Otome Game Review: Code: Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~

It’s 1853 in the outskirts of England where our heroine Cardia lives forever alone in a dirty abandoned house because daddy told her so.  By living alone she basically just sits in her room all day wishing for her life to end because nothing really matters anymore. The queen’s royal guards lead by Leon Hard (I swear I think it’s Leonhart lol) break into her house to try and capture her. The thing is, she’s not an easy pray because her dad has coined her a “monster” due to the fact that anything she touches melts like it’s being burned with acid. When one of the guard dogs tries to bite her, it melts his face off. Fortunately, master thief Arsene Lupin rescues her and then tells her that she has a stone on her chest called the Horologium which was implanted into her body by her father Isaac Beckford. Lupin is on the search for both Isaac and those who are behind the terrorist attacks in London. Since Cardia wants to find her father as well and figure out wtf he really wanted her to do, she comes along and so their steampunk adventure begins.

cmomon01Common Route – This will probably have spoilers thrown in but well if you’re reading up here it means you wanna be spoiled out the wazoo! 😆 The common route basically has our cast “coming together” because they are all somehow connected to Isaac Beckford. First of all Cardia has no memories except for 2 years prior and the only thing she had on her was a letter from dad saying she must not associate with anyone and be forever alone. He basically wanted her to be his emotionless doll (to be explained why later) because by having emotions it throws variables into his experiments! Impey is already Lupin’s buddy and so he was already in the group to begin with. He often provides Lupin with methods of transportation being a machinist and all. Next they run into Victor Frankenstein who is on the run from the government because he is blamed for a poison gas attack that happened a few years ago. The guy is just a meek scientist who says he wasn’t responsible for it at all and is wrongly accused. He says he is looking for Isaac as well, being his former pupil and all, so he joins the group. Next they all meet the Count of Saint Germain, who owns a ton of mansions/hotels so that they have a hideout to be in. I mean we got a hunted scientist, and a thief so gotta hide somewhere! San doesn’t reveal much about himself except in his own route so we’ll get to that later. Finally the last member of our group is Abraham Van Helsing. Van was the “hero” of the Vampire War because he killed a bunch of Vampires and lead the humans to victory. However this is all false and on top of this, the son of the vampire leader, Delacroix IInd is still alive and wants revenge.

common02Due to reasons explained in Van’s route, he cannot bear to kill the poor 12 year old shota vampire and eventually they bring the boku to stay with them at San’s place. Once he mellows out, he’s just a tsundere shota who likes to play with San’s dog Sissy that has a prosthetic leg that Impey built for him. During the common route they are also forced to enter into a zeppelin race to make money and they face off against CAPTAIN NEMO who rather than a ship captain, is actually another mad scientist who was Isaac’s pupil. The dude not only looks like he escaped out of Harajuku, but he’s a dirty hentai GGE who ruins things in Impey’s route. Cardia also reveals her past and says when she woke up 2 years ago she found a letter from her father telling her not to leave the house because a sad world awaits her. She didn’t listen and ran outside only to be chased by angry religious wackos into the woods. She ran into a lady named Elaine who took her house to treat her wounds (somehow) and let her stay and learn herbal medicines. Elaine lived alone with her daughter because her husband was dead. They lived quietly for a month until one day the crazy villagers burned down their house saying it’s a punishment for “harboring a monster”. Elaine said if Cardia was a monster she woulda killed them all by now. They decide to lock the 2 of them in some cave for 13 days and if after 13 days they are fine, they will apologize and accept Cardia. Unfortunately being in an enclosed space with Cardia, is like being with someone who has full blown Ebola and the poison in the air kills Elaine. Cardia tried to make an air hole in the cave by melting the rocks but she did it too late and Elaine had already died. Once Cardia runs out of the cave she runs into their old burned down house and finds underneath a medicine book Elaine asked Cardia to pass on to her daughter Etty. However when Cardia goes to give the book to Etty, Etty yells at her saying she killed her mother and that she should have been the one to die instead. (ಥ_ಥ)

common03That’s why after that incident Cardia had returned to her house and just stayed in her room all day wishing to just die. Anyway, our heroes decide to invade Isaac’s old underground lab to see if they can get any hints of his whereabouts. Before they can leave though, they get intercepted by the Tasogare, a group that supposedly works “along side” the government but is really a connection to Isaac. The group is lead by Finis, who tells Cardia that he is her younger brother. He then leads her to an area of Isaac’s lab which has 665 giant glass tubes all underground filled with incomplete bodies. Turns out those are all failed “Cardia” bodies that look like a bunch of Ayanami Rei clones. Difference is because they are failed experiments they’re just sitting there rotting for no reason because the only successful one was Cardia. Finis explains that Cardia was created by Isaac to harbor the Horologium until it eventually “completed” and turned into the Philosopher’s stone. The piece to complete it is a stone called Sigterium, which Finis possesses, and which was created accidentally by Fran. Cardia finally realizes why she spews acid everywhere, and why Elaine died and why her father called her a monster. She’s so shocked but before she can react, San runs by and stabs Finis supposedly killing him. After this everyone returns back home but Cardia is so depressed at what she found out that she decides it’s best for her to get away from everyone. She packs her things and leaves San’s house with nowhere to go and from here the separate routes begin.

imp01Impey Barbicane – Based off the guy from this famous novel, Impey is a dorky machinist who often invents all sorts of gadgets but they often blow up in his face. He also falls in love with Cardia at first sight and proceeds to hit on her basically the whole game XD. To be fair though, he’s adorable as hell so I didn’t mind it at all. The thing is though, he’s also a vampire. Why he’s a vampire though I don’t know because I felt like it had barely any relation to his route and all the typical things a vampire exhibits he did not (sunlight, garlic, blood sucking etc.) He’s one of the few remaining alive after the vampire war and other than his unusually high strength, he just seems like a regular human. Impey is also in charge of cooking for everyone at San’s place and unlike his inventions, he’s rather good at it. His inspiration to become a machinist was when he first laid eyes on the locomotive train. At the route split, after Cardia decides to leave, she runs into Impey who says he’ll go find Nemo with her. This is where you go into his route. When they find Nemo he’s crying a river that his important experiment subjects have been stolen so Impey offers to go find it for him. Nemo is so happy he bawws theatrically and gives Impey a manly hug. When Impey and Cardia invade the pirate hideout they find that the item that was stolen was Nemo’s gravity core.  Guess Nemo is impatient though because he blasts his way into the pirate’s hideout before Cardia and Impey make their move lol. Once the pirates find out about them hiding though they are even more pissed since Impey and co. are the ones who stole their zeppelin for the race 😆 Nemo stupidly blows up the pirates and himself so Impey grabs both Cardia and Nemo like suitcases and runs out with them xD Cardia then is like I’ma protect you bby and says she has a bunch of bombs from Fran lol. This makes Impey ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。 and  he decides to fight back as well. As a thanks Nemo lets them into his laboratory where he tells them info about Isaac. He then mentions that Isaac created a homunculus to “exctract” the poison out of the Horologium which is Cardia. That’s why there’s always poison “seeping out of her” because she’s a body to help basically “cleanse” the stone to be pure.

imp02Impey asks if Nemo knows a way to extract the poison out of it but Nemo says there would be except all the bodies failed to harbor it due to the poison and most of them ended up dead. Cardia and Impey end up staying at his place but that night Cardia is feeling upset with all this info dump about her being nothing but an experimental rat  so she goes looking for Impey. She then stumbles upon Nemo talking to the Tasogare group and finds out that he was in cahoots with them all along. On top of this he’s fully aware that Cardia is the one successful homunculus and now they can continue the philosopher’s stone plan like they originally left off. Unfortunately by the time she realizes it it’s too late and nemo uses sleeping gas to knock them both out. While Impey’s sleeping, they take a piece of the Horologium and engrave it out of her body. She has pain in that area  due to this but then Nemo comes back cackling like a drunk witch saying that the one small piece has a ton of energy in it. He says that once the Horologium completes inside of her, it will become the powerful Philosopher’s stone and he can be like a god with it in his hands. They will also extract it out of Cardia and return her to just being a soulless body. While he’s busy cackling though, Cardia uses her poison to melt the chains that he forgot to make Cardia-acid-free and then she knocks his lights out and runs away HELL YEA YOU GO GURL XDD. She runs away to find Impey but has constant pain rushing through her body where the piece of Horologium was removed. She finds Impey locked inside but can’t open the door because it’s made from her acid-proof material so she’s unable to melt the lock. Thanks to his invention powers he uses a piece of the toilet and his neo steam engine to blow the door open. Unfortunately they cannot escape because as it turns out, the entire “laboratory” is actually Nemo’s airship (as opposed to submarine lol), the Nautilus! When Impey breaks open a door to escape there’s no where to go cause they’re up in the air!  Impey then realizes that the thing making the ship float is what he’s been looking for in London all this time – that rocket core of his! He’s the one who invented it and when Nemo finds out he shits bricks and asks Impey to become his partner.  Impey refuses, grabs Cardia and jumps off the ship – only to be caught by Lupin on the Ornithopter. Turns out Impey had left a note for him and took an “emergency signal” that he pushed soon as he woke up from the sleeping gas at Nemo’s ship. Soon as he saw Ornithopter’s lights blinking in the sky he knew it was the right time to jump :D. Unfortunately Cardia’s chest pain kicks in again but it lasts long enough that she passes out from it. After waking up back at San’s house, Fran examines her and says because a piece of the Horologium was removed it messes up her balance and basically unless they get it back, Cardia will go into CARDIAC arrest! The good news is because the Horologium’s potency is weakened, Cardia is no longer a walking acid bomb and Impey takes the opportunity to hold her bare hand.

