Otome Game Review: Amnesia World

So I didn’t intend to play this when it came out a year ago but I found it on sale while I was in Japan and was like well why not? Turns out it was actually a worthwhile purchase for me. I played this solely during my commute which is why it took me almost 2 months to complete but I enjoyed it none the less. The game begins with our heroine (who will forever be known as Mary Sue on this blog) once again having no memories as she’s transported through different “worlds”. Pretty much brief summaries ahead and not much of a spoiler so feel free to read on everything except Second World which actually has the true spoiler of the game.

 Normal World:


Mary suggests they hold a Prince Day at their maid cafe  where all the guys have to dress as princes and serve the ladies while all the girls take kitchen/cleanup duties. Ikki and Toma are willing to go with it but Kent & Shin are extremely pissed off because they don’t like dealing with customers let alone dressed up in costumes. Mary & the other girls pretty much spend the whole thing decorating and preparing while Mary’s memories are blown away by the spirit in her head – Nova. Eventually you will reach an ending with one of the guys where at the end of the prince day after clean up there’s some ichaicha time. Each time she goes through each guy though the world is repeating and she starts to remember more and more from what happened. Nova starts to realize that they’re having a Groundhog day and he hopes that soon it will come to an end.

Music World:


In this one you pretty much act like Made in Hitz Zip is now a rock band hall thing rather than a maid cafe :lol:. Mary ends up interviewing “candidates” who will get their next gig here and you pick between all the guys. Then you play an annoying mini game and if you score rank C or higher you get a CG of the dude at his concert. My only beef is KENT. Kent got screwed because Ishida Akira refuses to sing. Instead in his route, they had Mary be the singer while they just replayed the opening of Amnesia Later. I don’t really know why they chose to go with this decision but as a fan of Kent I’m extremely disappointed. The mini stories were Ikki being a pop idol who wanted to sing something different. Kent was just a composer who was trying to find the perfect voice for his songs. Shin was just a newbie trying to make it big and Toma apparently had a lot of stalker fangirls (serves you right lol.) Other thing you need to know is you actually need to get at least 4 of the guys’ songs as S/A rank to unlock the 2 final songs in the music game gallery. Once you’ve unlocked all the songs, you need to go into the mini game gallery and play all the ones you didn’t play during the routes and get at least a C rank on them. This will unlock the final music world CG in the gallery. The good news is, you only have to play them on easy mode. The bad news is, if you’re a trophy collector, you have to play them all on Hard Mode. Ew. Maybe never. ಠ_ಠ

Criminal World:


Meido Hitsuji is now a detective agency lead by Waka who is often sickly & coughing his lungs out. Mary and Shin are new members at the agency so they get to be initiated in! They solve all sorts of mysteries from stalkers to finding people’s cats. Shin gets to be the nuko hunter while Toma, Ikki and Kent end up searching for a bomb suspect (who ends up being Waka just testing out the newbies skills.) Ukyo is the angry dude who is the brains of this outfit and has little patience for newbs & stupidity. They also get a case with Rika’s brother Luka who’s a massive siscon extraordinaire as we saw from Crowd, and he’s been stalking her sending her gifts & dresses :lol:. The poor guy gets paint balled and tazered thinking he’s some creepy stalker but turns out he’s just an obsessive oniisama /(^o^)\. Ukkyo’s route is just him being angry all the time cause most of Criminal World it’s dark-Ukky that’s out since regular Ukkyo is too dojikko to be able to solve any cases…and he causes more disasters (like messing up the order of evidence paperwork) than does good.

School World:


Somehow everyone is the same age attending the same high (?) school. Kent is the student council president and Ikki is the VP. Shin & Toma are Mary’s childhood friends while Ukyo is a student/teacher depending on which personality comes out. You play some mini games and raise some stats but I kinda fumbled my way through the stat raising and arbitrarily raised them not really know what actually matters. I think you just pass the mini games with B rank or higher and raise all the stats a bit it will get you the good ending with whatever dude you stalked the most. Once you complete the school world it will unlock a mini after story that is just a text story with voice & a CG that comes immediately after the after stories of Amnesia Crowd. It was kinda silly and pointless but I enjoyed it for what it was and I found the mini games to be fairly doable and not difficult like they were back in Crowd. Plot wise for Kent he was just being a big ol nerd trying to understand his feelings for Mary.


