Otome Game Review: Tsundere S Otome -sweet sweet sweet-

The story is about a girl whose boyfriend dumps her because he sees her one night without her make up on (kick him to da curb woman!! 😡 ) She then gets hooked on some band called Kronos and makes a fansite where she meets some dude online named Naga-kun. He helps her get out of her slump and invites her to go see the live concert because he had an extra ticket. When she finally meets him he says “oh wow you’re fatter than I expected.”  So she’s so upset that everyone thinks shes plain and fat that she goes on a diet and learns how to wear make up. So now that her horrible high school days are behind her, she’s ready to catch some hot mans in college. 😆

Nagi Shuusuke – Shuusuke is like the crazy professor who basically forces Iori to join his little club (full of guys who she’d rather not deal with!) He spends most of his time stuck in his research room and she’s sort of his assistant I guess? Most of the time all she does is clean up after him and pour him some coffee. He acts like a total brainless idiot because when girls confess to him and Iori sees it she gets jealous until hes like “girlfriend? what girlfriend? 8D” Eventually though I guess the feelings of love take over his stupidity and he falls for Iori. The game has many routes, you can go either be tsun, dere, half-half or you mix & match for the “fever” route. There was also this weird end of world route where they both had powers to see the future and time travel and they time skipped to a world where it was eternally “sunset” and they were the only ones left. Everything else was like destroyed and in ruins.In that one they were like married in the future and he would disappear from the picture frame or something lol.

The final set of routes were the vs. routes. Basically you end up cheating on Shuusuke with his brother Souya (aka the randy priest) and Shuusuke gets kinda pissed off (who wouldn’t?) and then either screws her in the rain in one end, or him and Souya both have an orgy with her in another lol. The stupidest reason she screwed the priest is because he said he would tell Shuusuke that she was a whore in the past who would screw guys just to make herself feel better. Basically you can think of Asshole-san from Jingi Naki Otome (obviously he was totally the model for this character) and he would call her a slut a million times. It was a really unpleasant route but I wanted to do it so I could get the one kiss CG that wasn’t in any of the other ends sigh. The dumbest part was in the end of the orgy end the priest was like I’ll continue to love you from now on and she thinks to herself “I cannot go back now….wait I don’t wanna go back, lawl I love dick.” 😆 Needless to say, this gave me a foul impression of Souya so I decided to shove him at the end of the queue.

Ichijouin Homare – Homare is this narcissistic douche who acts like he belongs to all the ladies. Yea you know THAT stereotype. Needless to say I was incredibly TSUN towards him cause he was a total ass but then he started getting all deredere to Iori when he found out that she isn’t a materialistic bitch. Needless to say him blushing was really cute so I started getting kinda dere for him too and then somehow I ended up on the pure ending route lol. They also threw in that character whos like the “guy friend” to Iori just to make Homare jealous and add some stupid story conflict 🙄 Anyway the ero-cgs were like TERRIBLE. I don’t know what the hell it is with this game. The cutouts looked okay but then in the CG I was like “who is this..” Obviously Iori had to get accustomed to Homare’s “rich lifestyle” since he’s obviously a rich obocchama but that didn’t take her too long lol. Also Homare is weird and tries to speak Kansai-ben and fails. He also is this like hard core baseball fan lol so even though he acts like prince charming he’s just a closet dork. The tsun/dere routes were just as boring as Shuusuke’s where in the tsun she dominated him and in the dere he dominated her.

The tsun/dere routes just become a freaking drag for me and they would even repeat the same dialogue..that I was unable to skip through 🙄 In the fever route there was no ero (shocking!) and they were getting married. There was that random ending route like with Shuusuke and I just couldn’t keep up with it. First Homare hated her because he thought she did part time work as a model, then she got harassed by his fangirls, then he was all dokidoki for her then they ended up at a baseball game 😯 Honestly I was just falling asleep in the hopes this route would end ASAP. Sadly this went on for 4 hours, and would have been longer but I just got sick of it and ended up skipping most of the dialogue. After the baseball game his father wouldn’t approve of their relationship, then Homare moved out and got his own apartment, then Iori went back in time and he raged at her, then she came back to present and he attempted to become a kansai-ben comedian but finally Iori had to be like STOP BEING AN ASS HAT AND DO WHAT YOUR FATHER SAYS. He became a sad panda and went to foreign country with his dad then came back for some tearful reunion with Iori. I don’t know, it was so stupid, it really didn’t need to be that long. The CGs weren’t THAT great, honestly I feel like I wouldn’t have missed out if I had skipped it. 🙄

