Otome Game Review: Zettai Meikyuu -Himitsu no Oyayubihime-

Wow was this game certainly a disappointment! If you’re coming with the hopes that it’ll be as great as Karin’s other games, you should just kick dem nasty thoughts and be prepared to omnomnom some copypasta. There was once a woman whose husband passed away and she met a wizard. She begged for him to bring her husband back to life but he said he cannot do that. Instead, he said he’d make her other wish come true and give her a child. He gave her a magic seed and out of the seed came out a little girl who learned how to use magic spells. However on her 15th birthday, the girl Charlotte shrinks to become fun sized and the entire village coins her “Thumbelina”. This is all because the magic spell the magician cast to protect her had wore off. Unfortunately one day the dark knight with his band of angry scissor wielding lizards come and set the village on fire. They demand for the village to hand over Charlotte but her mother and her childhood friend Match Boy, named Lars, are determined to protect her. Unfortunately her mother is killed, and before she dies she tells Charlotte to take the magic book and run for the hills. And so Charlotte and Lars go on an adventure to find out more about who is after her and to see if she can return to being big again.


They meet with a witch named Reva who then creates a special potion of “Fog Tears” for her to drink which will make her big again. Actually there are several ways for Charlotte to regain her size and as you go through the story, the entire common route adventure seems more and more pointless. Because as you see, big fat spoiler, Charlotte is actually the seed from the NORSE GODDESS FREYA! So because of this it makes her power level over 9000 and all she has to do is ask and Freya’s wish is her command. Once this setting is established, it basically solves as a resolution to pretty much every conflict for all routes except the 2 girls and Lune’s. (눈_눈) There’s a pretty long common route which consists of Charlotte being proposed marriage by flowers, animals and sunspots and the meeting of all the characters you get to go after. Except for Flower Boy who literally never shows up until you get into Lars’ route.

lune01Lune – Lune is a 217 year old elf bard who got tired of being in the sky with all his elf kin so he decided to come down to earth to travel the world and play the song of his people. He’s also a very good hunter, can talk to animals and he even teaches Lars how to hunt. Additionally he’s only half elf, father being the elf, mother being the human. Due to this he feels like elven time moves too slow for him, while human time moves too fast and he just doesn’t fit into either one. He tells Charlotte that elves live for so long they get well..bored of life. Once they reach that stage, they park themselves in the core of the ship – at the tree of life – and go to sleep for like 100 years. SUDDENLY CODE REALIZE. While they sleep, their magic is sucked by this tree and this is what basically fuels the giant ark. On top of that they have a ton of homunculi lying around because apparently  they’ve been scientifically advanced over humans for thousands of years :lol:. Lune also admits he has no idea how long elves actually live cause he’s never witnessed any of them dying. Lune is also the son of the elven tribe leader Fring. There’s also a bit of revelation that back in the day any elves who refused to board the Noah’s ark got swallowed by the sea and became mermaids. So that’s why all the mermaid people have elven ears and why when Lune was down there, they were all like “ew go away you sky elf” :lol:.

lune03As usual though, all is interrupted by the witch trying to capture Charlotte as they invade the ship with the lizard army and start destroying things. One of the lizards breaks the cables to the life tree which basically means the ark’s gonna crash down without any magic from the elves supporting it. Charlotte then decides to use her magic and grabs the cables to transport some of her magic energy into the ship. Lune begs her not to do this but she continues saying there’s voices asking her for help as she’s zapped by all the magic draining electricity. Fortunately the ship manages to get enough magic and as she falls backwards Lune catches her and hugs her (*´ェ`*)ポッ. Due to using up so much magic though, she returns to being tiny again. Just then kimoelf Garush shows up and stabs Lune with the Gungnir spear. He says he’s taking Charlotte to the king who wants eternal life and youth so he needs her magic for this. He then goes batshit threatening to break her tiny arms which makes Lune so mad he manages to pull the spear out of his chest and thanks to Charlotte’s wish for power from the elves/tree, they blow the guy away into the sky. Lune then catches little Charlotte in his hands and she cries and confesses her love for him as he passes out due to blood loss. Good End: Thanks to elven technology, Lune recovers fairly quickly and they leave the mothership. Before that though, his father tells him about the story of his mother Ceti. He says that she left him with Lune while she was young because she didn’t want to see her husband watching her get wrinkled up and die. Fring knew that the elven tradition was to always keep the wife by their side, but he grant her that wish and let her go. After Lune left the ark he looked for his mother and after 40 years he found her…old and wrinkly and surrounded by her grandchildren (I guess she married someone else or something lol poor Fring.)

lune02Lune didn’t come to her to say he’s her son because he didn’t want to “take away” her place there.  She noticed him and gave him a smile so he figured she probably knew who he was. He left and then came back to visit her grave several years later to place flowers on it. Charlotte is so moved by his story she kisses him with her tiny lips 😆 He says he can’t love because he might outlive her but she said she’d rather get old and wrinkly with him than live without him. Meanwhile daddy gave them a refill of the medicine to make her larger that will last 10 years. If they want more, better have a family reunion on the ark in 10 years again! XD And so Charlotte drinks the potion and becomes big again so without hesitation Lune grabs and kisses her telling her how much he loves her. (*´ω`*) The two of them then continue their journey to reunite with their friends. Sad End: The evil elf dude puts an evil bracelet on Charlotte that acts like a GPS to his crew. In order to take it off the elves need to do some research that could take months to years but the bracelet is draining her energy in the meantime. Since she’s so tiny it could be fatal so the only way to prevent her death is for her to go into the cold sleep like the elves near the ship’s core. Lune offers to go in there with her because he loves her and the 2 of them fall asleep together in the capsule until it’s time to wake up and free her from the cursed bracelet. Overall, I really enjoyed Lune’s route, and writing this after completing other routes, it’s sadly the most original route in the whole game. It feels closer to the kind of thing I expect from Karin (aside the code realize ripoff bits) than the rest of the game plot.

merm01Esheru – Esheru is the little mermaid and both hers and Svia’s route are SURPRISE YURI. Okay to be fair, in previous games, Karin had girl routes but they felt more like a friendship route? So I didn’t expect to suddenly turn into yuri lover route – and really especially not with Esheru. Also it’s funny at the beginning of the game if you pick to be the prince charming yourself – you kiss them on the lips. If you pick that you want to search for your own prince charming, the kisses are on the forehead/cheeks but you need both CGs for the full comp reward CG so….(눈_눈) Esheru gave up her voice to be with her prince, but the prince got possessed by an evil witch and turned into a fugly beast. Fortunately he still had some feelings left in him so after wife beating 2 women (well 1 woman and 1 mermaid), he ends up killing himself to end the curse and free the mermaid before she turns into foam. After this our mermaid is forced to marry some fugly gachimuchi killer whale man, but thanks to our party being a bunch of wedding crashers she’s able to escape the doom of being yet another poor beaten wife. After yelling at her dad, and with the help of oniichan, she convinces him to let her leave the mer-nest and travel the world with Charlotte and co.  This time Charlotte chooses to go with Esheru to Hyggo town along with Goby (who literally carries her fishtank the whole time lol).  When they get there they chat it up and Esheru says that being in love with a human is a taboo in the mermaid world. Despite this, the human world remains something that she adores and she doesn’t regret being in love with the prince who died. Charlotte warns her  that the human world isn’t all glitter and gold and she needs to be careful. So the 2 of them go to a circus where they see a siren mermaid singing but she chokes during her performance because she’s sick. After the show she gets whipped by the circus leader for being a worthless shit because well…she was caught by a fisherman and sold to the circus as a slave. Her “trainer” guy was a fisherman too but he got better pay as a circus dude and the siren girl only listened to what he said cause she has a crush on him. Esheru and Charlotte sneak into the tent after the show to heal both Niels and Efa and hear their story.

