Otome Game Review: Yunohana SpRING!

Sanjou Yunoha is an aspiring fashion designer, working part time jobs to afford her life and education. Her mother wanted her to take over the family business of running an inn located in Kanazawa, but Yunoha’s a career woman and she ain’t got no time for dat. She ran away from home 2 years earlier to pursue her dream job. One day her mother collapses and is hospitalized so Yunoha returns back to the inn to see her….but her mother is nowhere in sight. She’s instead greeted by her childhood friend Kintaro, who wants her to take over the landlady position until her mother recovers. Yunohana is against it until the hotel owner next door calls her family inn an old busted craphole. This boils her blood and she agrees to work as a landlady for 3 months…until her mother calls her and tells her that she has to be there until autumn. As Yunoha works at Fukujuro, her feelings begin to sway about her career or being a full time innkeeper.

kota01Saeki Kota – Kota was raised as the middle child with an older and a younger sister. His older one treated him like her slave while the younger was bratty and immature forcing him to look after her. Because of this he is afraid to stand up to women and when he first meets Yunoha and bumps into her falling into the spring – he apologizes non stop thinking he’s gonna get it xD. His mom kinda dumped cooking on him so he was forced to cook for the family and because of this he’s now one of the chefs at Fukujuro. He also loves animals and he adopted the inn dog, Fuku. Unfortunately Fuku hates Kota because of his constant resting man-bitch face and always growls at him. Actually Kota’s face often scares children as well even though he doesn’t mean to intimidate xD. Anytime Fuku shows him affection (thanks to Yunoha asking him to), Kota starts to cry tears of joy /(^o^)\. One day a famous dude named Hayama who picks the best chefs to work at his restaurant comes to the inn. He’s a huge fan of the head chef Haru’s food, but the chef asks him to taste Kota’s cooking. He is very impressed like something out of Shokugeki no Soma so he asks Kota to come work at his restaurant. Kota is now torn because he likes everyone at Fukujuro but this is another step closer to his dream. Everyone else is happy for him but Yunoha is  very upset at the idea of him leaving.

kota03Yunoha’s coworker Nanao’s like “it’s okay to be sad because you like him anyway right?” and cheers her on lol. Meanwhile Kota is so stressed out he starts messing up in the kitchen and breaking dishes. Haru kicks him out of the kitchen and tells him to go cool his head off. Meanwhile Yunoha thinks about when is the best time to confess to him until she finds out he’s not been feeling well and dismissed from kitchen duty. She goes to bring him some food to eat but instead he kabedons her and emos basically that she don’t understand his FEEELLLS and his FEEELLLS for her are making him all emo and he can’t focus on his cooking xD. Kota tells Yunoha to stay away from him and after a while Izumi decides to butt in. He challenges Kota to have an iron chef contest with the chefs at his inn with the winning prize being a kiss from Yunoha. Apparently Yunoha has no say in this and Kota’s culinary soul is burning so he accepts the challenge XD. And so because Kota’s food is more “tailored” to the tasters he wins the competition. Just after he wins, he announces in front of everyone that he loves Yunoha. Yunoha then finally confesses that she loves him as well and he’s like “oh right, I get to kiss you!” and kisses her so hard it knocks her out XDDD dayum son. イヤ───(〃∀〃)───ン

kota02Afterwards he tells Yunoha that he wants to go to Tokyo and accept the restaurant offer to improve himself as a chef. He then asks to kiss Yunoha one more time. End 1: Yunoha decides to continue being an inn keeper lady and her mom’s “sickness” magically disappears! 😆 Kota quits his restaurant to return to work at Fukujurou. He then asks Yunoha to marry him and she agrees. Omake: Kota’s not been with Yunoha for a while so after returning he wants to make up for lost time ifyouknowhatImean. The following day Yunoa is angry that he left a hicky on her neck that she has to hide from all the guests 😆 (*Vдv艸)イヤン End 2: Kota asks Yunoha to come follow both of their dreams in Tokyo as he pursues his culinary in a professional setting while Yunoha pursues her fashion design. They end up living together and he asks Yunoha to cook for him when at home for a change so she’s nervous on being as good as him lol. What I liked about Kota is Ishida was doing the same voice as he did for Kent in Amnesia and with the personality similarities it felt like dating Kent all over again xDD Also drunk Kota is pretty damn hilarious.

nao01Katsuragi Naomasa – Nao is the dojikko  and just working at the inn as a part time job to kill time until he inherits his grandpa’s company. He gets worried about messing up his work but when Yunoha walks in on him in the bath all nekkid he’s like “oh hai wanna join me?” /(^o^)\  So as it turns out Nao ran away from home because he was sick of his dad’s shit. His grandpa allowed him to go to a design school to instead work at the “design section” of the Katsuragi group so he could at least do something he enjoys. His father though wanted him to go into the more business side of things, whether he liked it or not and Nao got pissed and ran off to secretly work at Fukujuro. Since he pretty much has his education taken care of until he graduates (all projects done etc) he has time to work at the inn until he has to go back to the Katsuragi company. Before leaving the inn, gramps tells Nao to do his best to try to tame the “wild horse” that is Yunoha xD This kinda lights a fire under his ass and he gets sad realizing he’s in love with her and that soon he’ll have to leave Fukujuro and be apart. Nao asks Yunoha to go out with him in front of everyone but everyone’s like LOL nice joke, goodnight. They leave the room but Nao tells Yunoha that he is serious because he’s fallen in love with her. Yunoha’s surprised since she’s not seen him in the same way but he asks if they could start dating – and maybe her feelings will change. Yunoha agrees and he immediately grabs her and kisses her on the cheek (*´∀`*)ポッ.

