The Disappearance of Nanami Haruka: Uta no Prince-sama Music 2

 Op Movie removed cause Broccoli hates gaijins

I wasn’t gonna review this but somehow during my commute to work the last few weeks I ended up unlocking every song in the game so I figured why not! Since this is just a music game there’s not really any spoilers so feel free to read on!


Same as UtaPri music 1. You pick a song, play in Easy/Hard/Pro modes, unlock some mini no-CG scenario with a prince. They added features now that you can hear the actual sung songs or switch to melody only when playing. Sometimes I preferred melody only mode (like with Triangle Beat) because often the pattern of the buttons follows that rather than the voices you hear singing. As usual you can unlock backgrounds and costumes for the guys which include stuff like swimsuits, kimonos, stage outfits and pretty much every sprite from Debut and All Star. What seems to be missing are the school uniforms that were in Music since I guess our dudes are graduated now and no longer school kids. There’s also onpu-kun which is the little note character that Otoya drew and you can have him be in every song instead of the usual guy who sings it. He’s voiced by Otoya, sounds like he’s high and makes puns about curry if you start playing like shit and making mistakes:


The Reward Scenarios

Oook well this is where the problem begins. In UtaPri Music everytime you completed a set of Easy, Hard or a Pro mode, it would be a scene with the guy and ‘you’ aka Haruka. Now? They literally drew this “TV” set so it’s like you’re some 3rd party idol loser fangirl watching them on TV having fun with each other. HARUKA IS GONE. There is only a select few songs which give you a scenario with Dude x Haruka and you must clear pro-mode to receive this.


WOW FUCKIN GREAT IF I WANNA SHIP THE PRINCES WITH HARUKA I GOTTA DESTROY MY RIGHT HAND FIRST /(^o^)\. And well the scenarios aren’t even worth it. Off the top of my head only Ren’s and Camus’ scenarios actually stick out as being somewhat decent? I also remember thinking how freaking moe Reiji was and then remember how lewd he was in all star and how much I missed it 😦


There are some more stuff with Haruka in the memories section (I have no idea what I did to unlock the few I did unlock.) Unfortunately, it’s very Cero A lol. I’m mainly complaining because in Repeat & Fandisks the scenes & memories were randy as all get out, but here it’s like “I decided not to kiss lady because I know she’d be embarrassed and run away.” WHY щ(ºДºщ). So yea even when Haruka’s presence was there, it was so watered down I couldn’t really enjoy it either. I’ll be honest, I found some of the “dudes having  fun with each other” scenarios sincerely more entertaining. There’s no denial though, that some were borderline ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ:


Particularly the scenarios with Ai, Natsuki and Sho were hilarious as well as some with Reiji, Tokiya and Otoya. Some of Cecil and Camus’ were great too but those 2 always make me laugh in every game. STILL there’s plenty of “group” songs where they could have put these scenarios and at least leave the individual songs to just be scenarios of GUY x HARUKA. But nope, Haruka’s existance has been all but wiped off the face of this game. Since Haruka x Dude is actually one my favorite parts of UtaPri because well I really loved Talented Hard Working Persistent Game Haruka (and not Unable to Read Sheet Music Sickly Anime Haruka) this made me extremely sad. Once I cleared all the songs that I actually liked, I found little to no motivation to clear modes of other songs because I knew that the reward wouldn’t have her in it. On the topic of missing characters, there’s no Satsuki, no Hayato, no Ringo and no Ryuya. What gives? Ringo and Ryuya both had songs in All Star, so why couldn’t we play their songs in this? It makes no sense to me and it’s very disappointing. ( ̄ε ̄;) Also I miss Satsuki calling me a stupid octopus.

Difficulty Level

Me after many failed attempts of clearing Pro Mode of all of Otoya's and Masato's songs.
Me after many failed attempts of clearing Pro Mode of all of Otoya’s and Masato’s songs.

