Unboxing: Yunohana SpRing Animate Set


Woo my hot spring mans finally arrived ヽ(`▽´)/

I took a photo of the game box on top of the scroll to compare size, it’s a fairy decent size scroll on a smoother fabric than some of the other scrolls I have. Haven’t looked through the booklet cause it’s full of spoiler CGs when I opened a random page (;^ω^)…

I also noticed Otomate is starting to do the “side opener” boxes now like they did with this game and Reine des Fleurs. Their old limited edition boxes just opened normally from the top flap and everything was just shoved in..so this is actually an improvement. Lots of drama CDs as usual and more buttons for my collection of unopened buttons. What do people do with buttons nowdays anyway? Is there a good way to collect them? (;´Д`)

I started playing the game this morning and it’s so relaxing and cute after the last disaster I sat through so I’m hoping to use it as a healing mechanism for my 乙女(ゲーマー)心 lol. `,、(‘∀`) ‘`,、


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  1. The art really looks cute and pretty!! * w * I’m so glad they now use that type of limited ed box. The Code:Realize and Trigger Kiss boxes were such a waste pfft. I do hope they keep that type of box.

    I also don’t like buttons XD I can’t find a way use them. Rubber straps are better, imo.

    1. I know right! They were so tiny too which made the booklets extra tiny which felt like such a ripoff compared to the PSP counterparts. I’m glad they improved upon that!

      I can’t find a use for straps or buttons tbh xD I’m still using the posession magenta strap I got back in May lol

      1. I can hang the straps on my bags and pouches XD I don’t like using buttons because I’m afraid of damaging bag cloths/etc. But generally, I’m not really fond of any of the two , unless it’s my favorite character.

  2. Aaaaahhhh, you got yours already!! I got the Stellaset, but mine is still in transit. I missed the notification it got to the warehouse in my email for 2 days!!! ;A;

  3. Thanks for the post!
    Ooh,it’s a relaxing and cute game so far? That’s great! I hope it’ll remain that way! The art’s quite to my liking— -wipes drool- looks nice!

    1. oh that’s an interesting idea! though I feel like by doing that I’m creating yet another thing I have to dust on my wall every week /(^o^)\

  4. Alternate solution to your button problem: get a big transparent box like people use for office furniture and store them inside it like a pirate Captain’s booty! (Though I’m sure that’ll make them less visible than the cloth idea…)
    Glad the game is so relaxing – it sure does look nice ^^

    1. for now I’ve just been keeping them in their original plastic cases and stacking them in the bottom of my bookshelf along with all the games there lol. I still have buttons for games I already sold off to bookoff (like I DOLL U ) haha.. (;^ω^)

  5. Nice! They look so pretty!
    Mine hasn’t arrived yet, gotta wait a few more days, but I want them so bad right now hhhnnnggg.
    And I would hope it would be a good healing process after the all the mess and headache we’ve gone through that is Reines des Fleurs ._.

    1. so far it’s really cute and I’m liking all the characters but I’m still in the prologue. from what I’ve seen is it’s a pretty mellow game based on reviews so hoping for the best!

  6. Glad you finally got the game!Sounds like it was a pain. I’ve had my fair share of box freak outs, so I understand how frustrating it must’ve been. I was having a big debate on whether or not I wanted Yunohana but I decided not to get it, but I may add it to my backlog…like KLAP when I can spare the extra funds for it. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!

    1. Yea I mean if you don’t care for limited edition goods, you can pretty much get any game at any time. Pretty much my attitude for any quin rose game now days. Maybe some day I’ll get twin world and genji monogatari xD

      maybe the pope’s visit delayed our mail along with silver week in Japan

      1. I used to, but if I’m realistic I have a lot of LE goods I haven’t even opened yet for games I bought years ago. Pity about QuinRose games though, since you used to like them more in the past.

        Ah, that could be it. At least the box came in! Hope you’re still enjoying Yunohana 🙂

  7. Oh congrats on the arrival of Yunohana!! It looks absolutely adorable and hopefully it’ll heal your otome heart after Reine des Fleurs

    Kind of unrelated but I remember reading your shopping guide and didn’t Animate online shop only have crappy tokutens? Like a booklet or wallpaper or something. How did they suddenly improve to wallscrolls and buttons?

    1. their tokutens really vary by game. sometimes it’s just rubber straps, sometimes it’s just buttons lol.
      also this is their “animate set” – usually they include a lot of extras in it. if you only order the non-set or regular edition, the tokuten is usually something crappy xD

  8. Ooh that looks nice 0: I’m also waiting for this game and I can’t wait for it to be here, it really looks adorable (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ)

    I rarely get limited editions/Animate sets, though. I’d like little extras (I actually love buttons and rubber straps lol) but then if I don’t like the game I will feel like I wasted my money q__q

    1. Honestly I rarely get them too lol. I think this year was the year where I got the most LE sets ever O_O But yea you are right if the game isn’t good….lots of money wasted but I guess it’s a risk I’m willing to take with certain games XD

  9. ooooooh!!!!!!
    I’m looking forward to this
    Since I have no Vita i really want to know how the story is like (Kennu bias wwwwwwwwww)

  10. God, it looks so cute ❤
    I'm already in love with the silver haired man (Kota Saeki?). His expressions on the booklet are so funny haha.
    Oh? You don't know what to do with the buttons? Well, I'm always accepting gifts ;p /s
    Well, I don't collect buttons, but a friend of mine likes to display the ones he doesn't use on backpacks on his wall

    1. Kota is basically like Kent from Amnesia. Ishida does the EXACT same tone of voice it’s hilarious. Lol maybe I can use the buttons in a give away or as someone suggested turn them into magnets for my fridge

  11. The Animate Set is amazing ⁎⁺˳✧༚ !
    I really wanted to order it too, but I’m dumb & pushed the button at CD Japan. The next day I was like: “Uh, what I’ve done? I wanted dat hot tapestry ಥ_ಥ…”

    I enjoy the fact that LE boxes are now bigger and tidy than the oldest. Don’t know if I can say that it’s much “money worth”; but at least, I feel less “scammed” and I like you, I appreciate the care taken about it.

    Hope the whole of the game make you ドキo(*´ε`*)oドキ! I’m glad to read that you enjoy it for now.

    My favorite way to hang on buttons is to put them on a cushion (making sure the fabric will have no little holes because of the needles) or change them into magnets!

    There is an interested thread about it on My Figure Collection:
    And for store them in a better way:

    1. Thanks for those links!~ Magnets seems like an interesting idea. I have a large fridge I can probably put them all on if I got enough magnets to stick on the back of them xD

      So far the game is a little boring because they are focusing too much on the inn guests so I’m hoping it picks up once we get into the individual routes for the guys.

  12. Oh yay! This one looked super cute…hopefully it will be a lot of relaxing hotspring hi-jinks!
    Crossing my fingers for a lack of death/bad endings…

  13. Lol I just sell my buttons on Ebay and they actually sell really well if you bundle them with another series. I sold my I Doll U buttons for $40 along with some I got at a convention for Shinobi Koi XD

    Glad you got your game lol! That took a while.

    Better question though-what the heck do you do with your clear/plastic folder thingies that almost always come with these games!? Like I don’t want to unwrap them and ruin them but I feel like I’m wasting them…and then again if I do use them I’m sure they’ll tear after the semester or I’ll freak out someone for liking 2d men lol.

  14. i wonder if you can also get a corkboard (idk what they’re called… like message boards?) and stick the buttons into them?

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