Otome Game Review: Diamond no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Mirror World~

Let’s be honest, this isn’t a sequel or an alternative Dia. This is really just Quin Rose trying to suck their remaining customer base dry by splitting the Dia game in half and releasing 2 separate games.  This time, Boris, Julius, Gray, Nightmare and Ace get routes but after finishing the game I can definitely say they could have easily combined the 2 into 1 disk by simply cutting out all the fat. Anyway I think I’m going into my final thoughts in the intro paragraph so I’ll stop here :lol:.  Basically Alice is once again in Clover no Kuni and she goes through the looking glass to find herself once again in the Country of Diamonds, with no recollection of any of the events that happened in the previous Dia game.

mirror002Gray Ringmarc – Unlike the last game Gray is now taking care of a teenage Nightmare instead of shota Nightmare. (There was no explanation for this either…) Once again his mission is to kill Nightmare but because he’s so sickly, Gray just can’t bring himself to do it. He says he has a weird memory of taking care of a kid in the past and due to this his weakness is sick children. Remembering this he lost his desire to kill Nightmare who is always sick. Unfortunately the assassin gang he is in will have none of this. Gray tells Alice that someone from his assassin guild has given him a poison potion bottle, as well as a letter with orders  to kill Nightmare. On top of this, they have assigned the same mission to another person from the organization, so even if Gray doesn’t kill him, that other guy will. If Gray loses, then they will strip him of his role at the assassin guild. Gray says he doesn’t know how he will handle this but he promises not to kill Nightmare. After this Gray goes MIA from the train station and Alice doesn’t see him for a while. In the meantime there’s another drama boiling in the background and it’s basically Gray’s relationship with the ladies.  When Alice goes to his secret house she sees the lights on but before she goes in she hears some woman inside raging cause he just dumped her. Alice hears everything and gets jealous that she isn’t the only woman that he’s let into his secret place. After the woman runs out, she sees Alice, thinks that Alice is Gray’s new lover and runs off crying. Alice then calls him a jerk for being so mean to that lady but he pulls her into his place telling her not to attract attention outside.  She then rages that she was worried about him for being MIA for so long and here he is flirting with da ladies. He explains the reason he dumped that woman is because he didn’t want her involved in the thing with Nightmare and the assassination. He tells her that he trusts her like his partner in crime and Alice starts to fall for him…but we got this big wall of “oh noes he thinks I’m a child like Nightmare” going on.

mirror003So turns out Gray’s plan to save both himself and Nightmare is to go after the other assassin.  The two of them start fighting each other in the middle of the train station.  Alice gets involved in the fight by jumping on the train that Gray and the assassin are on. She runs after Gray and notices he’s bleeding and badly injured, but he tells her to hide behind a seat and not come out until he says so.  Gray then slashes the other guy with his knife and defeats him.  After they return to the train station, Gray tells Alice he needs to go take care of his assassin guild business and in the meantime asks her to take care of Nightmare in his place. And so Gray leaves but Alice keeps going to the train station arrivals daily in hopes that Gray will come back eventually.  One of the days she bumps into some idiot who doesn’t stfu even after she apologizes. He goes to hit Alice, but fortunately just in time, Gray returns and stabs the idiot ( ≖‿≖).  After the idiot leaves, Alice jumps on gray and hugs him. Since his new hideout is still getting cleaned up she invites him over to her room instead. (◉◞౪◟◉ ) She realizes what she’s done after the fact, and he’s like yoo gurrl you invited me in, now take responsibility for your actions!  He brings her over to the bed ready to hump but she’s starts babbling that he treats her like a child so why would he ever do this. He kisses her a few times and tells her that he doesn’t think of her and nightmare on the same “level” of kids and he does see her as a woman.  And so she stops resisting cause she wants dat sheit anyway and they do the mattress mambo.  After the last Caucus game (which is basically ride on some phoenixes and shoot each other or shoot painting birds for a crystal), they return to Nightmare where Gray announces he’s no longer after his life.   Nightmare then is like yea well I knew you wouldn’t kill me hoho and invites Gray to live with him and be his care taker as well as part of the train station crew.

mirror004Gray agrees but says he’ll stay in his “new place” for a little longer…with Alice (*´ω`*) Alice and Gray then spend their nights together doing all sorts of Cero D things (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.   So then Alice goes trippin balls with her guilt and Joker but then Gray comes outta nowhere and takes her away on his bird from the Caucus game. They fly into some giant music box and Alice is like wtf is going on, and well I have no idea what’s going on but then suddenly everyone is back at the train station like some poorly written dream sequence. (And like in Joker no Kuni this sequence basically repeats in the ending of every single route.)  Best End: So Gray continues living in his shack, working at the train station by day, banging Alice by night. While at work one day they take a break and play with some squirrels outside since Gray loves dem cute animals xD. In the epilogue Gray finally moves with Nightmare at the train station. The pre-implied humping scene CG was SOO badly drawn like as if Fujimaru didn’t draw it, and well seeing how they keep mass releasing games, she probably didn’t. Rest End: Alice lets Gray take a break in her room and helps her learn how to be puppeteer.  I guess having their hands touch makes them both hot & bothered and they end up making out and screwing. Gray’s idea of “taking a break” is getting some sexual healing from Alice apparently :lol:.  Secret Hideout End: Gray asks if he can use Alice’s room as his new hideout and she agrees.  When he gets his new room, it’s filled with baby nukos that he took in :lol:. Gray has now become a crazy cat man www.  They then push all the furry baby nukes aside and proceed to humping like rabbits. He says he’ll keep this room around for when he and Alice need their “private time” away from Nightmare. I dunno I honestly kinda miss the cute Gray from the original series like Clover. There was barely any scenes of him keeping fuzzy animals and it mostly focused on him as an assassin. I realize that’s “part” of who Gray is but I guess I just didn’t really like it. The only funny part I guess was his consistently terrible cooking.  I actually liked some of his side ends (like with the baby nukes) more than his main romantic end :s.