This game is absurdly hard. The only song I ever had issues with in Music 1 was Orion de Shout it Out. In this game, like half of the songs I just cannot clear in Pro Mode beyond B rank (and that’s if I get lucky and not C rank it by default.) The sad part is of course the songs I managed to clear on Pro Mode (and by Clear I mean get at least A rank which is enough to unlock a scene) were ones that don’t actually unlock any clothes or scenarios! /(^o^)\ For example I easily cleared A rank on Baby, My Strawberry (which I’ve never heard until now but it’s a great song!). Sadly, there was not much of a reward for clearing it. Meanwhile, I can’t clear any of Masato’s or Otoya’s songs on ProMode, which means I can’t actually see them with Haruka, goodbye my motivation :lol:. Also the only song I managed to clear with S rank in ProMode is MajiLove 2000% :lol:.




If you like challenging (and I mean carpal tunnel causing) music games, then this game is definitely for you! If you like to pretend the heroine in otome games doesn’t exist and you just wanna see dudes having fun with each other, this game is definitely for you! If you want to see romance between an otome game heroine and the guys in the game, this game is NOT for you! Anyway it wasn’t a total loss as I enjoyed a few of the songs on here. My favorites were My Little Little Girl (Tokiya), Orange Rhapsody (Ren), Top Star Revolution (Natsuki), Gamushara Romantic (Reiji, Tokiya, Otoya), Zettai Reido Emotion (Camus), Baby, My Strawberry (Ren, Camus), MajiLove 2000% (animu ED song). Seeing how I managed to clear all of Ren’s and Tokiya’s songs on Pro Mode makes me wonder if in the end they are my favorites??? I cleared one of Sho’s songs on Pro mode even though I can’t stand Shimono’s singing lol. Anyway difficult music game aside, it saddens me that just when I thought things had improved with All Star, they once again go and make Haruka like Casper the Friendly Ghost. I know the anime fandom loves teh yaoiz but I wish they would have kept that stuff anime only and not changed things in the “game” section of the series. Now I start to wonder how much presence Haruka will even have in their upcoming All Star fan disk.

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  1. Then this game is definitely for me XD
    I want to try but hardly I’ll be able to complete on Pro Mode XDD
    Me too, Camus and Cecil always make me laugh
    Thanks for this review!! ^-^

  2. Hi! this is my first time commenting here although I’ve been a long time lurker of your blog (I read your reviews before deciding whether to play a game or not haha).

    I have to agree with you that although the songs are nice and the game is quite addictive, Music2 isn’t really so much of a otome game. I think of it more as a music rhythm game with otome elements. I guess I liked seeing the guys interact with each other (and some scenes were hilarious) but I would have liked more to do with Haruka….

    I am still looking forward to the All Star FD though. by the way, do you plan on playing the other Broccoli games? Namely Meiji Tokyo Renka and Kamigami no Asobi, especially the former since it’s got a really good plot IMO (although the art can be derpy)

    1. Thanks for coming outta lurker mode 😀
      And yea definitely wish there was more Haruka since that’s how I got to know UtaPri as in the first place so suddenly breaking what you “started” is kind of disappointing.

      As far as Meiji Tokyo Renka, I am kinda interested in it, but I have so many other games coming in and FFXIV on the side that I haven’t really had time to play other things 😦 I did however preorder Kamigami no Asobi so hopefully that will be decent since I’m interested in some Greek and Norse Mythology lol.

      1. (Really shy but I like reading your reviews because they’re funny)
        I’m excited for KamiAso! It’s Kazuki Yone after all, and the characters all look interesting so far. I’ll definitely be playing it as soon as it goes on sale.

        I DEFINITELY recommend Meiji Tokyo Renka! It makes me sad that no one is playing it (at least not in the English fandom that I’ve seen). If you have time/cash, do give it a chance! I kind of want to see you write a review on it XD

        straying off topic /o/

        1. OH GODS! Can I hijack this and just say that I’m eye-ing those two Broccoli games too?! (already hijacks topic)

          Currently playing Meiji Tokyo Renka and have yet to go through Kyouka and you-know-who’s route. /fangirl mode

          Looking forward to Kamigami as well; always gets suckered into mythical stuffs.