merm02A couple days later, Efa performs again and passes out on stage. Charlotte and Esheru rush to heal her once more, but just then the circus owner shows up. He has grandiose plans to replace Efa with Esheru and to chop up Efa and sell her as mermaid meat ガ━━(;゚Д゚)━━ン!! He captures Goby who overhears the whole thing and Esheru gets so angry she unleashes her hidden mermaid unicorn powers and kicks his ass (along with the random giant nasty slug that he summoned.) Charlotte uses her magic to purify his heart and with this they leave the circus. Just then they run into 2 former servants of prince Fenrir who Esheru was in love with. It turns out, Niels is actually Ferir’s secret child that he had with some woman at one point and he’s the only one with the family bloodline eligible to be the next king!  Good End: Niels agrees to become king but Efa jumps into the sea crying that she loves him but they cannot be together cause she’s a mermaid. However, she does what Esheru did and gives up her voice so she can have legs and live with Niels together after all as his maid. (Cause well she can’t be his queen since she’s not royalty but they can like screw all day long like his dad cause he’s the bastard child of some maid Ferir humped.) In the meantime, Esheru is so jelly that her fellow mermaid got a hot bishie that she falls into depression and the only way out of it is to yuri it up with Oyayubihime!!! ಠ_ಠ  “I can’t have a hot guy so I’ma get some girl x girl action instead yay \0/” and the 2 of them randomly get a boat and go on an adventure with Goby who gets to watch all the “Action” ifyouknowhatImean. (´_ゝ`) Yea I….didn’t expect a yuri route because it was so…sudden. Like the whole time they’re just bffs, allies, and Esheru misses her prince and shit…. and then suddenly I LUV U *smooch*. Sad End: Esheru, Goby and Charlotte take the place of Efa and Niels at the circus so that the circus can continue to “function and earn profit” and the sick siren can be freed from this job. The sad part about this whole thing is that surprise yuri aside, I thought the route was decently written and I liked Esheru as a character.  It’s also even more sad that this is one of the few original written routes in the game =_=.

svia01Svia – After Esheru I just figured Svia would be a yuri route and sure enough it was. Fortunately with Svia it was a bit more obvious? Once that guy she liked betrayed her and her heart was thawed by Charlotte, she pretty much only ever had eyes for Charlotte anyway.  I thought it was going to be like Otomate’s Snow Bound land but it was more like Disney’s Frozen than anything lol. Svia and her sister Cecilia were both born with snow/ice powers. While her sister has the powers to control snow, Svia would just turn everything to ice. Her parents would just lock her in her room and only her sister Cecilia would let her out. Svia got more and more lonely and sad because of things like freezing her pet cat to death and being ignored by her family. Eventually her family sold her sister off to the fairy mountain so that she could “control” the snow up there and then they abandoned Svia to live in that ice castle where Charlotte & co. first met her. Now Svia and Charlotte go to look for her sister Cecilia and they land in a snowy village where they meet the heroine of the snow queen fairy tale – Gerda. As expected, Gerda is sad because her childhood friend Kai left her due to the whole mirror piece thrown into his eye. Now Kai sees beautiful things as ugly and ugly things as beautiful. Gerda is a tsundere and obviously has a crush on him but is in massive denial lol. Thanks to the rose that Kai left behind it gives them information once Charlotte uses her magic powers to allow it to talk. They decide to go find Kai and the snow queen who Svia says is probably her sister Cecilia. Some bandits attack them but their leader acts like a bro and helps them escape after pretending to capture them. He even lets them take his reindeer to get to the snow queen’s castle.(And he looked oddly a lot like the guy from Frozen….come on Karin :lol:)

svia02Unfortunately when they get there, she has no sisterly feelings for Svia and attacks them refusing to turn Kai back to normal. After Svia stops the attacks she ends up being turned into a snow statue and her soul flies off to Niffleheim. Just then the snow queen returns to her old self and realizes what a mistake she’s made. She then says she’ll go after Svia’s soul herself and while there they find their parents frozen because her powers had gone out of control. Good End: And so the 2 sisters make up and thanks to the healing magic of Charlotte they manage to return back. Charlotte, Kai and Gerda leave Svia and Cecilia behind figuring the 2 sisters will now live together. Suddenly Svia comes back crying saying NOO BBY DON’T LEAVE MEEEE. And of course to complete the yuri circle Svia demands that Charlotte give her a “promise kiss”.  Anyway Cecilia leaves the snow mountain to go on a self discovering journey so Charlotte doesn’t have to feel bad for snagging Svia away from her. While they’re in their ice love shack, Gerda, Kai and the reindeer show up and all have tea together. \(^o^)/ Sad End: Cecilia kills Charlotte and Svia gets pissed and tries to kill her sister instead. She also finds out that she was supposed to be the one to be the true snow queen but Cecilia took over because she wanted to be the true snow witch. Svia freezes her and her parting words are “you poor Svia, enjoy living alone!” The evil snow mountain spirit that possessed her sister, now takes over Svia’s body because she’s so heartbroken she’d rather just be alone from now on. Svia is so upset though that her loneliness cannot be beat by the spirit so while it goes inside her body, Svia just makes it part of her powers. Well despite the blatant Frozen ripoff, at least it was DIFFERENT than pretty much most of the rest of the game routes.

drag01Sirius – Sirius is written as “Dragon Knight” but in Japanese I can only see it as Dragoon thanks to FF14 lol.  Though I guess the difference being dragoons KILL dragons while Sirius only makes dragons his BFFs. Sirius is a white knight man who saves Lars  and Charlotte from their burning village and during other attacks in the story. He also has a buddy dragon named Truce who is a tsundere dragon xD. He gives her a horn to blow if she’s in danger. At the route split, he leaves saying to call when needed while Charlotte and Lars end up going back to their village. When they get there one of their friends tells them to leave ASAP cause everyone hates them. They walk around to both their houses to see if they can find any info about the whereabouts of the wizard from who Charlotte’s flower seed originated from. They end up finding a hidden cellar in Lars’ broken house and when they go down  they find his old diary. Based on the info in there it seems like gramps used to be an old knight that served the king so they decide to venture to the king’s castle to get to the bottom of things! When they get there they face off with the Dark Knight and Garush. After the Dark Knight slices Charlotte until she passes out due to blood loss, Lars shits bricks. He gets so mad he summons powers of darkness with the evil matches left by gramps and summons such a strong fire it kills the Dark Knight. Just then Sirius arrives and uses his magical dragoon powers to save both Charlotte and Lars’ lives. Unfortunately it’s not over yet when the NUDE KING shows up revealing that Sirius was one of his loyal knights…but Sirius reminds him that he broke his loyalty because the king made a contract with the evil god Loki and became all evil & shit.

drag03Sirius almost loses until suddenly Charlotte wakes up and talks in some magical voice telling the evil god Loki to GTFO. She reveals that she’s the goddess Freya and using her powers she along with Sirius defeat the Nude King possessed by Loki. Meanwhile inside of Charlotte’s head she has a chat with Freya and when she comes out she decides to use her powers to save Lars who is overcome by darkness. Unfortunately this involves absorbing his darkness into herself. (;´・ω・) Sirius then grabs the shrunken Charlotte and they all head over to the witch Leva to get help. They leave Lars there to rest and Charlotte says goodbye as she leaves with Sirius to head over to dragon country. While they are on their journey, Truce tells Charlotte about the past. He was raised the dragons and was a peaceful shota until he met a sick dragon who was cursed with darkness. The dragon tribe leader told Sirius that if he becomes a knight to protect the dragon tribe, he’ll give him a medicine to heal his sick friend Lind. Sirius agrees and trains to become a knight quickly but then the gge tells him that Lind is too far gone and needs to be killed. Sirius is just heartbroken by the news, but Lind said he knew it was coming and says he’s okay with Sirius ending his life. Sirius unwillingly kills the poor guy and the two of them shed tears as he died. (´;ω;`)ウッ… After this Truce heard the story and decided Sirius was going to be his master. Anyway while they are travelling Charlotte constantly has nightmares of the darkness inside her trying to take over. Sirius then brings her to a sacred cave to try and purify her body of the evil curse and he and Truce (now in human form!) watch over her despite the wary attitudes of the other dragons. At one point he realizes her soul is gonna be taken to hell so as if we’re into greek mythology now, Sirius and Truce head down to the underworld. SUDDENLY DISNEY’S HERCULES.