imp04Just then Nemo’s ship flies over London and he yells out that if he doesn’t get Cardia in 3 days he’ll set all of London on fire. Everyone leaves San’s house and goes to a hideout where Herlock trolls them and then takes them to the queen to hide out in Buckingham place instead. Oh and by now Impey and Cardia are all raburabu although Cardia’s all kuudere about it cause she’s embarrassed ( ≖‿≖).  Impey also mentions that Dela knows that Impey’s a vampire cause his vampire senses were tingling. He even asked Impey to join forces and take revenge for their family but Impey refused. His dream is to go to the moon and he ain’t got no time for revenge.  He tells her a story of his past and how his parents died when he was young during the war, and nobody wanted him. He basically lived alone and one comfort he had was looking up at the moon. And since he was bored he started tinkering with inventions and realized shit shit’s fun! he also then stumbled into some other outcast grampa who taught him how to make other things. Then he and gramps started working on a canon to “blast someone to the moon.” Unfortunately due to a gas poison accident by those who hated him & gramps, Gramps ended up dying and he left a note for Impey that said “I’m waiting for you on the moon.”  After telling her about his past he proposes to her to be with him for the rest of their lives. Cardia’s like no, because she doesn’t want him proposing like he’s gonna die tomorrow. Instead, he kisses her and asks her to go to the moon with him after everything’s over.   And so on the 3rd day Impey makes an item that  he plans to mess around with the gravity settings of Nautilus and send it into the galaxy away from earth. He asks Victoria’s army to buy him time while he sneaks inside to activate it. Unfortunately things take a turn for the worse as the energy in Cardia’s Horologium weakens at a fast speed putting her into critical condition. Basically once the energy runs out it will become a regular stone and it’s the equivalent of a human’s heart stopping aka death.  They invade the ship and Impey manages to set off his device and steal the gravity core so that it forces the ship to go into zero gravity. When they get to the core room Nemo is there cackling like an idiot saying he don’t understand why Impey won’t share his FEELS of being a misunderstood scientist! Impey’s like bro unlike you, I wasn’t forever alone and now I got a hot babe m9(^Д^)プギャー.

imp03Nemo starts raging and sends his tasogare army to attack Impey but Impey kicks their ass so Nemo figures the next best thing to do is to attack Cardia. He figures even without gravity core, he can get enough energy out of the Horologium to power the Nautilus.  He tries to attack her but Impey saves her thanks to a bulletproof vest that Lupin gave him. Anyway ultimately, Nemo gets his ass kicked because Impey tells him that if he wants Isaac Senpai to notice him, creating a giant ass airship and waving it around like a phallus isn’t the way to do it. Nemo is like NOO  WHY DOES NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME WAHH and then he blows himself up along with the ships engine. This sets the ship to fly back down towards London so Impey decides he’s gonna stay back to reroute it and try to land it in a safer area away from the city. Oh and also Impey burns his hand but gets the missing Horologium piece back into Cardia’s boob. True End: Impey tells Cardia to escape but she’s like nope bebe I’m staying with you. And so they land the ship safely and watch the sunrise together. Impey grabs and kisses her before her poison kicks back in again since the Horologium is regaining its powers. In the epilogue, Impey and Cardia are living in San’s house cause he decided to go back to France and told them to house sit for a while….a while being like a year lol. She can no longer touch him again but ain’t no thang and he asks Cardia to marry him. Cardia of course agrees and they both look at the firework or whatever that Impey shot towards the moon saying how he’s made his, hers and gramp’s dream come true. In the bonus omake, Impey finally starts to get along with Sissy although it seems like Sissy has made him his slave xDDD. Also wet half naked Impey-tan (๑´ڡ`๑)ペロペロ Normal End:  Impey tells Cardia to run for it saying he’ll catch up so she goes first. Unfortunately it was a lie and he ends up giving her 1 last kiss and going down with the ship. 1 year later Cardia is leaving London to go to America. They found a lot of dead bodies from the Nautilus but they never found Impey’s. I’m still wondering why they didn’t cover Impey’s vampire past more. Like what about the whole blood sucking and stuff?? I know the war ended but he’s still a vampire so what gives? I mean was there even a point of making him a vampire at this point? (´・ω・`)

san01Count of Saint Germain – Based off the historical figure, San is Man of Mystery and well frankly at first I thought of him as Mr. Creeper. Problem is Otomate kinda spoiled things by putting a CG of him strangling Cardia so I pretty much went with that impression into the game! At first he really was a lying ass creeper though. After Cardia plans to leave, he intercepts and takes her to one of his other private mansions where he says she can “live” there.  By live though, he really means die, because he was actually intending to kill her all along!  So yea needless to say he basically takes her to this mansion that’s an identical replica of the other mansion except no one else is there. He drugs her tea so she falls asleep but because of her Horologium she’s able to awaken from it faster than he planned. She wakes up to see him enter the room with a knife covered in poison to kill her. He ain’t even hiding it he’s all like “yea I’m gonna kill you lol” but Cardia tries to resist. Instead he then begins to strangle her and tell her how if she had just been a good girl and stayed asleep she’d have a peaceful death! Oh HOW SO AWFULLY KIND OF YOU HAKUSHAKU. Somewhere during the strangling the dude decides he regrets strangling such a sexy lady and stops…before he can actually choke her to death. The next day he’s like yea I gotta kill you but i don’t want you to suffer so we’ll just have to try again later. For now have fun being locked up in my uguu mansion of love.  The good news is Cardia is an exceptionally awesome heroine and she’s not gonna sit back and be tied up, muffled and locked up in some room of a creepy  Hirakawa Daisuke character! That night she manages to get her hands free, then melts a piece of metal into a lock pick. She then manages to pick her way out of both her room and the mansion…just in time for San to see her escape an shit bricks m9^Д^)m9^Д^)m9^Д^)ジェトストリームプギャー  She runs for her life through the forest and makes it out back to where Lupin and co. are…only to be met with some crazy giant guy in a chain metal suit trying to stab her with his giant ass sword. She’s really hurt but just in time my babies Van and Fran show up.  Van kills some time to allow Fran and Cardia to escape though he injures his leg after he catches up to them.

san02They run to another secret hideout of Lupin’s and eventually Lupin and Impey meet them there as well. Cardia tells everyone what happened but Lupin and Impey are SHOCKED that San would ever do such things! (ಠ_ಠ) And well I wasn’t shocked at what he did, and I already had a pretty damn bad impression of him, but now that I’m writing this review after finishing the game I just feel sorry he was put in such a position.  All of them then decide to delve deeper after realizing that San is connected to Isaac. They come back to Isaac’s creeper dead homunculus lab and there they find a pendant that Finis left behind after his death. When Cardia picks it up, her Horologium starts reacting to it so Fran slaps it away and separates the 2 of them thinking it may be some key item to completing it. They find a memo from Isaac that says that he’s fighting against a group called the “IDEA” who are basically after him for trying to defy god with his experiments. That armored knight is from IDEA which is why it was after Cardia. That’s why San wanted to “kill her painlessly” so that she wouldn’t be stabbed violently. I know he was probably prohibited from telling her details and I know he was trying to painlessly kill her, BUT SURELY THERE COULD HAVE BEEN AWAY – and that’s the way that paves us to the good ending! And as I had also guessed, San is part of the IDEA group led by an old granny named Omnibus. He was assigned to kill Cardia but cause he was beating around the bush they sent this lady, Ginevia to finish the job instead. Lupin and Cardia escape and leave San to fight with Ginevia. The next day Cardia’s time is stopped by a  magical granny named Omnibus who is the leader of Idea.She basically explains what I had also predicted – they wanna make sure humans don’t go defying god and they have protected “humanity” for thousands of years. But yea now Isaac went and stepped over DAT LINE so that’s why she had to send her peeps to kill Cardia cause she’s not supposed to exist. She also explains that San is basically a zombie and that his soul “died” many years ago which is why he can take a stab or 10!  Cardia’s like fuck dat sheit I wanna live but Granny tells her that lol you ain’t livin in the first place! Yo daddy never managed to properly insert a soul or a heart into you! She also tells Cardia that because San didn’t listen to her and kill EVERYONE in a certain village years ago, the one child he left alive ended up spreading the black plague! And because of that 1 child apparently 85 million people in the world died. So that’s why if they don’t kill Cardia something similar might happen! So granny’s now super mad that after that incident San had always followed her orders but this time once again he’s hesitating on killing Cardia. She says that if he doesn’t do as she says, she will remove his immortal powers and he will die.