nao02A few days later when they have no guests in the morning, Nao asks Yunoha to go on a date. She agrees but is surprised because he dresses up, puts on contacts and lets his hair down to look like  SUPER IKEMAN. While they wait in line at some ice cream shop, all the other girls stare at him and Yunoha quickly realizes what a hot dude she just snagged :lol:. Eventually she confesses that she loves him as well and he’s so happy he almost makes out with her in the staff living room until Fuku and Kota cockblock them XD. Unfortunately Nao’s the typical rich kid who only thinks with his money rather than his head…so he pays judges a lot of money to bring Yunoha’s fashion design contest entry into the final round. Yunoha has no idea he does this and is really happy she made it into the final round…until one of her Tokyo friends tells her that the contest is “rigged”. Just then Nao admits that one of the judges for the contest is from his family’s company and he “asked him” to consider putting a lot of “thought” into Yunoha’s entry. Aka he bribed him to get her to be in the finals just as she was afraid had happened. Nao thinks he did her a favor because winners of that contest become famous fashion designers, but Yunoha slaps him and says this doesn’t make her happy at all. (´・ω・`) She runs off upset saying that he doesn’t understand the feelings of someone who’s not some rich heir. Nao doesn’t get it cause hey if I can pay to win WHY NOT \(^o^)/. Yunoha ends up crying and then calling the contest to withdraw her entry while Nao watches and grapples with himself on what he should be doing in this situation to make her feel better.

nao03One night Yunoha goes out to get groceries and the rapists who attacked her a couple weeks ago attack her…again. This time she kicks them, but they then threaten her with a knife. Before they can do any damage Nao comes and beats them up once more threatening to kill them until Yunoha stops him. After the dudes run away, Nao admits to Yunoha he acted pretty immature doing everything just to get her to like him. He then says he wants to cool his head off a bit and asks to return to their inn lady/worker relationship for a bit. Yunoha is sad but agrees even though constantly having him call her “innkeeper” rather than by her first name makes her further upset as the days go by.  When  he sees her getting hit on by Izumi as usual, Nao takes her to the park where he gives her an apron he made for her….to replace the ones the rapists tore with their stupid knife. Yunoha is so happy she asks Nao to go out with her once more. End 1: Yunoha decides WHY NOT BOTH and continus to be an innkeeper while  designing fashion for…innkeepers like herself xD. Nao ends up working at his family’s company as usual in Tokyo so they have a long distance relationship.

nao04Nao comes to visit her and demands she kiss him right at the train station. Yunoha is embarrassed but agrees and also agrees to eventually get married :lol:. Omake: Nao is back to Fukujuto to visit Yunoha but he has to avoid looking at her before he gives in to his closet ero desires. Eventually he gives in and tells Yunoha to just TAKE HIM! 😆 End 2: Nao’s grandpa asks him to come back to the company earlier than promised. Nao then decides before he goes to create a binder full of fashion design contests as well as “hints” from magazine interviews on what might win for Yunoha. He also gives her a sketchbook and pen set that he bought with the money he earned working at Fukujuro rather than his family’s riches. Upon seeing all of this Yunoha cries and hugs him asking him not to leave him. Nao’s relieved that it wasn’t just him being sad that he has to leave and he promises to always cheer her on her fashion design career dream. Some years later Yunoha’s working as a fashion designer but one day Nao comes to her company and says he’s come to take her to work under him as a designer for his firm. The contract? A kiss from the rich Katsuragi heir xD. I must have had a different image of Nao from the promo magazine info cause for some reason I expected him to be haraguro or something. I’m glad he was just a dorky rich boy who has no idea how to act around a girl lol.

taka01Izumi Takahira – Takahira runs the nearby rival hotel Seihokaku but often slacks off and instead hangs out Yunoha’s place instead hitting on her all day long 😆 He’s 28 years old but it’s hard to believe because he acts like a child pretty often lol. He even helps her inn get a good review. However, eventually he stops coming every day and something seems off….until one day Yunoha gets news that his hotel group plans to buy Fukujuro. Yunoha goes to Takahira’s hotel and finds out that he’s not just some slacker – but the head of it…while his brother Takayuki is the head of the Izumi group. She talks to Takayuki who tells her that by being under the Seihokaku hotel umbrella Fukujuro will get more funds and more guests. He says that everyone working there can continue to work there and Yunoha can continue to be the innkeeper as well. Takahira will not stand up to his brother so he tells Yunoha to just *sunglasses* deal with it. Everyone at Fukujuro is upset so when Izumi strolls in again they tell him to GTFO and they won’t sell their inn. Izumi leaves, calls and makes a reservation and says he’ll come as a guest and PAY to stay then! XD Yunoha can’t refuse him if he’s a guest so she allows him and he strolls right back in ( ´゚ω゚)・*;’.、ブッ.   Unfortunately the game had to go and ruin Takahira for me by basically having him tie Yunoha down on the futon after she falls asleep in his room. When she wakes up he tells her that everything he did was just to try to find a way to buy Fukujuro and that all his kindness and helping her was just to try to win her over. He even says that they should run away together because he loves her – but Yunoha ain’t havin’ that shit and tells him to untie her. He does and then admits that he was hoping to finally buy Fukujuro when Yunoha’s mom fell sick but didn’t realize her daughter would then take over and fight him once more. He then takes his stuff and leaves saying he’ll pay for the time he stayed there.

taka02After this the Fukujuro workers think of ways to promote their inn and decide on an idol theme with Yunoha being their outfit designer. Takayuki catches on to their plan and comes over to invite them to their idol show featuring real idols. Yunoha is upset and at the same time Takahira had stayed at their inn and Takayuki claims that he was just a spy there. He tells his brother he no longer needs to “spy” at Fukujuro and that everyone here is too dumb letting him stay a 2nd time knowing he’s the enemy. Takahira says that he didn’t stay to spy on them and that he felt like he was treated as family here. Takayuki says that Takahira should just do as he says so Yunoha throws water in his face and tells him to let his younger brother make his own decisions. Takayuki almost grabs the ikebana she made  but Takahira gets in the way and protects her saying he won’t let his brother lay a finger on Yunoha. The rest of the inn peeps come by saying they’ll defend her and Fukujuro no matter what.  After oniitan leaves, Takahira ends up staying at the inn and continuing to help out with work. In the meantime both he and Yunoha start to realize their feelings for each other (^ω^). Takahira even admits to himself that Yunoha is his first “true love” cause all the women he’s been with up until now were pretty much jumping on his wallet & reputation. One night he tells Yunoha that he’s had a lot of experience running hotels but most of it felt empty because he was pretty much always in his brother’s shadow. That’s why he just stopped giving a crap about anything and why he acted so carelessly to anything and everything when he first met her. However spending time with Yunoha and Fukujuro it changed him and standing up to his brother was the first thing he was ever able to do on his own will.

