Otome Game Review: Marginal#4 ~Idol of Supernova~

Kataoka Yue is assigned by her agency to start a new idol unit. It consists of individual idols who had no luck flying solo so now they’re combined into the group called Marginal#4. Despite their complaints the agency head tells them to do it or else! Now Yue must work her butt off to get whip these boys into top idols.

atom01Kirihara Atom – Atom is the hot tempered dude who loves yakiniku. He’s very selfish at first and acts like the group revolves around him, but eventually mellows out and realizes there’s no “I” in TEAM. Because his grades are horrid, Yue offers to tutor him because if his parents ever found out they’d make him quit being an idol. It can’t be helped that well…he’s dumb lmao. Thanks to her he ends up getting straight A’s. Meanwhile Yue’s dad calls her leaving a msg telling her to quit her job and come back to the inaka. Her mom lies and says that he’s collapsed so Yue rushes home…only to find out he’s totally fine and just wants her to go on omiai’s so she can get married and become a housewife. How dare she have a life and a job!  And so turns out the omiai guy is her coworker Satsuki who’s the manager of Lagrange Point. They pretend to get along but neither of them has interest….but before they can refuse ATOM bursts in going I’M DATING YOUR DAUGHTER! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ The dad’s like wtf and she’s like wtf but afterwards LP’s manager tells Atom he shouldn’t even joke about dating his manager because it could create scandals.  A few days later Atom gets sick so Yue comes to take care of him. She says if he gets better she will take him to an amusement park. The next day he’s super healthy and so they go on a fake date where he asks to call her “Yue” instead of “manager.” Afterwards he almost admits that he likes her but she interrupts him because she knows their love is not meant to be! Atom is pretty bummed out after this and Yue feels bad but nothing they can do about it. Private Good End: The following day he walks her home and asks her to become his girlfriend for real. For some reason Yue’s dad is there and he overhears this and is like GRR WTF YOU LIED TO ME.

atom02Atom tells daddy that he really cares about Yue and wants to date her for real but the reason they lied is because he and the rest of MG4 really need her as their manager. I guess this convinces dad so he tells Atom to take care of his daughter and become a real man! 😆 Unfortunately even after Atom confesses he loves her, Yue says they cannot be together because they’re idol & manager. Atom’s like I don’t give no fucks guurl so Yue gives in and says she loves him too (Lol I thought this was sudden but whatever XD). They end up smooching in the park. In the epilogue, Yue gets promoted so she’s no longer MG4’s manager but she and Atom still continue their secret relationship and smooch in her room. Idol Good End:  So in this one Atom and the others focus on their idol activities and they get an opportunity to perform at the Ryuseikan arena which is a famous arena. Performing there was always Atom’s dream so he works his butt off and Lagrange Point guys help them out. So then it turns out that they will release a best album and perform it at Ryuseikan. After the concert, Atom goes to visit his parents and Yue is coming along with him so she can be “introduced” to them (๑・ω-)~♥”. Private Normal End: Both Yue and Atom pretty much keep their feelings inside and she decides to support him as a manager while he focuses on his idol career. Idol Normal End: LP dudes tell the MG4’s that they’re not good good enough to be on stage at the Ryuseikan. At the end, Yue runs into Atom when they attend Lagrange Point’s concert  at Ryuseikan for reference purposes. Afterwards they go up on some hill together and watch the night sky.  He says he knows that she’s worked really hard for them before becoming their manager, doing all sorts of errands like buying them all lunches etc.  He says he’ll still continue to push towards his dream of performing at Ryuseikan. I wasn’t familiar with Atom’s voice actor but I thought he did a good job of portraying a hot headed idiot character! Also I didn’t really care for Atom’s personality at first but he warmed up to me near the end. (*´∀`*)

rui01Aiba Rui – It’s been a while since I heard Takahashi Naozumi in an otome game (maybe not since Arabian’s Lost?) but I thought he did a wonderful job voicing dis shota-kun. The guy’s like 40 years old but his voice is absolutely perfect for the role. Rui is a cool dude who treats his idol job as strictly a job so he gets annoyed when he has to do anything on the weekend (and well frankly the feeling is mutual!) While all the other guys seem to get along well with each other, the only one who doesn’t seem to fit in is Rui. He always kinda stands to the side and keeps to himself. (´・ω・`) He only sees his job as a “job” and doesn’t want to get “friendly” with his co-workers beyond what is required of him. He then gets in a fight with Atom because he basically says that he’s better than all of them and they need to practice to be up to par with him…instead of him lowering himself to their level.  Rui then admits that he was actually in a group before going solo. Unfortunately he practiced so much he got better than the rest of the group and began to stick out even though he wasn’t even the lead vocal. Because of this the rest of his group started to hate him saying he was ruining the group balance.  That’s why he didn’t want to practice with them again and “stick out” again.  Atom tells him that he should do his best and the rest of them should be trying to get better UP to his level, not him down to their level 😛  Turns out Rui is a shy bebe and he asks Yue to help him get over it so that he doesn’t embarrass MG4 during a fan hand shake event. ・*:。゜萌。*(*´∀`*).*ぇ゚*・。・ He eventually gets over it and the handshake event is a success. Afterwards he tells Yue that his dream is to get the new artist Milkyway award. His father died when he was young and his mom & older sister are useless dojikkos so he has to take care of the house. Due to this Yue mistakenly thinks that he has a girlfriend and warns him about scandals but he’s like LOL pls.  His sister is the one who got him into showbiz when he was scouted. Also because he moves to transfer to the same school as the other guys, he ends up living really close to Yue.