          1. OMG someone playing Meikoi!! It’s such a good game compared to some of the stuff the big name otome game companies are putting out recently… I like all the guys in Meikoi! And I highly HIGHLY recommend playing it till the end because of that final Charlie route…

            So excited for Kamiaso! I got so suckered I ordered the Animate set…

            1. lmao sounds like Meikoi is really good xD in that case I’ll make sure I can try to get a copy somewhere and play it when I have time lol

            2. DEFINITELY! Already plan to go for Charlie since his first appearance. And I agree on the likability of every guy in the cast, they all have their endearing and quirky sides. ❤

              And yay! We got Hinano (more) interested in it? =3

            3. (Somehow I can’t reply to comments below this one?)

              Please do play Meikoi! The routes aren’t very long and I can clear one in about 2-3 hours. It’s got one of the better stories and characterization in recent otome game releases imo, I think you’ll definitely enjoy it!

              1. ah the comment thread probably got too long lol
                oh so its not a long game. ok thanks for the tip.
                I WOULD have played it but seeing how I get home and immediately login to FF14 I have to tear myself out just to play the games I recently bought XD

            4. I agree, the routes aren’t really that long (if you’re proficient enough in archaic japanese). The mc’s quite likeable if a bit dense sometimes. XD I appreciate the light-hearted feel of the game despite the premise (no angst fest is always a plus) and the fuwa-fuwa moments are really heartwarming. ❤

              …lol. I'm totally entering fangirl-rant territory now so i'll just shut up. =/

              Looking forward to your thoughts on the game when you eventually decide to play it, Hinano. =3

            5. Actually the Japanese isn’t that archaic? It’s just a little on the old fashioned side but it’s not like Shakespeare English archaic anyway. The heroine doesn’t talk that way and others understand her. Also I really love the heroine because her mental tsukkomi are great lol

            6. Ahaha… really? Shakespeare’s english would be much easier for me tbh. XD But my japanese isn’t that great to begin with, and Otojirou’s route is heavy with lots of uhm… performance arts’ terms. =/

              And yeah, thankfully the mc is pretty much conventional in her dialogues. Her tsukkomis are fun~ esp. against Charlie (and Yakumo). LOL.

            7. Yeah there are certain terms you have to look up but overall the syntax isn’t that different from modern Japanese. And Yakumo speaks a lot of Engrish ahahahaha Tachibana must have had a lot of fun with that character.

              The heroine’s gluttonous tendencies are fun too esp. with beef haha.

              (sorry we seem to be spamming this page with a lot of unrelated Meikoi stuff…)

  3. Hi! First time commenter (but forever lurking) here too~ |*w*)/

    Ahahaha I didn’t mind not having Haruka since I didn’t like her much anyway /shot. But yeah it’s kind of annoying that when you clear Pro mode sometimes nothing happens (other than unlocking some costume and stuff)… : |

    And I thought it was just me having terrible hand-eye coordination that I found everything beyond easy mode super challenging… so it really is hard. I’m kind of relieved! xD

    I guess this is for people who enjoy UtaPri music but not much the games xD

    1. ah no problem if you don’t like Haruka, I know not everyone likes her and thats ok!
      but no the songs are absurdly hard. the level 3 Hard of some songs is like Pro Level of the original game honestly

  4. Same complain as yours. xD I was waiting for Guy x Haruka scenes but nope. It’s just them but no Haruka :(. Some of the scenes are even oozing with bromance. dnw

    I tried clearing the other songs after I finished Ren and Tokiya’s song but my motivation is not there. Too hard! OTL

    1. haha I remember a scene where Cecil asked Tokiya to walk home with him holding hands cause Ren told him to do that… lol

  5. I see you’ve picked up this game too, Hinano. Cool! =3

    I haven’t played the other UtaPri games so I don’t really mind the invisible mc. Rather, I’m just here for the songs (since there’s no more Project Diva games for the PSP) and i have to agree with the difficulty level. The steep incline from easy to hard to pro is brutal on first-timers.