taka03Also he was happy that the Fukujuro staff treated him as Izumi Takahira, rather than “The brother of Takayuki” or the “Izumi group 2nd heir”. After they nearly confess to each other, the following day Takahira leaves Fukujuro with a note to Yunoha that just says “Thank you.”  Yunoha runs to his hotel and when she sees him he takes her to his private room and says he’s about to stand up to his brother at a board meeting. Turns out he gathered all sorts of data, reviews and guest opinions to defend Fukujuro. In the end he wins because Fukujuro has that “homely feel” that would be destroyed if Seihokaku bought it over so they let Fukujuro stay the way it is. Takahira however becomes a consultant for it instead and comes to tell Yunoha the news after all the transition work is done. That’s when Yunoha finally stops being tsuntsun for him and says she likes him…but since he doesn’t seem satisfied with the way she says it, she grabs his necktie and kisses him xD. This lights a fire under his ass and he’s like welp you better accept what’s about to come next (*ノ∀ノ)ヤン♪ End 1: Takahira is sad that he and Yunoha are so busy working there’s just not enough ichaicha time! So one morning he climbs into bed to wake her up and demands she answer his proposal. She finally deres up and agrees to marry him but then kicks him out saying it’s time for the usual day’s work xD. Omake: Takahira’s jelly when Yunoha talks to Kintaro over the phone about some inn thing but she pwns his ass and is like “honey who do you think I am?” And basically Takahira realizes how pathetic he and what a cool future waifu he now has as he tries to hold back his tears while hugging her in his hotel room (*´∀`*).

taka04End 2: The whole idol thing goes through and Izumi offers to help be a 4th idol (leader? lol) Yunoha designs the outfits and after they take a video and spread it to youtube/twitter, the inn becomes hit. Lots of guests start making reservations and a lot of people complement Yunoha’s idol outfit designs. Takahira also tells his brother he plans to properly work for the Izumi group and as a thanks for turning his brother around, Takayuki tells Yunoha he won’t buy out their inn. He does say they better keep up the momentum though or else he’ll come back and change his mind. Yunoha on the other hand realizes she wants to pursue fashion design after all and tells her mother this, and this time mom finally accepts it. Takahira congratulates her but before she can confess, he tells her to hold that thought so that both can pursue their career dreams. In the epilogue, Yunoha surprises him by coming for an interview to be a designer for a bridal event he’s putting together. Of course she gets accepted and they shake hands on it but he doesn’t let go saying he doesn’t want to be apart from her anymore. The two of them then finally confess their feelings to each other.  Honestly when Takahira tied up Yunoha when she fell asleep I was like OH GOD WHY ARE YOU RUINING HIM GAME….but he felt like such an asshole afterwards, and he let her go when she demanded. He then did so much to make up for his ass hattery that I just couldn’t hate him. Also the way Yunoha pwned him in that omake made me realize how much I like both him and his relationship with her. Honestly I think most people will ship Yunoha with Kintaro because posterboy/childhood friend but I feel like Takahira is the best match for her. Also I feel like out of all the stories in the game, the one that is most relevant and interesting to the whole “inn experience” is this one.

kin01Katagiri Kintaro – Kintaro is your staple childhood friend with a younger brother named Gintaro. Their parents died when they were younger so they were taken care of by Yunoha’s mother for a while. That’s why Kintaro couldn’t say no when she asked him to help in her great plan to rope Yunoha back to Kanazawa. I kinda wish Gintaro had more screentime but the only chance he has to shine is when he intentionally separates from Yunoha and Kintaro at the night festival so that the 2 of them can ichaicha together lol. Unlike the other routes, Yunoha and Kintaro start developing feelings early on rather than right as the individual routes begin/end. When Nao tells Kintaro that if he beats around the bush, Yunoha will be snagged by someone else…..the reality finally sinks into his head. After this Kintaro starts constantly getting fidgety around Yunoha and constantly staring at her and being a clumsy dork. They end up getting into a fight because he drives the point home that she’s not as good for the inn as he is because she ran away from here 2 years ago while he stayed and worked. He feels like an ass afterwards, and the others tell him to go apologize to her. Nao says he was just kidding about taking Yunoha and then everyone says they all know Kintaro has the hots for Yunoha `,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、 XD. Kintaro gets so embarrassed he runs away to talk to the dog outside www. He admits to himself that he really did LOVE HER LONG TIME except when shota-taro asked her to marry him lolinoha was like ew I’m not marrying you! /(^o^)\ He ends up trying to apologize but he gets so embarrassed he runs off to cry with the dog lol. Instead, Nao comes to apologize saying it’s his fault he made a bad joke which made Kintaro and Yunoha get into a fight. The following day Yunoha continues to pretty much ignore Kintaro until Takahira stops by teasing them again. This time though, Kintaro lies and says to lay off Yunoha because now they’re “dating”.

kin02After this and some more beating around the bush, Kintaro finally comes into Yunoha’s room and confesses that he likes her. Yunoha of course tells him the feeling is mutual and they officially become a couple. The next day before they have any more guests coming, Kintaro takes Yunoha on a date. They run into some former high school classmates who say that they were waiting till Yunoha and Kintaro finally hook up 😆 Unfortunately things go downhill when Misuzu comes home, admits that she faked her illness and on top of that says that Kintaro was in on the whole thing. Yunoha is devastated because while she knew her mom never supported her fashion designer dream, she thought Kintaro did. Yunoha runs out of the hotel leaving her wallet and cellphone behind. She ends up nearly crying alone in the park until Takahira finds her and takes her to his hotel. Kintaro sees her get into his car so he follows them and then demands that Takahira let Yunoha go. Takahira knows Yunoha doesn’t wanna see Kintaro’s or her mom’s face so he tells Kintaro to go home. Kintaro then gets a phone call from Chiyo about taking care of incoming guests so he runs back to Fukujuro saying he cannot choose between Yunoha and his job at the inn. When he gets there, Chiyo hears the story and calls him pathetic for not being able to bring Yunoha back. Kintaro then goes with Kota, Nao and Fuku to get her back. While Kota distracts the guards with food and Nao distracts them with money 😆 Kintaro and Fuku runs upstairs to find Yunoha. Fuku runs around the hallway with Takahira chasing him and in the meantime Kintaro talks to Yunoha. He apologizes for lying to her and tells her to go be a fashion designer instead. Yunoha admits that she likes the job of an innlady after all and will continue to work at the inn. After Takahira comes back with the mischievous dogu, Kintaro grabs Yunoha in his arms, takes her first kiss and runs off back to Fukujuro┗(^o^ )┓三