Sagimori Itsuma – Itsuma seems like such a sweetheart at first. Seriously he’s been in love with Iori before she was even in his class in high school. He’s held a crush on her for 5 years and he finally gets to admit it to her! He speaks kansai-ben and even does an owarai program job on the side so he’s almost like a mini-celebrity! He’s not an asshole at the start like Homare was and in fact he’s really nice and sweet to Iori from the beginning! I was almost deredere for him on every choice but as usual I ended up with the Pure route first. The first pure route ending was cute, they hugged and kissed and he pulled her cheeks – it was adorable. Then came the supposedly “true” good pure end I guess that means the end with the sex. Sigh. Not only that, he had to rape her to show that he wanted her all to himself 🙄 And of course she forgave him because she “did not realize his feelings” (WTF!?) and  then when they had a party in the club room, they did it right next to the other 2 guys who were drunk and passed out. REALLY? You just CANT HOLD IT IN? =_=;

Basically I kinda wish I only ever did the “good” end route rofl. They did it another time again in like his studio preparation room. He just HAD to do her after some erojiji tried to get into her pants. 🙄 Mirai: Ruining characters since Jingi Naki Otome! GJGJ. In the tsun route he was actually like all obedient to her rofl. He was okay in the dere one too. I guess the pure route was the worst one. In her “travel back in time” route, she like traveled back in time to cheer him on to become a stand up comedian and then when she came back to the present there was a whole drama with his father. She and his mother tried to get the two of them to get along…since he hated his dad for putting the family in debt. In the end he proposes to her to get married lol. It was cute, and not as annoyingly long as Homare’s so I didn’t need to skip anything 🙄 Overall aside from the one stupid rape ending, I really did like Itsuma a lot. He was generally sweet and really adorable, a shame Mirai had to really ruin that one route of his.

Otosaka Tatsuo – Tatsuo was the guy that Iori chatted on the internet with regarding her favorite band. When they finally met up he called her fat, so needless to say meeting him at college wasn’t exactly what she had planned for 😆 He also somehow became an actor (2 famous guys in this game I guess lol!) so his manager wasn’t exactly happy or approving of their relationship. In the pure route they have to keep running & hiding from the paparazzi and stalker fans but he tells her he will work his best to become a famous celebrity and protect her etc. I dunno haha it was cute 8D In the Tsun/Dere routes there’s like hand tying at the bed (sigh) and either he decides to always cook for her or they decide to visit his mother’s house (???  I don’t know why). At first he was a total ass but turns out he was just really tsundere for her that’s all 😆 Tatsuo is also into gardening and he grows vegetables on his balcony lol.In the fever route they got married and then there was the usual jump back in time route lol. In this one Tatsuo acts cold towards her because he thinks he met her somewhere.

Later on he begins falling for her and becomes incredibly tsundere again 😆 She finds out that Tatsuo wants to quit his movie career and go back to his inaka because his old band friend (Kronos) got into an accident and has been hospitalized. Tatsuo feels like this is all of his fault because he left the band so he plans to go back for that reason. So then Iori jumps back in time (for 7 days as usual lol) and then she meets  Tatsuo who’s just come to Tokyo. That’s where she goes traveling with him – which is why he thought that he met her before lol.Turns out in the past he wanted to go to Tokyo so his band would become “big” but the rest of his band members did not agree with this, so they kicked him out of the band when he got accepted into a college in Tokyo. Back in her world she gets harassed by her ex saying he’ll tell everyone that she was a fatty and then he ends up telling all her club members that she got plastic surgery. Iori is upset and cries and stops coming to school.

Tatsuo rages at her ex and then Itsuma tells him that the girl he’s always had a crush on, was in fact Iori lol. He realizes Iori is his first love and he signs into his online name and begins sending her emails once more telling her about his life at school and acting. Eventually Iori is so depressed that she goes back to her home in Osaka but Tatsuo goes there and then tells her he likes her. 5 years later she is living with him at his inaka. Also the whole drama with his pet cow Hanako dying was ridiculous lol. In the alternative ending, his band members agree to go with him to Tokyo and they become a famous band instead of him becoming an actor. He sings a song that he wrote about a girl who he’s loved but she disappeared in front of him (Iori) but when he sees her in the front row of his concert he jumps off the stage and hugs her. I think both endings were really cute and it’s really great how the beginning of the story connected them together.

