The lost has been found: Unboxing Ninkoi & -8


Only took 6 weeks with airmail but who am I to complain! ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

Sorry I’m being lazy this time because I figured by now it’s like 6 weeks later and nobody cares anyway (´・ω:;.:… Just a couple things:

  • I will be finishing Alice first because I only have like Julius & Nightmare left so I’ll be wrapping up those this week.
  • I am never using Airmail again fuck dat.
  • My PS Vita is on its way to me in the next week or so 😀 I’ll definitely have a detailed unboxing of that. Sadly I won’t be able to comment on quality or game play because the only game I will have for it won’t arrive until the end of March 😆

Also for those who don’t know I’m pretty active on my twitter and I tend to post small updates/otome game news bits and spam from BF(仮) so feel free to follow when this blog starts growing cobwebs.


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  1. yea it really is honestly, so maybe I will consider bulk ordering stuff to save on shipping every 1-2 months or something.
    Normally airmail was always a 1-2 week process for me so this is the worst it’s ever been 😦

  2. Glad to see you finally got your stuff! EMS/Fedex can be pricey, but I’ve learned that they’re worth it. The last time I used airmail, the thing took like 5 weeks to arrive. XD According to the tracking, it sat around in Japan for 4 of those weeks.

    Those games have such cute art! Hopefully the actual games are good though.

  3. Yep got the gigantic and ugly American vita xD I only have Persona 4 for it and it’s just collecting dust under my bed. I am tempted to get Hakuoki SSL though even though I hate how otomate keeps beating the dead horse 😡

  4. rather than a region lock its a payment lock?
    I could theoretically buy a game card online and use it but its a bit of a hassle lmao so I probably won’t? I did make a Japanese PSN account since I Don’t play US games anyway. It’s more an account to download free demos at this point lol.

    I dont think its popular here in the US either but then again neither is the PSP but otome companies seem to be headed in that direction XD

  5. Hmm… Well that would be kind of nice to buy things online…, but isn’t there officially a region lock for the user accounts? Not that we couldn’t create 2 accounts, but yeah…

    But you know what? I’m just thinking that they are actually too lazy to digitalize their games and still sell the games in hard copy? To get more money? I don’t know how popular the PS Vita is in the US, but in Europe it’s the most flop ever. There are barely games for the Vita here, so yeah… Kind of disappointing…

  6. I don’t think it’s customs since I never pay customs fees (especially if its airmail?)
    I never really had customs issues so I’m just gonna blame it on some lazy ass postal worker who probably had the box sitting in the back of the truck for a month and finally found it =_=;;

    I just got my Vita today and I kinda want them to go that way so I can finally just digitally buy games without having to deal with this kind of shipping griefery

  7. Awww. I’m happy that your games arrived after all. Maybe they got stuck in the customs?! That’s actually the ONLY reason in Germany for parcels to arrive late, because they lay around in the customs for 4 weeks. LOL

    Have fun with NinKoi and -8! I hope they are decent games… And regarding PS Vita. Please don’t go follow Otomate dear other companies… ;w; I don’t wanna buy a Vita…

  8. yea I think even SAL packages in the past took less time lol
    And why Julius? Because QR thought it would be cool to add a super yandere new scenario with Alice & Peter into the remake, making him a complete asshole towards her
    (I know he’s an asshole towards others but he’s always been do-M for Alice…until now)
    So basically that leaves Julius as the only sane & sweet character in the whole game. (Gowland is actually sweet too but he’s just too stupid with his violin xD)

  9. 6 weeks?? OMG friggin ridiculous. I’m just so happy for you they arrived! And I might open a twitter account just to follow you! XD (already hooked on that part you said Julius might become your favorite instead of Peter…Please tell us why! We need to know! XD)

  10. yea it’s totally true…especially QR seems to follow them a lot lately (monthly releases, porting Alice to phone etc)

    The only bummer about Vita is I can’t stream my games which is always a joy to share my misery with others when I’m in a shitty otoge.
    Guess it’s back to ye olde couch and notepad for me lol

  11. I hope they do. Where Otomate goes, the rest of the otoge follows. (Sadly.) And these things look completely gorgeous on the Vita, it makes you realize how much of a shame it is to put these artists’ work on the PSP.