rui02At one of their solo lives Rui messes up the lyrics because he realizes that he’s in love with Yue. While waiting for L & R to finish their performance he takes Yue to the break room and confesses that he loves her…and then kissing her on the cheek. After this he says he feels a lot better letting it out but now Yue can’t stop feeling awkward around him. Some time later he asks to meet her after a late night shift and they go to the park. He tells her that his feelings are real but he apologizes for forcing his feelings on her. He says that he intends to work hard at being an idol but he wants Yue to be by his side as more than just a manager. She says she wants to support him as a manager but she isn’t sure on her feelings beyond that. He tells her to forget his confession and that he’s happy with her just by his side even if just a manager. Private Good End: Yue overhears and misunderstands thinking Rui is gonna leave MG4. She grabs him to talk to him privately telling him she doesn’t want him leaving the group. Rui apologizes and says that it was all a “surprise” thing for a program to test how loyal and persistent their manager is /(^o^)\.Rui the takes her to the park and apologizes for fooling her. He asks if she has any other feelings for him other than manager only and thinking about it Yue’s like hellz yea bebe and they smooch lol. The other guys know that they’re dating and get a bit jelly but cheer them on.Yue also gets busy with doing other jobs with other new idols for the agency. After work though they walk home together and Rui is a lot more prone to teasing her and being open with his feelings (though honestly pls guys you’re an idol let’s hide it better!?XD) Idol Good End: Some BBA tells Yue that she’s not FABULOUS MAX enough to be Rui’s manager.  Rui hears this and after the shoot tells everyone how great and helpful Yue is.  At the end they get nominated for the newbie idol Milkyway award and they win. Everyone is so happy they cry and then the 4 boys get together and give Yue a special trophy. It’s a thanks to her for sticking out with them from the beginning and helping them achieve their dreams.

rui03Private Normal End: Before Rui can once more confess to Yue, Atom cockblocks and he never gets a chance. A few weeks later, he and Yue go to Paris to shoot some footage for date spots abroad. On their way back, there’s a strike at the airport and their flight is delayed. While it’s delayed, Rui asks her to go on a ~date~ with him and he takes her to a place where he wanted to take the girl he loves. He tells her once more that he loves her after all and she says she had a great time and it felt so ~magical~. He asks that when they return to Japan for her to be by his side but Yue is like if only we weren’t idol and manager nuoo~~! She says that she hates herself for having feelings for him and instead she wants to just focus on making him the best idol ever. Rui says that it’s ok for now but when he becomes famous enough that stuff like scandals won’t matter, he says he will confess to her once more. Oddly enough I felt like this ending portrayed Yue’s feelings a lot better than the good end wtf lol. Idol Normal End: MG4 ends up losing to some girl group for the Milkyway award but they aren’t too bummed out and move on. They get invited to be surprise guests for one of Lagrange Point’s concerts so they get excited and work towards doing well there. Unfortunately the day of the concert, as if sharing my own personal pain, Rui and Yue’s flight gets cancelled and they are forced to jump on a crowded Shinkansen to make it to the concert hall. They get there and put on a stunning performance enough to warrant them to release a best album with new songs. Yue then finds all her idol bebes tuckered out asleep in the break room. Hah Rui was such an adorable cutie pie, especially the his SAD PUPPY DOG FACE I mean how Yue could even attempt to resist that was unbelievable.

l01Nomura L – I’ll be honest, L probably had the best route in the game – for the simple reason that his route had the most interaction with the heroine. I mean it’s cool I understand she’s their manager, but this is an otome game right so if you’re not gonna give me otome elements what’s even the point? Fortunately L saved the day which sadly made any routes thereafter feel dull and mediocre. (;^ω^) L is the younger twin and has an obsession with marimos, though oddly enough there’s not much of a focus on them in his own route. He loves his oniichan and really worries about him being a leader because he’s really shy and can’t stop Atom from constantly fighting and being a general ass. After showing that he’s pissed off and threatening to quit L scares everyone and allows R to finally take leadership to make everyone get along. Yue wonders what L’s real intentions are and tries to pry into his heart but he immediately pushes her away by flirting with her and generally messing around. He tells her that  she should just do her best and maybe he’ll open up to her eventually. He eventually does open up to her when he gets into a huge fight with R. Basically L has a brocon in a sense where he’s always good at everything he does but R struggles to keep up. However R always gets praised for when he finally does succeed but everyone just expects L to be perfect. He even tried to fake being “bad” like R in the past but realized he didn’t want that kind of attention. So when some band says he’s being bad and dragging MG4 behind L yells at him to defend himself but R was just like whatever.L then asks Yue to be the one to look at him since the rest of the world only pays attention to R. ITS OK L BEBE I LOVE U COME INTO MY BOSOM (ノ*´Д`)ノ!!

