Special: Send your opinion cards to Otomate!


Sorry for the delay on this post but I’ve been meaning to give a brief guide on filling out Otomate opinion cards if you live outside Japan. Typically the opinion cards only came with their limited edition games, however now all their Vita games come with one. If you feel strongly about a game you played I encourage you to fill it out and send it to them! Opinion cards help companies know what their fans want, and let’s face it, their fans aren’t just in Japan anymore and we should let them know! Also by sending cards from other countries, it lets them know that hey, there are people out there who import their games from Japan so it could be a deciding factor on whether or not they want to localize the game for the English speaking audience.

I’ve scanned my unfilled I DOLL U opinion card (which I have already filled out and sent out this week 😆 ) to use as an example. Essentially they are all exactly the same but the address at the top differs by doing ATTN: to the game name.

Side 1:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Your education/work status
    • Elementary school
    • Middle school
    • High School
    • College
    • Trade school
    • Company worker
    • Housewife
    • Part-timer
    • Other [ ]
  • Date of Purchase
  • Location of Purchase (if online I typically just write the shop name)
  • Purchase store type:
    • Game shop
    • Consumer electronics shop
    • Toy store
    • Department store
    • Used book/game store
    • Online store
  • Type of edition (limited or regular)

Side 2:

  • Where did you hear about this game?
    • Otomate mobile
    • Dengeki Girl’s Style
    • B’s Log
    • Cool-B
    • In store
    • Otomate home page
    • From a friend
    • Another magazine [ ]
    • Internet website (site name) [ ]
    • Other [ ]
  • Why did you decide to buy this game (Can select multiple choices)
    • The art looked nice
    • The game system seemed fun
    • The music seemed nice
    • I saw magazine/online reviews
    • It was my favorite genre
    • Other  [ ]
    • I like the characters
    • The story seemed nice
    • I played it and enjoyed it (maybe playing from a friend?? lol)
    • My friend recommended it
    • It has my favorite seiyuu
  • Please rate the game’s features (5 being best 1 being worst)
    • Characters
    • System
    • Scenario
    • Graphics
    • Soundtrack
    • Package
    • Price
    • Satisfaction
  •  If you bought the limited edition please rate:
    • Limited edition goods
    • Limited edition package
  • Please rate the game on a scale from 0 – 100
  • Please check off what other game systems you own (more than one choice possible)
    • I think all of these are pretty self explanatory, the 2 at the bottom left are Nintendo DS and 3DS
  • Any other thoughts about the game.
    • This is where you should really say what you feel. If you’re a failure like me and can’t write properly in Japanese, just write in English. The other option is if you can type in Japanese, to type on one of those self adhesive address labels and print it from your home printer then stick it into that box.

Ok so now that you’ve filled the card out it’s time to send it. But you don’t wanna send it out all open like this especially since it’s going overseas. The best thing to do is put it into a blank envelope and send it to the following address:

Attn: [Insert your Otome Game name here] or if you are sending multiple cards at once to save on postage just do Attn: OTOMATE
Higashi-Ikebukuro-Q Bldg 7F, 2-23-2,
Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
170-0013, JAPAN

Once you’ve signed and sealed everything make sure you use a world wide stamp. I personally just get a sheet of Global Forever Stamps at USPS (but this may differ for anyone outside the US).  I typically send out 3-4 cards at a time to save on postage. They’re all essentially going to the same place anyway and the mail person at Otomate can just distribute them to the game departments if necessary.


Hopefully, this lets the card come to Otomate and hopefully even if they can’t read your final thoughts in English, they can at least understand your choices based on your circling the rating for the game. On that note I gave Reine a 25/100 all for Kagero’s artwork and because I loved Leon and Orpheus ( ;∀;) lol.


24 thoughts on “Special: Send your opinion cards to Otomate!”

  1. Eroge already have a big enough fanbase in the West way before Grisaia. It’s also not the 1st successful kickstarted eroge.

    There’s actually plenty enough otome in English now since the release of Hakouki in 2012. This doesn’t include western-made ones.

    Hakouki (psp,3ds, ps3, mobile)
    Sweet Fuse(psp)
    Dandelion (Steam/Korean made)
    Hatoful Boyfriend (Steam)
    Nameless(Steam/Korean made)
    Amnesia (Steam/PSV)
    Code:Realize (PSV)
    Men of Yoshiwara Kikuya (Steam/mobile)
    Norn9 (PSV)

    Then there’s Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star coming out this month on Steam.
    Also Ozmafia from MangaGamer maybe next year for PC. (most probably also on Steam)
    Mystic Messenger from Cheritz (tho no release date yet)

    That’s not counting the otome apps on mobile which plenty enough people spend money in.