mirror005Dee & Dum – Since they got their full routes in the first game here they just get a short side end. On top of this, they’re now in their kid form so they don’t have the douchey personalities that they were before. They want to train for the Caucus game so they hang out with Alice a lot and go to the mall with her. In end 1, they bring some weird long necked giraffe toy to her room and it stretches its neck and breaks a vase. Alice gets really pissed and they feel so bad they start to pick up the pieces themselves. Alice tells them that she was going to bring a broom to sweep it up but they wanted to try to appease her rage so they did it themselves. Realizing how cute her little babies are she forgives them. (๑→ܫ←๑) In ending 2, Alice agrees to cheer them on during the Caucus games. They then get all clingy and ask her to quit her job at the train station so she can move into the Hatter mansion instead. Alice tells them that even if she lives elsewhere she’ll still visit them to play with them. The twins make her promise but rather than a pinky swear, they grab her and shove their tongues down her throat /(^o^)\. They tell her if she breaks her promise she’ll be having a personal meeting with their scythes! Well I guess overall I liked the shota twins a little more than the adult counterparts in the first game but the making out part with these kiddies started to really bother me. (;^ω^) (Not that I thought it was anything great in the original game either lol…)

mirror006Nightmare Gottschalk – Nightmare’s route was absolutely adorable but I feel like they didn’t take it to its full potential. The teen Nightmare here is pampered by his train staff. He gets massages and has his own private spa room which he invites Alice too. Also it’s blatant from the start but he’s really shy and grows feelings for Alice almost immediately. IT’S THE CUTEST PUPPY LOVE I’VE EVER SEEN (*´▽`*)!! The hilarious part is because both he and adult Nightmare can come into Alice’s dreams at the same time, it creates competition for him. Adult Nightmare is totally an ass to his younger self  and trolls him and makes fun of the fact that he has a crush on Alice. The two of them constantly argue with each other in Alice’s dreams on who’s the better Nightmare (with adult Nightmare obviously always winning XD.) Adult Nightmare can’t go outside of Alice’s dreams though so really the only time she sees him is when she sleeps giving young Nightmare an advantage when she’s awake.  Adult Nightmare shows her a young shota Nightmare in bed at a hospital room with an iv and an eyepatch.  Due to this he has some kind of hospital/doctor trauma. When Adult nightmare creates a dream sequence where young Nightmare is a patient at a hospital, young Nightmare freaks out and disappears. After this he lies in bed all night shivering and shaking so Alice goes to visit. She finds him rolled up in a sheet afraid to come out.  When she tries to get him to come out he further complains that Alice takes the side of his adult self and prefers him over his younger self. After she passes out during the Caucus game (again another repeat scene in every route) and is brought back  to her room Nightmare comes to look over her. One thing leads to another and Alice kisses him…until he gets a back cramp like some old man lolol xDD Alice starts to realize that young nightmare makes her all (*´・ω・`*)ドキドキ

mirror007After this he kinda avoids her by hiding in his spa so she runs in, demands a key to his room and walks in in him bathing lmaooo ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \  She rages at him and says she’s here cause he’s been avoiding her xD. They bring up the kiss but sigh Alice is like YEA WELL KISSING IS OK BETWEEN FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS and Nightmare’s like oh… She then says it wasn’t “just a kiss for her” and they get over the awkwardness when Nightmare ends up passing out due to bathing too long.  After they go to the art museum they go on a train back and while there Nightmare grabs and kisses her. Sadly even after Alice is like “oh yea this feels nice” she punches him away ;_;. He tells her he just wanted her to “relax” lol xD (Yea sure relax by slipping your tongue into her mouth!) He tells her that “you’re the one who said friends can kiss each other” sigh. She gets mad but realizes he’s really only got pure intentions! To make Alice feel better about not being able to participate in the Caucus game, he creates a dream sequence where the 2 of them are flying on top of a Phoenix.  Eventually he tells her she needs to make a decision on which country she will stay in or she will never be able to board the train. He asks that she choose this country and himself.  Alice then realizes she’s in love with this moe incubus ww.  He comes into her room one night to talk because he wants to talk to her in reality not in her dreams like he always does. He then confesses that he thinks he loves her and she’s like “no THINKING here honey I need a clear answer!”  As more awkwardness ensues they decide to go the diorama room to talk instead. He then admits that he was extremely jealous of his adult self and was in love with her for a while. (*´ω`*) He then admits that them kissing is not a “kiss between friends” xDDD He asks her to tell him if his feelings for her are “love” and she’s like “Idk lets kiss again and find out” and she lays one on his lips (✧≖‿ゝ≖).

mirror008Alice then says that she’ll stay in this country and that she loves him.  She then puts his hand on her chest so he can feel what a “heart dokidoki” feels like but he’s busy babbling about how his hand is right on her boobs xDDD. And so in the ending dream sequence Prison Guard Ace shows up and stabs Joker.  In the 2nd half, Nightmare comes to the 2nd half of Joker’s thing and stabs the other Joker. The two of them then get on some train to get out of the dream sequence/diamond lake thing.  Best End: Since Alice has made up her mind about staying with Nightmare, she asks to ride da choochoo train with him during the train ceremony. They start smooching until Nightmare’s like “ow my legs hurt” cause he was standing on his knees the whole time kissing Alice who was sitting in a chair :lol:. Alice then makes a sex joke that he takes seriously and thinks she wants to hump in the middle of the day but he ends up falling asleep before anything happens /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. In her dream, Adult Nightmare is sad that she picked his younger self over his older self, but at the same time relieved that she picked “him” rather than anyone else. And so Alice attends the train ceremony with Nightmare and then they get on their train car and take a tour of Dia no Kuni. In the epilogue, Nightmare demands that Alice tell him she loves him out loud, and when she does, fireworks pop in the background of the mansion they’re staying at . Unfortunately due to the fireworks, he doesn’t actually hear her say it, and demands she say it again to which she refuses out of embarrassment xD. As the fireworks blast around them, he asks her to become his waifu someday. |萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑  Lol young Nightmare is so pure, he had no implied ero scene.

mirror009Diorama End:  Nightmare refuses to go the doctor as usual and even though Alice tries to convince him, he gets more irritated. Instead he uses his powers and takes her flying up into the sky on a magic carpet xD.  Alice tells him she’ll be by his side the whole time so he agrees to at least get an exam done.  They fly around a bit more and view Dia no Kuni as if they did back at his diorama room.  Retirement End: Alice finds herself back at the tower of Clover because of a dream sequence adult Nightmare has created.  He says he was lonely & jealous of the fact that Alice was being taken away by his younger self.  He then takes her on an illusion date to the aquarium where he grabs and kisses her because his younger self isn’t there to interrupt. They can never meet in reality anymore but can always meet up in Alice’s dreams.  He tells her he loves her and always did up until now. (´;ω;`) Beach End: Alice promises to go to the beach with Nightmare if he takes his medicine and gets better.  They end up going to the beach but much to his dismay, it’s not just the 2 of them, but all the other guys  (Boris, Julius, Ace, Jericho) all come along as well XD. While the other guys play outside in the sun, Alice sits with Nightmare under the umbrella and the 2 of them smooch. ♥ Honestly Nightmare’s route was really sweet but by the end they felt like they were really dragging it out (especially with the train ceremony) and the fact that there was no 3P end with both young & adult nightmare is a let down. I know they can’t exist in “reality” but they could have had them fighting over her in a dream sequence I think! I have to say I liked younger NIghtmare a lot more than the older one in the route but the retirement end for adult Nightmare made me really sad and really made me miss the guy (´;ω;`). Also I wish they had gone further into details on why young Nightmare was stuck in the hospital and all. He just said he never wanted to remember or talk about it, which I can understand but it feels like a ripoff compared to the detail that Ace got.

