April Fool’s Roundup 2014

Well I do this every year so let’s get the ball rolling! Let’s see what the game makers have for us this year:

Oz Kindergarten. Ozmafia chars have been turned into little kids lol.

Last year Arcana Famiglia parodied peropero danshi, but this year Pero Pero Danshi parodies Arcana famiglia:

Karin made some Mysteria cookies:

mysteria cookiesKamigami no Asobi is now an RPG game:

Quin rose made a parody game trailer for a game called The Abandoned doS Island where the heroine meets a bunch of do-S dudes…but then becomes do-S herself and overpowers them 😆 In the end it shows Alice smacking Fujimaru over the head to do her work, which is a sad truth cause I think Fujimaru really is overworked…

Otomate is now a department store:

KumaD has taken over Rejet’s site:

I don’t even know what the hell is going on with the Utapri website….

Otomex made an R-18 game where the heroine trips, lands on a weiner and cant get it out for 1 hour LMAO


Miracle Train is now a drama CD called “Miracle Prince” with Akari being the heroine. MY HOPES FOR MIRACLE OTOME TRAIN GETTING CLOSER

miracleprinceArcana Famiglia is gonna be a live action drama:

Pangya is now a fighting game:

pangyaPrince of Stride are now an idol band:

Nitro+Chiral made a BL game using characters from their other games. The point is that the guys are all dojikkos and end up in uh…some R-18 situation lmaoo.

Blue Moon is releasing a vocaloid from one of its Double Score characters. But let’s be serious, I’d be happy if we had a Kenn vocaloid lmao.

Honeybee is releasing Tsukiko bed sheets. Suzuyan is gonna do some nasty things on those…. 😆


On the FF14 forums, everyone has turned into Yoshida xDDD


Also FF14 introduces a system letting you ichaicha with your favorite NPC. THANCREAD WHERE

Update 4/1 EST:

Ryuusei Halation is now a galge:



PrincePia Carrot’s site has been hijacked:

piacarrotHatoful Kareshi parodies Futari wa Pretty Cure


KoiPuri lets you date some GGE


Brothers Conflict is now a fighting game (where can I preorder?):


Honeybee releasing a game that lets you date all the starry sky & seishun hajimemashita subcharacters:

Boyfriend(仮) now has the nanpa otoko’s protecting you from all the boyfriends XDDD

That’s all I got for this year. I know there was a few others but I didn’t really get the joke so I figured I’d skip them!


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  1. OMG! These are all so hilarious XD I want the KamiAso RPG and Brocon fighting games and so much~ And lolol “Abandoned doS Island”

  2. yea its a regular vita feature. the only thing is most games have a watermark on the screenshots (I posted a few on my twitter @breadmasterlee)
    if you have other games to play you don’t need a vita but Project Diva has a huge replay value for me (as all diva games have in the past) so I’m really glad I bought it. The screen is so nice I kinda dread returning to my PSP for Chronostacia at the end of the month!

  3. Wait, you can take screenshots on the Vita without homebrew? That changes things for me somewhat, since one of the reasons I didn’t wasn’t that keen on the VITA is because it’d be hard to rip the CGs from my games. If I can screenshot them, then there’s no problem.

    I’m still not sure though, since I also want a 3DS for fire emblem, pokemon and such…and a tablet. Man, choices, choices. I guess I’ll wait to see if good games come out for it before I commit to importing a pink VITA, games that aren’t remakes/ports/whatever, since I’m still not happy with most games nowadays. Especially when doujin games seem to be better nowadays.

  4. Them pigeons will seem like humans halfway through the game. Somehow, i find myself preferring them pigeon pics. LOL.

    Give it a try, Hinano. The individual routes are even shorter than Dot Kareshi’s and there’s an epic mystery over-arching route once you clear every birdie (to quote the game’s lingo).

  5. never thought,i will see you playing tetrascope game >.<, their always produce
    a good story
    .and i really like sakuya,tetrascope r18 game, hope you will try it.
    hv a nice day ^^

  6. Haha just realized it’s April Fools week.
    And what is it with that fat guy with a kyuubey mouth?? Is that an actual character? Whoever drew him does not know how to draw obese peoplr O_o

  7. haha I’ve yet to play BB and not too motivated since it’s a copypasta of PP!
    and yea I guess some people like dem GGEs xD

  8. Thanks for doing this!

    Firstly, I also want that BroCon fighting game! I want to beat up Fuuto and Iori so badly >_> even though I really do like Iori but his route….