drag02They bribe the old hag at the gate with Sirius’ goldilocks and then find and wake up Charlotte’s soul down there. She wakes up because of hearing his voice and thanks to a push from the soul of Sirius’ old dragon friend Lind. They head over to the goddess of death Hel and ask her to allow Charlotte’s soul to return to earth. She’s like lolno at first until she realizes that Freya is inside Charlotte and realizes she don’t wanna start shit with her. Turns out though, the truth is that Lind offered to give up his soul to Hel for Charlotte to return to earth with Sirius. (´;ω;`)ウッ… She lets them go and as they walk through, all sorts of temptations try to keep them back including the soul of Charlotte’s mother. She tells Charlotte to keep going forward and to never look back since not like she can return to earth with her anyway.Good End: Charlotte’s soul returns to her body, she returns to her big size and the darkness from within is gone. However, along with that gone are the memories of Lind from both Charlotte and Sirius and the two of them start crying not sure why. But I guess it’s all good cause they both confess their love and make out in the river of dragon tears. Honestly, I’m still sitting here like NOO BUT THE DRAGON FRIEND ;___; so I couldn’t get into the romance bit orz. Anyway in the epilogue they live together and help with treating wounded dragons. Sad End: Charlotte looks back to her mother and gets trapped within the underworld. Sirius then exchanges his soul in order to save her and tells Truce to take her back to earth. And basically after Sirius’ route the Freya/Loki plotline plagues the rest of the game so if you’re still reading here, prepare to roll your eyes.

lars01Lars Christensen – Lars is the  Match BOY and he’s been kinda lonely ever since his father and mother got killed and his grandpa disappeared somewhere. Because of this he spent a lot of time with Charlotte and has the typical childhood friend crush on her. Unfortunately for him, Charlotte loves anyone and everyone and he’s NTRed in so many routes…..but not this one! Lars has magical matches handed down from his grandpa Lagna and thanks to Charlotte’s magic giving him “courage” he is able to fully use them to well…set things on fire. So after Lars and Charlotte return to their burned village they go to both his and her house. At her house they find a letter from the old scientist Valfar which reveals that he had created 2 seeds which when joined together would create a great power. However he was afraid to give this power to the king thinking he’d use it for evil but he didn’t want to just completely discard the project he worked so hard on. Valfar then decided to hide 1 seed and give the other one to Charlotte’s mom to raise as a child. He left this letter behind and said that once Charlotte reads it, to find the other seed and by their powers combined, defeat the evil within the king. He also left a map behind which shows that basically the other seed was hidden somewhere inside the king’s castle.  Unfortunately on their way to the castle, they are attacked by the Dark Knight and right after Lars is stabbed through the gut, The Swan Knight shows up to fight him. Charlotte is shrunk due to the attack but is then saved by a mystery-man who turns out to be the Flower Prince.

lars02Flower Prince (who has never once showed up in the game till now!) is travelling with his bff ugly duckling and along with Charlotte they reach castle only to find a zombified Lars who is now working for the king. It’s then revealed that Lars’ parents were killed when a group of bandits attacked them. Lagna wanted to save them but his son didn’t want him to wield his sword ever again after he quit being the knight for the evil king. So because of this Lars ended up being raised by his grandpa after the incident cause gramps retired to be a peaceful man. Just then the Dark Knight shows up and has a battle with Albireo (who Charlotte still has not figured out is the ugly duckling lol.) Dark Knight tells Lars to take Charlotte to the king, but after Lars runs out to take her there – he stops and tells her that everyone thinks he’s loyal to the king…but now is the best chance for Charlotte to run for the hills. Turns out he still has some of his senses despite being enveloped in evil powers. In fact the entire thing was just a sham he pretended to be loyal to the king in order to accomplish his goal. He then puts Charlotte on top of a random dragon and tells her to fly away to Lune. Unfortunately Garush catches them in action, and then sends another dragon to catch & bring Charlotte back while raging at Lars’ treacherous behavior. The dragons eventually chase her down but just then Sirius shows up with Truce and fights them off. Charlotte thanks him and asks the dragon she’s riding to return her to the castle. When she returns there, she’s created with what’s behind door 1 or door number 2.

lars03Good End: If you pick the right door, Charlotte runs into the Dark Knight who’s gotten his ass beaten by the raging King. She blames him for the burning of her village and turning Lars into an evil zombie but he’s like whatever, if it wasn’t me, it woulda been whoever is in my position. He tells her if she wants to save Lars to just run straight to where the king is. While on her way, Charlotte remembers her past when she first met Lars and how he saved her from some village boys, and how she ran after him in the woods and got lost because he went off to search for his missing grandfather. Oh and she healed the Dark Knight and he returned to his true form – the Swallow Knight  who used to train under Lars’ grandpa. He then turns into a little bird and gives Charlotte a free ride through the castle. xD When they get there though, the King displays all of Chralotte’s friends that he’s crucified, including Goby and Truce (;´Д`). (Which is silly because he was defeated so easily in the other route lol.)He demands that she do as he says but Charlotte refuses so he starts zapping all her crucified friends with fire and lightning. He then tells Lars to slice his neck open but before Lars can do so, one of the lizard warriors stops him. He then reveals himself to be Lars’ grandpa and turns back to his true form saying that this is all for the king’s own good. He admits the reason he didn’t return to the village is he was attacked by the lizard soldiers in the mountains and didn’t want them to follow him back to the village. Thanks to Varfa’s magic spell he was able to change into a lizard form in order to stealth within the castle. He ends up fighting one on one against Lars but Lars is too far gone and ends up stabbing gramps through the chest killing him. (´・ω・`)

lars04Sharlotte uses her magic once more and it helps snap Lars back to normal and he goes head to head against the king. He uses the evil black matches which end up killing both him and king together. She tries using her powers and it doesn’t work so just then Freya appears within her again and lends her the strength to revive Lars. The reviving process apparently involves her stabbing herself in the chest and ripping out the seed of life from within. (; ・`д・´) Lars wakes up to find Charlotte gave his life away for him but he now has a box of magical matches. The spirit of the wizard Valfar tells him to use the magical matches cause they can make miracles and well of course, he brings Charlotte back to life lol. The catch is that once he uses those matches, he will lose all his match powers. Lars agrees and some time later Charlotte wakes up surrounded by all her friends who came to see her. She then goes outside to see Lars and they sit by the fire together until Lars grabs and kisses her. (´艸`*) Sadly they are cockblocked by the peanut gallery watching all of this xD. In the meantime, Sirius and Swallow Knight make amends again and have a sword off for old time’s sake. The 2 of them have no magic powers but  along with some others they then return to their old village to try to rebuild it. Bad End: If you pick the left door, Lars ends up becoming the king’s evil loyal servant. Sad End: Sirius saves both Charlotte and Lars from the Dark Knight, but Lars is locked away because the dark powers from the matches are taking over his body. Charlotte tries talking to him through the cell but he’s so far gone he just makes weird animal noises. They bring him to the dragon tear spring to purify him but he just ends up going into eternal slumber.