mirror010Elliot March – Alice and Elliot go eating at his favorite carrot restaurant.  Due to hanging out with him she gets targetted by mafia who hate Blood’s group.  Blood tells Alice to stop coming by their house and hanging out with Elliot for a bit.  She runs into him in town and they go to a bar to talk. He gives her a pair of sunglasses so she can have some sort of a disguise.  After the 2 of them go to some field to slide together he tells her that normally he would have killed someone in her position but this time he decided to spare her. Well THANK YOU SIR. End 1: Blood gives a chocolate fountain for the twins and Elliot to enjoy with Alice. Elliot adds some stuff to it making the fountain go from regular chocolate to CARROT CHOCOLATE ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \.  Soon as Blood sees it, he runs for the hills www.  The twins get grossed out as well, leaving Alice to enjoy carrot marshmallow fondue. End 2:  Alice helps Elliot pick out some “plains clothes” for a disguise. He says he doesn’t really need it so he changes back (almost stripping in front of Alice XD.)  He forgets to take his disguise glasses off so Alice comes over to him and removes them from his face. Suddenly he hugs her from behind and says that she’s got a lot of balls to be in a room alone with a mafia dude and not see him as a man (✧≖‿ゝ≖). He then turns her around and kisses her saying this is her “punishment” for not having any feelings for him as a man! He tells her that by being half naked around her with no reaction it makes him feel a bit pathetic. He then puts his fake glasses on her face and says that even if she didn’t react to him as a man, he definitely reacted to her as a woman. Aww this ending was cute enough to make me forget about the incident of him shooting his own mafia men because he got into a stupid fight with Sidney =_=. I kinda can’t wait to meet Heart no Kuni Elliot again cause Dia Elliot sucks balls.

mirror011Boris Airay – UGH well I can safely say this game basically ruined Boris for me. Quin Rose thinks that because cages were such a hit with Otomate and Rejet, they decided to jump on the bandwagon. The problem is, putting this trope on characters who don’t normally have it, is just basterdization and further insult to the injury that is their release quality. Let’s face it the Boris we know is a gun otaku, loves to joke around and pull pranks and is pretty individualistic – aka not attached to any place or thing. Suddenly tho, the Dia Boris is like this possessive yandere who just must have Alice all to himself and rages at the mere idea that she goes to talk to some other dudes. The worst part is, he’s jealous and all before they even do that whole confession/fall in love business. This shit starts when Gray asks Alice to take care of the baby nuko cause he’s busy taking care of a sick Nightmare. Alice agrees and Boris says the kitten is really odd for a cat and doesn’t act like a regular cat does.  Cause well it turns out, it’s not a baby nuko but a BABY LION. Alice  thinks nothing of it and tells Boris he’s just overreacting, so Boris gets further upset. When adult Ace shows up and tries to get her to go on a train to nowhere, Boris gets pissed and tells her to stay away from the boarding area. He threatens to LOCK HER UP if she doesn’t do as he says =_=. Boris gets further pissy when Alice runs to talk to Blood cause this happened when she went to talk to Jericho. He doesn’t want her getting involved with the mafia but she rages that he always goes off somewhere too. He then admits he went to Clover no Kuni to see what it was there that is keeping her from settling in Diamond. After the Caucus game & her passing out he gets really mad again saying he thought she was gonna leave him.

mirror012Being a nuko he asks if he can stress-scratch her like a nuko would. Since Alice’s cat Daina used to do that she’s like yea sure bebe you can scratch me all you want. Since Boris is not a regular nuko though, he’s like f that, and grabs Alice kissing her instead and licking away tears from her eyes (๑→ܫ←๑). This was probably the last cute scene in his route.The nuko drama pops up once again when the baby lion or whatever attacks Boris out of jealousy for Alice’s affection and does some serious damage on his hand. Alice is worried about Boris but he’s upset and tells her to go play with the baby nuke while he leaves all sad.  Eventually they sit down and talk in his room and she realizes she loves him and says he’s special to her. He then kisses her and is like “special like this is ok to do right?” And so they end up humping on his pink couch.  So yea the jealousy continues and he cockblocks the tea party of Blood when Alice goes over to the Hatter mansion :/. Afterwards he apologizes and kisses her saying he loves her and he just wants to hog her all to himself. Best End: Boris appears on a birdy through the glass lake and kills Joker.  Later the two of them ichaicha in his room. A few days later Alice goes on the train because she’s confident that she will return to Boris.  She ends up in a field full of sheep and floating jellyfish but suddenly a door appears and Boris jumps out of it.  He tells her she’s still in Dia no kuni but asks why she ended up in a bunch of sheep xD. Turns out it’s because before they humped in his room he mentioned about being fluffy and warm and soft and I guess in Alice’s head = SHEEP lol. They return to the train station, Boris asks Alice to marry him and she shits bricks. She’s like but you’re Mr. Free Cat are you sure you wanna be bound down by marriage and he’s like YEP! Well guess the Boris from Dia is different than the Heart/Clover one too.  So then he….goes and leaves scratch marks on her neck excusing himself as “he could have done worse than that” (´・ω・`;). Yeah uh no. Way to change character in this game too meh.

mirror013In another implied sex scene he babbles how he wants to lock her up somewhere but at the same time wants to let her run away…all cause she won’t give him the official OK on marrying him. In the epilogue, they go on their fake honeymoon together via one of those overnight trains. She tells Boris to propose to her properly once more and after doing so, he kisses her on the forehead. Alice gives him the OK and they live furrily ever after. Cut off From the World End: Boris turns a train car into his personal uguu cage of love for Alice. He then starts making out with her and screws her as a “punishment” for going to have tea with Blood before. (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Great the Dia Boris is now an official yandere! Thanks Quin Rose, just what I needed!  Best part is basically he just plans to fuck her brains out until she stops being “lost” and she’s like “hehe okay, I get to screw Boris and not worry about anything yay!” Train Mania End:  Boris becomes a train otaku along with the twins and Alice gets tired of it so she goes back to her room. He comes back to her and apologizes for geeking out about trains and ignoring her.  It doesn’t end here though cause the folowing day he takes her on a train and shows her how to use the control room..while ichaichaing with her from behind. BORIS THAT’S RECKLESS DRIVING! Beauty & the Beast End: After their daily train work training, Boris and Alice ichaicha in the classroom discussing whether she’s S or M.  The following day, Boris, Nightmare, Gray, Alice and the baby lion go out to the park to hang out together.  Suddenly Boris shifts time and that baby lion…turns into an adult lion and scares off everyone there lol. Alice gets pissed that because it’s a lion they can’t keep it at the train station anymore but Boris is like whatever that’s his true form.  Instead they build a cage inside the train station to keep him there. Before putting the lion into, Boris brings Alice in there to have some sexual uguu cage of love play……UGH LOL QUIN ROSE NOW U JUST BE TROLLIN’. Blaaah every time there would be some cute Boris being a kitty scene, it would then be followed up with locking up threats, maiming, or hur hur cages. It’s true Alice, when your kitty bites & scratches you it’s cute…but not when some giant cat boy does it, then it’s fuggin creepy.