For Ikki he’s got his medusa eye problem as usual and is stressed out by Kent’s policies, rabid fangirls and his feelings for Mary (who is not affected by his eyes as before.) Also wtf how is it fair that Ikki got 2 kiss CGs but Kent got jack shit! (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ With Toma, his parents are moving away and Mary thinks he’s gonna leave her and go with them. She freaks out telling him not to go and he’s like uh I’m not going anywhere. For Shin it’s the usual thing of “oh noes my otouto childhood friend is actually an ikeman now!” problem. Eventually the two of them realize they got the hots for each other :P.  In Ukyo he’s basically jelly of his other self because he’s like a “teacher” and can’t get with his student. He even gets a warning from another teacher that he’s spending too much time with her but he claims all they do is chat & drink tea in his office. Ukky at least got a kiss CG in the end even if it ultimately felt like a weird 3P ending haha.  I managed to get into Luca’s route out of Ukyo’s thanks to basically slacking off on my stat raising XD. He ends up being SMITTEN by Mary and ends up stalking her while saying poetic lines around her ( ゚∀゚)ァハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ . I really ended up enjoying Luca a lot and it’s a shame that this was the most interaction we ever got with him in all the Amnesia games. Once you finish all the School World routes there’s an “extra” story in the omake section which has 1 more CG of Mary & her dude which takes place after the after story in Amnesia Crowd.

Second World:


This is the true spoiler of the whole game so skip this if you don’t want to be spoiled! The revelation here is that Nova is actually the Orion that couldn’t save Mary in all those bad ends. That hopelessness of Orion bulked together and created Nova, and of course both are in love with Mary. Because he was in love with her and didn’t want to see her die, he basically kept her in this loop in Amnesia World over & over. He realized he was being selfish though and decided to finally let her go so she could move forward into the future. However once Mary remembers everything it turns out she was the selfish one who made a wish to be with Orion forever….which is why she came back to this loop in the first place (and hence the excuse for this game XD). Depending on the choice you make, you either end up with Shotarion being like ONEESAN DON’T CRY or the true end with Nova. Nova’s end is he ends up being punished for the wish he granted and is sent back to earth to uh…continue granting wishes. One of the wishes is of course Mary’s wish to see Nova again and he shows up in front of her wiping her tears away.  I don’t think I got attached to Nova as I did to Orion but also could be because I kept having flashbacks to NTR Mermaids and NTR Piano due to the same voice actor voicing the protag lol. (Both are great anime by the way that I highly recommend!) Also, Orion is such a QTpie who’s been with us for so long it’s hard to suddenly accept “adult Orion” as Nova who feels like he has a rather different personality to begin with.



So well overall I had fun with it. Annoying music game aside, I loved the art, I enjoyed the silly stories of School World and Criminal World. I especially loved the mass amount of tsundere out of Shin and Kent and Toma was actually a decent character because there weren’t any uguu cages of love. To be honest yes the game pretty much basterdizes the original concept of Amnesia but I came in fully aware of this and it wasn’t so bad after all. If you enjoyed the Amnesia characters and just want “another chance” to spend time with them, that’s pretty much what this game brings to the table. I’m bitter than the only guy who got kiss CGs is Ikki and Ukyo (though I like Ukky so I ain’t that mad) and I wasn’t a fan of the “lipstick lips” on a lot of the guys this time around. Other than that though the chibi CGs were cute, save for the music game, most of the mini games were fairly easy to do and didn’t cause me much grief like in Amnesia Crowd. There was a ton of nice omake CGs and side content so overall I was pretty happy with generally the whole game as a nice “fandisk” to the franchise. Still I can’t help but feel that Otomate should pretty much stop here with Amnesia milking. I think they’re really starting to stretch out the limits of what can be done with the franchise…..but well it’s Otomate and as long as they give us pretty pictures with our favorite characters we’ll probably keep throwing our money at them. ┐(´∀`)┌ヤレヤレ


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  1. I know this news is only semi related to the article but I was so happy to learn that Amnesia Memories is being brought to the United States for the Vita and Steam in August!

  2. LOL I can’t believe there’s another AMNESIA game. Otomate pls.

    ….But Prince Kent. But dancing Kent. He looks so freaking fabulous. And Ukyou gets a kiss CG? (๑´ლ`๑) I’m really happy right now.

  3. thank you for commenting! didn’t have to wait 3 years xD

    to be honest I think the original game served its purpose of mystery etc but now Otomate clearly knows what their audience wants and to be honest I think they went in a good direction. Amnesia Crowd had more of that ‘mystery’ element but it felt forced and annoying with the mini games so I honestly preferred this over it!

  4. lol yea it’s totally a fan fodder game so if you’re not too attached to the characters definitely not worth your time lol XD

  5. So…After three years I’m finally leaving a comment.

    I have to say I was actually surprised you could pump another game out of the Amnesia series. (How come I’m thinking of the horror game?) But they did and I’m kinda neutral about it. I mean it wasn’t something that just NEEDED to happen, but I can appreciate the lovely art for it. I guess that means they can pump out another anime and everything else.