    Also, that Koi Puri Ossan isn’t too far off from some of the disturbingly old men I see in some of the otome games >_>

    really Japan’s effort into April Fool’s is amazing XD

  9. I love my Vita btw and I’m really happy otome games are coming to it.
    The screen is bright and crisp and I can take huge res screenshots.
    At this point anyone complaining about it are people who are probably QQing that they can’t pirate games and play on their shitty PSP emulators.

  10. (Also, if Brother’s Conflict did become a fighting game, I’d probably get a Vita just to play it if it came out on that platform. Not only do I desperately wanna beat up some of them, Fuuto and Yusuke look so hot with those eye bandages. I hope IF realizes the potential of this someday. It’d be much better than the other types of mini-games we always get in FD)

  11. The sad thing is, I’d rather buy a lot of the things on this list than most of the otome games nowadays. Also, as someone who has recently played Dramatical Murder and fell in love with Aoba (as I always do with their protagonists. It’s been 6 years and I still love Akira), damn N+C, you cruel tease!

  12. And I really, seriously wish that Honeybee side characters game was real because I actually loved three stooges and Oushiro-sempai in Starry Sky.

    Okay, do-S game and Kamigami RPG don’t sound that bad, and that nanpa otoko game has potential too, but if I had to pick one, it would be the first.

    (Maybe company’s cash-milking ways will bring it about eventually?)

  13. I think a lot of the utapri events are nuts like that. The japanese otome game fangirls are rabid and scary lol
    I wish one day they’d make hatoful with like actual human sprites. I can’t motivate myself to play a game staring at a bunch of pigeons xDD

  14. I was so sad I couldn’t get it to work. I tried to download the plugin but it just refused to install properly :(((

  15. LOL, so i heard. I doubt i can walk into those corners, select some merchandise without fangirling (a little) then walk to the counter and purchase them with a straight face after… XD

    But imagine if they’re staffed by Otomate’s otoges’ guys… Since they’ve produced more otoge titles than the rest of the companies, high chance there are more fans, right? …it’ll turn into a warzone. =3

    Oh, i saw the Hatoful Kareshi site. Pretty cute (no pun intended) and it’s not like they haven’t inserted Pretty Cure into the uh… otoge? before. That whole segment was absolutely side-splitting hilarious! XD

  16. Yeah, I saw it on Tumblr first and it looked so convincing. I completely forgot what day it was that moment haha.

  17. I love April Fool’s hahah I am waiting every year to see what they’re going to show us 😀 I remember last year when I saw the Hakuouki SSL website I TOTALLY freaked out and then I realised it was April Fool’s 😥 But the announcement was legit and I’m waiting for my game now :3 I’m so excited!!!

  18. yea I have done this for 2011, 2012 and 2013 so yea definitely browse those 😀
    Japan really goes out of their way on April Fool’s and it’s always fun to see what they will come up with!

  19. Came across one of these earlier. I had NO idea that this was a thing!
    thanks for posting all that! I’ll have to check out your post from last year later.

    I just creeped out my roommate with my laughing when I saw the Hatoful Boyfriend one. I loved that game and I’m not ashamed! (even tho they think I’m nuts!!)

  20. What if for april fool’s, Broccoli literally changed their website to a bunch of broccolis or like all of the utapri characters became a broccoli… I think that’ll be hilarious lol

  21. LOL. Otomate department store. I can imagine the crowd of females (and rabid fangirls) on a daily basis if that becomes reality… XD

    Pretty cool of these companies to put so much (?) effort into a one-day prank deal.

  22. Not all voice actors can sing (shimono hiro I love you babe but please stop singing) but kenn is definitely one of those who can sing and voice act.
    Too many girly vocaloids! All we got for manloids are basically Gakupo and Kaito since Len’s voiced by a female anyway XD

    I will not be playing either of those because I don’t have interest or time sorry!

  23. haha that’s interesting. I feel like a lot of april fool’s stuff is done when I’m asleep and by the time I wake up most of it already down 😦

  24. Honestly, I feel that t would be pretty cool if they made some Vocaloids using different Otome game CV’s. Based off of their character songs, a lot of them have musical talent. Maybe one day~

    On a completely random note, have you played Bakudan Handan/Sweet Fuse? While the characters are not immediately appealing to most, as you progress through the gripping story line they all grow on you. Also, I would highly recommend Dandelion Wishes Brought to You and Nameless, both by Cheritz.

  25. Haha XD
    I love April Fool’s XD
    And I agree, if only Nitro+Chiral one were true

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