mirror014Jericho Bermuda – Jericho as usual thinks Alice is a weirdo for coming to talk to an ossan like himself.  He explains to Alice that this whole world is just a dejavu loop that everyone keeps repeating over  & over which is why he’s already considered “dead”.  Julius further explains to Alice that Jericho’s time is “up” and he should already be dead so the fact that he hasn’t disappeared he’s like a “ghost” wandering around.  (I pretty much explained this in the previous game in Jerichos’ route.)  Jeicho warns Alice that if she wants to become like him, she’d have to give up her heart in exchange for a clock. In end 1, Alice chooses to live in this world with Jericho. Jericho and his mafia go to do some ambush and they go through that cave that Alice originally came through which connects Dia and other countries. Unfortunately he comes back dead or rather Julius has to go check that the clock left behind “clock” is his.  In end 2, Alice says she doesn’t want to become like one of this world’s citizens. Instead she figures she’ll just have fun while she can and Jericho takes her drinking with all his grave digger staff. Afterwards he takes her out to the lake and while there he kisses her on the cheek. He apologizes if she didn’t like it but I guess Alice’s ossan fetish kicks in and she kisses him on the cheek back. Not much to say except ossan hoihoi. Also thanks to this game Jericho’s route/past pretty much gets overshadowed by Julius.

mirror015Ace – I always thought of Ace as this crazy yandere character but this game definitely did him a lot of justice. I don’t really like him MUCH MORE as a character BUT I guess I can now see the reasoning behind why he is how he is. Be forewarned though, even though young Ace is the one that’s on the poster of the game, the fact is, the true route here is adult Ace. Young Ace only sides with Julius and he has no problems killing Alice if she dare causes any threat to Julius. So basically adult Ace is kinda wandering in limbo. He shows her this old train car that once caused an accident and is no longer in use. He’s turned this into his new ghetto home in the woods. He explains to Alice that he’s come to take Jericho’s clock here in Dia no Kuni as per missions that he did in Heart no Kuni for Julius. This of course makes sense since Jericho is basically dead and taking his clock is pretty much all that’s needed to seal the deal here. Adult Ace also has control on the memories of his younger self so he’s purposely repressing them so that he will never know that his future role will be the Ace of Hearts. This is also the reason he’s like mentally controlled the kid to not go near the art museum and Jericho. Young Ace keeps wanting to go see Julius but Julius refuses to see him and won’t tell him why. When Alice suggests that she and young Ace just go visit Julius at the art museum, turns out a bunch of butthurt mafia dudes have taken him hostage for always taking the clocks of their gang members.

mirror016Ace of course immediately runs to help Julius and chops up all of them to pieces with his sword. Julius tells Ace he shouldn’t have done this but Ace is like anyone who bullies you deserves death!  Adult Ace hates his younger self cause he’s too weak to protect Julius. At one point Ace tells Alice about the past  where Julius adopts a homeless shota Ace in Heart no Kuni.It then shows basically Ace growing up with Julius and sometimes changing himself to adult form to be able to get stuff like work/food etc. One day Julius gets killed and Ace is absolutely heartbroken and enraged. He kills the guy who killed him and then Joker shows up. He asks Ace to become an executioner and Ace agrees but only if Joker makes Julius the clockmaker so that Ace can work together with him. Joker agrees and says that as an executioner he has to kill whoever he is commanded to. In addition to prove that he can do this job, Joker tells Ace that his first job is to kill the next Julius.  So turns out the Julius from the last Dia no Kuni game was the one that was killed because shota-Ace couldn’t protect him. Adult Ace showed up in front of Shota-Ace killing Julius so Shota-Ace’s mission is now to kill his adult self lol it’s like some terrible loop. Teen Ace in Dia is now vengeful against his adult self and that’s why he’s so overprotective of Julius and why he attacked and killed all those guys at the graveyard. Adult Ace then explains that the reason the first Heart no Kuni Julius died is because he was like Jericho – basically it was decided that he was next to “die”.  And just like with Jericho his existences in other words will constantly be killed but they won’t “fully” disappear. Eventually after he’s killed enough times he becomes basically a ghost like Joker. The reason he’s basically this immortal existence is because Ace made him a clockmaker and that kinda gives him some immunity over other role holders.

mirror017Alice says that this is weird but Ace is like “am I supposed to just sit back and watch him constantly be on death row & get killed?” So yea because he’s basically wandering around killing people he’s lonely & miserable so when he finds someone who’s lonely and miserable like himself, aka Alice, he’s like YAY PEAS IN A POD. That’s why he wants her to wander around and be miserable with him.(I have a theory that the reason Julius wasn’t in Clover now is because his existence there was already dead which is why Ace was so annoyed/upset the whole time. My other theory is he took the Heart no Kishi role just to have a “role” in the country of Hearts but in the end his main role is executioner which is why he’s always with Joker in Joker no Kuni.)At the Caucus game, Alice flies on a bird with teen Ace but gets knocked off by the twins. She thinks she’s gonna die but adult Ace flies outta nowhere and saves her. Nobody knows how she got down safely and nobody apparently saw adult Ace either. Later Alice asks why Ace killed Julius in front of his younger self and he says he did it so his younger self would be fueled by revenge to become stronger. Alice tells Ace that as always, she’ll be there for him because that’s all she can really do. She then confesses that she loves him though as a “friend” but Ace (and me) took it as a love confession. Suddenly I’m reminded of the scumbag-Alice in the previous Alice games hahaha XD. The two of them make out in the cemetary after he tells her that being with him will only make her miserable /(^o^)\. He then pushes her down on the ground, says he loves her and despite Alice’s protests, they screw in front of the graves lol. Why does Hirakawa always voice characters who screw in front of graves :lol:.