san03We also get a historical point of view from San’s past where he was ordered a long time ago to kill a diseased child. Basically San found him sick and alone in a dark alley cause they burned his mom at the stake due to witch accusations. San felt sorry for the kid and took him in and took care of him while being the local village doctor to the village Omnibus sent him too. He would then report the status of the village daily to IDEA. One day some dude with a black plague came to him and that’s when San realized he had to kill everyone in the villlage so that people wouldn’t leave and spread the disease. He did kill everyone but the child who begged San not to “leave him alone.” San felt sorry for the kid and took him out of the village to another place…not knowing the kid also now had the black plague. Due to this San basically was the one who spread the disease with his own hands and the guilt’s been eating away at his heart for thousands of years. (´ε`;) So yea at this point I just felt sorry for the poor guy and this is also what caused me to cry a river in Lupin’s normal ending. Omnibus also told Cardia not to tell anyone about any of this and if she agreed for San to kill her, to come to the tower bridge the following night. She shows up prepared to die but San has other plans. He tells her that he’s in love with her and he cannot bring himself to kill her. If she’s a monster, he’s just as much of a monster himself since he’s basically an undead zombie. He then takes Cardia’s gloves off and touches his face burning the skin off, but soon as he takes it off, it heals immediately.  He then pulls another drug stunt on her that paralyzes her body so that he can go off without her to defeat all of Omnibus’ 12 loyal servants. After this he intends to kill Omnibus herself and even if she takes away his undead powers, he’ll still have a bit of time before he collapses and dies. The ultimate goal for him is to protect Cardia and Cardia’s like NO Y U DO DIS! Ginevia’s past reveals that she was King Arthur’s wife but she was apparently not in love with him and instead she fell in love with Lancelot. And so thanks to the NTR, it caused a war, destroyed a country, killed Arthur and made Lancelot a fugitive. So then San showed up in front of her saying she was chosen by Omnibus to be one of her loyal servants. After Cardia’s drug wears off she returns to Lupin and co. and tells them how the 5 of them all met purposely all due to San’s planning because they are all connected to Isaac. Lupin and co. get annoyed that she didn’t tell them in any way but say they will come help her try to get San back. Fran also finishes his research on Finis’ pendant and says that its indeed the item to turn Horologium into the Philosopher’s stone.  Cardia suggests they give this pendant to Omnibus as an offering to save San because by never having the Philosopher’s stone “complete” it would make Cardia less of a threat.

san04In the meantime Lupin finds out IDEA’s hideout in some magical forest so everyone heads over there.  However when they get there they get sucked in Omnibus’ dreamland and everyone around Cardia disappears. She eventually makes her way to Omnibus’ house and finds out the others are still wandering around the forest cause granny doesn’t like uninvited guests.  And so for the sinner TRIFECTA, Omnibus admits she ate some forbidden fruit that basically forces her to be able to see all history past present and future.  Anyway Cardia threatens granny that if she can’t have San be alive, she’ll complete the Philosopher’s stone and become a monster and destroy the world. Granny’s like lol pls you’d never repeat what happened with Elaine and Etty but Cardia’s lol TRY ME and she moves the pendant near her chest to which the Horologium begins reacting. Granny shits bricks and gives in but on the condition that Cardia and San can defeat Ginevia. Her future prediction says that they will lose but she wants to see if Cardia can change the prophecy. Good End: Cardia accepts the challenge but apparently we didn’t hear about a 2nd requirement that after San defeats Ginevia…Cardia has to destroy her Horologium which means she’s going to die. And I’m sitting here head desking because if you agreed to DIE ANYWAY why did San need to go through all dat sheit to keep you ALIVE. THESE 2 NEED TO SIT DOWN AND DISCUSS THEIR DECISIONS BEFORE MAKING THEM. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Anyways Granny gives San 1 last life to live since he’s leaving IDEA and basically he’ll age like a normal human and die. In the meantime Cardia tries to stab her chest but San puts his hand in the way and cries begging Omnibus to give him time to find a way for Cardia to live without the Horologium inside of her. Ginevia wakes up and throws in her vote too  so Granny’s like SIGH FINE but says that if they can’t find a way, eventually she’ll come after Cardia and kill her for real this time. And so in the epilogue, San and Cardia travel the world researching alchemy to see if there’s a way to extract the Horologium without killing her. San wants to hit dat shit so badly he even risks burning his lips to give her a slight kiss. Unfortunately for him Cardia’s like STAHP YOU’ll BURN YO FACE OFF SON and tells him when they remove the poison from her, she’ll make out with him all he wants. Normal End: The battle between San and Ginevia ends in a draw but San dies. Cardia planned to kill herself since there was no longer a reason for her to live, but instead Omnibus offers for her to join IDEA and be one of her servants. Cardia’s like welp why not I guess and ends up joining them, recollecting on the past of her friends when she visits London. Omake: San gets a kimono from asia and has no idea how to put it on so he asks Cardia to help. Just then Impey walks in on them and thinks lewd things are going on and runs away crying. Impey I love u bby come back ((((((((((ノ∀`)・゚・。 アヒャヒャヒャヒャ

van01Abraham Van Helsing – Not gonna lie, Van’s route is SAD and Scary and fucking GURO. It’s nothing to do with Van, but like how Knives in Armen Noir got screwed, Van basically is the one to get screwed in this game which makes me so sad because he DESERVED A HAPPIER ENDING ;___;。 Van teaches Cardia battle tactics so that she can defend herself in the case that she is captured. This comes in handy because when she decides to leave everyone, she finds herself in the hands of JACK THE RIPPER! \( ^o^)/ He was intentionally ordered to capture Cardia and bring her back alive to Finis so he doesn’t plan to chop her up like he does with his prostitutes =_=. Cardia ain’t got no time to be with this psychopath so while he leaves her, she manages to break free from where she’s tied and tries to run away. Thanks to the fighting skills she learned from Van she kicks him in the head and runs for it but not knowing where to go she ends up running into his “purification” area aka where he kills all the prostitutes. He corners her but before he can cut her legs off for running away, Van comes and blows his brains out. Van reveals that Jack has “Hidden Strength” which was basically giving humans some of the vampire’s powers at the expense of basically making them insane.Most of the experimental subjects had been arrested but Jack managed to escape thanks to Tasogare. Cardia’s like dude you should be lucky you’re still alive and he’s like “I MUST PURIFY THIS WORLD” lol.ಠ_ಠ He gets all pissy when Van calls him a crazy idiot but Van continues to blow the guy’s head off. Van tells Cardia that those who have the Hidden Strength are constantly having mental PTSD flashbacks of a past trauma and their mental maturity is that of a child. So the whole time Jack babbles how he must kill and Van continues shooting him until he lies on the ground crying for his mom to stop beating him.( ゚д゚)….wow I did not expect this. Just then Jack runs to some wall that has the word “Azoth” written in blood. They hear a robotic who says if they don’t hand over Cardia, they will continue the mass murders. Van immediately realizes that it’s Finis and that he has “revived” once more.  In the meantime, Van and Cardia run into Arester who Cardia thought was their enemy but turns out he is actually Van’s ally (or so he thinks!). He says he had to pretend to be on Finis’ side to get inside Tasogare but his goal is to take them down (all lies). He also says that Finis is in fact not dead as Van had guessed.