hana01Lupian – Lupian is the flower prince and probably the most unnecessary character in game. It’s like they wrote him in last minute and shoved him into the plot since there’s no reference or revelation to him in at least 4 routes! The Flower Prince is the OTHER “incomplete” seed Valfar created  and by being with  Charlotte his power increases so he helps fight off a bunch of angry blood worms that attack her when she’s all alone. Dark Knight had taken Lars’ body and pranced off but the good news is, Albireo the ugly duckling is flower prince’s buddy and so the 3 of them end up hanging out. Additionally just like Charlotte, Flower prince also ends up shrinking to tiny size when he uses up his magic powers xD. He also reveals that ugly duckling is forever a duckling due to experiments done on him by the evil black elf Garush. In addition, Flower prince was with them the whole time but was hidden inside his feathers. Originally the duck ate the seed and by having it in his mouth long enough he got some of its magic powers. At the fight with the Dark Knight, instead of Lars taking Charlotte, Lupian refuses to hand her over and then runs for it. They end up running to the king and facing off against him. Just then Garush shows up, and the outcome is Lupian getting enveloped by a dark curse. While he’s out of it, Lupian has a past flashback of how he met up with ugly duckling and they became buddies because they were both experimental subjects of Garush. They ended up escaping together and travelling until he met up with Charlotte & co.

hana02Good End: While Lupian’s getting his ass beaten, he hears a magical voice from Valfar telling him to protect Charlotte cause that’s his job. The magical power within Lupian increases and he does the thing that Charlotte did in Lars’ route and rips his life seed out of his chest. (;・∀・) It serves as basically a self destruct device that uses strong white magic to destroy both himself and the king. After this Charlotte cries on top of his dead body and her tears fall into his open wound.  And once again magical Freya powers save the day (I’m so tired of this) and revive his life seed bringing him back to life. Poor Lars gets NTRed by Lupian cause the ending is the same as Lupian now wakes up in bed surrounded by everyone. Charlotte is still asleep so chibi Lupian comes over to her bed and gives her some of his powers to wake her up. She awakens and is happy to have chibi prince by her side but he resents that comment and grows to a big size. He then gets on top of her in bed and um I guess sexy time but honestly I felt nothing because this character literally didn’t show up in 90% of the game ( ´_ゝ`). Why does he get the most エロい end CG is beyond me ww. In the end Albireo turns into a swan and takes Charlotte and Lupian to flower country.Bad End: The king absorbs Charlotte’s power but since she and Lupian share powers she telepathically tells him how to defeat the king. He defeats him and then takes Charlotte’s life seed and plants in in the flower field of her old village as per her request.

duck01Albireo – Albireo is the ugly duckling who turns into a beautiful white swan knight. He’s also like an ossan who loves alcohol and the ladies but I found him to be one of the funniest characters in the game.  Ugly duckling who was experimented on by Garush so he looks like a baby duck for the rest of his life even though he’s already a matured swan. Fortunately he gets a special package from the residents of the sea which lets him temporarily turn into a hot ikeswan man. When Charlotte first meets him and he saves her from the witch he also steals her first kiss (´艸`*). So then skip to the battle at the king’s castle and Albireo switches to his large form and fights with the Dark Knight. They end up duking it out in the sky but the timer runs out and he turns back into his ugly duckling form. Charlotte is surprised that her white knight is actually the duckling and asks if he can switch back to his large form. He says he’s all out of “Urashima Gas” which was in the box he got from the sea and without it he can’t change to his large form. Fortunately the locket Charlotte has contains a little bit of the Urashima Gas as well so Albireo decides to drink it. It’s super effective!  Albireo then flies into space and ends up defeating the Dark Knight because he watched DK training with Lars’ grandpa back in the day and knew all his moves. Also because Dark Knight and Lars’ gramps actually trained Albireo the art of the sword as well. Just then Nude King flies into space like some Gundam anime so before he vanishes, Dark Knight gives Albireo his sword. And so Albireo and the king have a space battle but thanks to Charlotte getting the powers or Raiden and Lune’s magical arrow, they defeat him. Just then Albireo loses all his energy and the 2 of them start falling down to earth like a meteor. They both realize they in love with each other and they kiss as they fall.

duck02Good End: Lune’s elf ship catches Charlotte and Albireo and helps them recover their energy. When Charlotte wakes up she rushes to Albireo’s room only to find him surrounded by a harem of elf ladies /(^o^)\. Charlotte gets pissed, slaps him for being a manwhore and runs off crying ( ‘д‘⊂彡☆))Д´) パーン. Lune comes to her and tells her despite what she just saw, Albireo did his best to convince the ship elves that they’re not bad guys and to help heal her. Lune also adds that he only hired the elf ladies to distract Albireo because otherwise he wouldn’t rest and constantly be hovering over Charlotte’s sleeping body. (;^ω^) Just then she runs into Rizel who asks if he can examine Charlotte’s golden locks but Albireo shows up and is like HANDS OFF MAH WOMAN. Rizel is in awe of experiencing “jealousy” and prances off with his newfound knowledge :lol:. Albireo apologizes for his elf harem but Charlotte turns into a tsundere until he ends the tsun with a kiss. They ichaicha & then eventually fly off the ship together and because chibi Charlotte kisses him, it lights a fire under his ass and he tells her to be prepared for some randy shit when they land. ( ≖ิ‿≖ิ ) [Not So] Sad End:  Charlotte says she misses Albireo’s duckling form and using a formula the elves made he turns back to his duckling form. Using a balloon basket then Duckbireo flies off the elf ship with Charlotte. What’s never explained though is how/why he turns into a white swan in other routes…you’d think they’d explain it in..his own…route…. ಠ_ಠ While I really enjoyed Albireo as a derpy duck in the main route, I feel like once I got to his route everything was just so rushed and WTF by the time it ended, I didn’t feel much. The whole space battle was like something out of Gundam (but what else is new with this game ripping things off) and then the forced random jealousy scenes…blah? Like the pacing really ruined the ending of the route for me but then again, the pacing ruined a lot of things in this game for me(눈_눈).

dk01Dark Knight/Swallow Knight Siegward – I don’t really know what the point of splitting these 2 personalities was. In some routes DK is just “acting evil” to be loyal to the king, in some he’s possessed by evil so he’s evil, and in others he just magically turns back to his Swallow Knight form like it ain’t no thang. Siegward is originally a little swallow who turned into human form to train knight skills from Lagna Christensen. He also taught sword skills to Albireo cause BIRD BUDS when everyone else was like lol ducks can’t fight! Unfortunately when he’s evil and shit most of the route is spent on him basically killing everyone that gets in the way of him delivering Charlotte to the king – including his own carriage horse (who gets injured) and his lizard soldiers who get out of line.  When they get to the castle she’s put into a cage in a room with a bunch of other captured flower fairies.  Her mole friend shows up so she asks him to let all the other fairies escape. The king is pissed about this and he then has Siegward get whipped all night by the lizards as a punishment. I think they take the whipping a bit too far because he passes out and then they throw him down into the dungeon with Freya’s statue along with Charlotte. She sees him and tries to give him whatever water is there but it does nothing and she notices his heart is no longer beating. She tells herself “yea he’s an asshole but I feel so bad for him baw”.

dk02Charlotte then falls asleep from crying and has a dream of the past where Siegward used to be a loyal knight of the king and the king was actually wearing proper clothing. One day Lars’ grandpa and Valfar went off on a trip and instead the king allowed some advisor to come in…but all that advisor did was spread lies & rumors about how horrible the king was. He’d then do stuff like executions and say it was all the king’s decision. The townsfolk got really pissed at the king, mob his castle and put him under the guillotine and behead him. Siegward turns into a swallow but his wings got injured so he is unable to fly away. As he stayed by the king’s dead body, the god Loki came to the king and told him he’d lend him his powers to he can take revenge on the advisor and all the townspeople who betrayed him. The king’s soul refused at first, but then he gave in and took the powers of darkness to revive himself. Siegward joined him because of his loyalty to the king and they killed the traitor advisor and went around killing looking for Charlotte. After Charlotte wakes up from this dream flashback, Dark Knight Siegward has turned into his non-evil form Swallow Knight Siegward. Just then Freya appears and turns out she’s the one who saved Siegward because of Charlotte’s wish. She also tells him that Charlotte is now his new master and he must put an end to the king and save him from the darkness. Siegward turns into his swallow form and she gets on his back flying out of the dungeon and to the king. Swallow Knight Good End: Suddenly this game turns into Utena and Siegward pulls Frey’s mystical sword Levattein out of Charlotte’s chest /(^o^)\. He then defeats the king who turns into dust and disappears.