mirror018As usual after Alice starts trippin balls with Joker, this time teen Ace & Sidney save her and kill Joker instead.  Before he dies he mentions the reason Alice and him keep meeting like this is because she can’t forget her guilt.  During the frozen lake copypasta bit this time Ace saves her on his choo-choo train.  Joker is of course pissed cause Ace is supposed to be his executioner underling and instead of killing Alice, he’s saving her. On top of this he goes and kills Joker once more.  After this Alice & Ace ride off in his choo choo train.  Best End: Alice continues her maid work at the Dia castle while adult Ace bed intrudes secretly into her room to visit her. He notices she looks all tired from work so he proceeds to making her more tired …in bed. (The scene that followed it was actually really cute (*´ω`*)).  The following day Alice goes to the art museum with Julius and teen Ace. After they finish looking around, Julius says it’s better that if he wasn’t around so the kiddies could enjoy themselves but Alice is like NOPE U’RE STUCK WITH US BRO.  She even admits to herself that she understands how Peter feels cause she’s like stalking Julius the same way lol. In one of her dreams Alice meets Ace in the big stairs hall that connects the countries where she went a few times in Clover no Kuni. She has a chat with Ace there and he tells her that to him the REAL Julius was the original, who had adopted him.  Before he was adopted, Ace says that he had lost someone important to him and then  Julius got killed so he’s got a pretty huge trauma about losing important people to him. Despite this, he’s seen countless of Juliuses die over the various dimensions but he feels that each time they lose more and more of what the original was like. They then go off to the woods together (well more like he stalks her there) and they find a random hammock and lounge in it. In the epilogue, he grabs her titty and somehow they hump in the hammock. Wow don’t you guys know that’s dangerous?  😆

mirror019Desert End: Alice goes to the art museum and runs around some painting that’s inside of a desert. Ace shows up and decides that he hasn’t gotten laid in a while so he starts making out with her. Because they overstay their time I guess, they start sinking into the quicksand. Alice panics that they’ll die but Ace is like “its ok we won’t die we’ll just go back to wandering around~.”  During the Journey End: Alice finds adult Ace obnoxiously setting up his tent in the middle of an illuminated park as usual xD. She thought it was gonna be the child Ace so she’s shocked that it’s the adult version instead. As usual the only time Ace ever sees Alice is between his adventures so the first thing he wants to do is hump like rabbits. And so they hump like rabbits. In his tent. In the middle of the park. /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ Julius’ Room End: After a long day of having fun, Alice and teen Ace head over to Julius’ place to cockblock his work as usual. Ace falls asleep while Julius is working and Alice pokes his cheeks. She says that she wishes for him to stay this way and not turn out like adult Ace, as she and adult Ace watch over him.  Hand Holding End: Alice runs into the cave that’s the dimension between countries. She sees Julius there and he’s not the Dia Julius but the Heart Julius. He takes her hand and says that he’s going to walk her back “home”.  Party with the Rabbits: Alice ends up back in Heart no Kuni at the Heart castle garden. She runs into Julius there and then a realistic white rabbit jumps up on her head (rather than Peter lol.) Suddenly a bunch of other rabbits come out of the bushes and start eating out of all the dinner tables that were prepared in the garden. Alice thinks this is all a dream and wonders if she misses Peter this badly cause all the rabbits are white ( ;∀;). Julius freaks out cause he doesn’t like small animals but Alice is like “whatever if this is a dream I’m gonna enjoy the hell out of it ;u;.” Anyway Ace’s route was pretty solid and was definitely a nice refresher after all the dull repeated O/C nonsense with Boris & Gray.

mirror020Sidney Black – Sidney asks what country Alice used to be in and when he hears Hearts & Clover he rages so hard becuase GRR THAT PETER WHITE! After he finishes raging he brags and shows off Alice his black diamond. Sadly she mentions his heterochromia and pisses him off once again.  When Alice mentions this event to Crista she refuses to tell her the story behind it. Eventually Sidney opens up to Alice and explains how his bunday family abandoned him because of his heterochromia. Sidney asks Alice to wait for him in the park but since he’s not there, she goes looking for him at the train station. When he finds her he’s all pissed, grabs her by the hand and takes her back to the park. While they walk he says he plans to improve his means of communication with her. In end 2, Alice runs into bunny form Sidney in the forest. As she follows him in, she runs into the forest with the diamond crystals and Joker.  He shows her a vision through one of the mirrors of Sidney’s past where he was rejected and abused by his family for his eyes.  He vowed to prove himself useful and prove that he isn’t an emotionless cold hearted rabbit like Peter. (Peter’s not like that!! ;A;!!) After the mirror flashback ends, she finds herself outside the forest and runs into Sidney. He tells her that whoever she saw in the forest wasn’t him and rages that he’s the only black rabbit here. Alice says she’s never seen Sidney’s bunny form to comapre so he turns into his bunny form for her. While he tries to prove himself to be unique Alice starts cuddling him (ノ´∀`*)ノ. I guess it goes too far and it lights a fire under him so he first gives her a bunny kiss, then turns back into his human form and makes out with Alice ε-(*´∀`|萌|.  He babbles that the way she held his bunny form gave him all sorts of feels~ lol. After that the two of them decide to return back to the Dia castle and Alice decides to forget about the bunny she saw in the mirror. Bawww Sidney is such a cutie pie ;u; why couldn’t the game have more of these kind of cute scenes T_T.

mirror021Crysta Snowpigeon – Crysta wants to ship Alice with either Sidney or Ace for her entertainment but Alice refuses either one. She then creates a giant trap hole for Alice to fall in but since Alice is busy working, Sidney falls in instead. He then rages because the dust makes him look gray instead of black and OH THE TRAVESTY! Alice makes both teen Ace and Crysta apologize and promise to never do this again. Crysta tries to adopt a Canary but it tries to escape so she freezes it to death. Alice feels bad for the loli so she gives her a hug and says she’ll be with her instead. Crysta then goes all yandere on Alice’s ass and freezes the 2 of them so they can be together forever~. In End 2, Alice and Crysta have a ladies day out together and go shopping. After they sit down to eat, Crysta gives Alice a little pefume bottle she bought for her. I wished that things might have changed in this game and we coulda seen the King of Diamonds but I guess he’s a permanent icicle in her collection room.