van02On top of this, Van says that AZOTH is definitely Finis cause he knows about Van back during the vampire war…and now he’s basically sending out random people to kill others and leave “azoth” in bloody letters once they are done (And this is all completely wrong as poor Van will find out soon). They end up having to fight against Neuntöter  who’s been given hidden strength and the only thing his head can think about is revenge on Dela’s father, which not even Dela can stop.  After being badly injured, Van wakes up in bed surprised Cardia was with him the whole time. She says she’s glad that he’s alive and he says that he’s glad she didn’t get killed either. Cardia then realizes what an ikemen he is and starts falling in love with him. ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリ When Dela comes in Van basically says that as long as he gets his revenge on Finis, Dela can kill him.  The next day Van brings Arester in and says he will come with him to find Finis. Cardia’s like no bebe I’m coming with you! Before she nearly confesses that she loves him and won’t be happy without him, Leon shows up to tell them that a bunch of dudes with hidden strength attacked the royal palace and 1 was a suicide bomber. As usual they left the AZOTH logo behind with a note saying “time for the game to start.” On top of this the attackers died yelling “All hail Finis-sama!”  They split into 2 groups to look for FInis and Cardia and Van run into Finis. Unfortunately they can’t get to him because his zombie vampire army protects him. Dela says he’ll take care of his vampire buds and tells Cardia to chase Van down so he isn’t consumed by his revenge. After another run in with Finis, Van tells Cardia goodbye and that it was a mistake getting her involved in all of this.  Cardia refuses to let him go till he spills the beans so he tells her what happened 2 years ago. He was a spy in the vampire castle but after being there for a while he realized they’re just living normally and have no intention to hurt anyone. Van then tried to tell his army captain that there’s no point in the senseless war. He sadly couldn’t convince them so he planned to just quit the army period…but then Finis kidnapped Van’s family and threatened that if Van didn’t kill the vampires, he’d kill his family. Van couldn’t bear with his brother and mother being killed so he ruthlessly killed hundreds of innocent vampires. ( ;∀;)

van03Finis being a scumbag that he is of course didn’t keep the promise and killed Van’s family anyway. That’s why Van cannot rest until Finis is dead and despite Cardia’s attempts to stop him, she’s unsuccessful.  She begs Lupin and co to help get him back so they all end up invading Tasogare HQ. They find Van and Cardia says she came there to see him because she loves him. Meanwhile Finis is like lol wtf you have no feelings you doll you can’t love anyone. He then tells Van to shoot him all he wants to see if he can “kill him” but even though Van shoots him like 10 times he comes out unscathed. Or rather, it’s because he constantly has a replacement clone to take his place! Kagebunshin no Finis! But here comes the massive plot twist: Arester reveals himself to be Azoth, then turns Finis’s army against him – or rather the army was Arester’s to begin with and they shoot Finis down. Arester then tells Van that his revenge is over because Finis will no longer be able to revive ever again.  Cardia & Van are like why u do dis, and he babbles how HUMANS ARE INTERESTING and he wants to see them SHINE in their best moments! ヽ(。_゜)ノ On top of this, he also announces that he set up Van to hate on Finis but in fact the one who kidnapped Van’s family and killed them was none other than Arester! VAN щ(ಥДಥщ)!! He was also the one who created his army of those with hidden strength to be his battle slaves. He leaves saying that he will battle Van another time.  The following day, he lets loose a bunch of hidden strength zombie prisoners loose in London and they go around randomly attacking people. Van runs after them to kill them but Cardia’s like FUCK NOT AGAIN and runs to chase him down. Fortunately, Impey shoved a  GPS on him to make it easy for Cardia to track him down. XD She finally finds him and he keeps telling her to go away but he’s like NO BBY I LOVE U and he’s basically like I DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE CAUSE YOU’RE IMPORTANT TO ME Y U NO UNDERSTAND! He then thanks her for loving him, knocks her out, brings her back to San’s place and goes to Tower Bridge to face off with Arester. щ(ಥДಥщ)  Instead Arester brings a zombified Dela to him but Van manages to snap him out and follow Arester further.

van04Cardia wakes up and goes there as well only to have everyone find out that Van had Arester raise him as a “work of art” to be the “perfect human” with hidden strength. The more miserable he made Van, the better it increased his “anger and sadness” which is the best way to bring out that hidden strength. Once it completes, Arester says some bullshit that Cardia is the reason Van lost his family and that she’s his target of revenge. Zombiefied Van can only see red, and is now after Cardia. Damn GGE ヽ(`Д´#)ノ.  Cardia tells him to STFU and grabs GGE by the neck with her bare hands threatening to melt his head off. He’s like it’s cool, I don’t mind dying cause I was miserable and ronery after someone killed my family but now I got my killing machine Van-tan who’s even more miserable than me! Cardia rages and melts thie GGE’s neck further but the dude’s like yahoo Van-tan you’re my successor!  And then the crazy old man stabs himself and tells Van that his last order is to kill Cardia. Van goes nuts and beats Cardia down until she finally points his gun at herself and is like look dude, if it’ll make you calm the fuck down, you can shoot me. Van manages to come to his senses, drop his gun, let Cardia go and passes out. Once he gets up he stabs himself to snap himself fully out of the hidden strength zombie state. Cardia cries and yells for him to wake up and he’s like whoaa stop yelling I’m alive I’m alive. He also thanks her for chasing him this far and tells her he loves her. (*´ω`*) Best End: A month later Van is in the government forces but he doesn’t want Cardia seeing him on the job cause he don’t want other dudes hittin on his hot babe. They end up sneaking on top of a building during a dance party as a surprise from him. He had Fran make her a special dress and tells Cardia that he’ll be patient to make SWEET LOVE to her until they get her poison out. POOR GUY DIDN’T EVEN GET A KISS CG T___T. Normal End:  Van dies and Dela visits Cardia in her room every day to try to cheer her up. Omake: Cardia offers to make Van breakfast since everyone say that his cooking is demonic poison. When she goes to wake him up the next morning she finds him naked in bed going “come closer to me”. Cardia’s all like IM OK WITH THIS but turns out he was really just flopping his hand around for his glasses. Cardia is disappointed and he knows it so he says he’ll save that for when they remove her poison :PP Also naked Van Butt GET! XD I’m so sad that Van never got a kiss CG seriously the poor guy had such a hard life, couldn’t we have figured out SOME WAY he could get some action. FD please?? 😦

fran01Victor Frankenstein – I was so mesmerized by Fran’s moe that I just marathoned his route and now I barely remember what happened lol. Thank god for google docs! Fran is an alchemist that knows a lot of hidden secrets. He’s always experimenting with random stuff and working on a way to cure Cardia of her poison. When Cardia tries to leave he tells her he’ll find a way to cure her poison and then goes mia for bit. Cardia returns to San’s house but her body feels heavy because of the interaction with that stone that Finis had (to complete the process of the philosopher’s stone.) Several days later Van tells everyone that Victoria once again slapped a fine on their heads as terrorists because apparently Fran caused another explosion incident with the Sigterium.  Cardia then gets a letter telling her to meet Fran on tower bridge. Turns out it was a trap from that kuso GGE Arester and he almost captures her…when Fran shows up, grabs her and jumps off the bridge into the water to escape.  They run into the woods where he almost leaves her again but Lupin and co. find them and is like not going anywhere buddy. They then run to hide in some apartment since they’re fugitives now and Fran explains that the terrorism attack that he’s being accused of was set up by the Tasogare. When Cardia tells him that she’s been getting Horologium attacks every now & then he freaks out and says he needs to inspect it. They realize they have no tools at the hideout so along with Van, Fran and Cardia run back to San’s house to check. Although suddenly, Cardia is really embarrassed to show Fran her titties and to that Fran reacts too and they both blush like idiots until Fran gets back into doctor mode |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  They then try to sneak into Buckingham palace but because Impey’s crap invention fails, it explodes, attracts attention and they get captured by Leon Hard’s army.  Fortunately Carida fucking KICKS SOME SERIOUS ASS BY MELTING THE LOCK, ESCAPING, BEATING UP ALL THE PRISON GUARDS AND FUCKING SAVING FRAN. FUCK YEA GUUURL. Eventually the guards catch up to them but they still make it to Victoria. Fran ask Victoria to cooperate with him in order to stop the terrorism in London. Victoria’s like Lol and not going to stop this because I’m the one who set up the whole thing! Ohohoho desuwa! She babbles how it’s England vs. the world and thanks to Isaac they were able to build a strong army (aka the Tasogare hidden strength zombies).  Her great plan is to send Fran as a spy to other countries, cause  terrorism and then force people to sign treaties with England so England can be on top bwahahah you fuckin crazy BBA щ(ºДºщ).

