell??? ಠ_ಠ  Rin decides to confess to Manatsu and tells him everything Shimon said. Manatsu reassures her that he only loves her, and he then gets pissed at Shimon and tells him that he doesn’t care about his “past lives and relationships”. On Christmas, Rin and Manatsu visit Shimon’s church but he goes apeshit and says “how about I make Manatsu a vampire so we can be together 4 ever~!” Since because the curse is cured, Manatsu won’t be reborn again so the yanhomo vampire will be forever alone! Rin’s and Manatsu are like dafuq no, but Shimon’s homo rage won’t stop and he attacks her. His idea is to kill Rin, and hopefully revive the curse so that Manatsu can continue to be reborn so they can have their ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ… love forever & ever! Manatsu’s like sorry dude, even if you make us vampires, I won’t go gay for you, cause I only love my hot  gf Rin-chan. He then tells Shitmon to get some friends for fucks sake lmao and THIS MAGICALLY RESOLVES EVERYTHING.

mana03Suddenly everyone’s forgiven each other, and they’re laughing and making plans to hang out with each other. Best End: Everything that happened is forgiven and now Shimon is bffs with everyone and comes over & eats gohans with everyone yay! ( ´_ゝ`)フーン I guess his blood cravings and urges to murder small animals are gone thanks to Gin’s Magical Gohans™. Rin graduates high school and passes her college entrance exams. 5 years later they return to Momiji village and get married. Also now Shimon decided he’s gonna cling on to Tsuzuri for his BL frustrations :lol:. Also during the wedding ceremony, Rin announces to both Manatsu & everyone else that she’s pregnant with their first baby. Good End: Shimon bites Manatsu and turns him into a vampire, so Rin asks Manatsu to bit her and turn HER into a vampire. Everyone gets to be a vampire! ヤタ───ヽ(・∀・)ノ───!!  Rin and Manatsu feel like they no longer fit into the village so they decide to just run away together somewhere. ヽ(。_゜)ノ They come back many many years later and the village has been drowned under water because a lot of people moved out and it’s been forgotten and swallowed by nature. Bad End: Shimon stabs Rin who tried to protect Manatsu and turns her into a vampire. Unlike the good end though, she can’t turn him into a vampire and all she will do is suck his blood dry until he dies. Shimon decides he’s done with yaoi lust for Manatsu and is gonna NTR Rin instead so he takes her away with him. \(^o^)/ Rin goes along with him cause she doesn’t wanna hurt Manatsu. 5 years later Manatsu kills himself cause he can’t live without her. What a disaster, I was really looking forward to Manatsu’s route but as usual shitty side characters hijacking everything. (# ゚Д゚)凸

asagi02 Kimura Asagi – What better way to write a route than to REwrite it!? That’s right they basically just rewrote the entire ending of the first game in this route and then just shoved the romance in the end and called it a night. Unfortunately as usual, we have to waste time looking for the mom of some random ayakashi loli named Lily. Asagi lives with some dude named Ichiru who sucks at cooking so when Rin comes over she offers to cook. This guy’s some writer who finds Asagi passed out on the grass and takes him home. One day Rin & Asagi go to the beach together where Rin tells him about her past and visiting the village when she was little. When they get there, she starts crying because they had originally promised to go to the beach in the first game and it came true – but Rin doesn’t remember this so she cries subconsciously. Asagi tells Rin that he has no memories of anything prior to this spring, and he figures he must be an ayakashi. So suddenly yet ~another~ side character named Yamato crawls out from under a rock claiming that he has close ties with the cherry blossom tree that withered.  He claims that some oni girl married the village chief human but the other villagers were buttmad and wished for bad things to happen to the village. Apparently the fear and anger of all this is what created the ayakashi in the village. He mentions that ayakashi also live long as long as people “believe” in them otherwise they will vanish. Wow nice plot dump I mean it would be great if this was mentioned in the first game. Oh wait it wouldn’t be because everything in this game suddenly exists for exposition purposes. So then the tree continues to wither which starts to affect Asagi again. Yamato says that the only way to save him is for the village to remember the “sad and painful memories”. Rin goes to ask the god shota and well conveniently he’s forgotten everything! In fact nobody remembers the disaster that wiped the village and the fact that Rin went back in time to prevent it, the horror! In the meantime, Asagi lies in bed, then repeats the same lines he said to Rin in the first game and we see a flashback of Cgs of him from the first game. ( ´_ゝ`)