l02So anyway L and R make up and L is so happy that Yue was there for him he really falls for her. Unfortunately his signals don’t really get through her – well they do but as usual Yue has to be the mature adult and be like no we cannot be together! Tired of being around the bush, L finally confesses to Yue that he loves her and he won’t give up his feelings. Now in other routes Yue was like lol whatever how do I put it nicely that I can’t date this dude…but finally in this one she actually starts thinking about L to the point that she messes up their schedule. She accidentally books a radio show & photo shoot on the same day so L offers to do the radio show alone while R goes to the photo shoot. Satsuki realizes she’s got love problems so he offers to temporarily “date her” to help her get in focus (idk how this helps loool).  When L hear this he’s so shocked he can barely speak but then pretends hes ok and congratulates Yue. The next day though he’s nearly in tears saying he can’t forget his feelings for her even if he’s #2 in her heart (´;ェ;`)ウゥ・・・ He asks her to go on a date with him 1 last time and that he’ll be waiting for her at the park. Yue says she won’t go but the next day she notices it’s raining. Remembering that he can catch a cold easily she tries to call him but he’s waiting at the park alone with some stray nuko. Apparently he knows that she’s not really going out with Satsuki but he figures if he heard her admit it he’d ever get over her. Private Good End: Yue rushes to the park to look for him but by then he’s already left. He calls her and asks where she is and she lies saying she’s home..but he knows that she’s there by the sound of rain in the background…and he calls her a liar coming up and hugging her from behind (*´∀`*). Yue gives in and finally says she loves him as well, and he’s so happy he can’t hold back and kisses her. In the epilogue, she stops being MG4’s manager but continues to work managing other groups at Pitagoras. On their off days, they spend time ichaichaing in L’s room together. HOLY SHIT KENN IS SUCH A GOOD VOICE ACTOR GAIZ (/ω\*)イヤン.

l03Private Normal End: Yue asks to take a break from being MG4’s manager for a bit and Satsuki takes over being the manager.  Kira knows that L is all bummed out without her so he sets them up to meet each other outside at night. Yue admits that she likes him but that makes her a fail-manager. L says that MG4 can’t shine without her and he’ll supress his feelings for her as long as she can return to them. In the epilogue, Yue returns to being their manager once more. Idol Good End: L’s dream is to wear the clothes of a popular fashion designer name Paul Myuller (sp?) and model for a magazine he likes called Perseus. One day an offer comes to come to a photo shoot for Perseus and L is really nervous but thanks to Yue’s words of encouragement, he’s able to relax and successfully do the shoot. He then gets an invitation to see Paul Myuller’s fashion show and afterwards runs into him only to  get a proposal to make Marginal#4’s next stage outfits. Unfortunately by getting more popular they get a bunch of jealous haters who start spreading rumors about them such as L leaving the band. L feels bad and apologizes but everyone says that they’re all on his side. Right before their show, the jealous assholes lock L up in some abandoned warehouse so Yue runs around looking for him.  Yue finds him as well as Kira who’s there to help give them a lift back to the concert hall. The assholes come afterwards to apologize but L pretends like he has no idea what they’re talking about. Thanks to their performance, L is picked to be a model for “Vui Vitton” (lol Louis Vuitton I guess) to represent Japan.  In the epilogue I almost shat bricks thinking they were getting married but it was just them being models for a bridal show XD. Idol Normal End:  Everyone celebrates with a nabe party after their Ryuseikan concert at the Nomura house.  L thanks Yue for everything and for being with them all this time. Well to be honest, the route wasn’t THAT good but having Kenn’s acting in here probably made it seem better than it really was.

r01Nomura R – I expected R to have a really nice route because he’s a video game dork and he’s really sweet but…it ended up really mediocre? There was barely any focus on his hobby and he is so shy and introverted, I really wondered why he was an idol in the first place. It’s like going to some video game nerd in his room and being like hey dude, quit your gaming, you’re gonna be on TV!!! It was really painfully obvious that R was just not meant to be in showbiz like his brother L, but he tried so hard and frankly I just felt sorry for him 90% of the time. R also likes to draw and is apparently really good but he gets too nervous on a program and draws really bad. The host makes fun of him and everyone laughs but he feels like shit afterwards…and Yue feels guilty for suggesting he do that as his “talent”. Slowly as time goes by he starts to open up out of his shell and take on more leadership in the group, from helping the guys survive a week on $100 to saying stuff like how he hopes their 2nd single does better than the first one.  Even after the gross GGE producer of the music show tries to hit on Yue, R makes sure to get her away from him politely before he does anything nasty.  The gross GGE calls her the next day asking to meet her at a studio but it’s one that’s not in use and no one else is there. R comes along to be safe and of course the GGE wants some sexual services from Yue in order to help Marginal4 get more popular. R is like GTFO GGE and takes her away saying he doesn’t want to become more popular by sacrificing Yue to some gross osasn (´・ω・`). Fortunately the next day they find out the dude’s kicked out of showbiz because all of his dirty scandals float to the surface. So then during one of their concerts the majikichi GGE throws something at R raging that he ruined his career.  The guy’s arrested and R is sent to the hospital. The injury is minor and Yue is so relieved to hear it that she passes out due to all the combined stress from everything. Both of them are told to stay at the hospital the rest of the day and the other guys tell them to make sure each of them gets plenty of rest.