    So I think that’s plenty enough for a genre that’s still considered niche in the West, which isn’t bad 🙂

  2. I think Grisaia wasn’t really the beginning as you said, but more like another occasion to spread the visual novels even more and open a real grand market in occidental countries (whether it’s an eroge or not). Well, I may be wrong. I just heard about all this more than usual since the kick-starter, but it may have started long before I noticed it… I just didn’t consider Hakuouki as a start since I thought many games would be out earlier if that was the case. Um, my bad for Hakuouki fans… (Please don’t throw stones at me ~ *runs away*)
    And I guess I will buy a PSV at some point. I’m just waiting for a good game as I read reviews like yours. I’ll take this opportunity to thank you for this wonderful blog ^^

  3. At this point pretty much every otome game is on PS Vita now so by not having one you’re really only screwing yourself over. Sony’s finally releasing colors in the US aside from black & white too so it’s a good chance to pick one up with all the upcoming holiday sales.

    Also I seriously doubt the fruit of grisaia has anything to do with otome games since that’s an eroge lol. aksys announced picking up hakuoki a while ago and licensed it way before then I think. Still it’s good to let otome game (and eroge) companies know that people outside Japan DO spend money on their games.

  4. Actually, everything started with a kick-starter for a certain eroge (called Grisaia no Kajitsu : https://vndb.org/v5154). People tried to translate it and introduce it for the occidental market, and so the Japanese noticed the popularity of their games ouside their country. I think that’s why visual novels are coming more easily the past few months, like Amnesia (memories) which is now available on Steam.
    It would have been great if they opened a web site for fans who don’t own a PSVita though… TT___TT

  5. Do you think they did pretty well on those games to go ahead and do this? I didn’t think we were getting anymore since, sadly, Sweet Fuse flopped. Maybe Hatoful had something to do with it, lol. I hope this means that Aksys thinks they have an audience here, but I have no idea.

  6. GREATpost!!!! Now maybe even if the company can’t get back up lol-doubt it-maybe they might let it known that NA audiences exist for them. And maybe this will give us the edge we need! Thanks again, I’ll be mailing out mine soon. XD

  7. Yea I usually don’t write much since the box is tiny anyway, I’ll just write like a 5-6 word sentence and that’s about it (though for Yunohana I wrote I LOVE TAKAHIRA ❤ xD)

  8. lol I suggest just writing about the game itself since it probably won’t go to the department handling all the other games 😛

  9. Ifilled out that card only once and it was for manga (don’t remember which one). A friend of mine that worked part-time at the ppublishing company I sent my card to said that they do read all these cards but if usually ignore if you write more than 2 sentences of your own opinion because they mostly care about the questions that are already on that card.

  10. ohhhhhh so THAT’S what those were for XD
    I thought it was some redemption code or sumtin–didn’t pay much attention >w<
    for now, he only thing I like to ask them is for a FD for Trigger Kiss ❤ (and maybe stop milking dialovers/amnesia/hakuoki)

  11. Thanks for the guide! I have a bunch of these cards still tucked inside the game casing but I just wasn’t sure if they would accept cards from overseas. Time to give them a piece of my mind about rdf.

  12. Lol yea you could always just save all the cards and mail them in bulk!

    I don’t think the English CR is gonna have an opinion card but it’s probably more effective to tweet to Aksys and thank them directly for it. After they had been bumbling with Hakuoki reports for a while I thought they’d given up on otome games so I was shocked to see them bringing over 2 games in 1 year.

  13. You know what maybe they don’t care, for all I know they may see it and be like wut…but I still send it to them anyway xD I just think of it as a way of sending “fan mail” and it doesn’t hurt anyone! 😛

  14. OOH, this is useful! Sounds fun… I can tell them what I thought of Trigger Kiss and Re:Vice[D]. (Soon, Binary Star, and Ninkoi if I get to it before English Code:Realize comes out.)

  15. Thanks so much for this!
    I never really thought of sending those back to the company since I didn’t think they’d care if it came from overseas anyway.
    Also, didn’t know I can just write it in English, haha.
    Now that I know I can, let me gather up all my blank opinion cards and bombard them with it.

  16. I think as long as the address is in roman letters any post office can read it in any country. I vaguely recall this when sending other letters to Japan they said “don’t write the address in Japanese kanji, nobody will be able to read it”. I also always underline the “JAPAN” part of the country so that the postal worker is like OH ok right off the bat

  17. lol I don’t think I’ve ever written in Japanese. I just write simple English sentences, surely they can read something like “Too many bad ends :(” HAHA XD

  18. lol yea I know, but I mean let’s face it, for the purpose of licensing something to a group of people, they have a higher chance to bring it in English than any other language since there’s people from Poland who can speak English like you, but how many people outside of Poland speak Polish? 😛

  19. Uho, thank you so much for posting this! Before send it, I should improve my Japanese writing skill XD

    Man, If I play game ended up as kusoge I will give 1/100 on the card lol

  20. It’s not only Japanese and English speaking audience, but there is more :p Greetings from Poland 😀

  21. Oooh this really helps! I’ve been meaning to send the opinion cards to Otomate for a while now but I didn’t know what to put on the address part since I don’t think the people at our post office can read the Japanese address XD I was also hesitant to change it to something readable (translate?) since I may get the address wrong ;;

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