Ameba Otome Game Review: Boyfriend (Kari)


So because the games I ordered in January got lost in the mail, I spent most of February forcing Alice down my throat and tapping my android phone with a money jerking card game. Fortunately because idgaf about collecting every pokemon, I didn’t spend a penny but none the less it was a good time killer so I figured I’d share the wealth.The game that’s taken Japan by storm since Japan loves collecting things &  gambling their lives away. A rival to Girlfriend(kari), they’ve created Boyfriend(kari) for the ladies.


You know all those dumb card collection games on mobage? Idolmaster? Eva? All that crap this is the SAME THING. There is no difference. You play some daily lottery, get a card and if it’s a rare card, you get a popular seiyuu’s voice with it. Each “card” has a mini story that comes with it and if you merge it with cards you don’t want (like dat annoying gaijin character who I want to punch everytime he shows up) you can “evolve” it to see more chapters.


Obviously the more money you blow on this crap, the rarer cards you will get! Kyah Toriumi for the 23423523th time is sick and I have to take care of him! 🙄

Kyah a tsundere oresama Tachibana character!

Being that there’s a shit ton of dudes in this game, you are most likely to find your favorite seiyuu that’s been in like every otome game. Hell, the guy who I made my 本命 is a total nooblet McNoob who I’ve never even heard of! No worries though, you can still enjoy playing this stupid game without paying a penny:

  • You get to spin for a rare card once a day so you will always get a chance to hear a voiced scenario.
  • You get to spin for non-rare cards daily but you can just throw those into the rare cards to “evolve” them instead
  • There’s a ton of events and other crap going on and you receive gifts/rare gacha spins for just pressing some buttons anyway
  • Play this while you’re waiting for the eggs to finish cooking, while a dull war scene plays in some 和風 game, while you take a dump on the toilet, or while you’re trying to look busy at work (←totally not me.)
Nagisa from FREE! totally hijakin' this thing (even voiced by Yonaga)
Nagisa from FREE! totally hijakin’ this thing (even voiced by Yonaga)

Be warned though because it DOES have voices, if you’re in a place that you don’t want anyone hearing, plug in your headphones or make sure you press the “off” button when it asks if you want voices on or off.

Anyway the majority of this app is just PRESS BUTTON -> receive 2D man card.


So because I’m in an otome game slump (due to shitty games + games getting lost + upcoming FFXIV patches that are distracting me) this is just the perfect thing to waste time on. It doesn’t really require any attachment or involvement and since I don’t have a gambling addiction I can easily start & stop whenever I feel like it. If you have a gambling problem or are anal about collecting every tiny little thing, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY STAY AWAY FROM THIS. (If you do register or already have an account feel free to add me as a friend.)

I was totally not going at all for this guy, but he confessed to me 3 god damn times so I'm like fine dude you be my main!
I was totally not going at all for this guy, but he confessed to me 3 god damn times so I’m like fine dude you be my main! I feel the SPIRIT WITHIN!

But yea, lol otome games, lol me for using Airmail for the last time to order anything.

P.S. In case you haven’t heard:


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  1. yes you need an ameba account but you can create one for free.
    the app is locked to japan region so i just play it through the browser on my phone

  2. How do play these games anyway?
    Do i need mobage or ameba account?
    can i play them on android?
    I was looking for this and it says its not compatible on ur device T^T
    Is it because of my phone IP address?
    Or that i dont have an account?

  3. Its okay i kinda like card battle game :> oh yeah I clicked your links above but I couldn’t found links to the actual game. would you be so kind to show me I really want to try it thanks~! :>

  4. こんちゃ!


  5. its just a card battle game, sorry I can’t really provide a tutorial but when you start it there’s a tutorial at the beginning that should be less confusing

  6. こんにちは!


  7. Well this one looks interesting (*w*) But how to play it? I do have an ameba ccount

  8. maybe it got delivered to the wrong place and someone’s having fun playing it instead of me? 😦 lol.