r02After this R starts to really worry about Yue and does stuff like help carry bags and stuff for their bus. When he’s away on some location recording he returns and finds out that Yue has a fever but is working hard as ever.  R tells her that he doesn’t want her to constantly overwork herself and pass out again. Her condition gets worse despite R’s please to rest so he goes to the president and asks her to force Yue to take a break from being MG4’s manager. While she’s on break she goes to get some air in the park but loses her keys. She panics and accidentally calls R instead of her building manager and ends up spilling the beans to him. R tells her to wait at a cafe near the park  and when he meets her there she says she’ll just spend the night at a hotel until she can get in touch with her building manager. R suggests that she come to his and L’s house for the night instead. Yue tries to refuse but gets roped into going anyway lol. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタ And the best part is that night L is at Atom’s hosue so it’s just Yue and R at home ( ≖‿≖). Private Good End: While they talk about being worried about each other R realizes that he’s actually fallen for Yue. He confesses to Yue and says he loves her as a woman and then kisses her on the forehead (what a ripoff omg). He tells her he wants to know her true feelings, ignoring the fact that they’re idol & manager.  The next morning he makes her a love filled breakfast and the rest of the day Yue can’t stop thinking about him.  She then goes and tells her president that R confessed to her  and is like I FEEL BAD MAN I’m DA MANAGER. Pres. Mai is like why don’t u answer the boy’s feelings guurl, cause this is an otome game and we seriously need some romance at least in one of these endings (  ゚,_ゝ゚).  She also then says Yue can quit being MG4’s manager and instead become her personal assistant instead. So now that she’s no longer his manager apparently it’s all good so she goes and calls R telling him she wants to meet him privately.  She tells him she’s no longer MG4’s manager and tells him she loves him as well. He’s so happy he kisses her (and we get no CG ( ´_ゝ`)).

r03In the epilogue they go on a dog walking date on their day off lol. Private Normal End: Yue overhears R yelling to L over the phone that he loves her /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.  After this some serious awkwardness ensues :lol:.  He then says that he doesn’t wanna beat around the bush and tells her she loves her straight out. A few days later  Yue tells R that she can’t return his feelings because they’re idol & manager as usual. She says that if one day MG4 become top stars and he still has feelings for her, she’ll reconsider her decision.  In the epilogue, he tells in an interview that he doesn’t have someone he loves but he knows a wonderful girl – while throwing glances at Yue.  Afterwards he asks Yue to watch as he becomes top idol and takes her away~. Idol Good End:  R gets a chance to go overseas to work on his artwork and runs into some old gramps who thinks his art is da bomb. When he goes to do his recording, he draws a really good picture since he isn’t nervous and the program staff is shocked cause they thought he’d draw crap again.  So once they return, the guy who R gave his drawing too is some rich dude and invites him to a fancy party overseas. The invitation also asks that R have a lady accompany him so naturally Yue is the one to go. When they get there and see displays of other works R gets all excited.  After the party, gramps asks R to come to his art academy because he feels that it’s wasted talent. R is surprised but refuses because he cannot leave his idol career behind no matter what. And so they get to perform at the Ryuseikan along with the release of a new album. R invites gramps to the concert to show him why he prioritizes his idol career and gramps says he can see that R is a shining idol~. At the end R is drawing 5 stars on a canvas to represent the MG4 guys and Yue. Idol Normal End:  Some tabloid posts a rumor saying that R is gonna quit MG4 because of the other members. R says that it’s totally not true and he rejected the art school offer.  He then dispels the rumor on a show that MG4 is breaking up and says that he’s their leader and he’s not going anywhere.

kira01Himuro Kira – This route was absolutely awful for 1 reason only: SOUND QUALITY. I don’t know what the QC people were thinking (or obviously not thinking) when they let this pass?? The entire time it sounds like Kira is screaming into the microphone along with all the static around him. As if he recorded his lines outside during a typhoon. It gets even worse when they record him “breathing” while sleeping or something and it sounds like Darth Vader noises ガ━━(;゚Д゚)━━ン!! Needless to say this basically ruined the route for me which could have potentially been decent! Anyway, if you pick to manage an existing group you end up with Lagrange Point while Satsuki takes over MG4. That aside, Kira is kinda like Atom but he’s a bit more mature…well maybe not seeing how he loves dem power rangers. A tabloid posts an article about Kira’s past  but he denies it and asks Yue to trust him.  He later admits he knows who speread the rumors. It was someone from another band called Big Thunder who used to be Kira’s high school senpai. In the past once their changing rooms were near each other before a performance and Big Thunder ppl were smoking right before their performance. Kira barged in and is like “wtf are you guys idiots, who smokes before they’re about to sing, do you even care about your voice??” So the chainsmokers got all pissed off and ever since then have been constantly spreading rumors about Kira. When he gets sick with a fever and Yue takes care of him he really thanks her. He then says his dream is to light up the audience with his songs and performances.  Some time later, Big Thunder is butthurt again and spreads even more rumors about Kira. This really hurts Lagrange Point so they are ordered to stop all their idol activities. Yue is told to just come in and help out with office paperwork in the meantime.  Kira tries to ask the BT dude to stop with the rumors but the guy rages that Lagrange doesn’t deserve to be top idols and says he’ll leave them alone if Kira quits show business. Yue finds them in the park and takes Kira away asking him what’s going on. He refuses to tell her cause he wants to take the burden on himself. Unfortunately those assholes not only ruin LP’S work but mg4 gets stuff cancelled too.