fran02Victoria says she’d take the bounty off their heads if Fran agrees to continue working on the Sigterium for her…for obvious terror purposes. Fran refuses cause he doesn’t want to kill innocent ppl with it. Just then Victoria gives Cardia a pocket watch with only 1 needle on it and says “This is how much time you have until D-Day” aka she is fully aware that Cardia’s Horologium is about to transform into the Philosopher’s stone. Fran knew this as well, but because he didn’t want to scare Cardia he kept quiet about it. (´ε`;)  When this happens, Cardia will spew so much poison it will basically kill everyone in the London radius. So now Fran has 30 hours to figure out how to stop the progress of the Horologium or London will go boom. Victoria says she has a way to “contain” Cardia even after it completes its transformation but Fran tells her not to listen and he’ll do his best to stop it. Cardia tells Vicky that she’s gonna believe in Fran and refuses her offer. Fran and Cardia manage to escape the queen, and just in time Impey comes on his Ornithopter. Back at the hideout Fran finally tells Cardia about his past. He says that he was given a ton of money to experiment on working to create the Philosopher’s stone. Being a young scientist, he jumped on the opportunity but was only able to create the poison filled Sigterium. Just then he got picked up by Isaac to work with him together not knowing that he was then being used for the terrorism plans by Victoria.   He tried to stop it when he realized what was happening but it was too late – and the poison gas terrorism happened killing a lot of innocent lives. Fran was horrified at what happened and decided to run away only to find out Sigterium was then used to kill a lot of vampires during the vampire war as well. He then heard rumors that Isaac was working on Horologium and when he met Cardia, he figured she must have been Isaac’s experiment subject. The thing that gave it away is Horologium cannot be created without Sigterium and so all of Cardia’s poison that Sigterium has was the dead give away. He then says everything is his fault and it’s not that he wanted to save her, it’s that he is a coward who just wanted to clear his own guilt. Cardia gives him a big ol hug and says that yeah you did some bad shit,  but because of you I am standing here today.  (*´ω`*) Just then Victoria starts her terror plan by throwing poison gas bombs in various areas. One of those areas is where Fran and Cardia were. Fran acts fast and tells others in the building as well to run for it. Fran tells her to run too but she refuses and stays back to help get others to safety.  Thanks to this incident, Cardia feels better and suddenly Fran realizes exactly how to stop her poison. The idea is to find the Sigterium and have her swallow it so that the poison cancels itself within her body but they only have 7 hours left.

fran03Cardia also tells Fran that she’s going to be with him her remaining time and if they can’t stop the Horologium by then she’ll end her own life.   She then tells Fran that she loves him but Arester shows up to cockblock and ruin everything damn GGE ヽ(`Д´#)ノ. Gge takes Cardia hostage and Fran runs to find the Sigterium cause apparently gge plans to betray Victoria. Fran plans to find the Sigterium and destroy it to save London and Cardia but he only has 3 hours. He runs into Van and explains that the poison in the Sigterium can stop the Horologium from completing. Our awesome heroine™ Cardia won’t just stay captured by the gross GGE though. Soon as he leaves her alone, she uses the skills Lupin taught her to break free from the handcuffs, chuck a piece of furniture to break through the glass window and escape LIKE A BAUS. After running out she gets chased by Tasogare but Impey comes on his omithopter just in time. In the mean time Van and Fran meet up with Lupin and San who are still looking for the Sigterium.  Arester’s army surrounds them but Frans says that the only way for any of them to get Sigterium is to unlock a secret room that only he knows the key to. He says that if GGE doesn’t bring Cardia to him right now, he won’t open it, and everyone in London will die, including himself. Gge refuses but just then Cardia and Impey show up. He realizes he lost even further when Victoria figures out he’s a traitor and has her troops surround his mansion.  He kills one of his subordinates saying it’s time to disband Tasogare. With less than 1 hour on the clock, Leon Hard’s army shows up to lend our heroes a hand to take down the remains of the Tasogare. Just as they finish Victoria shows up saying she was watching Arester and figured out he’s a traitor.  She then tells everyone her GRANDIOSE plan to poisoning her own citizens so that they’d think it was terrorism from other countries and then would want to join her army so they’d be ready for war anytime. She doesn’t want Cardia to turn into a monster so she agrees to help stop the Horologium but she wants Cardia to join her forces when England is threatened by outside forces. As Victoria walks away, Fran tells Cardia he wants to save her and stop the crazy BBA. The other 4 say they’ll catch up to them later and tell the 2 lovebirds to go ahead. When inside Fran asks Cardia to believe in him, and then he takes his gloves off and touches her face.  The poison has weakened significantly which is why Cardia couldn’t melt off the handcuffs when Arester captured her. He then says that they’re both just as “guilty” and says he loves her. (*´ω`*) Eventually they get further deeper and make it to the central dogma core where Victoria’s waiting for them.  Fran then ends up fighting against Leonheart who’s like “why don’t you get it that if you die here Cardia will be saved!” Fran’s like fuck dat shiat, I wanna live with my sexy lady.

fran04Victoria tells Leon Hard to just kill Cardia cause they’re running out of time…but Leon Hard says that he cannot because what they’re doing is wrong after all. Victoria rages that if he can’t do it, then she will do it but Leon Hard gets in the way to stop her.  Meanwhile Fran runs to the steampunk tree and starts trying to hack into the program to stop it.  Fran manages to stop it and Victoria’s like NOO MY KEIKAKUU but then looks at Cardia and is like I STILL HAVE YOU. Leon Hard tells Victoria to run but she’s completely lost her marbles and stabs the poor guy. Leon Hard apologizes for his rudeness, punches her in the stomach and grabs her to run dafuq away. He asks Fran to take care of the rest, and Fran has 10 minutes to stop Cardia from going into BEAST MODE. While carrying her out Victoria wakes up and asks Leon Hard to kill her in the case Cardia doesn’t become a monster. She says her long time plan is a failure and she’ll die and take responsibility. She says she’s tired of everything and just wants to be freed from this position…but Leon Hard says England needs her and she cannot die. Meanwhile back at the core, the room is about to self destruct so they have only a bit of time to get the Sigterium make Cardia eat it and GTFO.  Cardia begs for Fran to kill her because she doesn’t want to lose another person she loves. Just then the timer hits 0 and Cardia starts to lose control of herself but Fran yells at her to hold off just a bit. True End: He tries to put the  Sigterium into her mouth but she can’t control her body and ends up spitting it out. Well there’s more than 1 way to get that thing into you Cardia and so Fran shoves it down her throat via kiss (*´ω`*).  Afterwards the other guys come just in tmie to help an injured Fran and Cardia escape out of the collapsing laboratory. In the epilogue everyone goes their separate ways except Fran and Cardia who remain at the house.  Fran then says since it’s only the 2 of them living in this house now, he wants to share a bed with her from now on. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン!! Unfortunately Cardia’s body is back to being an acid bomb so she has to refuse his offer. Fran’s like don’t forget I’ve been researching for you baby and he gives her some stuff to drink.  Turns out it suppresses her poison if taken regularly so she no longer has to worry about melting his face off…and he immediately takes the opportunity to kiss her. And now with nothing to get in the way they live (and hump) happily ever after (✧≖‿ゝ≖).Normal End: Cardia can’t stand to see another loved one die so she stabs herself in the boob destroying the Horologium and ending her life. Fran is absolutely heartbroken and stays back at San’s house trying to figure out what to do with his life. Omake:  While Fran and Cardia are gardening, a hairy caterpillar falls inside Fran’s shirt. He freaks out because they’re poisonous so he starts stripping his clothes to get it out.  Cardia’s like OH SHIT I MUST HELP U AND SHE STARTS RIPPING HIS SHIRT AND PANTS OFF XDDDDDD OH MY GOD I ALMOST FELL OFF MY CHAIR LAUGHING プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵!!!