dk03The country gets a new king and Charlotte and Siegward head off to flower country together. While there they have some bird kissing (lolool) and then confess their love to each other. They also run into the fairies that Charlotte helped free from the king’s grasp who allow them to stay here despite what Seigward did when he was a Dark Knight. And so they make out by the moonlight flowers (and fortunately this time they’re both in their human/large forms ww) and live happily ever after. Dark Knight Good End: For some reason in this ending, he doesn’t magically wake up and turn into the Swallow Knight and continues to be a Dark Knight?? Also in this ending, Lars didn’t get turned evil so yay more inconsistencies.And so basically DK Siegward and Charlotte fight off a bunch of lizard soldiers as they try to make their way out of the dungeon. Unfortunately Siegward loses to one of them and Charlotte is captured. When he wakes up he runs into Lars and convinces him to lend him a hand just so they can rescue Charlotte. Meanwhile the king throws Charlotte into a giant wine glass and intends to drink her after she dies from the magic liquid in the glass. Fortunately before she becomes his evening meal, Siegward shows up to save her. But because this game’s last 5 endings are SO ORIGINAL thanks to Freya’s magic and the Utena-boob-sword (this is extra hilarious because it’s the same CG from a different angle!) the King is defeated! Who would have thought! ヽ(。_゜)ノ

dk04In an unexpected turn of events, Siegward becomes king, Charlotte his queen, and Lars becomes head of the knights as he kicks Garush around. Supposedly they live happily ever after but I am so confused because if he’s still dark knight doesn’t that mean he’s still evil inside…and why is he still evil if the King + Loki were defeated. Oh right I shouldn’t ask questions and just watch them ichaicha & make out in the ending. ( ´_ゝ`) Oh and the cherry on top is after a while, they dump the castle life on someone else, and then run off together as swallow & thumbelina~ yay! Swallow Knight Sad End: The king is defeated but Loki takes his heart and says I’ll be back. Suddenly the moon is like “hey come to me I’ll save you” because he just so happens to have a tiny little house just for her already there! And so Siegward turns into a swallow and flies up to the moon but being a little bird he can only fly so high so he flies high enough to toss her on the moon and then falls down and dies. Dark Knight Sad End: Siegward is taken over by Loki, Charlotte is taken over by an evil-turned Freya and Freya & Loki rule the kingdom with their evilness killing all those who stand in their way. Poor Lars is forced to be their slave until Siegward tells Charlotte to backstab him and kill him cause he might NTR her away from him. (눈_눈)

king02Knud King – Yea literally parody on the fact that he’s a nude king based off the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Unfortunately while that was a light hearted tale, Nude King is a nudist possessed by the evil god Loki. There’s actually no explanation of why he prances around naked, and nobody ever seems to say anything otherwise. It’s like the moment he became evil, his clothes just FLEW OFF. Basically used to be a good King, got involved with a shady scumbag who worked for his dad and had everyone but Siegward go against  and behead him. Now, possessed by Loki,  he wants the powers of Freya to increase his magic powers and become invincible so he needs to eat the seed of Charlotte (Lupian was an incomplete one.) Charlotte tries to talk her way out of this situation by talking about random shit with the king and telling him fairy tales. He gets bored of her fairy tales and then tells her his own about his past which we already saw from Siegward’s route. And so he “eats” her but instead of being killed and digested she’s put into some kind of gear room with the king’s broken heart that says “LOKI” on it. As usual Freya shows up and is like so gurl what do you want and Charlotte asks her to save the king cause she feels sorry for him. She also requests to become big so she can give him hugs & kisses XOXO.

king01Good End: The healing power of Freya turn Siegward back into the Swallow Knight. Loki is not pleased that the King’s heart has been healed and he’s no longer his evil slave. Loki starts raging but then Freya comes out and they have a lovers quarrel :lol:. After Loki is defeated with magical Freya powers + Charlotte’s magic he says I’LL BE BACK like the terminator and disappears. The King returns to his throne but he goes to set flowers and a grave for all the people he’s killed while possessed.  Also Lars’ grandpa Lagna comes out and turns back into human from his lizard form saying he’s great to serve his king again. Because of this Lars also becomes a knight in training. Charlotte asks what she can do to help in the kingdom and King’s like WHY NOT MARRY ME! Then he goes lol jk and Charlotte gets extremely upset because it turns out she had a crush on him! But then he asks her to marry him for real but all that has to be put on hold because SUDDENLY WAR that Loki started by possessing someone else! ヽ(。_゜)ノ And so Charlotte is left behind in the castle with Siegward babysitting her while she emos and refuses to eat. And then Lars’ grandpa dies in this war and I’m sitting here wondering why there’s a sudden new plotline in an ending ಠ_ಠ. To continue with the WTFery, the king now ALSO dies (again) in war and Freya sends him in a magical carriage to say goodbye to Charlotte. He says he’s going to “Valhalla” (aka heaven) but he wants to ~marry~ her before he goes.

king03If that wasn’t bad enough, they magically summon every character in the game to “watch their wedding” and then THE KING MAGICALLY GIVES HER 2 TWIN BABIES LOL. Is this like spiritual mpreg ?? XD Cause the 2 twin babies grow up to look like him and Charlotte. And so uh time passes and Charlotte continues to be queen with her and the king’s “kids”. RRRRIGHT OKAY. “Good” end. I’m sure there’s a movie parody or book parody here too but I can’t think of it. Bad End: Charlotte wants to get out of inside of King’s stomach but Freya decides not to give her the powers because how dare she think of herself instead of the possessed king! Charlotte then decides to take Loki’s powers and in exchange she gives up her heart to him to be replaced with clock gears. She then wakes up in the King’s arms and they live evilly ever after (눈_눈). Sad End: Charlotte begs Freya to save her one more time, but Loki tells her to GTFO and the end. There was no CG so I found it funny how the bad end had one lol. I don’t understand what is going on with Loki’s powers . In some routes, once he is destroyed, the King dies cause he’s only kept alive by Loki. But in the good end, despite Loki going elsewhere, the King remains alive. I also don’t understand the bad end where Charlotte takes Loki’s powers but somehow both her and the King are still evil even though she said the powers were transferred. So then I think okay maybe deep inside the King was evil and wanted revenge, but then in the good ends he’s this gentle kind King again and I’m like ???. Also I absolutely cannot stand the voice of this guy who also then voiced Loki. It was so deep like he shoulda been cast to voice a dragon and the guy who voiced every dragon in this game, shoulda been cast to voice him instead :lol:.

moonMoon – Umm yea so that moon thing that narrarates the story and makes you pick like 40 choices at the beginning of the game to decide which batch of routes you’ll be on! Mr. Moon confesses his burning love for Charlotte and she’s like u wot mate? (눈_눈) But for no reason at all she’s like OK SURE BABE I’M COMING UP THERE! He sends her a chocolate candy shaped spaceship and tells her as long as she goes up there she can live in peace and it will resolve EVERY problem in the game! (눈_눈) Lars sees this and figures he must be seeing things and continues to look for Charlotte. When she gets there he has a “Moon Base Alpha” house waiting for her. ONE SMALL STEP FOR THUMBE—-oh fuck it who cares anymore ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Wow this was such a deep route and contributed so much to the very engaging story! And the worst part is, he didn’t even turn into some moon gijinka hot guy! Then again it might have ended up like this.