kin03End 1: Two years later Yunoha has been making innkeeper lady clothing under the small brand “Yunohana”. She makes her first set of baby clothes to give to a returning guest as well. Kintaro then puts his mother’s old traditional Japanese wedding gown on Yunoha and asks her to marry him. Just as she accepts his proposal, everyone else is like lol proposing right in front of the inn and teases them (*´∀`*). Omake: Kintaro wants to ichaicha with Yunoha and feels like it’s one sided cause Yunoha acts normal while at work. He then complains about it so while no one’s around, he pulls her behind the counter and kisses her. It goes on for so long that she punches him and tells him to get back to work. Kintaro obeys her like a puppy dog and sits in the corner as she commands xDDD. End 2: Yunoha is pissed about her mother’s lies so she starts packing her things to return to Tokyo.Kintaro climbs into her balcony and stays there all night until she finally lets him in. He then says that she should follow her own path and apologizes for lying to her. They all waited 2 years for her to graduate her fashion design school in hopes she’d return but Yunoha started immediately sending her portfolios out looking for jobs. Misuzu didn’t want the inn to perish so she figured getting Yunoha to understand her feelings, becoming a temp innkeeper was the only way. They make up and then Kintaro has to act like a mediator to get Yunoha to make amends with her mother. Misuzu apologies for what she’s done, says she’ll take over the innkeep position and tells Yunoha to go become a fashion designer. Also mom admits she totally knew Kintaro was dating Yunoha ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ. They both make fun of Kintaro for being a hetare, so he tells Yunoha to wait a week before returning to Tokyo and he’ll PROVE he’s a REAL MAN! 😆 After this Kintaro starts babbling cheesy pickup lines and acting like some dandy ojisan to Yunoha and she’s like wut. /(^o^)\

kin04He tries to buy dinner for everyone but has no money, tries putting his hair in all-back hairstyle and Yunoha tells him he looks awful. Just then Takahira rolls in and tells Kintaro to hit dat shit while Yunoha’s in the bath :lol:. Kintaro is against it but Takahira trolls him and convinces him to try it anyway wwww. Sooo as Yunoha is in the bath, a babbling Kintaro walks in telling her to get out ASAP because he thinks Takahira’s gonna come after her lmao. Yunoha is pissed so as she is about to scream a naked Kintaro closes her mouth with his hand going “stop people will think I’m a peeper” xDDD. He gives her a towel and tells her to put it on and walk out while she’s like WTFFFF `,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、. Kintaro then tries to ask her to do stuff with him, but every day Yunoha keeps rejecting him saying she’s busy. This is all because Yunoha has been busy working on a birthday present for Kintaro since his bday is the day before she leaves. On the night of his birthday, he gives Yunoha a set of matching pair rings for the both of them. Yunoha is like why are you giving me stuff on your birthday and he’s like woops I forgot! ヽ(。_゜)ノ She then gives him a kimono that she made for him and says this is why she rejected his offers to go out. He says he doesn’t know how to wear one so Yunoha puts it on for him. She then adds that he doesn’t need to force himself to be an “adult man” because she likes him the way he is. (ノ´∀`*) In the epilogue, 2 years go by and failingto find a job as a fashion designer, Yunoha returns to work at Fukujuro. On top of this though, Kintaro is now her “supervisor” so as they are “working” he hugs her relieved that she’s finally returned to him. Honestly I’m a bit sad and disappointed that Kintaro was the only guy where Yunoha couldn’t make her fashion designer dream come true. (´・ω・`) Also for those who are looking for a sexy Kenn voice you might be disappointed as Kintaro is a lot like Tenjuro from Vitamin Z…aka prepare for a lot of yelling lol.

ume01Kaga Umenosuke – I really don’t understand the point of this route at all. Ume-san as they call him was a frequent guest of Fukujuro who often visited every year with his wife. However he divorced his wife 2 years ago because she cheated on him….and so he decided to come back to the inn alone to help himself get over her.  The problem with Ume is that he was never in the game at all. He was never referenced to and to even get into his route you have to basically just..talk to Chiyo or Haru-san. So all of a sudden making me care and have Yunoha fall in love with him is just wut.   I mean literally he is staying at the inn for like 2 weeks or something and within those 2 weeks Yunoha falls madly in love with him because he buys her a hair pin. ಠ_ಠ One night he asks her to have a drink with him but it’s too strong and she gets drunk and passes out. He then asks Kintaro to help bring her to her room and Kintaro is shocked and worried about Ume-san NTRing Yunoha away from him xD. (This is especially worse right after his route too /(^o^)\) Somehow after this Yunoha wants Ume to see her as an adult because for some reason she’s fallen in love with him ヽ(。_゜)ノ. Yea honestly this is what I mean, I don’t know when this happened or why it happened but it did. Ume of course figures he’s just an old GGE and Yunoha deserves a hot young stud instead. They go out to town together and he even plays some old arcade games so while he’s a cute ossan, I just can’t see why Yunoha suddenly fell for him lol. Ume buys her a kanzashi that she wears often, but Kintaro gets jealous and angry at this sigh. Ume tells Yunoha that he’s probably done with love and marriage after being single for the past year. Yunoha’s like NOOOO and tells him that he shouldn’t be forever alone!