Because I was morbidly curious and wanted a cute kiss CG (sigh) I did the versus route as the final route of the game for Tatsuo. In this one, you basically get all dere dere both with Tatsuo and with Itsuma. At some point Tatsuo says she shouldn’t see other guys besides him, and then later on Itsuma confesses his feelings to her but she rejects him saying she’s already dating Tatsuo. Everything seems okay and she moves into Tatsuo’s apartment and it’s all good…until Tatsuo’s stupid bitch manager starts shit. She doesn’t like that the paparazzi have caught on the fact that Iori is living with him so she does her best to break them up. She gets an actress to do her bidding by pretending to be dating Tatsuo and adding fuel to the paparazzi fire. Combined with the fact that Tatsuo is always tired after work and doesn’t come home a lot, Iori believes all the rumors and gets so upset she wanders around in the rain until basically Itsuma takes advantage of her broken heart and begins a sexual relationship with her behind Tatsuo’s back. Eventually Iori feels bad about this and tells Itsuma they need to stop, but then Tatsuo finds out about this and rapes her and then cries about how he loved her and how betrayed he felt. Iori is depressed and decides to drop out of college and go work a part time job while living with her family back in Osaka. Tatsuo visits her there and tells her he heard about everything regarding Emi, and his manager and he wants to get back together with Iori…and refuses to take no for an answer 😆 So yea that’s that. Honestly yea there was rape, but it wasn’t nearly the abusive level as the vs route with Shuusuke and Souya. This was more depressing because of all the circumstances, the other one was just idiotic 😆  I don’t know if I’d recommend this route but it did have that cute kiss CG lol. It does have at least 2 rapes by Tatsuo in that whole “I’m doing it because I love you and I’m hurt that you don’t return my feelings” kind of way lol. Doesn’t mean it’s good but I suppose it beats the whole “you’re getting raped cause you’re a DIRTY WHORE 👿 ”

Nagi Souya – Uh so anyway rape-priest time! Come to church! Pray! Confess your sins! Get blinded folded, abused and raped! So I mistakingly did the “pure” route first. I’m not sure what the fuck is pure about Iori getting ink spilled on her, being forced to masturbate in front of him, then being forced to cut her long hair off and then being forced to sit in her room for a week like a caged bird. Seriously what the shit? She even gets stockholm syndrome and says that although she is not “free” it’s not so bad after all! 😯 Excuse me while I vomit. Anyway this ending was so sickening out of rage I went right ahead and did the tsun route. As I expected, if you treat the priest like a bitch, he’s begging at your knees for mercy and also he blushed a lot and did JUST as she said. This is probably the only acceptable Souya route and well after the “pure trash” route I decided not to even bother with the M route (probably more rape) or fever route (if not rape then probably abuse/slavery etc.) Out of curiosity though I decided to do the “time guardian” route and suddenly the game morphed into some kind of sci-fi RPG 😯

A bunch of weird time & space continuum gaps opened up due to “human hatred” and Iori got sucked into one. It just SO HAPPENS that she is a Messiah who will save the present world and Souya is the time guardian who is there to seal those gaps in time. His brother Shuusuke has the powers to jump into and see the future (which is why they…jumped into the future in that one route lol). So now to get out of this weird world, Iori has to seal all the “diablos” who are like evil mages who just happen to be some mmorpg form of all the guys from the present world lol. The first diablo holds the power of earth, and looks like Tatsuo and with Souya’s help, Iori defeats him. The 2nd diablo pretends to be nice to her only to trap her but as usual Souya saves her ass. The 2nd diablo was another form of Homare and has the power of water. When these diablos are defeated, Iori inherits their elemental powers.

So then it gets even weirder. After they defeat the fire diablo, Itsuma, they run into the I guess lightning diablo Shuusuke. Shuusuke doesn’t really want to fight but apparently I think he has some Iori clone that he is in love with so then the Iori clone like gives in and asks Iori to seal the two of them. Just when it seems like they are about to portal back to the present world, they run into an evil version of Souya and Shuusuke’s grandpa! He’s so evil that he only has 1 facial expression! 😆 God Mirai you couldn’t have given him more than 1 smiling face lmao. Anyway by their powers combined Captain Planet Iori defeats the evil grandpa and she and Souya go back to the present world. They visit his grandpa’s (empty) grave and there Souya tells his spirit that he plans to marry Iori. Well this was actually a decent ending for him and he was actually kinda romantic in this story. It was totally bizarre and WTF and made the entire game seem like a giant RPG but at least it put Souya in a good light…other than just an evil rape-priest 🙄 Since some of the fever routes had no eroscenes I did his fever route of of curiosity. He was actually a decent guy, listened to her, cared about her and protected her. It’s a shame that he can be a decent guy in some routes but a complete asshole in others. I guess now I can safely recommend his S, Fever and Toki no Bannin routes. The rest, ew.