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, milk it until the cow dies and even then…

    Anyway! I wish they could expand on the whole investigation and criminal thing and make it serious, and with a different host of guys, that would be a fun otome game.

  6. Glad to hear that you enjoyed Amnesia World! Thanks for the post – knowing that Second World is pretty much the only content (with bby Orion) I guess I can safely give this a miss. So thanks for showing the CG with him instead of Nova’s haha.

    Surely Otomate can’t do anything more with Amnesia but who knows…lol.

  7. I wanted to get it but I’m so reluctant to go back to my PSP I’m gonna have to skip it for now. Maybe I’ll get it down the road on sale or just wait for Broccoli to port it to Vita

  8. Eh? Norn9 got delayed again? Aw… I hope this doesn’t lead to a half-assed game. >_>

    Guess I’ll look forward to playing MeiKoi’s sequel first. =3 Are you going to get that? You mentioned you’re not that interested in getting PSP games anymore…

  9. I guess so since in his ending they were saying their love to each other for Nova’s end, but in Orion’s she was just crying and he was like “oneechan u ok ???” I mean..human Orion is like 12, and Mary is 19 so unless this was like 10 years into the future or something it’s unlikely they’d ever have him end up with her romantically…but Otomate could always just keep milking it so you never know what may come in the future.

  10. Wait, so in the true end of the Second World, Nova ends up with Mary? …Romantically? (sorry if I sound dumb I just really really really love Orion).

  11. Yea the delay was announced a while ago. I ended up just bulk ordering it with my Crimson empire which comes out at the end of April so I won’t be getting to it for a long time 😛

  12. Lol I loved his route! He was such a great character! This game really brought out the “best” of everyone and I enjoyed it a lot.

    And you are right, everything is pretty pointless but I think I came in with the idea that this is a pointless FD to kill time with and just relax and enjoy. I didn’t expect a deep story at all so it didn’t bother me! And yea sadly because norn9 FD go delayed it will be a while before I get to it.

  13. Only the music game is slightly annoying but the rest I found fairly easy. The routes are pretty short to be honest so there wasn’t much to summarize!

  14. Lol annoying music, so this game is pretty good hmm ^^ Btw just like you predicted lol Nor9 Last Era is delayed to april TAT

  15. Lol! these gloss lips i’m a fan and not fan at the same time, but damn it it’s always so hilarious it’s reminded me Marginal4.

  16. You’re done! Congrats! Was wondering if you got stuck due to Ruka. =3

    I’m surprised you enjoyed it. I kinda felt that all the worlds other than the second are pointless. Then again I might have been miffed at the numerous resets every time you start a new world/ new route. =\

    I like Nova though. His comments are quite amusing, like during his first appearance when you get to pick “a bug?!” and that scene where you get to name him. “Pochi” and… what was that weird samurai-like name again? I totally lol’ed. XD

    Thanks for the review, Hinano. It’s always amusing to read your comments on otoges. =D Guess it’ll be a long wait til you’ll review Norn9 Last Era.

  17. How it was very short, too bad i wanted to see spoilers for the route of Rikka brothers.
    Did the mini game are really that hard ? like i plan to take it i hope than it’s not a pain in the ass to do them.

  18. Yeah, I figured that world would be the only spoiler. I’m mostly through the other worlds, minus School World.

    God, I hated the minigame in Music World. It took me so long to figure out the stupid start thing that I’m embarrassed. And your fangirling and rants are always amusing, so I’ll definitely take a more detailed reading once I finish the game myself 🙂

  19. Honestly the only spoiler is in 2nd world. I barely summarized anything and most of it is just my fangirling/rants XD (Especially in Music World where its literally just the same plot + mini games lol) The game has too much reliance on actually playing the mini games and seeing everything rather than a deep story worth summarizing to be honest 😛

  20. I’m still taking my sweet time with this game…as in I haven’t really touched it in a month or so. Probably longer. It’s mostly due to other distractions. I didn’t read any of the main content of your review (yet), especially because I’m trying to be good about avoiding spoilers nowadays as I’ve noticed I become extremely unmotivated to play or finish a game once I find out all the mysteries.

    I did want to read what you thought of the game overall since you weren’t planning on playing it originally and ended up picking it up. I’m glad you enjoyed it for what it was. It makes it seem like it was worth the buy since, like you said, as long as we get the pretty pictures with the characters, money will continue to be thrown at Otomate. I certainly didn’t buy it expecting it to be a masterpiece xD

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