grandGrand End – Freya is summoned to defeat Loki. Suddenly everyone else shows up and contributes to the battle – including the King’s head. Yes his body is like lying around somewhere so he bounces his head and is like I HALP I KNOW HIS WEAKNESS. Then Charlotte summons a giant golden dragon and defeats him. Freya asks what Charlotte wants to do now that she’s saved the world so she says she wants to return to being a human. Eventually Charlotte wakes up and Lars gives her a big hug until all the other mans come in raging at him for stealing their bae :lol:. The only sad part is poor Lupian  is not there but he leaves her a yellow tulip with a note that says he wishes her luck in her journey. Unfortunately Charlotte cannot remember who he is anymore. Meanwhile the elves took Knud King’s head and are using it for research in their ship ナンテコッタ/(^o^)\. Everyone decides to continue their RPG journey but  when Charlotte asks if anyone knows who the “Flower Prince” is and nobody but Albireo remembers (though he acts like he doesn’t.) They decide they will travel in towns and ask around until they find him. Poor guy, is barely in the game, and forgotten in the very end. (;´∀`) I do have to admit the omake story in the extras section was actually really cute and fun and I wish we had spent more of this kind of time individually with each character (´;ω;`)ウッ…


Honestly it’s hard for me to really put down my feelings about this game because I really want to like it because it has so many great things, but ONCE AGAIN the story/writing ruins everything. I love the artwork, the feel and all the custom drawn backgrounds Karin did. It’s like their usual quality for their games and I really appreciate that.  Let’s start with the common route problem. They waste half the common route to have random creatures/flowers/animals asking her to marry them and she rejects them because sorry she’s on a journey. I wish this time was used instead to give more time spent individually with each guy. For example at a point in the game you “split off” to either go off with Lune, go off with Esheru, Svia or Lars. Lune, Esheru and Svia all get their individual unique (somewhat if you disregard disney ripoffs) routes and endings. Then you get to Lars and the moment you get into his route, he’s taken away, and then you interact with everyone else and it all becomes one giant tangled mess. Once you go through this once, you skip all of this so as you pursue other characters you don’t spend time with them because that’s all “common route” now behind you. So now you’re on the route of Dark Knight – within the span of about 1 hour of gametime, Charlotte falls in love with him, defeat the bad guy and live happily ever after. Keep in mind, I spent like 14 hours on the common route. Do you see where the problem here is? The worst offender is the Flower Prince Lupian. He literally did not show up for the first 4 routes that I have played of this game. So now he finally strolls in on the 5th and somehow within that short time span I am supposed to convince myself that Charlotte fell in love with him. It almost feels like they were so busy focusing on the story they suddenly remembered this is an otome game, and shoved in kissing/eroero scenes at the end. I would almost have preferred no romantic scenes to the awfully forces ones in….it’s the kind of thing I really hated in some Quin Rose games..and we know how they turned out. (눈_눈)

System wise, the loading/skip was mind numbingly slow. The system was great because it had a skip to next choice option, but I would sit there waiting minutes to skip stuff because it was just SOOO SLOOWWW. You also had to make your saves “after”  choices because they were timed and you couldn’t save “during” a choice like you can in most other games. Combined with the fact that as usual Karin’s games have a million timed choices, it just made it extra irritating and at one point I found myself loading the wrong saves because I couldn’t remember which thumbnail was which! In their PC games you could actually rename your saves so you’d know wtf you were saving…sadly PS Vita limitation lol. Oh and the other thing they cut corners on was the character songs. In Grimm, each time the background music played it was that character’s “song” but this time the exact same “battle song” played in every single route…(;´・ω・).

By the time I reached the “moon” end I really had no idea what this game wanted to be.

Ripoffs from Disney’s Hercules and Frozen, Evangelion, Code Realize, Gundam….was this supposed to be a parody game? I don’t know. I thought it was going to focus on fairy tales like Grimm did but it was not the case. The copy pasta route ends for most of the game was really tiring. I think after Possession Magenta, I’ve extremely low tolerance for half assed copy pasta plotlines. The worst part being is there were so many routes and seeing the same thing over and over….(눈_눈) Anyway I thought Karin would be my GO TO maker, the one who I’d always trust to produce quality…but I guess shit hits the fan the moment 社長さん decides he’s gonna take part in the writing instead of letting the usual 2 people do it.  Fortunately Mysteria staff is pretty much the same way Danzai no Maria was so I have a lot more hopes for that game (;´・ω・).


53 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Zettai Meikyuu -Himitsu no Oyayubihime-”

  1. Their other game Grimm was much better as well, so it’s a pity this one came out so badly. Akazukin was so awful honestly I would play this over that any day xDDD

  2. As far as fairy tales go, I’d have to say that “Mojuutsukai to Oujisama” and the WoF series are great, but this one is like… Meh. Well I guess they need to learn from Otomate XD Hell I hate to say this, but even Akazukin Mayoi Mori had a better story! Only if they didn’t taint it with those nasty @** smex scenes 9_9

  3. The heroine is so cuuuttte in her mini size
    I hope someday to play it if i can have a ps vita
    Thx for the review
    I really enjoy them ^__^

  4. yea I was expecting every Karin game to be amazing since I enjoyed the previous ones I played but nope.

    I will still get Mysteria though and hope that without shacho-san shoving his “writing skills” in, it’ll be better lol

  5. I was tempted to buy this game because I love the art than the coloring is so pretty but too bad it’s not that good. ;w; Grimm and Maria are really good so I have high expectation for this one /o\

  6. they changed only 4 seiyuus and most of them were unknown to unknown except Kimura Ryohei. I think that makes it a bit of a severe cut because I’m sure a lot of fans played the game for him. They also changed the heroine’s voice lol
    We’ll see how it goes I’ll probably get it anyway

  7. They changed the seiyuus..? Even the main guys? Ouch. Budget cuts or something..? I’m a bit worried now. =/

    Glad you’re enjoying your current otoge. Looking forward to your review. It’s the only way i can experience all of these Vita otoges that i couldn’t afford to get (nor dare to get) right now. XD

  8. Yea the moon end was just..u wot mate

    I don’t know if they’d report Maria or Grimm but if they do I recommend them for sure. They were much better than this.

    And so far Sweet CLown is really good I hope this keeps up!

  9. Wow really well hopefully the extra content on Vita does plug the holes you mention especially since they had to change so many seiyuus..surely they must have needed to add more content to validate the changes? O.o

    Yoshiwara sounds exactly like why I stayed away from it XD So thanks for confirming. ON the other hand I’m really enjoying sweet clown right now I hope the momentum keeps up

  10. Yea the splitting of the games and being on PC really put me off of TA but yea if it ever gets ported and combined to Vita I might give it a look!
    If StS gets ported I might get it as well, I am really enjoying Sweet Clown. Normally I’d stay away from negative games like that but it’s written in such a deliciously twisted way I really start to wonder why can’t other makers follow suit instead of just throwing in pointless death/abuse to portray tragedy.

  11. Aww sorry to hear that it didn’t quite live up to Karin’s past games. At least not all the routes were copy + paste…! The moon end though…gave me a good laugh pfft.

    I never did play any of their games despite being a fairytale fan. But since they are on Vita now I can slowly wait for them to port their older games besides Mysteria!

    Sincerely hope that you enjoy Sweet Clown! (Since I bought it too haha.)

  12. From what i remembered in Mysteria, the main plot wasn’t really resolved in the end? Something about what happened to the MC’s family, methinks… Maybe this Vita port will finally plug all the holes?

    It’s been a while since but i remember liking Holmes (original Holmes’ fan!) and Jack. Lupin’s omote-side is cute but i highly dislike his ura-side; never liked them flirty characters. Token Japanese guy’s route is boring and Watson’s… a bit dumb. LOL.