lupin01Arsene Lupin – Lupin is obviously the main hero of the story and all the other stories connect with this one. He’s the gentleman thief who teaches Cardia various ways to escape because battle is not his thing.  So after the whole monster revelation Cardia leaves San’s hotel and goes back to her old house. She tries to dig through things in her room to get clues about her father and manages to find a letter from him. Unfortunately, there’s a bunch of angry villagers who are blaming Cardia for a plague the struck the village. They say it’s her fault and that if they kill her, it will solve all their problems according to the crazy priest. Realizing shit ain’t good, Cardia tries to run for it but gets surrounded by the villagers in the woods. They throw a rock at her and make her poor head bleed, but just then Lupin comes to her rescue. He tells them here’s here to save a poor girl from a bunch of psychopathic villagers.  Before leaving the village, Cardia runs into Ettie who says that the book Elaine left had a bunch of journal entries about Cardia and none of them said she was a monster. Ettie apologizes for what she said and says that she no longer thinks of Cardia as a monster either. After Ettie leaves Cardia cries with Lupin by her side. She then pulls out the letter she found from her dad which is another excerpt of him fearing the IDEA group. He also then mentions the terrorism plan that he has involving Cardia and the one Lupin’s been searching for is called Code: Realize.  Meanwhile in London all hell breaks loose as Finis revives and sends his terrorist attack all over. Explosions and fire everywhere the citizens try to leave but none of the guards allow them out nor do they let anyone in. Cardia and Lupin manage to sneak in and get into Buckingham Palace to try and save Victoria. They run into Leon Hard who then finds Victoria and brings her out but just then all of them run into a PMSing Finis. He babbles how he and Cardia are both monsters created to become GOD as part of Isaac’s great plan. Cardia’s the “heart” and Finis is the “body”. Cardia’s almost lost hope again but she believes in Lupin and tries to buy time until he gets there to rescue her, the queen and Leon Hard. And by the time Finis realizes she’s wasting time, it’s too late cause Lupin and flies in with a giant zeppelin and everyone jumps on it. Finish is left on the ground raging that nobody will ever love Cardia and neither she or he have a “place” in this world. Back at the ranch, granny Omnibus is like aw shit time to intervene before Isaac fucks up history and makes the same mistake I made thousands of years ago.

lupin02That mistake is basically attempting to revive the dead which is why Granny was punished with the power to see the future. She asks Ginenia to summon all her servants and to get San to lead them to stop Isaac. On the zeppelin, Lupin takes the driver’s seat and while they’re trying to head back to an area to meet up with everyone, Cardia starts to realize her feelings for him. She tries to ask him what this feeling in her chest is and Lupin obviously gets it, so he pulls her hat down and gives her a kiss on top of it. (*´ェ`*)ポッ Cardia has no idea what just happened but then Leon Hard cockblocks and they end up landing and meeting back up with the other 4 guys.  The next day San takes Cardia to Omnibus and Ginevia and Omnibus is like guurl I’m sorry but you gotta die. San says he won’t let them kill her (so why did you bring her to them lol) and says he wants to believe in the future Cardia can create. Instead granny gives Cardia some poison medicine and tells her that if shit gets bad with Isaac, to take it and kill herself. Cardia is pretty much a wreck after this not knowing what to do and then she starts to wonder why the hell is Lupin so nice to her…risking his life and all. Lupin decides to finally stop dodging the question and tells her about his past.  He used to be a homeless shota without parents and had to steal to survive. Once he got caught – by a master thief who taught him the ropes. Things were good until Lupin realized his master created a terrorist organization which is basically now known as the Tasogare. He was the leader and in order to stop him, Lupin started stealing the stuff they stole and returning it to their owners. This caused gang wars and eventually his master ended up getting killed. Before dying though he just smiled at Lupin and despite everything Lupin still thanks him for all he learned. In order to further stop the terrorism of the Tasogare Lupin came to London and that’s basically where our story began. Lupin also then says the 2nd reason he’s doing this is basically that he loves Cardia. He says it so indirectly she gets hurt thinking he loves someone else, but once he describes the details of the one he loves she goes all ∑>―♡(((´д`Ο)→ずきゅーん☆°**。The next day they all run to St. Paul’s Cathedral basement to look for Isaac. They run into Finis who whips out his clones like Naruto and is like LOL I GOT PLENTY OF ME TO GO AROUND \( ^o^)/ .  San tells Lupin and Cardia to run ahead and when they get to the central dogma (core) they find a giant ass globe…which is apparently Finis’ TRUE form! It basically is Finis’ soul and all the Finis “bodies” are just puppets that are controlled by this globe. The puppets look like shotas cause they were intentionally made by Isaac to look like the son he lost.

lupin03Finish also announces that inside here is also DADDY’S BRAIN~!  So basically the plan is to merge Cardia’s Horologium, Finis’ endless body count and daddy’s infinite knowledge brain to make THE ULTIMATE GOD! ヽ(。_゜)ノ Lupin refuses but shit gets real when Nemo the hentai GGE shows up with gravity core and begins sucking the entire floor down making it hard for Lupin and Cardia to move. On top of that he also gets a bunch of hentai tentacle cables to grab Cardia. ヽ(;´Д`)ノヤメテー Lupin tries to jump up and grab her but is unsuccessfull so he tells her to wait for him and to believe in him. Cardia says that she believes in the he that believes in her and gets sucked into daddy/Finis/hentai tentacle globe.  After Cardia wakes up, Finis puts the Sigterium near her boob which breaks it and begins the process of turning the Horologium into the Philosopher’s Stone. Meanwhile Isaac’s brain invades Finis’ body and he orgasms and screams until his soul (personality? whatever) completely vanishes. Just then Isaac – in Finis’ body (for the EXTRA CREEP FACTOR) is like I’M GLAD TO SEE YOU DEAR MUSUME. (*′皿`艸)  Isaac then says that it’s not HER that he loves, it’s that he loves his daughter Cardia who died in a fire. The only thing he was able to get was her remaining pieces of genes & DNA and based on that he made this Cardia “look a like” of his real daughter…just as he did with Finis, his real son.  After dad vanishes back into his global cocoon, Finis comes out raging at Cardia about how jelly is that nobody will love him and that unless he follows daddy’s plans, daddy won’t love him either! RAAAGEE!  Meanwhile back at the ranch Lupin is panicking waiting for Victoria’s army to prepare but he wants to go rescue Cardia ASAP. Van follows him tells him not to have his panties in a bunch and going alone he’ll just die pointlessly.  The other guys show up and tell him that they got his back bro and they will all help him rescue his girlfriend. (๑・ω-) Even Granny Omnibus shows up saying she’ll lend a hand. They push things forward to the following night and first thing on the list is to take down Nemo’s Nautilus which is also where Isaac’s core is.  Meanwhile Finis bitches about Cardia attempting to escape, has his idiot zombies stab her in the leg and then violently punches her multiple times. When Cardia thinks about drinking the poison that Omnibus gave her she almost drinks it but then hesitates yelling out that she wants to live with Lupin and not turn into a monster. Finis jealousy level goes over 9000 and not giving a fuck about daddy’s plan anymore he’s like fine, you can become a monster and destroy the world and realize that you’re not fit to be loved like the monster you are GRRR. He then uses some alchemy item that speeds up the rate of her Horologium completing.  Daddy wakes up, takes over Finis body and demands Cardia give herself to him as his “heart” so he can destroy the world and “create a better one.”  Cardia yells out for help from this crazy GGE and just in time Lupan-sama is here! (`ゝω・)vィェィ

lupin04True End: After Lupin rescues Cardia she tells him that soon she’ll turn into a monster.  Lupin says fuck dat shit I’ma save you babe…. but like a disgusting roach that KEEPS COMING BACK, Finis Clone #353452 comes and shoots Lupin right in front of Cardia.In the meantime everyone is fighting their enemies from their respective route. San has to fight Ginevia cause turns out granny was helping the army just so that she was hoping they’d all kill each other in battle. Fran and Impey are trying to take down Nemo and Van is paired up against Arester. However Van refuses to kill him which doesn’t bring out his hidden strength. Disappointed and injured Arester walks away, only to run into Herlock who reveals Arester’s true identity: HIS ARCH NEMESIS JAMES MORIARTY!  Moriarty then reveals that Herlock Sholmes is in fact SHERLOCK HOLMES! WOW I HAD NO IDEA WHAT A SHOCKING REVELATION! ( ゚∀゚)・∵ブハッ!!  Sherlock then shoots and kills Moriarity. Meanwhile at central dogma, Cardia’s Horologium completes and turns into the philosopher’s stone, also turning her hair white. After Finis screams some more for daddy to love him, Isaac takes over his body. Cardia freaks out that everyone is going to die from her poison but Isaac says there’s still stuff left to do on the Nautilus for now he’ll suck up all her energy and poison instead. Cardia calls him a monster for ignoring Finis plea to be loved but he’s like w/e just some puppet I made who thinks he has emotions. He gets annoyed for Cardia saying shit about him and says he’s going to take her “heart” now. He uses hentai tentacles to strap her body to his globe and while in there Cardia sees a part of his memory and his past. In the past Isaac was a young genius scientist and he went to London to try and help with various innovative medicine etc. After a while he figured that he shouldn’t be the only one to have all this knowledge and that it should be a group effort with other scientists. He married his lover and then returned to his village to just be a village doctor there. His wife had twin babies, Cardia & Finis and things were ok for a bit until the village was struck by famine. Everyone started a witch hunt blaming Isaac for everything and despite his best efforts to try and solve things, it only got worse.  He decided to return to London for a bit to get more research material to bring back but on his return, he found his family had been beaten and burned by the angry villagers. He begged someone to get him a horse so he could run to get stuff to save them, but everyone not only ignored his pleas for help, they threw rocks at him. -_- Due to this his wife and children died.  And so after this day he pretty much was like fuck all of you and decided to start his plan to “purify” and recreate the world of the evil that destroyed his family.

