Otome Game Review: Dot Kareshi: We’re 8-bit Lovers! ~Tenkuu no Kiss~

And so this is the 2nd party set of characters from your videogame! As usual our heroine ends up inside of it due to a “bug” but this time, a video game god comes out and tells her the bug excuse is all a coverup! If you complain to the programmers they’ll just lie out their ass and say that this is a bonus stage working as intended! \( ^o^)/ Our colorful cast this time includes a Paladin tank, a support/healer Dancer, and our 2 DPS’s Monk and Beastmaster!


The cast this time are also perverts but because 2 of them are ossans, they are closet perverts! XD At the common route bath scene, they wanna peep on the heroine on the other side so then VILLAGER shows up and shows them a peep hole! xDDD While they are busy fighting over who gets to look first, they topple over the man/woman bath divider and all the other ladies bathing throw buckets at their heads (✧≖‿ゝ≖). Also soon as the heroine jumps into the story, the first thing they all do is either 1) fondle her boobs 2) fight over who gets to fondle her boobs 3) call her flat chested with nice legs. SO ANYWAY THESE GUYS ARE REALLY HILARIOUS TOGETHER!

dancerDancer – I honestly think Dancer should really be BARD BUT since it’s Rejet, everyone has to be FABULOUS. He’s a healer and a support character so he will dance around while healing people and unlike the Priest he doesn’t make people beg for it! Dancing too much and twirling around makes him dizzy though. His quest is to get some special item that will give him an energy drain skill. (My healer in FFXIV uses this very often ;D) He teaches the heroine how to do some dance skills on the way as well. When they go to the church to get the item, the priest there says that it’s possessed by a ghost. Dancer puts the item on anyway and gets possessed and starts dancing around attacking everyone. The heroine then uses the dance she learned from him to cure him and Dancer defeats the ghost that was possessing him.  Normal End: Dancer continues to teach the heroine how to dance inside the video game and they twerk happily ever after :lol:. Good End: Dancer leaves the video game to come to the heroine’s world. He puts on a new outfit so they can go outside and practice dancing together. Before they go though, he accidentally topples her on the bed and kisses her. I liked Dancer and all but the end kissing was so ridiculous those “N-~chu~” sounds hahaha /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.

beastBeastmaster – Beastmaster is a tsundere do-S shota (think Fuuto from Brothers Conflict.)  His loyal attacker pet is a penguin named Pe. For his quest, he wants to obtain a new beast to summon and that beast is a giant water dragon. He pushes the Paladin into the sea to use as bait but it doesn’t work. Instead he decides that “virgin blood” would attract a dragon so he asks the heroine to cut her finger and let a little bit of blood fall into the ocean. She agrees to do so (with the Dancer healing her afterwards) and it’s super effective! The dragon comes out immediately (along with the Paladin who was orgasming from being its chew toy). As they fight the dragon so that shota can tame it, heroine gets all splashed and apparently her bra becomes visible. Needless to say the ossans  start staring at titties and the dragon knocks them both out. It’s now up to Beastmaster to solo tame the drain and he succeeds in doing so. Normal End:  Beastmaster takes the heroine on more leveling adventures but she’s scared to death. He complains that he’s busy taking care of her and continues being all tsuntsun. He thought she was going with him because she wanted to be alone with him not because she thought of him as  a little kid she shouldn’t let out all by himself. The reason they had to go alone together is cause the other party members are KO’ed from poisonous mushroom soup. Good End: Beastmaster comes back with the heroine to her world though he’s a bit lonely without his pet Pe. The heroine is all |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  at how tsundere he’s gotten around her and since he wants her attention, she puts down her studies and offers to take him to the zoo. After she gets all dressed up, he grumbles that he doesn’t want to go out anymore and have other guys see how pretty she is. Instead they end up smooching in her room.

paladinPaladin – I know the game writes him as “knight” but based on his skills/traits he’s clearly a Paladin (also FFXIV translates it in the same fashion and that’s what I’ve been playing lately xD). Paladin is great because he’s a do-M tank! He’s taken so much beating until he reached max level that he’s become a huge masochist! His quest is to defeat monsters to save the village (typical!) and as they fight some monsters in the cave he gets all excited from all the beating he’s taking xDDD. Eventually the DPS’s join in to help but get knocked out cause of too many enemies. The only one left is Paladin and Dancer who’s busy running away from the mobs. Since he cannot heal, heroine creates a potion quickly and temporarily restores some HP so he’s able to get the mob off the Dancer and the Dancer can heal him fully. Thanks to this the village is saved! Normal End: Paladin teaches the heroine how to be a good tank. He apologizes for grabbing her in naughty ways but says he only has pure intentions! Well while his intentions are pure, he admits that he has feelings for her. As they start sparring he gets all excited from being smacked around so the heroine stops. He tells her to continue because this way she’ll level up her sword skills and he’ll get pleasure in the process, 2 birds with one stone! ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Good End: Paladin comes to her world and says his life is ok here because of the heroine. He says that while coming home he was approached and asked to be a host but he refused. His loyalty is only to the heroine and not to other ladies! He concludes that losing the heroine is the only pain that he will not get pleasure from so he then kisses her as a sign of his loyalty to her.