So turns out Iori travels back in time because she LIKES a certain guy lol. I mean honestly what is this Tsundere SLIDER Otome? I never thought this would be a sci-fi otome game 😯 I mean I guess that would have been ok if it wasn’t only one single route of each guy. On the other hand, the back in time routes were probably the most interesting ones, and all the other routes felt like complete b/s after I was done lol. Apparently fever means wedding fever since pretty much every fever route ended up with them getting married lol…and if not just married, having kids too lol. I guess if I picked favorites I’d obviously go for Shuusuke, then Tatsuo then Itsuma. Homare was just an annoying idiot and well even if the priest had like 1-2 interesting routes, overall he was just a god damn jackass 😐 The game was really cheap in many ways. In Tatsuo’s route they reused this bootleg “hand holding” CG like 6 times. Some of the CGs like the initial kiss ones weren’t even CGs. They’d just show the back of Iori’s head and then just change whatever guy’s route she was on. This CG also had like black bars covering 70% of the screen and wasn’t even in the CG gallery which is idiotic. The ero scenes were poorly drawn as usual (save for a select FEW) and honestly I have to admit the bizarre time travel/sci fi stories were probably the most interesting ones! None of them had any porn in them and if they just added those with maybe the fever routes the stories for the whole game would have been great in my opinion. Also most of the pure routes are pure shit, especially  Souya and Itsumas. Pure = rape apparently. I guess if you don’t wanna get raped you gotta be a fucking bitch in this game. 🙄 It seems like I guess I did enough of Tatsuo’s endings to receive some “mini voice drama” bonus but I wasn’t about to go back to all the other chars to do anymore endings ==; I hate doing bad ends anyway.

Anyway what else is new, another “winner” by Mirai. I think this will be the last game I will play by Mirai, unless they start putting out some all ages stuff, cause at least that’s not going to have any stupid rape crap in it ( ´_ゝ`)


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  1. your otome reviews always make me laugh lol it’s like a giant parody ah ah.
    It’s funny how the priest turns out to look like a bad guy.

  2. Sad pandas, rape priests, and famous celebrities. Yup, sounds like a typical otome game to me =) Excellent review.

    I hope you don’t take it the wrong way when i say that your best reviews are of the games that completely suck. You just have such a sense of humor and resignation about it all XD

  3. UGH!!!! What’s with all the rape?? Especially with best friend/childhood friend/guy who loved you for a long time. You’d think the more good times you spent with someone, the more they care about you and don’t want to hurt you. But no, according to otome games, that means the person will want you all for themselves, and will rape you while you cry for mercy.

    That is so insulting to human relationships. I’ve had a best friend that confessed to me, and I didn’t reciprocate. Did he try to rape me? No, because he was my best friend, and he wouldn’t hurt me that way. We were awkward for a while, sure, but he didn’t try to hurt me. It’s true that there are some people that would do that, but those people are jackasses who only care about themselves. The fact that most 18+ otome games portray characters as those jackasses is insulting to people who actually do give a crap about the feelings of people they care about. And most of those games just end up sucking because of it.

    I am so glad I decided to skip this game. I think I’m going to stick to all ages stuff. By the way, Mirai’s usual artist quit, so they got a new one. May explain why some CGs are terrible, the artist most not be experienced enough. Also, a pet cow O.o??

  4. Wait you’re playing riddle garden now?? Well since I’ve played that game, prepare to be mad. There’s a rape guy in there too. Also, I think the girl had the most annoying voice ever in sex scenes. As you might have guessed, I didn’t like that game either. But I’ll tell you this, it’s one of the best of that series since Love Drops.

  5. Aliens? Where? Last time I played an otome game with an alien guy it was absolutely awesome so I wanna see that again. Wait, but if it’s by mirai it’ll probable suck, so no thanks.

    *sigh* Why don’t other good companies do the alien thing. It can be so much fun. Well Quinrose always has weird characters, so maybe one day.

    An all ages Mirai game? But how can Mirai do a game without a character that “loves” you but rapes you anyways and the girl totally forgives him? Blasphemy I say. I’ll skip that game too, and I’ll wait for your review if you ever do one.

  6. Oh, duh, it’s that game I couldn’t play because of the Japanese OS thing. Well, it wasn’t really what I wanted anyway. I wanted something like Hakarena Heart, which had an interesting lineup of guys: an alien, a phantom thief, a crossdresser assassin, a ninja, an angel and a…teacher I believe (boring compared to the other choices). Not to mention that the girls mother was a total loli. Man that game was fun just with its concepts. I totally need to play that game again, if I can find it in my mountain of DVDs.

  7. I’ll eventually add it to my list ..of things to play. I have like a 10 game backlog (that I don’t even remember half of what’s in it). Once I get through that I’d like to tinker with that Ps2 emulator and play a bunch of those games because honestly I know at least they won’t have rape in them.

  8. if you ever happen to get the appropriate equipment (I forgot what you said you’d need), I highly recommend trying Ouran High School Host Club ❤ So far, that game/show is the only one I know with a on-stereotypical heroine.

  9. Thanks for reviewing this! 😀
    …I think I’ll skip out on it though, Hoshi no Oujo 2 and its time-travel was enough of “trying to make sense of plot” for me… x_X

  10. haha well at least hoshi no oujo was like kinda about that…i thought this was just girl in college gets with some mans by being tsundere 😕

  11. hmm,, can i ask you a question???
    do you know where can i get walkthrough for this game??
    i’m stuck in here -__-

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