ume02Ume realizes Yunoha likes him but wants her to be happy with someone better than himself so he avoids all her attempts to confess to him. Yunoha doesn’t wanna give up so she runs to his room to confess her feelings to him. He grabs her and tells her she’s created this “nice oniisan”  image of him, but she doesn’t know anything about him at all. He says that he didn’t care who was nice to him, he just wanted someone to make him feel better and she just so happened to be there. He adds that an inn is a place for a tired adult to relax, and that she shouldn’t develop such deep feelings for her guests. I guess reality finally sinks in, she cries and apologizes for intruding in his room. As she walks out crying she runs into Kintaro he ends up pretty much indirectly confessing that if no guy wants to marry her, he’ll take her as his waifu :lol:. Yunoha is surprised but Kintaro says that she doesn’t need to answer his feelings…but to know that there is someone who has feelings for her. ( ;∀;) Poor Kin-chan loll. Yunoha decides to give Ume a souvenir so that despite what happened he will have enjoyed his stay at Kanazawa and will come back again. Just then shit hits the fan and Ume’s ex-wife shows up at the inn asking to talk to him. They cannot give away guest info so she just asks them to pass on the message that she’s staying at Takahira’s hotel. So then a string of NTR events happens as Ume is liek ZOMG I REALLY DO LOVE YUNOHA but before he can go confess to her…he sees her crying in Kintaro’s arms. Kintaro then gets rejected and friendzoned by Yunoha because he will forever be her childhood friend. Then Yunoha NTR’s herself by telling Ume to go see his ex-wife. When he does, she watches from afar and cries but just then Ume REJECTS his ex-wife’s proposal to get back together! It’s like some afternoon soap opera! As the Inn Turns! After he rejects his ex-wife, he grabs Yunoha by the hand and runs off to the park to talk to her privately so that Kintaro doesn’t cockblock them :lol:. He then tells Yunoha that he basically loves her etc etc. End 1: Ume returns to work in Tokyo and Yunoha stays as the innkeeper. He comes to visit one day and then asks her to make herself a wedding dress cause he plans to marry her sooner rather than later. Yunoha is so happy she jumps on him toppling into her bed and they make out yay~.

ume03End 2: Yunoha gets sick and Ume is sad that she can’t be the one to take care of his stay for the rest of his time at Fukujuro. Instead he asks if he can take care of sick Yunoha instead, despite being a guest. He admits to being jealous of seeing her with Kintaro, so he asks if next time he can have her all to himself….aka confesses his feelings for her. In the epilogue, 3 days later he leaves Fukujuro and says he’ll visit as often as he can to make sure Yunoha isn’t snatched away by someone (someone being Takahira :lol:). Unlike the other ends…her career of being a fashion designer kinda….vanishes and she continues to be an innkeeper… yea… ok. Omake: Yunoha wants to start a service that allows her guests to reserve the bath to themselves. Ume says he wants to try it out as a “customer” to test it…..together with her lol. Ume babbles that he has no lewd intentions but Yunoha’s all like LETZ DO IT LADIES. But yea seeing his half naked waifu he gets all horny so he makes out with her while having her drink some of his sake mouth to mouth. Unfortunately it’s too strong for her and she passes out 😆 After this she stops talking to him for a few days cause he saw her naked as he had to carry her back to her room 😆 Honestly that CG was something I never thought I’d see in a Cero B game. Reminds me of that “cool cero B” CG in Glass Heart Princess :lol:. So yea not only was this basically a massive NTR route for Kintaro, but I just felt nothing. If they had at least had her remember Ume from the start or maybe keep in touch with him or something…or even show flashbacks of him visiting while Yunoha had some minor crush etc I can understand. Having random guy from the past come back and her suddenly fall for him just makes no sense to me. Also the fact that he’s only 31 but because they cast TsudaKen for him, it made him feel like he’s some extremely old ojisan in his 40s. I feel like TsudaKen was a miscast or they shoulda made Ume older than he really was. They painted him out to be this tryhard ojisan who cutely likes to play video games! Umm yea not everyone at 31 years old spends their life working and drinking and smoking and doing ~adult things~ lol Japan etc. For a hidden character, I am disappoint.


Ok it’s not REINE level bad, but it definitely did not meet my expectations. I will be honest, the individual guys routes (except Umenosuke) were really cute. I enjoyed them a lot and for the purpose of otome game simple romance, they pretty much satisfied. However, they felt extremely short because the biggest problem with this game: the common route. The problem is that each guy’s story too you have to basically see how “they handle the guest’s plot” in the 4 chapters. After the first guy this becomes dull because you know what the “story” of the guest is and honestly who cares how the guys react to it….none of the guests are all that interesting anyway. When you finally get with the guy it’s in the last 3 chapters and it feels really short. I wish the time they wasted on the common route with the guests was spent focusing more on the guys and “rabucome inn shenanigans”. The other issue is they repeat the exact same guest story in EVERY route but slightly change it. For example with the little kid in one route they take him inside around the inn, and in another route they take him out to town. Frankly I don’t give a damn about the kid or his family problems. I get the picture, his parents ignore him, now can we do something different? If at least they had different guests in every guy’s route it wouldn’t have been as bad. However the repetitiveness of the ultimately same plotline for each guest, made the first 4 chapters pretty painful to sit through. The worst part is in between the guest drama, there’d be SHORT scenes of Yunoha and the guy you’re going after and I had wished they focused more on that instead. Instead of 1 hour spent with boku and his family, I’d rather have spent an hour of time with Yunoha and guy X at the summer festival. The best inn focused story was Takahira’s and honestly that was enough of “inn drama” that they didn’t need to have repetitive crap with the guests in every route. If they could have at least varied up the guests it might have been more interesting. For example the family with the bratty child or the lady with the ex boyfriend…once was enough. Instead in other routes they coulda done something different like having the “group of rowdy students” or maybe “the confused foreigner” would have been a lot more interesting – and less stale after seeing the same characters for 4 routes in a row. The other thing was the fact that it was the same character but in some routes the “drama” was there or wasn’t there. In regards to Yajima and her ex..they only revealed the truth about him in 2 of the routes, while in the other it didn’t come up as a thing at all which made it even more annoying to sit through. And by the way this isn’t a spoiler at all because once the characters leave the inn – they are gone from the game. Therefore you basically waste 4 chapters of each route with disposable inn guests that aren’t particularly amusing or interesting. The only somewhat interesting guest was the one related to Nao’s story because at least it was related to Nao’s story! Everyone else – please go home lol.