    Tried to clear Masato’s songs as well but no go; Most Fortissimo is crazy fast and that enka song is crammed with too many notes. =/ Zettai Reido cramps my fingers and I start making stupid mistakes mid-way thru and well… only managed to clear a couple of songs in pro mode.

    What otoges are you planning to play next, Hinano? Or are you taking a break with FF14? =3

    1. if you didn’t play the other games then it probably doesn’t really affect you as much
      Seeing how Haruka had a pretty strong presence in Repeat and the fandisks this is pretty jarring honestly 😆 She didn’t really have a huge presence in MUsic 1 but at least you knew the guys were talking to her rather than to themselves.

      but yea omfg Most Fortissimo is ridiculous! and Otoya’s songs too wtf how can anyone even press buttons that fast e_e;; Zettai Reido took me a few tries (like 10 or so lmao) but I finally got A rank down with a landslide xD

      I’m playing Danzai no maria right now actually lol. I really like it a lot 😀

      1. Glad to see you’re enjoying Danzai no Maria. I shelved the game for now due to Meikoi and will go back to it once i’ve cleared it. =3

        But yes, it’s surprisingly good, isn’t it? The art seems a bit iffy at first (at least for me) but the plot makes up for it? Well, can’t say much since I haven’t gotten that far… Enjoy the game! =)

  6. Haha the disappearance of Nanami Haruka I totally agree with you on that. They seriously erased Haruka she’s such a good girl.The fact that only Pro mode had the haruka-and-guy scenes really turned me off after seeing them, although some scenes were indeed funny. Yay for the people who like homo in utapri i guess 😦

    The level did go up really high tho. I had loads of problems (more like wrist breaking thank) like fast and slow songs. Just a random question: Any perfects yet?? XD

    1. yea it’s really a pity. the few scenes were she felt like she existed made me so sad because I wanted to see more but then boom, end!

      as far as perfects….I got a few…on easy mode level 1 (ヽ´ω`)

  7. Now I start to wonder how much presence Haruka will even have in their upcoming All Star fan disk.

    Haruka…? Who’s Haruka…?

    \o/ *gets mauled*

  8. …I’m struggling with the first Music game on only Hard mode. I can’t imagine how hard this game must be. :E My wrists and arms hurt just thinking about it.

    It’s really too bad that the game focuses more on bromance than romance between boy x Haruka. Darn you, NIS. 😦

    1. if you are struggling with Hard mode in the first music game you probably won’t even be able to clear Hard mode in this one. THe Hard mode in this is like Pro Mode in the first game lol. oh well first Music game has better songs and more Haruka x Guy so you’re better off just playing that one anyway 😛

  9. I feel you. Otoya’s songs on Pro are always so fast and щ(ºДºщ) Or others too slow and hard to get the rhythm. Or just lol so many freakin buttons to press consecutively in 1 millisecond without rest.

    I thought it’s because I haven’t unlocked them or something but yeah dammit no HAYATO T____T The other thing that irked me is the system making the combo sound default so whenever I start up the game it’s on and then I have to go back and turn it off ಠ_ಠ Or it could be because of me not having a save file since it auto saves.

  10. お久しぶり~~♪
    I was catching up on your articles, seems you’ve had a streak of unfortunate games recently… xDDD At least ドットカレシ looks enjoyable, I think I’ll be getting that.
    So disappointed in しらつゆの怪 omg ;w; I’d been looking forward to it since it had been announced uuuggghh (((((((((((((ノ*゚□゚)ノ┫ウォオオオルァァァ~~
    Do you know if you’ll be playing 神々の遊び from Broccoli? It’s getting released this upcoming week.
    Although, even though I don’t have much gaming experience, from the trends I’ve seen from various past reviews I get the feeling it could easily be one where the art is the only decent thing lol xD OTL It has such pretty art though ;w;

    1. hey there!
      lol yea that’s why I’ve been uh…ignoring my otome game backlog and playing FFXIV 😆

      and yea I preordered KamiAso so I’ll be playing that for sure. My order wont arrive until November because I bunched it with the ALice remake to save on shipping though.
      and yea we’ll never know with KamiAso as the art is pretty it could be totally wangsty and terribly written but who knows! xD
      At least the current game I’m playing is enjoyable, if I could only rip myself out of my MMO games www

  11. This game killed my hands…like seriously my thumb joints hurt for two weeks and yet I continued to play like an idiot lol. Did you get the Shining box set or the standard edition? I thought the extras in the Shining box were kinda blaaah, but maybe because I have most of the UtaPri cds already.