asagi01Magically Rin remembers everything and well apparently Gin does too but he didn’t know when to say it! She mentions how when she first met Uta & Yomi they had eye patches and stuff. Asagi then vanishes and Yamato reveals he’s the half oni child that was born from the village couple he mentioned earlier. The cherry tree that Asagi was born from, was apparently planted in the memory of Yamato’s mother. He also says that this tree constantly needs powers to be able to keep up and Gin offers to give his powers since he’s the one who got it involved during the village disaster. Uta and Yomi offer to help lend their powers to bring the tree back to life as well.  It’s not enough but just then all the other ayakashi come and lend their powers too. And woo magically Asagi returns back to life, it’s a ~miracle~! Oh and he suddenly is PRETTY sure he loves Rin so he tells her this and suddenly they become a couple yay! Good End: Rin and Asagi sneak out of the Christmas party at Ponpokorin and smooch outside (but yea for some reason drawing the actual kissing CG seems to be impossible in most of this and last game.) After new years, Ichiru gives Rin his transcript to preview and it’s a story about a human and ayakashi falling in love inspired by Rin & Asagi. Rin graduates high school and leaves the village to study at college. She returns to the village 4 years later and Asagi asks her to marry him (while a recycled CG is shown in the background :lol:). Best End: Rin and Asagi get married and 10 years later Rin tells him that when she dies, to bury her underneath his cherry tree. Also they have a loli named Ooka and Tsuzuri has grown up and is an ike-boku :lol:. And so 40 years later Rin dies of old age, they bury her under the tree and Asagi decides to “return” to the tree so they can “be together”. Bad End: Rin doesn’t want to resurrect the sad memories of the village and watches Asagi die while apologizing over & over. After he dies, his tree gets zapped by lightning and burns to ashes. Everyone forgets about him, and Rin goes off to college and meets & marries some dude…but from time to time she cries and has no idea why.

Honeybee, you had one job.

What could have been a cute fandisk featuring all the nice characters from the first game, became a side character fodder shit show. They brought these characters in, gave them backstories that I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about, and then immediately disposed of them. The ones who weren’t disposed immediately, were there just to cause a “conflict” in the end or to be an excuse for honeybee to put bad ends into a fandisk. Yes we totally need bad ends in a FANdisk, is this even a fandisk or a sequel ?? The characters themselves apparently weren’t good enough to stand on their own that they found it necessary to bring more in, have them cockblock every possible moment and basically upstage the main cast. Even the side characters I like, like Mari in Haginosuke’s route, would be disposed of so I couldn’t even get to actually ENJOY the side characters because they’d be gone before I know it. The fact that some of these characters supposedly existed all this time but didn’t show up until now was awful too. Like wow Manatsu I didn’t know you had this “friend” of yours who is yandere for you and oh wow Mr. Yamato I had no idea that the history of Momiji Village was this deeply involved since nobody EVER mentioned this in the first game! So even when all the routes started out as kinda cute and fluffy, it would immediately be pushed aside for side character drama and with a ridiculous ending that was totally uncalled for. Ultimately once all the side characters were disposed of, all the routes just ended with Rin going to college and marrying her dude. I’m cool with that, but why not just focus on Rin & her dude? Why even bring these side characters in?