kira02Idol Good End: Shy asks Yue to be with Kira and nor leave him alone so she goes into stalker mode creeping him out XDDDD. Chasing him around all day Yue ends up at his house. He gets a phone call from Big Thunder and tries to go but Yue stops him. He pushes her on the bed saying he’ll make her hate him if it gets her to leave him alone. She slaps him and calls him an idiot for taking everything on himself. He then says he’s doing it to protect everyone and runs out to meet the bt guys. They ask his final answer if he’ll quit being an idol but he says he cannot we quit. Yue follows him and hears everything. They tell him to get on his knees and beg but Yue yells out  to not do it. Yue says that she’ll beg in his place but they get into rapist mode and tell her there’s other things she can do. Kira is like wtf don’t lay a hand ok my manager.  Just then Satsuki shows up and threatens BT for  messing with his idols and staff.  Soon BT’s agency suddenly halts all their activities and MG4 and LP are back in business. Satsuki doesn’t say what he did but I guess he’s some influential figure idk. Yue then drags Kira to the park at night rambling about how she wishes she was as pro as Satsuki. Kira’s like stop talking about him and pay attention to the sexy beast in front of you! He confesses to her once more that he loves her but Yue’s like OH NOES I HAVE THESE IKENAI FEELINGS even though I’m your MANAGER and runs off. ヽ(。_゜)ノ The next day Kira comes to her house and takes her on a plane for a date overseas! They watch the sunrise together and he leans over and kisses her. He says that  even when they return to Japan he just can’t go back to being only manager & idol with her. If the feeling is mutual and she believes in him, he asks her to kiss him…and so she does (though in the CG it looked like she was so disgusted at doing it I’m just ( ´_ゝ`)). In the epilogue apparently they get married (well that escalated fast) privately just the 2 of them…without even a priest. I don’t know how this works but yay??

kira03Idol Normal End: Kira tells Yue that his parents died when he was young and he was taken in by relatives. He used to be a delinquent until he ran into Shy in town by accident while Shy was already working on becoming an idol. Apparently he had gotten into a fight with the president and ran off and that’s why he ran into Kira. Kira ended up following Shy into the studio and criticizing his shitty dance steps :lol:. The pres then asked Kira to show up and take dance lessons with Shy and eventually the 2 became a unit.  Satsuki tells Yue & the LP dudes to take a break to avoid the media so then Kira goes to the amusement park with Yue so he can go see a children’s hero show. Unfortunately at the hero show the lead actor for Galaxia goes MIA so Kira, being a massive Galaxia fanboy, decides to take the part. His performance is so stunning, it catches the eye of a foreigner dude who just so happens to be the producer of a famous world stage called Grand Cross. It was always Kira’s dream to perform there and dreams do come true because J. Weaver now wants Lagrange Point to represent Japan on his stage. When they return to the studio Pres Mai is like Kira pls don’t do performances before we made a contract lol! She however congratulates him on striking a deal with J. Weaver. In the meantime Big Thunder gets into a scandal due to a spat with the paparazzi and ends up halting their activities. After returning from the overseas photo shoot Yue is dead tired but her boss wants her to learn English and become their overseas representor, as well as quit being LP’s manager. Just then Kira & Shy burst in and are like no way we can’t have her quitting! Just then Mai Pres admits that she was just testing her lol. And so Kira & Shy perform at Grand Cross and in the epilogue, Yue is travelling with them on a world tour. Private Normal End: Yue realizes she’s in love with Kira because some young new idol hits on him. The good news for her is, Kira is in love with her, and he gathers everyone in the agency and tells them so! He then says he intends to marry her in the future and kisses her in front of everyone. She babbles about some idol/manager shit but he’s like lol whatever X’D.  And so she quits being LP’s manager and becomes Mai’s assistant like in the good end. The two get busy with their work and so Yue goes to  see him because she hears he’s lonely but he’s in ichaicha mode with her as usual (*´ω`*). Seriously this is probably the highlight of the game cause I was so sick of hearing that shit in like every route. Also wtf a kiss in the NORMAL end? Way better than the pathetic unrequited love endings in the MG4 guys routes honestly…. (´・ω・`). Idol Normal End: Same as good end but in the end everyone comes over Kira’s place and plays some vidya games until they fall asleep.  In the epilogue they return to performing at Universe Festival in Japan and are as busy as ever with their activities. Kira falls asleep on on Yue’s shoulder in the car on their way from work but because the volume is all messed up it sounds like Darth Vader noises (´ε`;)…