    Great blog, by the way. I have been reading it for over two years!

    1. (; ・`д・´) ouch that’s why I only played a bit at a time when on my commute to work. I just bought a used copy of the regular edition because I didn’t trust broccoli to blow money on the limited one. Good thing too or I’d be pissed for giving them money for mostly fujoshi fodder lol

  12. Hi!
    Okay, sorry for commenting here. For some reason I couldn’t comment directly on your “buying from Japan” post so I had do it here, sorry! >.<
    I have a question. I would like to preorder PSP games from Animate (two games separately). I used Big in Japan forwarding service but as of yesterday they excluded Russia from their clients list due to some weird forwarding fraud (I don't really get how people managed to do fraud when using forwarding), and I desperately need a new forwarding service now since the nearest game (Snow Bound Land) will be released on the 19th of November.
    What service would you suggest? As for shipping, I use only EMS due to sad experience with AIrMail and SAL.

    1. no problem its an old post so the comments have automatically closed.
      I would use baggage forward, thats the forwarding I use all the time.
      However I also just tend to save money and buy from CD Japan so I don’t have to pay 3rd party fees.
      Make sure if you order multiple games you choose their repack option or else you’ll be paying more for the shipping weight.

  13. I’ll never be able to clear the pro mode, considering my poor joints in general are forever painful. I already feel the pain just by thinking of trying, lmao.

    1. I managed to clear promodes of like random group songs but I kinda gave up with Masato and Otoya :s
      I’m just playing this during my commute in between Danzai no Maria so once I finish that I’ll probably stop trying lol

  14. I Finished Utapri music 2 as well! i actrally got all 72 episodes, i LOL’ed at the episode when they were talking about my little little girl the song ;3 and my sisters thought i went insane too ;3

    i’m ok with all the songs though, but there was only one person’s songs i could not do very well.Masato’s songs. the most cause of Most Fortissimo I’m like WHY U SO FAST then at Koi Sakura WHY U SO SLOW i mean i knew the songs and all but i didnt think it would be That.Slow.And.That.Fast. Also my friends had a hard time with Otoya’s songs, but me: no problems here 😀

    Btw, I heard there would be a Christmas special for the anime. i have no knowledge about it except that there is one. do you know anything about it? I also dont know anything about the all stars FD so could you also tell me something about that?

    1. lol I feel you on the too fast & too slow thing
      also the enka song by Masato made my husband burst out laughing
      It reminded us of all those enka songs that randomly make it into the top 30 of the Oricon charts lol

      I felt Otoya’s songs were too fast. I’ve pretty much given up on the game now and I’ve moved on to playing Rakuen Danshi lol
      I don’t really follow utapri news about the anime so I’m not sure but I vaguely recall over the summer Broccoli announced an FD to All Star. I’m sure if you poke around there might be something there. I haven’t really followed the news otherwise sorry!

  15. I was kinda hoping you would be translating the epic scenes again like you did back in tumblr but ANYWAY!

    Fairly disappointed with this as well. Besides the fact that they’ve made it even harder than the last one, where are my kisses?! Pro mode is killer!!! And I need my hand for drawing, darn it!

    I’m surprised you found Orion de Shout Out to be the hardest in 1. I still can’t get an “A” on Gox2 Jet and Double Wish Pro.

    1. Yea sadly it takes up a lot of time to photoshop this stuff and I don’t have much time between work and FF14 anymore lol
      yea well they did say “music more beautiful than kiss” I guess they really wanted to stick to their motto now lmao

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