mirror022Julius Monrey – I’m glad I decided to place Ace’s route before Julius because if you do it the other way, Ace seems like a huge asshole for no reason. (Well that’s how you usually see him but since this game finally does him justice..) As usual Julius starts out all tsun & unhappy that Alice is staying at the art museum because of him.  When young Ace finds out that Alice picked art museum cause of Julius he gets all yandere and points his sword at her because I guess he thinks anyone to Julius is a threat that must be killed -_- Once he finds out that she knew Julius from another world he spares her. He also tells her to promise that she better not replace the Julius in this country with the one of her previous country because they are all unique. Julius mentions that he’s near the cemetery for the same reason as Jericho: Jericho’s gonna die soon and so this way Julius can easily obtain his clock. He then explains to her about how various “existences” of someone will eventually decrease in numbers until they are all completely eliminated which is the ultimate death. He reveals to Alice that he’s also kind of like Jericho a “dead guy” whose numbers keep decreasing aka the info dump from Ace’s route. After a while Julius starts to let Alice freely into his room without complaining about it. He then babbles like a tsundere about the fact that he only invited her here because he had an extra cup of coffee to pour! Sadly they get cockblocked by Jericho’s drunk graveyard staff who were listening in on the two of them.  After Alice passes out post Caucus game copypasta, Julius takes care of her in her room. Before he knows it he leans over and kisses her but Alice is like hell yes and they end up making out with awkward times ensuing afterwards. He’s all overprotective of her and gets annoyed when she goes out to the Hatter mansion to have tea with Blood & co.

mirror023Meanwhile Ace figures out that Julius and Alice are gonna get hitched soon but he’s like “well as long as you didn’t take my spot of Julius’ pseudo shota son(or whatever Ace thinks of himself to Julius) I have no problems with you two swapping spit!” And so needless to say after Alice invites Julius to her room, she decides to take the first step and grabs and kisses him. This finally lights a fire under his ass and they end up making out and humping afterwards. QUICK PROGRESSION! After the last Caucus Game, Julius tells her how he doesn’t know why he became a clock maker that is pretty much immortal and says he didn’t mind that his fate was to just die.  He adds that he’s now come to terms with being a clockmaker just how he’s accepted Alice into his life. Alice realizes that she loves this Julius more than the Julius of her past and they kiss and do the mattress mambo. In the Joker balls trippin dream sequence this time adult Nightmare comes to save her.  Then after the bursting through the lake scene this time Julius comes for her.  After Joker’s on the brink of death, he tells Alice that Julius is trying to make Alice immortal like himself.  Alice is aawwright with that and she picks to stay with Julius at the art museum.  Best End: Alice gets injured from the animals at the art museum so Julius takes her back to his place to treat the wounds. He instead gives her some sexual healing ヽ( ´ー`)ノ. Alice then later complains how Julius has terrible purple pajamas (again). While they cuddle in bed one night Julius awkwardly asks if Alice ever did anything randy with the other Julius and she says no. (LOL FUCKING LIES ALICE I SAW U SCREW JULIUS LIKE in 5 DIFFERENT GAMES!!) He admits that he’s a bit jelly of his other world self but Alice kisses him to rest assure that he’s the only one for her.  A few days later they hang out with Ace and then while they are alone, Alice teases him by kissing his fingers. Julius gets embarrassed and tsuntsun telling Alice to stop teasing him. He catches up to her and kisses her as payback. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

mirror024In the epilogue, they made out so much that Alice can barely stand. Julius then sits on the ground and has her sit in his lap by the park lanterns.  What bothers me is in the thoughts of Alice she mentions “this trait of his hasn’t changed since  Heart no Kuni.” In the end she STILL compares him to the other Julius even though she knows well that it makes him jealous. It’s a good thing he can’t read her mind like Nightmare can I guess ( ´_ゝ`). Hell when Dia Julius first kissed her in bed, she started crying because all she could think of was the Heart Julius sigh. Dead End: Teen Ace gets pissed at Alice for lying about her feelings for Julius and kills her. This is totally o/c cause I’m certain that adult Ace would kill his younger self first before letting Alice die. Bleh. Roommates End: Alice and Julius do all sorts of cooking and stuff together like a married couple up in his room. He tells her that she’s always welcome at his place and in fact he feels bad when she does all this stuff for him.  He then tells her that she’s good on lighting da fire under his ass and so he grabs her and they make out. Alice is happy and sad at the same time so she starts to cry (cause as usual she keeps thinking about the other Julius…) Clock Tower End: Alice finds herself back at the clock tower in Heart no Kuni. Julius is there with her and she can no longer decide which Julius she loves more. She then goes and kisses Julius and since Heart Julius loves her, he kisses her back. After this he hugs her while she drowns in self guilt. Ice Skating End: Alice finds herself at a frozen pond putting ice skates on along with Ace and Heart no kuni Julius. Ace takes both Alice’s and Julius’ hands and pulls them into the rink saying he’ll never let them go no matter what.

mirror025The 2 Aces End: Alice finds herself (lol this is getting repetitive isn’t it?) in the cave that connects countries. She has no idea why she’s there but Dia Julius and young Ace are with her. Young Ace tells her that he was camping and she and Julius came to get him. Alice then gets intrigued by the diamond crystals all over the cave and as she stares into it, the mirror effect kicks in and Adult Ace pops out. He grabs her and bites her ear – right in front of his younger self. Young Ace is like “you cheatin’ ho, if you aren’t gonna be loyal to Julius Ima cut you”. Adult Ace protects her and tells her that she should watch herself so she doesn’t get snatched by him. Suddenly the mirror effect wears off but Alice is afraid to turn around to see if she’s chosen adult Ace or Julius/young ace behind her. Two Mirrors End: Alice finds herself once again in that cave with Julius and young Ace. Suddenly the mirror effect goes through as she stares into a diamond and she hears Joker’s voice. He tells her that she always just wanted to be like a doll frozen inside of a diamond and that’s why she’s now trapped inside of one. Suddenly adult Ace shows up and brings her out of it. She’s back with Julius and young Ace but she sees on the other side of the diamond reflection is adult Ace. He tells her to go with the other two and not get lost in other directions. (´;ω;`) That’s like the most selfless thing I’ve ever seen Ace do seeing how he’s always wanted her to be lost along with him. Kinda makes me feel like Ace is the OTP of the game… Once again I kinda miss Heart no Kuni Julius…and constantly seeing Dia Julius compared to him was depressing since it’s obvious Alice leans towards the Heart one more. Julius had cute scenes and all but a lot of them were buried between drama with young Ace (´・ω・`;).