monkMonk – Monk is a massive oppressed closet perv! He’s held his sexual urges in so long that he can no longer keep them inside! Just the idea of touching or hugging the heroin sends his nose splurging with blood like the Niagara Falls プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵. His quest is to finish collecting items for a chance to do a battle to earn a new Monk armor. Once he focuses on the quest reward all of his sexual urges kinda vanish and everyone is shocked at how serious he is. Before doing the vs battle he tells the heroine that he feels once it’s over, he’ll be all empty inside. The heroine tells him that if he wins, she’ll let him hug her all he wants. This is a huge motivator so with the power of ero, he defeats his opponent! He almost forgets the hug reward but then after he remembers it he jumps on the heroine and hugs her immediately. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Normal End: Monk is apologizing profusely for something he did to the heroine. She forgives him and shakes his hand and then he confesses that he’s really in love with her. Soon as he finds out that she’s just gotten out of the bath though, he starts nosebleeding again. Monk’s final request to the heroine is to be by his side and help with his nosebleed issues (though I think with her by his side it will only make it worse XD). Good End: Monk comes back to the real world with the heroine and becomes a movie stunt man. He says that he got an offer to be a lead actor in some Hollywood movie but he refused. Being apart from the heroine is  the worst thing to him and then he asks if he could hump hug her. After he hugs her he asks to kiss her and tells her that he loves her.

lastI actually enjoyed this game more than the first one! I haven’t really been following updates/news about otome games lately so I honestly didn’t even know what to expect from this cast. All I saw was the little trailer at the top while I was at Otakon and knew about the do-M Paladin. In the end my favorite rank for this game ended up being Monk > Paladin > Dancer > Beastmaster. I don’t hate the shota or anything but he was just soooo tsuntsuntsun and not enough dere that I picked the Nojiken Dancer over him ;). I think what made me enjoy the game the most is the interaction between all the guys here. For some reason I found it funnier and more enjoyable than the first group and it’s probably thanks to ero Monk and do-M Paladin xDDD. Hirakawa and Toriumi calling each other “BROS” because they both wanna grab dat fuckin titty made me burst out laughing multiple times throughout my play. Once again the game was about 4 hours long (if you include the omakes) so it definitely won’t be a huge deal to fit into a busy schedule!  I plan to get the last volume and I can say that I’m really enjoying this series. It was certainly a nice refresher after the last snoozefest I had to sit through ( ´_ゝ`).


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  1. Ahh I see so that’s why. And it’s actually not that bad, as my listening comprehension is pretty good^^ I’m still getting the gist of things 🙂 Still, Clock Zero really grabs my attention so it’s like a must for me to play lol. Well aww thats okay then, thanks anyways!

  2. I close comments on all posts older than 90 days to avoid spam.
    If you can’t understand Japanese erm then that game may not be for you…actually I am surprised you managed to get through the game at all since that one was difficult to understand even with my Japanese knowledge lol (I still had to look things up in a dictionary xD)
    I don’t know anything about emulators or save files or where you can download one sorry! I played mine on the PS2 so I don’t have a PSP save file I could give you.

  3. Hello! I haven’t gotten into the dotkare series yet, but I’ll give it a shot soon^^ I had a question that’s a bit unrelated though. I tried posting my comment under your clock zero post, but I can’t write new comments there? Anyways, I’m currently playing Clock Zero and I can’t do those stupid tests as I can’t read or write Japanese whatsoever AT ALL. So I’m really struggling LOL. I can only understand >,< So do you happen to know where I could get a full save file/data for this game? Or where I'd be able to find save data for PSP otome games? I'm using an emulator btw as my PSP recently just died ugh. Thanks so much 🙂 P.S. Your reviews are what got me into otome games in the first place!