So yea because of the unfortunate time wasted with these inn guests, the first half of the game was a huge drag. Once I finished each guy’s route I felt like I wanted to spend more time with them and I didn’t get a chance to. And then you have the HIDDEN CHARACTER. Without spoiling anything – his entire route is a waste of time. He never once appears in the game, then he susddenly appears and Yunoha just falls in love with him instantly, wtf? I felt nothing in this route and somehow her fashion design career dream jumped out the window all for this random guy who crawled out from under a rock. Once again – I would have rather them not even given him a route and instead put more effort into the 4 main guys. Speaking of the 4 main guys, my favorite ended up being Takahira lol. I thought for sure I’d like the childhood friend Kintaro, but nope, Takahira’s stupidity completely won me over. “Hayyyyy gaiz I’m the rival hotel owner but WHAZZZZUPPP!?” the entire route ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \/ \. I’m sure Kintaro will win the character poll but Takapyon got my vote (*´∀`*)♡.

Anyway over all…kinda disappointed. It’s not a bad game, but if they had just done the common route differently and focused more on the guys and less on….the service business it would have been a great game. I think maybe it’s a good game for first time otome gamers or those who are generally new to otome games. For a veteran like me, I start to get picky and wish they had done it “this way” for me to have enjoyed it more. I honestly wished it was more like otome game version of Love Hina and less like a Japanese drama. I seriously expected way more “Kya he saw me bathing!” shenanigans than “oh noes some guests booked the wrong date and are being obnoxious!” Still though, I think if they released a fandisk, I would totally buy it. Riri’s art is adorable, the characters overall were fun and let me tell you, Yunoha is an AWESOME heroine. She only crumbles in the hidden guy’s route, but that entire route feels like terrible OOC fanfiction and I will just pretend that it doesn’t exist (・ ε ・)フーンだ.  Oh and also this game has the rare creature: the female friend who isn’t out to backstab you or kill you or take your man away from you. No she just cheers you on and listens to your problems and offers a shoulder to cry on. Congratulations Nanao, you are certainly a diamond in the rough. (`・ω・´)b And finally, this is the last Otomate game I’ll be playing for a couple months because all my backlog is games from other companies at the moment.

P.S. Speaking of other companies, case you haven’t heard yet, Quin Rose has gone bankrupt and its artists are now freelancing and looking for work.┐(´д`)┌ヤレヤレ


48 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Yunohana SpRING!”

  1. Thanks flr the review
    Though the game was not as good as expected but it wasn’t bad
    at least I would die from KENN’s voice regardless of the boring route or the screamings
    But the other characters’ route are better except the hidden character which I just don’t understand
    But thanks for the review as always

  2. The troll char wasn’t what ruined it, he just felt like an unnecessary waste of time. The game itself isn’t TERRIBLE but it’s not really great? It’s kinda…okay. The common route was a waste of time that could have been spent more on the guys that’s why I felt like Takahira’s was the best route. He felt like he had the most “original” content vs just wasting time with guests then suddenly ~love~. My hopes weren’t really that high but I guess I wanted more cute/romance than focusing on the inn…industry lol

  3. Hi~ One, I’m kind of new to your blog and I’ve read a couple of your reviews and for some reason, I like this one quite a lot. It’s a shame that it didn’t live up to your expectations… I’m guessing that some of the guys and that troll hidden character might’ve ruined it for you. Did you have high hopes for this game to be good (even though it’s from Otomate)?

  4. Yea that’s what I was thinking too. They didn’t even need sprites in my opinion but getting different guests/stories in each route would have been less repetitive. I think after Possession Magenta, any kind of repetition/copy pasta makes me rage lol.

    I didn’t even know about the Konami thing until people told me but I’m not really shocked that this happened. Also rumors have it the president took the money and ran which is why there has been no official announcement and people are just now receiving preorder cancellations。Dirty business until the very end lol. So honestly I don’t feel bad for quin rose at all. I only feel bad for the artists like Fujimaru Mamenosuke and I truly hope she is able to work in a better otome game company in the future.

  5. Too bad it didn’t live up your expectations, but seriously, repeated guests? xD
    Couldn’t they afford creating just a few more characters? It’s not like we are demanding these one time side characters to be deep or anything, just not recycled.
    I’m actually ok with slice-of-life styled otome games, but recycling something into various routes the exact same way is no good.

    Well, just as you said, I believe it might be an ok game for newcomers to visual novels, though.
    Btw, your review just made me love Kota more lol. Perfect Husbando material that one 8D

    Hmm, This Quin Rose business reminds me of Konami’s fiasco earlier this year.
    Well, I can’t say I feel bad for the company. I heard not even their games were good lately (and the ‘strategy’ they used to write scripts no doubt was the cause).
    Who wants to work properly in this kind of place, anyway? (I know japanese culture has the ‘endure your bad work condition for the good of the nation and do your best’ mentallity, but a limit has to exist somewhere) I feel bad for these people.

  6. Hey, could you please recommend me a otome game with, at least, one yandere character? I like this kinda of character and I haven’t seen many of them lately.

  7. Yea one thing I hate is repetition in any otome game so seeing it 4 times is really annoying 😦

    Regarding Alice – the only Alice game I haven’t played is Twin World lol and it was just a fandisk so not like there’d be any resolution anyway. Now that quin rose is dead though it’s hard to get any games of theirs anywhere

  8. I actually like the idea of slice-of-life drama with maybe a bit less of typical romance, but if the guests are repetitive, guess not. 😛 Pity.

    Damn. I know you gave up on them, but I was really hoping for resolution to Alice series, crappy or not. So close.

  9. Yea I feel like in their other games they used different characters so even side character routes weren’t so bad. I don’t know why they repeated them, when honestly they coulda just cut the crap with the guests and instead had more wacky hijinx with a hot spring..hence why u no lova hina! Lol

    Yea I have no motivation for them either….but maybe in like 2-3 months when I finish my other games I’ll get to them |D
    Oyayubihime is great, I’m loving it a lot!!

  10. Sad to hear that it turned out to be an average game for you. I will certainly be lowering my expectations ww

    Hearing your comments about the common route, it makes me think that they should’ve learnt from Kamikimi in which all the stories were different and engaging. Oh well.