shy03Makishima Shy – While Kira had problems with his voice being TOO LOUD, Shy was the polar opposite and I could BARELY HEAR HIM. Wow Otomate can you please check your quality control!? Shy is the “moon” prince of Lagrange Point. He likes  cinnamon rolls and can speak English. Has extremely high standards for everyone and for himself so he acts kinda snobby towards Yue in the beginning. At one of the photoshoots for their solo photobooks, the famous photographer Oscar Goto ragequits because Yue served him coffee which he hates. To be honest, I fuggin hate coffee too so I’d be mad too! LOL. Yue is all like WHY DID I GET COFFEE NOW but Kira offers to go bow in apology with her.  When they get there, turns out Shy calmed im down and Oscar apologizes for getting hotheaded. He says that he once almost quit photography but his assistant brought him delicious tea…so ever since then he always has tea before his photo shoots. Shy is really sweet and he even brings Yue cinnamon rolls to snack on when she has to stay to do overtime one night. (*´∀`*) He used to be forced to play violin by his dad until he was gonna puke….and would tag along with his classic music performer family. He kept getting offers for performing solo but he refused – except the offer by Mai pres. She was like you would be way hotter as an idol and he’s like hellz yeah and dumped his classical music shiat to be an idol bishie.  One morning Yue finds out a bunch of haters are scribbling graffiti all over the studio and sending hate mail directed towards President Mai and Shy. Shy tells Yue to be careful because since they are after him she might get caught in the shockwave.Needless to say on her way home from work some crazy guy with a knife attacks her but Shy comes and beats him up and Kira holds him down until police arrive. Turns out the guy was the first one to scout Shy back in the day but Shy refused since he chose Pitagoras instead….so dude’s got a lot of butthurt and figured he’d play stabbity stab with Yue! ಠ_ಠ

shy02Anyway crazy dude gets arrested by the melancholy of Makishima Shy doesn’t end there.  His dad calls him about the incident and wants him to return to the classical world music and quit being an idol for his own good. Shy of course refuses but the stress mentally hurts him and he messes up during rehearsal. It takes Yue overworking and passing out for him to open up and tell her what happened. He also says he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her and while she rests on the office couch he gives her a kiss on the forehead. (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン Private Good End: Mai asks Yue to be her personal assistant and quit being Lagrange Point’s manager.  Yue tries to contact Shy’s dad to tell him that Shy isn’t “wasting time” being an idol but the GGE is all bitchy at her.  So then Shy and Kira put on a performance that his dad sees which makes him realize  that Shy being an idol isn’t so bad after all.  On top of this, Shy also tells his dad that he has no interest in an arranged marriage. Afterwards Kira and dad leave the limmo leaving Shy and Yue alone…and he grabs and kisses her and I’m just ???.  He says it’s because today is the last day that she’s his manager since she’s gonna take the job of being Pres Assistant. He also reminds her the reason he rejected the  his dad’s arranged marriage  is so he could be with her instead. He tells her to give him an answer after their concert. In the epilogue, Shy is at Yue’s house on his day off and ends up sleeping on her bed cause he’s tired. He says he wants to go on a date with her but before they do he smooches her on the bed. Honestly I’m a bit (ಠ_ಠ) by this ending because I barely felt any reciprocation from Yue? It almost felt like an entire chapter of romantic development was simply removed. Idol Good End: Some new group called Peace of Garden sabotages all of Lagrange Point’s activities. Because of this all of their lives/appearances etc. get cancelled. Instead, they announce on Twitter about a 100person limited concert. This reminds them of how back in the day they barely had any fans and had to perform at a small venue just like this. The response is really positive and LP is chosen to perform at Grand Cross. After the performance Shy thanks Yue for being a great manager & always working hard for them. They return back to Pitagoras where Pres Mai is celebrating and getting drunk roping Yue in lol. All the idol boiz cannot have alcohol cause they’re underage though (;^ω^).

shy01In the epilogue, Shy decides to enjoy his work a bit more rather than just seeing it as some job thing he has to do. (Honestly I don’t even know where they were going with this ending just like in his private good end..) And like the whole thing with POG…was never resolved or revealed…do you guys even care.. Idol Normal End: Yue makes a bunch of vegetable juice and vegetable juice flavored cookies for Kira & Shy to get them to be more energetic. (;´∀`) They then go on some tv program where they are asked to talk about their feelings for Grand Cross in response to a flood of fanmail. They perform at grand cross and afterwards the agency is flooded with offers for them to the point that Satsuki, Yue and Mai can barely keep up. Idol Normal End: To make up with his dad, Shy suggests that maybe he do a classical music collaboration with him but daddy is like EW IDOLS. Yue then goes to try to convince dad to change his mind, and he agrees…with the condition that Yue quit being Shy’s manager. Shy is shocked his dad would accept but has no idea on the condition that Yue agreed upon. (´・ω・`) Dad has Shy play the violin but strict musical dad is NOT SATISFIED with his son’s PATHETIC performance! He works his ass off and before the performance Yue reassures Shy to do his best. After a great performance, Shy and Kira are both shocked to hear that Yue is no longer their manager because she quit her job at Pitagoras. She ends up returning home to her parents but Shy gets her address from the agency and comes to her house XD. He says that he cannot have her be only a fan and he wants her back to the agency….as Mai’s assistant because she got promoted! She agrees to return and suddenly the two of them hug :lol:. It’s hilarious cause the CG is them hugging but the dialogue is “your place is here…with everyone at the agency let’s do our best!” Like are you guys in love or is this some serious coworker skin ship or…??? /(^o^)\