mirror026Blood Dupre – At the Hatter mansion the twins use the poor servants there as target practice for the Caucus game. The twins keep arguing with Elliot so Blood takes Alice elsewhere to get away from the noisy ones.  He takes her to his rose garden and pushes her on the swing. Alice asks Blood if he’s lonely without Vivaldi. He just gets pissed off and says he wants to poison Alice to death but says he won’t do it if another world self of his revealed such a secret as Vivaldi being his sister. Instead he just tells her to go have tea with him cause now he’s more interested in her.  Both Jericho and Julius aren’t the least bit pleased that Blood keeps inviting Alice to his place (even if just to play chess and drink tea :lol:). When she comes over his place they play a card game and decide to place a bet – if Alice loses she has to move to the Hatter Mansion. If she wins, he promises to take her wherever she wants. Alice has no choice but to accept this bet cause Blood grabs her like a sexul harrassment panda and threatens to lock her away somewhere cause he’s a mafia man. Wow that’s odd, he was so sweet in the last Dia game, now he’s back to his old self whut. Alice wins and depending on your request you get a different ending. In end 1, if you want something interesting, Alice tells Blood to participate in the Caucus game lol. He has to keep his promise so when he joins in he looks so charming even Crysta wants to freeze him into her collection lol. Before Blood sets off though he grabs Alice and brings her on top of the Phoenix with him! If you choose to see something pretty, in end 2, Blood takes Alice to the rose garden lit up at night.  While she swings on the swing, Blood says that Alice must have been good friends with Vivaldi. He mentions his sister is a hysterical woman and never shuts up so he doesn’t really want to see her. He then tells Alice that he wants her to give him another chance and to move into the Hatter mansion. Alice has no intentions to leave the art museum but Blood says he’ll keep trying to woo her until she changes her mind \( ^o^)/.

mirror029Joker Endings – Basically if you make the wrong decision or choose to ignore your responsibility and your past world experiences, Joker will come and get you. Black Marionette End: Alice finds herself in a dark room after one of her Joker trips with no memories of who or where she is. Just then Joker shows in a fancy suit and tells her that she’s become a puppet bound by her own regrets. She then notices that there are strings attached to her body just like a marionette and Joker says that his job is actually to get her out of here. He then kisses her, grabs her boob and says it’s his reward for coming all this way to get her.  He cuts off her puppet strings and takes her to the place where puppets go if they are “broken” aka the Joker’s prison.  White Canvas End:  This time Alice ends up in a blank white room with nothing in it, to represent the White Joker (since the black room is the Black Joker.)  He brings out some paint and tells Alice the room is their canvas and they randomly start painting everywhere like some preschool children. Before she knows it, the room is painted to look like Joker’s prison and Joker tells her Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200 :lol:.  He kisses her goodbye and locks her up. The Last Door End: Alice finds herself on a train with Black Joker and when she gets off she’s faced with a bunch of doors where dudes in animal costumes tell her to pick one.  While Alice is deciding Black Joker grabs and kisses her ヽ(。_゜)ノ?? The kiss totally fries her brain and she forgets everyone, including NIghtmare. The Final Train Stop End: Alice is on a train with White Joker and they end up at the art museum after they get off. He hugs her there and then says, ok date over and tells her that she needs to get back on the train. Amusement Park Clown End: Alice ends up in Joker’s circus and he asks who she was supposed to bring with her, but she can’t remember anything.  Black Joker then kisses her  and Alice watches the circus alone wondering who was supposed to be sitting next to her.  The Circus In the Mirror: This is the White Joker end where Alice finds herself in the forest of arrows. White Joker takes her the Mirror House and tells her to find her own way out as he…also grabs and makes out with her lol.  Afterwards she can only see the circus as her destination so I guess her only path now is to limbo away over there.

mirror001Peter White – My baby (´;ω;`)ウッ….  Alice realizes that she (and I) just miss Peter baby so much that Joker takes her and throws her in some rainbow colored river and has her trip balls. After she trips balls she finds herself in Peter’s arms and as usual QR is to cheap to hire Miyata Kouki to do his voice so he just says “Alice” which works out great since they never say her name in this game! And basically Alice is like it’s ok Peter bebe I still love you and I’ma hang around Dia no Kuni a little bit but don’t worry, I’ll be back for you. She concludes that he’s the one who brought her to this world and no one will ever take that spot. They both kiss each other on the cheek ~fin~. щ(ಥДಥщ) Peterrrrrr nuooooo (´;ω;`)!!! I think Fujimaru is biased to Peter like I am I mean his 2 CGs are like the best drawn CGs in the whole game!


Well that was a pretty frustrating experience so here comes another text wall of final thoughts. After playing both Dia games I’ve concluded that basically Quin Rose took the original Heart characters, stripped them of what makes them enjoyable, and added negative qualities to them. With Boris, they turned him into a possessive yandere, Elliot became a total asshole and his cute carrot obsession was put on the backburner. Gray’s cute animal obsession was pretty much toned down and instead we saw him as a womanizing emotionless badass. Peter was stripped of his voice, and the adult version of the twins became total asshats. (Fortunately in this game they were still in shota form so they weren’t as terrible.)  The only positive changes were to Blood and Nightmare but Nightmare doesn’t even count seeing how his older self is the same and it’s really his younger self that we are dealing with. I don’t like younger Ace but they at least fleshed out his story so I have no complaints about it. As far as the new cast, I like Crysta but at the same time, she just feels so cold and distant. Vivaldi felt genuine and passionate and felt like a good friend to Alice. Crysta just treats Alice like a cat treats its cat toys. Sidney is adorable but the brief encounter into his past….why couldn’t we see this in the previous Dia game? This is such a crucial part of his character but they treat it as some pointless dream sequence. Jericho is well…meh…He’s an alright guy, I don’t hate him, but as far as ossans go, I preferred Gowland because he was so much funnier. I just feel like that lighthearted mood or the reason I enjoyed the original Alice games is just not present. I admit at first I was so excited because Fujimaru was doing the art, but seeing how there’s a drop in quality in this game, all the things that I was ignorant of in the last game just JUMPED into my face this time around.