    I’ve pretty much given up on Vita otoges for this year since so many of them seems to be a miss. Luckily, Yoshiwara Higanbana’s quite good. Heavy usage of archaic moonrunes but it’s good practice since Ken ga Kimi. Wish there wasn’t so many yandere endings though… As if the M-scenes weren’t bad enough; even the kuudere character got a crazy psycho yandere ending. *rolls eyes*

  13. Yeah, Getsuei probably isn’t your thing. It’s not a very pleasant game…….kinda like going through one of those depressing Japanese sociopolitical commentary films where things just go from bad to worse and not even using fantasy shit to make it feel a bit more distant. It’s bitter and heavy. I love it, though. Not because I’m a do’M, but socioeconomic analysis of the working class in early modern Japan HOLY SHIT in an OTOGE of course I’d lap that shit right up.

    But it’s definitely not for everyone.

    I do miss their zany stuff, though…..those were my gateway drug into otoge, and there hasn’t been anything really like them, even if Otomate’s love comedy games did try their best. The closest thing…..if Taisho Alice ever comes to the Vita (hopefully combining at least two of the games into one game each), I’d wholeheartedly rec it to you. It’s good! There’s still one last game left, but it’s been good so far! The scenario writer is the one who did Shinigami to Shoujo and worked on all Takuyo’s games prior to the nun one, so it has both Shinigami’s thoughtful story and old!Takuyo’s zany snarky brand of humor and unique heroine. Art is pretty great, too.

  14. oh yea during the OP theme it dims too I skipped it accidentally the first time. fortunately i found pressing the UP key doesn’t affect the game in any way so now I use that to “undim” the vita when that happens lol. also I’ve been just keeping my finger on the corner of the screen to try and help this problem which is what I did for hanasaku manimani as well ~_~

  15. While I do kinda miss their goofy shit (like kaeru batake/little aid/himehibi) I think the new stuff is an interesting turn. Though I stayed away from the nun game because – lol – and from Getsuei because I heard there’s a huge thing with mob bullying which I absolutely cannot stand. And yea I honestly don’t think Otomate is good at the whole edgy mindfuck thing….cause remember what happened in Shiratsuyu no Kai :lol:.

    The staff of Sweet Clown seems to be the same as Kaeru Batake though so I’m hoping it’ll be really good. So far it’s pretty interesting that I can set aside my screen dimming rage XD

  16. The problem with VN games in automode pales in comparison to when my PSV decides to dim in the middle of a long cinematic cut scene in RPGs which will get skipped if I press a button, lol. What was I supposed to do!? Seriously, the Vita needs better settings on this—-it’s there to help save battery, ostensibly, but MY CHARGER IS RIGHT HERE, ASSHOLE.

    It’s such a lovely piece of engineering, but the software side is just full of dubious decisions….

  17. (Also, I hope they vita-ize Shinigami to Shoujo while they’re at it. Then I’d have almost all their good games on the Vita.)

  18. Takuyo has been having a good thing going with their bent on ‘literary’ otoge ever since Shinigami to Shoujo. Hope they continue in that direction rather than doing stuff like the nun one again. …..the ‘literary’ stuff can be hit and miss, depending on the player, but at least they’re going to hit and miss in interesting ways!

    I love both the art style and the premise for Bad Apple Wars (though the CG design is alarmingly bland compared to the arresting concept art, I’d say—-that reminds me of Shiratsuyu and not in a good way) but it’s like……it’s the same kind of interest I have in Persona. When I do that sort of story I’m mostly looking for some edgy mindfuck! Creative stories! Screwed up settings! Interesting people! I don’t dislike poking naked guys (hell, I love KLAP) but COME ON when you’re in a serious story mood that just takes you out of it! Rah. I’m still holding out for it, but I’m waiting for reviews instead of preordering.

    I didn’t play Mysteria on the PSP, so I can’t tell……general consensus seems to be that it’s good? It’s not like general consensus in Japan is worth that much, though…..

  19. dark and serious and mentally unhealthy.

    Great just in time for Halloween! Actually Amazon reviews said it was scarier than Sora Yume. Honestly bring it on! I’m pretty much up for anything that can move a muscle in my face whether it be shock or happiness because a lot of otome games lately leave me feeling like ( ´_ゝ`)フーン

    And WTF about Bad Apple Wars. I was gonna give that one a miss anyway as the premise and art weren’t to my liking but that system whut. I think rejet just wants us to poke bishies but who wants to hear angsty thoughts! We just wanna hear them moan like in KLAP (at least I do anyway ww)

    And thanks for the heads up about Karin. That really makes me sad because Quin Rose had the same kind of shit and look where they ended up ಠ_ಠ….do you think Mysteria is worth getting or do you think it suffers the same issues Oyayubi did with the copypasta?

  20. Takuyo’s Sweet Clown is pretty good if you like stuff dark and serious and mentally unhealthy. Taisho Alice still remains a really funny and thoughtful series with a great heroine. Otherwise, though, it’s been pretty dire. I still have some hopes for Bad Apple Wars, but with the recent announcement that they’re selling a feature where you can touch a conveniently visually naked guy in places he likes to hear his angsty thoughts, I’m having some ‘ehhhhhhh’ moments.

    That said, re Shacho-san writing : there was a similar problem with one of their BL games. It seems like they have a few issues with company politics at Karin.

  21. Someone I knew who played the PSP Mysteria really liked Jack as well. I actually liked Princess Nightmare too (not sure if you played it) and generally I’ve liked Karin’s games…..so this is kind of a first. I’ll probably get a regular edition of Mysteria anyway – I don’t want this to be my “last” impression of Karin’s games. I’ll just hope it’s a “hickup” because the pres decided he wanted to get involved in the writing process lol

  22. Hmm, not sure if you’ll like Mysteria or not (but our tastes differ a bit). I personally liked it and I really lwanted to love it. But Danzai no Maria is just a lot better than Mysteria. Mysteria plot is also a bit copypasta, I think? I did find myself touched in Watson’s route (a lot of people didn’t like him), despite liking Lupin’s seiyuu I didn’t quite like his kinda angsty character, Holmes’ route was boring for me because Holmes himself was boring. But I did like Jack’s route because it was really different from other routes and it was really interesting.
    I loved the soundtrack, the art, etc but well. I guess Karin’s masterpieces are Grimm, Danzai and Omerta, and it all went downwards after that. But that’s just my opinion.

  23. Yea, I’m sorry to bring this bad new to you 😭 !

    Oh thanks for the tip, I never noticed this 😳 *disgrace* !
    I bought a PSV stand to play more comfortably when at my desk so, I don’t touch my console except when I need to press some buttons * I know it’s kinda slacker xD*.
    On some forum, I read that this problem can be solved if we buy an addionnal movable battery or with a rechargeable stand. But it’s a bit annoying to having to buy something 😕…

  24. NOOO really?? Ughhh T__T I was going to play that next god damnit lmao.

    In Otomate games, they at least let you touch the back of the vita touch pad to keep the screen “lit up” but it doesn’t work in this game and same thing happened in hanasaku mani mani. So annoying honestly, there’s a “screen dim” option in the Vita options but it doesn’t seem to affect otome games in auto mode :s

  25. Oh don’t worry, I just wanted to share my feelings about this game with you! Whether they are similar or not. No matter what you have to say, I respect your opinions and what you feel 😊.

    I haven’t played many games like you but, really, I understand how it will be so tiresome and irritating to always see the same « scheme » in so much games. There are inevitably some facilities, that’s undeniable. So, again, I perfectly understand your feelings. I just hope games will be better on all of this stuff and not worsen in the future✨.

    Well, the name of the game is « Zettai MEIKYUU Himitsu no Oyayubi Hime » sooo, we can say it’s aptly named in the end 💃 !

    Indeed, it’s weird for the characters themes songs, may be it was a big careless mistake? What a shame…

    Unfortunately, Prince of Stride have this annoying screen too, I share your pain 😭. Apparently, it’s a PSV setting who help the console to not overheating & I don’t know how to avoid it (it’s impossible with PSV settings)…
    Some Otoge turn away this problem with an animated « Auto » button (but sometimes, it’s animated and it happens anyway so I don’t really undertstand how it works in the end).