lupin05Fortunately our ikemen hero Lupin shows up, pulls Cardia out of the LCL pool and rescues her out. He then blows up Isaac’s core and most of Nautilus by bombs that he set up. As Isaac dies his final words are admitting the real aim of Code: Realize – to revive his dead family. The good news is, Cardia’s powers and poison have been completely taken by Isaac, but now that Isaac’s dead, the philosopher’s stone power isn’t sure where to go and starts blowing up all over Nautilus. Then Finis’s final clone wakes up raging that they killed daddy. He gets blown to the edge of the ship where there’s  a gap and almost falls out but Cardia runs and grabs his hand. She asks him to try and live with her and that she will love him as family. Finis says he doesn’t want to live with her because he hates her and not having as much strength as she used to, Cardia lets go of his hand. The room starts to collapse and Lupin and Cardia’s way out get blocked. He apologizes to her for not making her wish come true of showing her warmth. She says ain’t no thang and that she’s always felt it by being with him. He’s like NOPE NOT ENOUGH so he burns a bit of his hand to get the last bit of her poison out…and now that it’s all gone, the two of them kiss as the world blows up around them. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイIn the epilogue it’s revealed that Impey and co. rescue Lupin and Cardia from the crashing Nautilus and bring them to safety on a zeppelin that Victoria provided in case of emergency. San leaves IDEA and Granny forgives him and Cardia but punishes him by giving him only 100 years left to live so he can finally live and die like a normal human being. Fran goes to continue his experiments so stuff like  Sigterium is never created again. Impey having found his rocket launching thing, decided to go off to America to help pave the way to travel to the moon. Van goes off to become a diplomat for Vampires and Humans while Dela works on restoring his clan.  In the meantime, Lupin and Cardia get married and live happily ever after. (*´ω`*) Normal End: Cardia and Lupin die and while everyone goes their separate ways, San remains at his hotel waiting for them in case they ever “return.” He finds their photo from the zeppelin race and puts in the living room to make it less lonely. As a punishment he only has 50 years left, so he figures this is a good way to spend it. As he sits down on the couch with Sissy he closes his eyes and reminisces on everyone being all lively in the house. (´;ω;`) This is the only ending that I actually cried in because it made me realize the game is truly over 。・゚゚(ノД`)あ゙~ん. Omake: Cardia panicks thinking Lupin will die from a cold because he comes home soaked from the rain. She bursts into his room with dry clothes and a towel and finds him all wet and stripping ぶひいいいい(◞≼◎≽◟◞౪◟◞≼◎≽◟)www She gives him clothes and looks away embarrassingly and he’s like you can look if you want! He then laughs at her freaking out over her cold but then hugs her from behind thanking her for worrying about him. He proceeds to kiss her neck and says the rest will be continued tonight where he will come to take everything away~ イヤ—–(*゚∀゚*)—–ン!!!! LUPAN SAMA IKEMEN!!!!!!


Let’s not kid ourselves, this coulda taken place at any time, not involving any famous characters like Helsing or Frankenstein and it’s still basically Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood :P. STILL I don’t think that’s bad at all because those were great stories, and it was well put together with charming characters, great music and a captivating story! In fact it’s kinda funny if you think about it because characters like Sherlock Holmes or Frankenstein barely felt “in character”. Fran didn’t have a back story of creating a zombie monster we see all over every Halloween display. Sherlock was a great detective but went by a pathetic pseudonym HERLOCK the whole game. Van was involved with vampires, but not in the way I recall him from the usual Dracula movies. Lupin was very in character though for an ikemen thief so I guess I got no problem with that! While I loved everyone’s voice acting I think we all need to just sit the fuck down and give a DEEP BOW to Kaji Yuuki for once again BLARING his poor head off to portray the insanity of Finis. I can’t imagine a better person to be in that role except maybe Yonaga Tsubasa. My only disappointment is because of Cardia’s acid problems, not everyone got a real kiss CG or a kiss CG at all. The problem was only truly resolved in Lupin’s route, and it’s obvious why if you play it but I feel really bad for the other guys. It can’t really be helped that the story is really focused around him and I can see some people being upset with the game if their favorite character is say….Van. (´ε`;) Still though, I love these kind of adventure stories, and because I put more weight into the story and adventure/action parts, the “x got screwed in the romance department” didn’t bother me so much. This game is about story, about action, about adventure with romance as a bonus, like say in some shounen manga. So if you weigh romance heavier you might be disappointed and in some routes (especially San’s) it’s really obvious that after the common route you sit there going “are you REALLY in love with her? Since when?” The romance feels almost like it really begins developing when you get into the individual routes but it also helps if you start from chapter 3 each time rather than using the option to skip and start from chapter 8.

Bonus points if you can guess what game everyone is cosplaying from ;)
Bonus points if you can guess what game everyone is cosplaying from 😉

Leaving Cardia’s name default has the guys call her by her name which is extremely appropriate because she is a GREAT heroine. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her go from a lifeless doll like state, to a girl full of emotion falling in love. I’ve also watched her go from a scared state of just sitting back and taking abuse, to being able to escape all the predicaments that she got into.  Locked in a room? I’m a pick it out. Some psycho tries to grab me hostage? I punch his lights out and escape. HELL YEA CARDIA. All those times you sit there in other games going like “I wish the heroine would just at least ATTEMPT to do something”…that NEVER HAPPENED IN THIS GAME. I’m really pleased with most of the heroines from Otomate that I’ve encountered this year and I hope this kind of trend continues. For play order I’d recommend Impey → San → Van → Fran → Lupin. Overall a very enjoyable adventure game, and while I rolled my eyes at the fact that they basically shoved in a bunch of exotic occidentalism,  ignoring actual historical timelines, I just sit back and go “whatevs, I get to date イケメン Arsene Lupin it’s ALLL right with me!” (✧≖‿ゝ≖)


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  1. Yea there’s a lot of steampunk terminology and stuff so it might be a little difficult. I’m honestly not sure of what your level of Japanese is so it’s hard to say. I’m gonna go ahead with any simple school life game will probably be the easiest to understand…so rather than Amnesia I’d say to just go for trigger kiss? The only hard thing in that game are all the “various types of attacks” during battles, but not understanding them makes no difference in the story anyway XD

  2. I got really interested in this game, but unfortunately I just have started to learn Japanese now, so I guess this is not the best game to start with ;; Do you have any recommendations for ps vita otogames that doesn’t have too many kanjis or is easy to understand? I wanted a ps vita game since I prefer to order a physical copy instead to have to download a psp game on psn D: I heard that Amnesia is good for starters and have a vita remake, but I don’t know, I’m not a fan of Amnesia xD
    And thank’s for the review, this is the first time that i commented in a post, because I’m still learning english, but I really like your blog since your reviews are so funny, I have so much fun reading them, so thank you and keep the good work!

  3. Thanks but I will pass on any wafuu games for now. I’m more interested in Rejet’s newly announced game for the Vita instead! I hope you get a chance to play code realize and enjoy it as well!

  4. I’m glad you liked the game because I was really excited for this game as well, I liked the plot and the art, only problem with me is that I don’t have a vita so what a shame. But it’s definately on my to-be-played list
    And it seems to me that all the new vita games tomato made’s quality was a lot better now cause you seemed to like them a lot more.
    Sorry if this bothers you, but I just really wanted to recommend this one game, it’s a 和風 game though based on early Edo period. It’s called Ken Ga Kimi, and the vita version is going to come out soon, I played the PC version and loved it. It’s a pretty long game but it’s worth it. I hope you like it.

  5. Thank you for being a long time reader & thank you for the comments! 😀

    The last one on the right is Toki no Kizuna! It’s another game that this artist drew for.

    And yes they are remaking the Vita port with the Nakaba route and I plan to buy it! They’re also adding some wedding ends so I’m really looking forward to it!

  6. Great review! It is always really funny to read your reviews. I’ve been reading your game reviews for a while now but this is the first post i’ve made, your reviews are awesome, they make it really easy and funny to read and I’m never bored 🙂

    Also, sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask in that omake picture, I recognize the Arcobaleno game and Moujutsukai to oujisama but I don’t recognise the last one. What game is the last one?