    I also got the Vita ports for QR’s Crimson Empire and Wizard game btw but no motivation to touch it atm haha.

    Hope that you’re enjoying Oyayubihime!

  11. KSP?

    I’m sure her mom wants her to get a hubby but she probably just wants someone to take over the family business #typicalasianfamilyproblems lol

  12. I know right I’m so disappointed T___T

    The tied down thing was so stupid honestly but he later felt like a dick and apologized and said he’ll never do it again. He also let her go when she demanded rather than how if this was R-18 he would have probably raped her first ~_~

  13. “Kya he saw me bathing!” shenanigans

    ^ this. I got so excited when I saw hot springs, thought it was going to be a pr0n game or at least have some “I SWEAR I DIDN’T KNOW THIS TURNS INTO A MIXED BATH PAST 6PM!!” scenes but lel service business game xD I laughed when I read about Takahira tying the heroine down on the futon – otome game companies staaahhhp. It really doesn’t make the guy seem more bad boi and sexy ok. Save this shit for the R18 hiyo rapist games

  14. Only “Bad Apple” i know is that Vocaloid vid. Mysteria’s getting a Vita release, right? I might be interested in that if i can get it 2nd-hand cheap. =3

  15. Otomate’s shtick is “pretty art nice seiyuus” so they always seem to crap out on the writing. Once in a while they get a good writer though and we get great games like Binary Star and Code Realize 😆

    I was a huge Alice fan until I played their psp “remake” of Heart and was shocked at how bad it was. Now it completely makes sense…the person who wrote the original heart was not the one who wrote the remake which explains all the weird OOC shit in there :/ I bought Wizard & Master and Crimson Empire vita ports so I really hope they didn’t add unnecessary shit and they’re still decent. Because of the shitstorm though, and the horrible behavior of the QR president, I’m pushing them to the end of my priority pile

  16. Only Bad Apple Wars as far as I know but I’m not a fan of the story premise or the art so I’m skipping it. I’ll buy it later if it somehow has stellar reviews. otherwise I’m just trying to clean out my backlog I bought this year.

  17. I actually liked his character in desert kingdom. I think that was like 7 or so years ago so he didn’t sound as ossany as he does now xD

  18. Why does TsudaKen always get cast in unfitting roles? If you think the 31 year old chara was too young for his voice then Yismar in Desert Kingdom is only in his twenties + that baby face! Everytime he opened his mouth I couldn’t hear anything but an ossan! was it supposed to be Gap moe?

  19. me: skips though all the spoilers and reads the rest then sees my cute Yunoha smiling and me getting healed by it… lol
    gonna read it again after finishing the game XD

  20. Ouch! First Manglobe, now QuinRose? I still have a couple of their games I haven’t played finish yet. Hopefully this will serve as a warning/wake up call for other otoge companies to push for more quality games > quantity.

    Guess this is a wrap for 2015? Or are there other interesting otoges slated for release later in the year?

  21. It’s always so fun to read your reactions to some scenes, I’m an old follower, despite this being the first time I actually write to you. XD Before actually getting into the otome game community on the internet I always thought that everything that Otomate released would be some sort of masterpiece and nothing was just plain bad. Don’t ask me how I got to that conclusion, I just did. XD I think Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan had a big part of that…! Now it’s funny to see that they’re not and maybe some games, if not most (like Reine lol) just hide behind pretty art and design that Otomate undeniably knows how to make. (you’re free to correct me on that!)

    Overall, I’m sorry that this game was just average for you, but also glad that you still had some sort of fun with it. The heroine FTW!

    Also, I was shocked to hear about Quinrose aswell >.< Heart no kuni no Alice and Crimson Empire were definitely some of my favorite games when it came to them and I almost have all the Quinrose produced Alice in Heartland/Cloverland/Anniversary doujins, just to see how much of a fan I am…so this just broke my heart, overall.

  22. Ah, I see. I think I’d find myself bored since I really want a well-told story-or at least one that focuses on the relationship of the characters more. Will wait for this to go down in price on Ebay until I decide to get it. Such a shame though, seeing as how excited you were for this one.

  23. It’s more a combination of both really. The story is really simple so it might be easy to understand language wise…and the game itself is very simple. No bad ends, straight vn, no complicated stat raising or mini games, cute fluffy nondeep plot. All the things to let a new otome gamer test the waters – kinda like how the starry sky series did lol. I feel like new otome gamers might be more forgiving for the waste of time in the common route than seasoned ones but could just be my wrong assumption!

  24. Ouch, never knew that either. And they lasted for like 10 years, right? How!?

    Anyways, wow, what a quick review. Sorry it wasn’t the game you were hoping for-I also was expecting at least a really cute game that had a whole cast of great characters but lol, that hidden character.

    I like that the heroine actually has a goal in mind and that she cared more about her own career than just “Ok, I guess I’ll take over for a while” plot.

    What did you mean by a good otome for first time players? Did you mean the language used was pretty easy for noobs or that the story and everything about it seemed like a simple otoge to try out?

  25. Hahaha. That’s really sad. Usually you would want to do that for Best Game, but…yeah, kusoges just incite that strong feeling.

    I like those! I wish they did that more, actually. There are always those side characters that you wish were date-able and it would be a pleasant surprise that would really make you like the game that much more.

    It must’ve been a shock, especially because Alice was really their main series and why most people played their games. With all the bad publicity I don’t even know if they’re going to think it’s worth it to say anything since they’re out of business anyway…

  26. I think I’m going to do otome game award this year just so I can nominate Reine for Kusoge of the Year wwwwwwwwww

    It’s odd that they made this character come out of nowhere – it usually NEVER happens. Usually it’s some side guy you wish you dated..but surprise, now you can!

    Yea seeing that blog entry from the Alice writer this morning was just a huge shock to me. I always figured “Satsuk Kou” was multiple writers but I didn’t realize the script got passed around to many people, and that they were told to just “write” without being given any concrete direction. Very upsetting and worse that Quin Rose has not come out and said a word about any of this yet.