  4. This is a reply to your response to my last post btw. I accidentally didn’t click on reply

  5. Yeah my bad XD I just looked it up a little earlier. But I would have liked to see an archer somewhere, that would have been a good class to work with. *Having Maple Story fantasies*

  6. Agh doesn’t help that the bard looks like a woman lol. But this game was hilarious. The characters are better then those in the last game too, it seems like they have more personality?
    And i noticed that there are different classes each game. Perhaps for the next game, I can expect an archer to be there, an assassin/ninja, etc? XD

  7. yea I like zoned out and rolled my eyes honestly
    and nope I haven’t even touched Danzai no Maria aside from making sure that it runs.
    Spent all weekend playing FFXIV lol

  8. oh really haha interesting. now I really think that one scene with Laito and Shuu in dialovers Heaven scenario is funnier than it really is xD
    I thought it would be the least interesting one too but I loved them 😀

  9. “Hirakawa and Toriumi calling each other “BROS” because they both wanna grab dat fuckin titty made me burst out laughing multiple times throughout my play.”
    This is kind of hilarious on a meta level. (中の人)

    And I thought this would be the weakest of the bunch! Off to put on a wishlist and wait for the payday…Thanks for another great review!

  10. Owh, that part… I kinda went ‘lol whut’ at it and promptly wipe it clean from my mind. XD I’m so anticipating the last one. ❤

    I see you're currently playing Danzai no Maria. =3 Hope it'll be fun for you. Far as i've gotten, the stories jump around a lot with almost no consistency. But that could just be me reading it with a half-attentive mind. =/

  11. If only more otoges were this straightforward and had likeable characters lol. Somehow it’s a bit refreshing to see how the guys are automatically hilarious horndogs for the heroine.

    Dancer and Monk’s super yellow skin tones bother me a bit, though (´・ω・`)

  12. the booklet mentioned that the Paladin could use some magic skills so that’s why I’ve concluded that he’s a paladin tank rather than an attacker knight like the guy from the last game.

  13. yea I mean dot kare is like a 4 hour game so nothing surprising there xD
    Hopefully Danzai no Maria won’t take me the rest of the month though lol (well even if it does my next game batch won’t arrive until November anyway)
    yea the tamer shota was also whipping the heroine in the drama CD which made me like 🙄

  14. Btw I didn’t like the shota in the drama CD cause he was whipping the heroine like Mejojo from Black Wolves Saga….whut.
    I love the dot kare series but I really hate how the drama CDs portrays the characters vs how they are portrayed in the game 😦
    and yep this game definitely helped ;D

  15. I like shotas. And Tsuntsun and deredere. So I must go shota. Dancer must do ero-dancing in his sparetime at the stripclubs.

    IIRC, knight is typically used for a chivalrous fighter in heavy armour(usually with a horse) while a Paladin is a knight with clerical magic. Technically interchangable but obviously Paladin > Knight. Exception: Knights of Solamnia/Tarkhisis. Knights only in name but really Paladins/Dark Paladins since their fight for their gods.

  16. I was busy thinking about how long you were gonna take to finish your next game but seeing this I was like “WOW YOU’RE DONE ALREADY?” Anyway wow the perv ossans were actually cute and thats great XD

    I really do understand why you didn’t really like the beast tamer especially if you’re with a pack of kawaii people and the tsun types start not becoming your cup of tea XD

    Thanks for the review and hope you felt much better after the looong Alice game!! \(^▽^*)

  17. Same ranking as yours in order of character preference. ❤ The monk's route surprises me with how… relatively tame and heart-warming (??!!) it is compared to the others. Would've thought it'd be somewhat similar to the Knight's with how much they seem to click together. XD

    But I agree, this disc is better than the first, if only because of the way the party interacted together. The common routes are fun too (shopping for equipments for the mc) and the additional screen-time for the Villager (i jumped when i saw him at the end of the Knight's quest) !!

    Thanks for the wonderful as always review, Hinano. Hopefully it has revived some of your otogaming spirit after that Alice game. =3

  18. I dunno I checked the spam box and didn’t see your comment, weird! lol
    haha I think Monk and Paladin are my favorites xDDD and yea her reactions are the same as always

  19. Orz why WP always eating my comment lols,I think I already posted something here but it doesn’t show up. Anyway glad the second series is good just like the first one? I haven’t finish 1st series yet /o\. That monk and paladin lols, they are exactly my type *shoots*. Btw the heroine’s reaction is still the same just like in 1st one? Even though she never actually says a word but I just love her reaction : ! @@ ? xD

  20. I have been deliberatley trying to forget that poor innocent gin-san is the voice of the maou in the next installement, becausethe laughter is too painful. I just hope they make more after the third release *fingers crossed* My a+b set from rejet hasn’t arrived yet, but I know I’m going to enjoy it (how could you not!?)

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