Twins as Dee & Dum gave me some hilarious flashbacks to the Quin Rose game

Well that was certainly a forgettable and mediocre game. It’s as memorable as a 4 hour bus ride and frankly you just want to get to the destination and get off already. I  tried to enjoy the game for at least the characters and voice actors and while I was able to do this with Atom, Rui and L…after L everything just kinda went downhill for me. A lot of the CGs are mostly up close shots of the guys heads and I’m just like why even bother making this a CG? The CG touch only works while you’re in the scene itself so if you missed any you can’t go back and do it in the CG gallery. You have to scroll through the “scenario replay” section and hope you can figure out which text matches which CG ಠ_ಠ. Even though we have 2 idol groups in the game, even though there’s multiple mentions of all their singles, we don’t hear a single sample of ANY OF THE SONGS in the game. Wtf? Utapri at least had music games and the credits with each guy’s song but in here? Nothing. Just fade to black- ok performance over that was so amazing! Woulda been more amazing if I could actually hear the songs…..

Shinnosuke is that you!?
Shinnosuke is that you!?

I mentioned the bugs in Kira’s route regarding his voice. For those who skipped the spoilers, basically his voice sounded like he was yelling into the mic and it was catching all sorts of static noise. On top of this, during his CG touches, you could BARELY HEAR his voice. If they had just balanced the CG touch volume and the regular voice volume it woulda been perfect. Also depending on the scene certain characters voices would drop as well. In some points I had to really turn down the BGM cause I couldn’t for the life of me make out what Shy and Rui were saying. The things that I did like was that they called heroine by her name if you left it default but even when they became lovers in some routes they barely even called her name at all. Also, I know the heroine is older than the guys, but she can’t be more than 3-5 years older than them! They made it painfully obvious that she is an “adult” going after these “little boys” which often made the romance feel really awkward. They also constantly had her deny her feelings for them, which was ok since it didn’t feel like she had a thing for them…but then suddenly she’d be like “oh i love u too!” ORLY? Since when? Every ending would be “no we can’t we’re idol and manager” and then easily be resolved with “oh its fine I’ll just quit being your manager problem solved! woot!” It’s like by the end they didn’t know what they wanted to do regarding the otome aspect of the game. I could really feel the guys’ emotions and feelings towards her but honestly I couldn’t feel anything out of her back. That said, I think she’s a great manager and she worked really hard for them…but I also didn’t like the fact that she was willing to screw some program director just so that her group would get a chance to appear on his show. W T F. (Add more salt to the wound after Hanamani why don’t you lololol.)

Oh 1 other thing was a Twitter like system called Skitter. It was the most pointless thing ever to be honest. Most of the tweets weren’t as funny like say in Binary Star, and you had to constantly pick what to tweet as the manager. The choices were really vague and without a guide I’d never know what’s an “appropriate” tweet or not. Like what’s the difference between tweeting “Group X is working hard!” and “Stay tuned for news on their new single!” 🙄


I didn’t really have high expectations but by the time I finished I just felt like this kind of game was unnecessary. They could have done one of those short dramaCD/game style games that Rejet does (like Dot Kareshi) and that would have been enough to portray the personalities of all the guys. We didn’t need attempts at deep plots and whatever excuses in this game and seeing how shit like Kira’s horrid volume problems made it through QC, I could tell that nobody on staff gave a fuck either ಠ_ಠ. Also I know that Kirishima Sou can do beautiful artwork and CGs so seeing such -plain- CGs for the most part felt like such a waste of good talent. My dude ranking is probably L > Rui > Atom > everyone else (probably Kira last cause of that volume issue ugh.) Overall I don’t really recommend this game unless you just wanna play it for Takahashi Naozumi and/or Kenn.


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  1. Ohai, sorry for my late reply ;; ! (Exams session spotted | •́ ▾ •̀ |)
    Yeah, I’ll be aware from this when I read you review xD! And I totally agree with you! Usually, I always found a way to enjoy a game but here, it can’t help I guess… Plus, I confess that I loved some Margina 4 Cds though (❀」╹□╹)」*・… (But I immediately started the game after Gakuen K who was, very frustratiiing aha. So, may be I’m not super objective about Marginal #4 at all xD;;;).

  2. wow man well if you don’t like L’s route then the rest aren’t gonna be much better since I thought he had the best one xD (Well I’m just biased to Kenn’s sexy voice lol)
    I think they just figure a fan of Marginal 4 will enjoy this game no matter how good or bad it is so it seems like those who weren’t really MG4 fans may not really enjoy it

  3. Thank you so much for your review ( ╹◡╹) ♡!
    I haven’t finished the game yet, but I read its entirely. I admit that I had high expectations, even if I suspected that the scenario was not going to be deep… I was hoping it will be really cool & funny but at least, I’m on L’s route, and it’s already boooring and cold for me (even if there are “cute times”), so I fear for the rest after reading your review. I just feel that there’s just nothing, nothing, nothing and ah yup that’s right, don’t forget to add some endings to show that there was nonetheless a story and romance instead of songs (。•́︿•̀。).