Because I got the PC version this time, the skip was fast, there wasn’t any programming bugs and the sound was crisp & clear. However honeybee was pretty lazy on the sprites:

That’s a nice Yukata you have there Chiori..oh wait. ಠ_ಠ On that note, anytime Rin was wearing a yukata they’d just remove her sprite. Anytime she had a swimsuit they’d remove her sprite. Each guy only had 8 CGs and one of them was the usual chibi CG…. 😐 There was a ton of cute scenes with Rin & the guy (especially kissing) but they chose random pointless scenes to add CGs to (which was more rage inducing when they included those cockblocking side characters.) The omake wasn’t a cute story like in the first game. It was just some dumb interview and after seeing them bring the scumbag from Manatsu’s route into his omake, I ragequit and didn’t watch any others. (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻  Overall I am just extremely disappointed, I just wanted to spend time with the main cast but instead they shoved side characters into my face instead. The game just became painful to sit through and after Yomi’s route I just wanted to get it overwith. After this and Rebirthday Song I think it’s time to give honeybee a rest. I know there are people who thought this was the most heart wrenching tear jerker masterpiece so maybe it’s just not for me. If you do end up playing this, I suggest playing the good ends before the best ends as they almost feel sequential in that sense.


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  1. I hope you’ll get to play something worth your money soon. It really sucks when you spend money on crap, doesn’t it?

  2. yea honestly when I look back I think I should have stayed away from the whole series. I mean it had its charming characters (mostly the doggy twins and manatsu) but the story writing was really blah to me and the FD made it even worse :[

  3. what is this in regards to? o.o I can send you an email to the email in your comment since I don’t wanna post it publicly here to avoid spam bots etc.

  4. LMAO thanks for the review, I prolly stay away from this game 😛 I kinda want to buy the vita import but seems it more shitty than PC lol so I’ll save my money for other game ;w;

  5. I read your review on Ayakashi Gohan and thought it sounded really annoying. Even when taking into consideration the PC version wouldn’t be as buggy and shit. But this sounds even worse. Like no thank you, Moneybee.

  6. Hi, I’m sorry to comment something not on the topic, but I just couldn’t find an e-mail to contact you on this page. Do you have an e-mail address I could reach you? Thank you very much for the attention! c:

  7. Yea I was really upset that some of the chars got that “old age” dying scene in their ends but others just got happily ever after ends..what a ripoff lol.
    I’m gonna be done with honeybee games because yea this was definitely disappointing and after the terrible quality Vita port I just can’t support them anymore.
    I can’t wait for the Osomatsu-san game 😀

  8. 😕I’m sorry than your 2016 otoge release begin so badly, this review proove my point about how Honeybitch is a cockblocker compagny. The heck is wrong with you to show us such a sad scene with Rin dyin of old age in a supposed good ending? ಠ_ಠ i’m pretty sure than Manatsu and Rin leave the village because it’s a village full of nihonjin monster you see and vampshit make pretty trashy in the background. I got so tired of them than just ear or see one vampire story release got me in the biggest rampage ever 👺 yolo gtfo you stupid pussy fag.

    I’m can’t to laught at the stupid Pokemon dream to see all the Ayakashi around i’m curious to know why he do not catch them all lel.
    The bad ending are so badly written than you pratically laugh more than cry, it’s reminded me Diabolik Lovers Yuma Dark Fate route, it’s good than anime like Osomatsu San get a otoge adaption because i’m pretty than it’s always going to get a better writing than these garbage, also i want to see DL go away 😜.

  9. Yea I’ve had several occasions where an FD ruined the “Series” for me 😦
    I think honeybee has a cult following that will think their games are amazing no matter what they poop out so those fans will always be funding them – but not me anymore!

    Glad you enjoyed code realize!

  10. This is just sad…. I read your earlier review(previous game) and I really want to get this game and like it, but sh**y fandisks like this ruin the entire experience for me. Do the developers really think they can get away with this crap? In 2016 noneless? I hope they learn eventually because they’ll start loosing business if they don’t. Once again, thank for one of your hilarious reviews.

    (P.S. On an unrelated topic, thank you SO, SO, SOOOOO much for your Code:Realize review. They recently localized it in my country and I’m loving every minute of it XD )

  11. What a disappointment. You’d think companies like Honeybee would surely not be happy with fandisks like this one >_> What happened to only accepting the best?

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