  26. Well the thing you mention basically are the reasons I didn’t like the game xD I guess it didn’t really bother you as much but I’m probably more picky nowdays after having played so many games :/
    I was sitting there debating whether this is just “standard” otome game writing or I’m just too picky now days, I’m not sure anymore (;´・ω・)

    And yea as you mentioned a lot of stuff just got jumbled together so it was hard to tell what they were going for lol. In Grimm Karin also put the characters background songs in each guys route so I was surprised to constantly hear the same song over & over.
    Sweet Clown so far has an irritating screen dimming bug if you play in automode so I’m trying to not let that affect my opinion of the game xD

  27. Thank you so much for your review✨ !
    Finally, a game I’ve also finished!

    In outline, I totally agree with you! But, I enjoyed the game a lot, like, really.
    My very big complaint is about how they organized the game. The structure is a pure mess sometimes like you said. May be because the game is too long? I don’t minded about it, but, some routes and characters just popped from nowhere and I also found it a bit unsettle in the end. Plus, it was so strange for me to see Thumbelina go away with X or Y and nobody caaares while they gave up everything to be with her for some of them 😑.

    I though Sirius would join the group after that hot bath scene, but nope. So, even if we met him many times in the game, for me, it was the same « meh » feeling like when we went with Lupian. I was also disappointed with Siegward somewhere but, I understood the « « « narrative logic » » » with him sooo… I forgiven.

    First, and I don’t know why; I though Albireo was a sort of Prince Siegfried from « Swan Lake », but who took the curse instead of the princess because I had no idea how they could do Ugly Duckling’s route without done something a bit like this, or like « The Frog King or Iron Henry ». I was tangled with him until his route who was, well yep, unfortunately a shoddy work 😰. I though it’s also a shame that Gods were involved like this, because I found things went well with heroes magic stuff and their abilities.

    When the moon give her dat space rocket, I was just: « Muh? Why she gives her a chocolate with a porthole? », then, I loled. But for me, the most weird moment was when Swallow-Siegward asked her if she could kiss him 😳.

    Nevertheless I’m glad, because there were so much atypical things for me in this game, although mismanaged. But, it was enough for me to really love it. There’s a lot of CGs, many cute’n’funny moments, kisses scenes (I’m that person who is angry when the kisu has not happened xD; ) but most of all, I found there were a lot of depths (it was not so much developed, but good enough and on a right way), like in Lune’s route or in Sirius’s one (even if, ok, that’s was Orpheus myth plot). Oh, without forgetting some adorables characters like tsundere Gerda!

    For the themes songs, sadly, I may be think it was just few teases here and there? Because Karin released a lot of CDs that they have to sell too…

    Wow, sorry for the very long com’ ;_; !
    Hope you have a good time with Sweet Clown 🌟!

  28. huh I never heard of Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea but I googled it up to see what it was!
    I feel like a lot of doujin writers/games seem to be really good (especially anything out of tetrascope) these days.
    Sometimes I wonder if a writer writes something but the head person reads it and is like THIS WONT MAKE MONEY MAKE IT LIKE THIS forcing the writer to adjust their style. It’s the only thing that can explain why sometimes the same writer can write a good and also a shitty game in their writing career lol

  29. sadly his voice wasn’t that hot and combined with the CG of him kissing her….while a bird…kinda ruined the effect further 😆

  30. Heh! we can say than you’re really unlucky this year, Kusoge on Kusoge apparently only Klap save the grace. 😛What a giant mind fuck, i’ll never though than this was going to be a rip off of Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea mix with Orz Mafia and some disney shit lol…

    At least Wadanohara And The Great Blue Sea have a proper writting, the solution for than the Otome Game industry do not decline it’s than they hired Mogeko for wrote there games directly. I though in the moment to see in there dialogue “You the sea and me the moon we’re be always together!”.
    The naked king seems like a bad 4Chan troll on the otherkin tag i get a urge to brough this game in the future once i become more fluent in japanese.
    Great review has always, i can’t wait to look foward to your though on Sweet Clown.

  31. The moon was so ridiculous like why was that even created! XD
    I’m actually a fairy tales person and I found this really disappointing. For the most part the fairy tales I did know, this game didn’t follow anyway. They just took the “general idea/character” but then made up their own story anyway.

    Sadly Copypasta writing has plagued a lot of games I played this year :/

  32. I was ‘ok’ until the ‘nude king’ route came around.
    Then came the moon, and I decided to stick around dating skeletons in Undertale oO

    I’m not a fairytales person, and this game sounds too much like you’d need to know the faity tales it is based off to understand some references. The art is pretty sweet , though.
    More copypasta, though xD I thought otome games were past this stage?

  33. If you mean in the past 12 months Code Realize hands down followed by KLAP. Everything else pretty much escapes me as terrible or just okay lol

    I think repetition in otome games really irritates me so the whole Freya saves the day repetition in like 6 of the endings really annoyed me haha xD

  34. Aw that stinks that this year just is filled with kusoges. I had some fun playing this because for once lol I had a better chance to understand everything since the heroine was voiced. The timed options frustrated me bcuz my Japanese wasn’t good and I had no idea what I chose half the time lol. I agree-I found the music themes placed in strange places.
    Well, I hope that somehow another otome game comes out that is actually worth your time! What would you say was the “best” one you’ve played so far? Though, sorry it’s not like there was anything that really stood out lol

  35. hah thanks for reading 😀

    I don’t know the full story of Thumbelina but wow he’s the canon spouse and the kind of treatment he got was pathetic! It made it seem like they wanted the canon guy to either be match boy or nude king ಠ_ಠ

    I guess it’s okay to have had a few proposals if they really wanted to try to add more Hans references but did they really need all 30 of them?? Sunspots? Teacups? Come on man xD No idea why they thought it was a good idea. It’s like they only cared about the references in the common route but once you get into the “main plot” all of that goes out the window because \NORSE GODS/ lol

    Yea definitely don’t recommend this, now that I know Mr. President botched the writing/direction I’ll make sure to read the credits before buying any future Karin games >_>

  36. Yea I’d definitely recommend Danzai no Maria and Zettai Meikyuu Grimm, those were much better in my opinion :/ (though I’d settle for the PC directors cuts over the original PSP ports xD)

  37. Yea I was surprised how he had barely any screentime even though you’re right, he’s the other seed, you’d think he’d show up more often!

  38. “It’s like the moment he became evil, his clothes just FLEW OFF.”

    Loved this line! Thanks for the reviews as always, Hinano. x’D

    I get that this game draws inspiration from other Andersen tales… However, considering that Thumbelina is the main character and the flower prince is the canon spouse in Andersen’s tale, you’d think he’d be much more important. Then again, I do recall him coming out later in the actual story and like with most fairytales, love came really fast. So it’s surprisingly accurate… but sadly, in this instance, being faithful to the original story doesn’t make for a good otome romance.

    Also, about the string of marriage proposals, that also happened to a smaller extent in the original tale. I recall there was a mole and a frog (or toad?) who wanted to marry her. Somewhat accurate, but it’s sounds pointless to include in Oyayubi-hime. The writer sure was weird about cherry-picking the aspects of Thumbelina to keep or ditch.

    Considering Oyayubi-hime was one of the very few Vita games I’m interested in, I’m quite disappointed. I think I’ll stick to reading the actual fairytales…

  39. I was so close to ordering this game but decided not to because I wanted to clear my backlog first. Glad I made that decision now lol. This would have been my first Karin game but I guess I’ll check out their other stuff instead.

  40. I was looking forward to the flower prince pre-release but the treatment he got was especially bad. I thought he’d be more relevant since he was the other seed but I guess not..

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