    Thanks for the tips about ninkoi and -8. I’ll just ask someone to rip it for me and just play them that way lol. Technically I did pay for them! 🙄 so I will eventually play both of them anyway.

    And wanting to strangle an otomate heroine? What else is new! XD

  9. lol yea probably not for you and atm I don’t think he is but pretty much like every other otome game seiyuu is in this thing lol

    yea it’s annoying when I try to support the industry & shit and this is what I get :/
    MB was garbage so I’d say anything in comparison is better lol but I might dig out my rakuen danshi and play that next instead since I recall enjoying the bit of it that I played last year.

  10. Sucks to have your games lost mid-delivery. I can’t help but remember my Dot Kareshi III fiasco… *shudders* I wonder what happens to all these lost-in-transit items..? Do they end up being dumped in some storage area where they gather dust for eternity until someone decides to incinerate them? …Oops, sorry for going off-topic. XD

    I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to say this or not but, imo, NinKoi isn’t as good compared to -8. Of course the art and voice acting are superb as per Otomate, but the way they set up the plot to be semi-serious… I think i prefer -8’s wake wakaranai one better. The heroine in NinKoi tends to yo-yo between having super observation skills in one route to being an absolute idiot in another. Not to mention she always suicide-bombs her own route with the guy 3/4-way into his route.

    It’s enjoyable, of course, more than Snow Bound Land, but i find myself wanting to strangle and/or slap the heroine for some of her actions. Maybe this is also a sign that i’m getting tired of otoges… =/

  11. “Anal about collecting every little thing.” Welp, guess I’m out then. Kind of a shame since the art looks pretty. Is Kaji Yuuji on this?

    Sad to hear about your package. Really makes it seems like it’s not worth it to buy these games at all sometimes. So expensive, they will most likely never be in English or targeted to us specifically and to top it all off shipping is expensive as all hell.

    On slightly better news, I’ve been slowly going through Jewelic Nightmare, and it’s okay? Not like the story is anything amazing and the characters are revolutionary, but the story is interesting enough to get you through and the characters are all likeable, even the ossan. Given the last few games I’ve played, that is actually a big point in its favour. So it’s at least a lot better than my other last purchase, more blood.

  12. HAHA I hate the bambina guy too wtf xDDD debito wannabe.
    btw I’m so god damn confused about the whole “Step up” system.
    It never lets me step up anyone T_T I don’t know wtf to do lol
    I even got one of the cards to “MAX” affection (?) so I just…switched it for another card cause i have no idea what i’m doing lol

  13. Lol I hate that gaijin character too, his voice makes me cringe.
    The guy with the long orange hair is also kinda annoying with his “bambina” all the time.
    I’m adding you!

  14. yea they said they’d give me back my money as well and I will probably not order it again because it’s such a motivation killer lol.
    I have to wait till basically end of March to receive my refund.

  15. It’s a good time killer when I’m bored at work >_> lol
    And ive never in my years of shopping had issues with airmail but I guess there’s a first time for everything.



    That’s one reason I’d rather pay the extra for package tracking… So obviously someone likes to pilfer other people’s eroge! *looksforcursespell*

    *looks at photo stack* *looks at todolist* I guess I’d better stop procrastinating and get the trip pictures up sometime… … … and the final priya unboxing…

  17. yea I totally agree with you! like why should I buy games if I can only get them via absurdly expensive shipping methods -_-
    Did you ever get your money back? I’ve been told that I’d get a refund at least so I don’t feel as bad since by that time the newest FF14 patch will be out lol

  18. Funny you mentioned Idolmaster since they just announced the boy version of their card game for Mobage. 😆 Too bad your games got lost in the mail, ever since they lost my package I’ve stuck with EMS. Though that just means I’ve been buying less stuff from overseas since I can’t always justify paying for ridiculous shipping rates.

  19. Come to think of it, weren’t you also playing another game? Rakuen Danshi I think. Would you ever review that?

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