    P.s. Since I could post this on the Clock Zero review you did since I could not find the reply button, I wanted to also ask if you knew they were remaking the game to a Vita port, with an additional Nakaba route! >.< Looking forward to that too 🙂

  7. Yeah, It happened a while ago. I think it’s because I somehow messed up my billing address, I don’t really remember anymore but it definitely happened because I messed up filling out personal info for some reason.

  8. wait what o.O I just ordered my Vita from Amazon Japan via fwding service without issues. Not sure why they asked for your financial statement :|c
    I’d say it’s worth it, and it’s worth it for Binary Star, Trigger Kiss and ReviceD as well 😛

  9. No, I think you’re a true otoge otaku if you can guess what games those cosplays are from xDD I ended up not buying PS Vita because Amazon demanded to send them my financial statement (?), and while at it I wasted the money I had for PS Vita. Would you say it’s worth buying to play, say, Code Realize?

  10. Oh, i read it wrongly? How embarrasssing, haha! Well, yay for kiss cgs!!b-but, how could they leave one character without a kiss cg(s)!? No—-! Well, it can’t be helped…thanks for the clarification, and hope you don’t mind me commenting so much!

  11. Woah— ! Cardia is such an awesome, badass heroine! That’s great! And the guys are all pretty cool, too. But, what? No kiss cgs? …no—-! Well, the story was good, and so was the art, so i guess we can let it slide….kind of. thanks for this review!

  12. Haha I admit after Hanamani I’m like oh goddd no more prostitution!! Which i funny because I liked Last Escort series from D3P…I guess I don’t like the whole “woman is treated like shit because its olden days” which often comes with these yuukaku games (which also kinda pissed me off in Senjou, god damn faceless sexist NPCs xD)

  13. Haha Code for me was a tad long (review なう) but true that Senjou was kinda short, I would have liked more dating scenes, esp Nike and his bread (´・ω・`)

    And we really have diff tastes because I’m gonna play both Hyakka and Otoko Yuukaku which you’re gonna stay far away from wwwwwwwww

  14. Oh Pash was totally a QT! I mean I honestly didn’t really hate any of the guys but I feel like I didn’t get much time to enjoy them. The plot was just shoved in my face last minute and by the time I was really into it bam it ended 😦

    lol I totally see your shipping San and Cardia, legit reasoning! XD I did have the “whats the deal with them loving a homunculus” thing as well but I guess because the pacing was good and I really liked the guys & Cardia, it didn’t bother me much in the end!

  15. Heck I liked Saint Germain over them all because I just can’t see Cardia as a real human and actually thought that they were pretty sick to love a homunculus ((( ;゚Д゚))) And since Saint is an undead, well whatever, perfect matches :p

    Too bad you didn’t like Senjou though! But Pash was cute, I’m sure 😉

  16. Yeah I saw Binary Star and reviced in the mags and I was like jesus christ this looks beautiful let me touch all over you and code: realize lmao so I’m pretty excited. I was a bit worried at first when the vita came out that the games would be total crap and the I’d have wasted a ton of money on a system with no games or crappy games etc. etc. but once I laid my eyes on that baby pink ps vita there was no going back. 8D

  17. Aw thank you bby (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)

    And yea this is a great game I hope you enjoy it and definitely give BInary Star and Reviced a try if you have time 😀
    Stay away from Senjou no Waltz though >_> Just finished it and yea don’t recommend at all lol.

  18. Awwwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhhh. I ordered that baby pink PS Vita from Japan and MY BODY IS READY. I love the whole steam punk theme so when I saw this game in the mags I was like f yeah otomate don’t f this up on the new system LOL. I had to skip through your very extensive review so I didn’t spoil myself… And good to see that binary star and reviced had some great heroines. I expected this to be another Mysteria game since overlapping characters but interesting to see it went in a different direction I guess haha

    Also, hope you’re doing well! I’ve been lurking but I’ve never had time to do… anything…. really…. LOL

    And I keep meaning to send you a charm I bought (meow!) but I keep forgetting to. 😦 I’ll send it as soon as I can D:!!!!!!!

  19. Best game Otomate made in 2014
    We need more badass heroines
    Kajikaji did great since he got a seiyuu award for best main character but still i feel bad for him always getting weird characters in otome games
    Thx for the review

  20. I’m still saving for a Vita so this game has to wait too, along with many others (ーー;)
    Anyways, thank you for the review as always, I enjoyed reading the whole thing (which indeed really reminds me of FMA a lot).
    For the last omake pic, I saw Arcobaleno, Kami naru Kimi to, Moujuutsukai to oujisama and…Toki no Kizuna? I think? xD

  21. Yea i thought it was gonna be like Mysteria too but totally not at all xD
    it’s difficult to catch up but I think when you really look at what’s coming out you can really start to see that not everything is worth bothering with.
    the old me would have wanted to play everything but now I’m like “meh this type of theme is not to my liking so I won’t bother” 😛

  22. always love your reviews 🙂 actually I’ve just finished English Detective Mysteria (a very very long game but a good one)… at first I thought they’ve used similar characters/background but by looking at your review this game is something different… definitely will give it a try… so difficult to catch up with all the otomate new releases lately… not so keen with their past releases but recently I find that they’re monopolizing more aggressively and turning into this otome game world “starbucks”… i guess in the next few months we have no choice but to play their games until the other game companies catch up with their releases ^^;;;

  23. Actually, the name Herlock Sholmes was used in the Lupin series since the author Maurice Leblanc wanted Lupin and Sherlock to meet in the story, but of course there’s always copyright issues so Leblanc had to switch the name to Herlock to represent Sherlock in order to put both characters inside his work.

    But I’m so glad this turns out to be a good game. 😀

  24. Well this leaves yet another game in my vita buy list xD. Didn’t read the story in order not to spoil myself but the story seems good. Got interested due to the art, and I’m glad it turned out pretty nice since I was expecting a lot from the toki team. Barely any kiss cgs huh. ;-; But at least the story plot’s actually good! Looking forward to your senjou no waltz review since I really couldn’t decide whether its good or not.

  25. Yess poor Van the guy deserves so much better XD I’m really hoping for a fandisk as well because I really got attached to the lovely characters here ;-;

  26. Great review as always! omg everyone is just so adorable hereeee (excepts for erojijis and crazy old ladies) I agree being sad as to why the other characters didn’t get any proper kiss scenes (I do hope if they release a fandisk we finally get to see some rabu-rabu! provided that they make a good reason on how to contain her poison even if it’s just temporary o A o)

    I felt bad for Van ;_; (I just watched Van Helsing on tv so yeah I’m sorta feeling very bad for him right now xDDDDD) and also, thank you for making me cackle so hard at “uguu mansion of love” LOOOOL

  27. *A* now you make me wanna buy this game. Need to save up lol, and I’m still stuck with Senjou, I’m so slow haha. Thanks for the review, definitely put this game to WTB list uvu

  28. They just blamed him because he was a scientist and so that automatically means “witchcraft” to them hence why they attacked him. It’s easy to put the blame on a “genius” back in the olden days. I don’t believe them being twins had anything to do with it and you’re right they look nothing alike save for the eye color lol

  29. I almost cry when I read this. Poor Cardia T_T but hey, she finally found her happiness!

    Real Cardia and Finnis are twins, but their clone look like siblings with age gap instead twins lol. Make me wonder how old the real Cardia and Finnis die.

    Btw, I’m still confused why Isaac blamed. It is because of his experiment or it is because he have twin children? In fictional stories, twin children sometimes always hated because they labeled as demon or bring misfortune.

  30. Yea definitely don’t spoil it for yourself as it’s much worth the play 😀
    And I guess since you haven’t seen FMA you’ll probably have a lot less “i knew it” moments than I did lol. Hopefully that makes the game even more fun!

    Happy holidays to you too!

  31. Once again, I’m trying to be good and skip over all le spoilers, but I’m so excited for this game when I finally get around to playing it. I was really waiting on this review because usually your thoughts take away that edge of “did I buy a shitty game this time? Did the pretty art fool me again?” since you basically say if that was the case or it was actually a good game. I actually haven’t played an otome game in a while, so hopefully I can get back on track soon…

    I haven’t seen FMA Brotherhood, so I guess this is good in a sense since that means I’ll really be surprised by the story, haha.

    And that bonus CG~ It’s almost a shame thatI don’t expect anything else from Moujuutsukai to come out. That was a great series. Perhaps that’s better though. It did have a FD after all so I’m satisfied.

    Thanks for the review! And Happy Holidays! xD

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