  27. It’s true honestly! I think TsudaKen is great but the character design just didn’t fit his voice! The character shoulda been more “ojisan’ey”. I feel like tsudaken’s voice works when he’s being an obnoxious douche (like Kazama from Hakuoki rofl) but when he’s being a sweet nice guy, he just sounds like a homely ojisan lol.

    The springing out of nowhere bothered me more than the above though like….who are you dude, why should I care about you!?

  28. ”Also the fact that he’s only 31 but because they cast TsudaKen for him, it made him feel like he’s some extremely old ojisan in his 40s. ” I LAUGHED FOREVER XD XD XD

    I feel you about him springing out of nowhere but I’m still happy they included an older character. 🙂 Great review, it definitely helps me decide in which order I’ll play them ❤

    (and yeah Quinrose…wow the trainwreck! It's like awful revelations keep coming! D:)

  29. I like how Reine has become the new level of “bad” to compare to xD. That’s pretty sad, actually, but based on what you wrote about it, I can see why.

    I was waiting for this review because I was really close to getting this game but decided not to in the end. Those “where the hell did you come from” characters are always pointless to me. I don’t know why people think those are a good idea. If you want to make an unlockable character, you should make one who actually appears in the other routes so your interest is piqued. Otherwise it’s such a waste of time and resources on their part, and time on the players’ parts as well.

    I’m not as seasoned of a player as you are, but there does seem to be a lot going on in games lately where if they had approached it differently, it could’ve made a world of difference in game quality. I’m not fond of long common routes that leave you little actual romance time with the guys individually, so that’s probably one of the larger turn-offs for me for this game, which is disappointing since the actual time with the guys sound cute and Yunoha does sound like a good heroine.

    It’s a pity about Quin Rose, and while I’m not really in the know about how they operated, even I could see they were trying to release too much stuff that wasn’t very high quality. I just read some of the comments you wrote to other people about how they made their games and that’s just sad. I’m surprised they even lasted 10 years with that type of operation.

  30. Ah, i see, so it all came out into the light, huh. Seriously though, what kind of business model is that? It should always be quality over quantity…after all, to compete with bigger companies, you have to prove that you’re giving customers worth for their money. With the internet and social media, good games can even get practically free publicity! It’s a pity though, really…

  31. yea one of the writers of Diamond Alice came out of the closet and admitted to everything on their blog today. They figured well since suddenly the company shut down without notice I don’t give a fuck anymore to hide anything lel.

    Freelancers are probably not gonna be happy, no benefits, treated like part time trash…so yea. The president was just a greedy asshole and wanted to compete with huge companies like Otomate on 1/8th the budget. Figured QUANTITY over QUALITY and well this is what you get lol.

  32. Seriously?i’m sorry, i don’t know much about the otome game companies and their internal workings. Has it always been like that, though? I’m amazed they even managed to have lasted for as long as they have, that way. It’s very inefficient, and even worse, the staff were likely to have been unhappy. How unfortunate for them. I have enjoyed some of their games though. Well, i’m hoping for the best for the staff. Hopefully they’ll be able to work where they’ll be able to shine and do their best earnestly!

  33. Quin rose went bankrupt cause they treated their staff like shit. Most of the staff was freelancers and the president would just be like “you, go write the route in this game”. The freelance workers had no idea what he wanted and would replay old QR games to try to “get” an idea and put it in writing. They also had multiple people write routes so scrips would be passed around like the game of telephone. That’s why the routes were so inconsistent and probably the same happened to their artists. They credit the writers as “Satsuki Kou” but that was a pen name all writers at QR had to use. The president also took credit for all the writing using that name. So yea as you can see that kind of business model caused their company to ultimately collapse.

  34. Oh, that’s right, and i wanted to mention that it’s a pity that the common route was longer than the guys’ routes! I mean, in an otome game, i want more time with the guys—-!

  35. Thanks a lot—!
    Ooh, the guys in the game are pretty adorable, and Yunoha’s pretty strong personality is cool, too! Though adding the hidden character might be to show a guest and innlady relationship deveooping into something more. Very odd that he didn’t appear anywhere else in the other routes though? Truly hidden rofl!
    i liked all the routes, but, i think i like takahira’s and kota’s more, as it also showed more relation to the inn business,and more importantly, i think they complement yunoha’s character really well!
    Finally, wait, what? QuinRose went bankrupt—-?!i…i don’t…how could this be—?honestly though, i suspect that, more than ‘decline in sales’, i’m thinking there might also have been some problems with budget and finances management…hm. anyway, it’s unfortunate…there are a number of their games that i’ve enjoyed…!

  36. No I intentionally waited for the port hahah XD Karin ports their games often so I expected a PC port but hey I’ll gladly take the Vita one next year!

  37. Did you play Mysteria then? Or were you the one waiting for the port? I love their voiced heroines. So rare.

    rofl that bad! They just needed an excuse to make more routes I’m sure…

  38. lol yea enjoy Zettai Kaikyuu I heard it’s a clusterfuck. I can’t wait to see your review on it XD

    And I love Karin’s games, it’s just what I need after all the disappointing Otomate games I’ve sat through lately! Hollic at least was like..relevant to the plotline you know? But uh this guy….crawls out from under a rock, irrelevant to anything. They coulda honestly just been like “oh hey this random pop idol/rich guy/poor guy/demon beast/devil/angel decided to stay at the inn and suddenly he’s madly in love with you” and it would have had the same effect 😆

  39. Kinda sad about the hidden route. Reminds me of Chronostacia’s Horick roflll. I read all the spoilers since I don’t intend to play this game and golly, seems like it didn’t turn out too bad afterall if one is looking for cutemoe!(∩´∀`)∩

    Seems like the bad execution/short length/ was also present in KLAP that I just finished. I guess these games are just fun to have but not entirely satisfying…. At least our HP bar is now charged somewhat after Reine Des Fleurs. XD You’re playing Zettai Meikyuu and I’m playing Zettai Kaikyuu next – (I see a relation) both of which have high ratings!

  40. The CGs are incredibly cute 😀 Congrats on finishing the game. Doesn’t sound like it’s worth buying to me at the moment, but I’ll definitely keep an eye on it in the future. (Love awesome heroines).

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