  4. =.=
    I felt that non of the routes were romantic enough
    But sounds like KENN did a good job as usual (〃艸〃) *fangirling*
    Shy-sama’s route was too =.=
    And why Kira got a real wedding
    Thanks for the review

  5. if only rejet did the game too instead of just handling the albums… it might’ve been better… but NOOOOOO otomate just had to make it a game… i already had my doubts to buy this when they mentioned otomate making it… too bad i reallllly love their albums

  6. yea sadly couldn’t even hear the songs I had to find samples of them on you tube :T

    CR is great I’m on Impey’s route but I’m enjoying him a lot more than I thought.

  7. Aww, was thinking this was along the line of UtaPuri, but I guess it won’t do without any songs. :/

    And hopefully you’re enjoying CR right now, I’d get the game just for Lupin if I have a Vita because I was a fan of the books when I was a kid. I really hope his character turns out well. ;_;

  8. Haha oh please by all means comment away! I always love interacting with my readers 😀
    And yea Genki’s voice sounded like Darth Vader I can’t believe they let that go through Quality Control!
    I hope you enjoy L and Rui since everything else felt so bland in comparison XD

  9. ひなのさん、お疲れ様!I’ve pretty much stood back and read your comments thinking that I would never be able to post on your stuffies (because I’m such a wussie XD ), so this is pretty much my first time posting on one of your posts, but I’m glad that you reviewed Marginal#4. Thank God that I saved Rui and L for last. I pretty much have a KENN bias, so I had no problems playing this game for KENN’s voice XD And about the voice thing, I kind of noticed the voice thing for Kira as well. It happened not only in Kira’s route, but also in Shy’s route that I started to get annoyed by Genki’s voice switching between loud and normal. Almost sounded like a dummy head mic lol. I also lol’d during one part in Kira’s route where it had static instead of Genki’s voice XD

  10. Yea the definitely is at least 5 years older. I don’t mind when the heroine is older if they can make it “work” but they weren’t even trying which made me think like “why even make this an otome game then?” XD I’m on Impey’s route but I’m only on chapter 3 so I have a while to go as well!

  11. I’m glad I didn’t buy this game after reading your review. At first I thought the artwork was nice, and the characters seem to be pretty interesting, reminds me of UtaPri, and Naozumi’s voice is always a plus for me since he’s barely in any otome games, but the age difference really turn me off… Cuz no matter how you look at it, the heroine looks like she’s at least 5 years older than they are…

    I’m playing code:realize too, enjoying it quite a lot, so far it’s been one of the best ones I’ve ever played, though I’m barely through my first guy (Fran). Can’t wait for your review on CR!

  12. Hah yeah Atom was silly but at least it was more creative than most of the other routes XD
    Kira’s route was kinda ruined by the volume problems though :/

  13. Rui ❤
    I want to play this game but no Vita yet ;;
    Wth was that Atom confession!? xD
    Kira and L too, seems nice to play their routes :3
    Thanks for sharing the review 😀

  14. Thanks for the review I think I’ll skip this game lol, glad I haven’t bought it xD Will wait for Code Realize’s review, saw some from amazon and it sounds good.

  15. I gave up on Hirarin characters not being do-S because of Diabolik Lovers…

    Never forget bitch-chan, (2012 ~ )

    Code heroine is “cool beauty” right now and Mrs. Who Am I/I just want to die so it’s too early on to judge for me

  16. Yeeeah I also highly doubt it will get a sequel but then again, what do I know. Look at how many games Dialovers have and I hated that thing with a passion (art was great but that girl; Nope.) And totally agree with the blow up doll comparison. I swear half the time you could take her out of the story and still end up with the same kind of plot xD

    AND NOOOO HIRARINNNNNN!!!! I guess I could get M for him… this one time T^T Or not. But at least you’re liking one of them so far! Although how is the feMC in this one? Maybe she deserved it xD

  17. Lmfaoo I’ve had that song in my play list for like5 years 😆

    I had low expectations too but not low that the system was just completely incompetent! XD I doubt they’d ever do a sequel for this. This is gonna be one of those games like Minus 8 that’s not that great and is gonna be forgotten. Phone game heroines are usually a blow up doll with no personality so nothing shocking there haha

    Hirarin’s character strangles the heroine in the sample CGs so he’s definitely NOT one of the ones I was looking fwd to in that game. However so far Lupin is a sexy beast (I’m still in the prologue) so all is good I guess XD

  18. Omg. That Back It Up song. I couldn’t stop listening to it and now it’s stuck in my head! Literally put it on replay for the rest of the review haha xD

    I had low expectations of Marginal #4 and I’m sad to see I was right 😦 Those endings seem so lacking but I guess at least some of them were happy… It’s like they were left open ended in place for a sequel which is blugh. Also stinks about the voices since, for me at least, the great part of otome games is the voice acting which can help save a bad game or ruin a great one. It’s also the reason I can’t really get into phone otome games without some effort to “input” a character voice (also those feMCs drive me nuts). Thanks for your hard work!

    Saw you’re playing Code:Realize next! I HOPE TO GOD that it is good since it has several voice actors I like. Although lately, I realize I go into otome games with low expectations. I may have to wait for your review before I decide to pick this one up …. even if it has Kaki and Hirarin. ; A ;

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