    I just hope that Sony releases something to calibrate color tones so we can adjust for differences between the OLED model and the LCD model, in case these games come out calibrate for one and not the other.

  12. it’s totally not supposed to but in “bad cases” I guess this is what happens 😦
    haha did you buy the American vita? I bought the slim 2000 model from Japan cause I wanted it to be colorful and smaller XD

  13. Whoa… I didn’t know airmail took so long. Geez… I guess even though EMS is expensive as hell it’s the only thing that won’t make me go crazy with impatience xD

    I bought PS Vita during Black Friday sale but there’s like no games that I want to play on it lolol.

  14. ikr shoulda been like 6 days 😆
    Worst was 14 days once but yea this is a disaster and I will never use it again :/
    Good luck with your Vita, mine should be arriving hopefully in a couple days 😀

  15. 6 weeks with airmail??? God, I always use airmail and it takes around 1 week (to Spain). I really think you should use EMS S:

    Next month I’m going to Japan and I’ll also get a PSVita, hope Otomate will release new games and not only their Hakuouki/Amnesia/DiaLovers stuff ¬¬

  16. Indeed it is, I thought it fell into the ocean somewhere 😆
    I was willing to wait like 3 weeks or so but when it took 6 I began to raise many eyebrows

  17. yea this is like the longest it’s taken ever. It’s supposed to be 6 days! 😦
    and hopefully the games will be worth the wait lol

  18. I know right I like didn’t shut up about it and finally 6 weeks later here I am 😆
    But yea no more airmail, I made sure my incoming box is via EMs -_-

  19. After weeks of seeing you complain over how the package wasnt here I was pretty much like “lol its finally here” when I saw this post seriously. I guess i wont be using Airmail now when I purchase stuff, or maybe i can try when I still have games in my backlog to settle lol. But good like with -8 and Ninkoi!! Hope they aint kusoges gosh.

  20. 6 weeks? o.o’
    But it finally arrived =D
    I want to buy these games too. I love -8 op. song XD
    I’m following you on Twitter ^-^

  21. Congrats! Glad the package finally gets delivered to you. Hope they’ll prove to be worth the extra wait. Just curious, which are you going to go through first?

  22. Glad your box came in! That’s exciting news. Last time I had something take that long, it wasn’t as major as games. I think it was just two or three pairs of earrings or something, but anyway, 6 weeks is too damn long. At least the box wasn’t lost in the sense that it would never be recovered. When stuff takes that long, it really feels like it fell of a plane into the ocean or something. While still annoying, once you open the box of goodies, it’s amazing how a lot of the annoyance decreases.

  23. I’ve made it a mental resolution to never follow live tweeters for otome games 😛 I only really follow news sites on my twitter because of people spoiling stuff for me in the past ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

    And well lol I don’t need 2 copies, just glad at least ONE of them arrived lol. From now on I’ll just stick to Fedex/EMS

  24. Ninkoi? thank god you don’t follow me on twitter because I was spamming spoilers from it e___e, I really think they should send you another copy with the best shipping service rather than refund you, anyway I’m looking forward of your review on that game.

  25. nope nothing else really interests me.
    I was kinda curious about that FF10 HD remake but I figured if I start another RPG this blog will really die 😆 But I think Otomate might be moving to PS Vita (once they get hakuoki/amneshit out of their system) so it might not be a bad investment!

  26. Really? Nothing more than Miku’s game?

    But then again I bought mine just for Sen no Kiseki on the go. It’s just that before I knew it my library had expanded to fifteen games*…maybe the same thing would happen to you, maybe it won’t, haha.

    *I did not include indie games in that count.

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