Let’s start with the art. We came here because we want to see Fujimaru’s pretty artwork. I KNOW she can draw, I own all the volumes of Cheshire Cat Waltz and I know what she’s capable of doing. This potential was NOT reached in the game. Most CGs were super closeup shots of people’s heads and shoulders and some CGs during the “pre-emplied sex” scenes were really creepy and awkward, I now Fujimaru is capable of drawing actual kiss CGs so when I see something like THIS, I am certain that she didn’t draw it. I have this theory that she drew a bunch of head shots of each character facing every direction and then other QR staff traces those “master angles” to draw these paper doll CGs. One of my readers pointed out that one of the CGs from Peter Pan looks similar and here’s a comparison of the 2:


I would have preferred more QUALITY CGs than a bunch of half assed paper doll trace cutouts. With their  older games I guess the story was decent enough that I looked past the art but the story in this game for the most part was so dull I couldn’t help but focus on the artwork (which might have been the only saving grace.) Also what the hell is up with this CG of Gray’s back? 😆  On the topic of backs, I guess lots of BACKS OF HEADS are a thing now with them. ( ´_ゝ`)

Moving on to the story. There are 2 reasons this game took so fucking long: 1. All the countless NPC dialogue scenario that had 0 effect on moving the story along. 2. The Caucus game. The Caucus game is horrible not just because it also then features most pointless NPC dialogue but because THE HORRID SOUNDS THOSE BIRDS MAKE. IT’S LITERALLY NAILS ON CHALKBOARD I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING. Seriously I don’t know where Quin Rose gets their sound effects from but I hope they NEVER USE THIS VENDOR AGAIN. it was such a horrible screeching noise that once I could skip most of the Caucus Game scenes, it was a blessing to my eardrums. While they didn’t use the infamous FEET Cgs they use in Ouma/Romeo vs Juliet/School Wars, they had a lot of no sprite NPCs talking for no reason. Alice goes shopping: 5 minute scene of NPC gramps and his daughter talking about shopping. Alice goes to the park: 5 min scene of people at the park. This just went on and on. Additionally key scenes with the character just beat around the bush soooo much. Guy would confess his feelings, Alice would accept it, and then they’d basically rephrase the same dialogue in different ways for 10-15 minutes until finally they kissed/had sex whatever. 3. The Joker no Kuni syndrome copypasta. Every ending, and post Caucus game even was the same. I could zone out during the caucus game and zone in and know exactly which scene I’m on because of how it repeated in EVERY route. I have put almost 92 hours into this game, what the actual fuck.


The awful Cero D. Yea past me is like HELL YEA CERO D but now I’m like Hell NO to badly shoed in Cero D. The worst offender being Ace where practically every end had him and Alice doing it. Like yea ok I get it, they’re in love or whatnot but do they have to just screw in every end? Can there at least be some decent build up before this happens??? Only a few scenes had decent build up and ironically instead of the said implied sex scene, it would end, show some random NPC scene, then maybe an hour later, sudden scene of them in a room making out and leading to sex. What the hell?? Where’s the “continuity”. I don’t remember if there was that much implied sex in the past Alice games and I want to go with NO because they were Cero B/C or maybe they were so badly drawn I couldn’t really catch on?? LOL. Either way lately Quin Rose is stuck on Cero D but a lot of it just makes me roll my eyes now. I’d rather have some fluffy kissing scene or hugging or something pure like that than the shoe’d in sex scenes. I guess that’s why I found Nightmare’s route to be the most enjoyable in the game (;・∀・)…

I guess I was under rose colored glasses last year when I played the original Dia game but after slowly catching on to QR’s shovelware gimmick I’ve thrown my glasses away and it’s really put their games into a negative light for me. Maybe they were always this way and I didn’t notice until now? But then I read 2ch and it seems like a lot of them are also disappointed with the constant spew of monthly releases and a decline in quality. I thought with the Alice series I’d be safe because it’s their bread & butter but….I guess not. While screencapping CGs for this post I thought to myself you know these are some decent CGs in here and they look kinda cute but then I’d remember the scenes that went with them, the horrid phoenix noises that preceded them and notice that Gray’s arm looked detached. I almost considered cancelling my Heart no Kuni remake order but I’m keeping it…for Peter. (´;ω;`)ウッ… Other than that though I think I’m done with Quin Rose games. I’ll keep one eye open for reviews on their releases but I don’t think I’ll be giving them money until they either break out of their template or start to focus on their quality instead of quantity.

P.S. As usual, I skipped their SHITTTYTYYYYYY mini game and missed out on the bonus CGs but you know what (ノ=゚ロ゚)ノ ⌒┫:・’.::ヤッテラレルカニャアアアァァァァァ!!!!

52 thoughts on “Otome Game Review: Diamond no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Mirror World~”

  1. its basically the “other half” of diamond no kuni game.
    quin rose couldn’t fit everyone’s routes into 1 game so they made 2

  2. I’m sorry I read your blog and I’m still a bit confused, this isn’t the Diamond no kuni no alice, this is a completely different game?
    and the characters in this game are like a new series or versions of them in a different ‘role’ or arc?

  3. The only character who hasn’t been ruined is Peter.
    Hell just make Yandere No Kimi no Alice.
    Quin Rose would destroy everything.

  4. Yeah, Dandelion is pretty good. I’m not sure if you would enjoy though, because it has a)persistent online connection. b) A stat raising part that even for a stat raising lover like me is pretty useless. But at least it’s fairly easy. It’s not as annoying as say, Brother’s conflict (did anyone even play Brillian Blue?) c)The writers have a boner for open ended and kinda bittersweet endings, even when it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    However, the plot is simple and cute, the guys have good routes (except one of the cats), the music and voice acting is good, the art is excellent and the bunny mans are awesome. Seriously, one of them is the best tsundere I’ve seen in years, and the other is an awesome shota with great character development. So it’s a mixed bag, but if the flaws can be overlooked it is worth ones time.

    I also liked Karin’s new game, but I played amnesia crowd after and that just killed my excitement for otome games. I kinda wanna try the new Diabolik lovers, but the new drama cds have seriously freaked me out. If 2012 was the year of delays and crappy FD, 2013 was the year of the epic borefest. Let’s hope for better in 2014.

  5. Yea Le Meh is a pretty good way to describe it lol.

    I get the feeling its because they don’t care so they keep changing writers lol.
    And yea I knew about the bad kissing CGs before but I guess this is where I finally cracked and I just couldn’t deal with them anymore xD

    Haha oh so you liked Dandelion, I heard good things about it!
    And yea I agree there were a lot of meh and shitty games this year with only a handful of ones I sincerely found enjoyable.

  6. Le meh. That is all I have to say about the new QR games. I hated the last game, but you know, I was trying to justify it. Tying it to the Peter Pan plot, with the whole Sydney=Edith thing. But I give up.

    Because why even bother when QR clearly doesn’t care? They don’t even bother keeping the characters consistent in their new timeline. Why is Blood back to his old self? Don’t know and I’ve ceased to care. But at least Elliot is still mostly jerk, oh, thank god for that. QR doesn’t give a crap any more, they are just out to make a quick. BTW, the CG thing was in the last game too. Go to the CG where Blood is kissing her naked back and flip through the next ones. The face is the same, only the expression and the distance from Alice changes.

    I’m also not surprised by what they did to Boris, just disappointed. But he did handcuff her to him in the first game. It’s not in the same light as it is here at all, and it makes no sense considering her freed Alice from Blood in the last game, but I can how QR looked at him and went “the next obvious step is cages!”.

    And the whole thing about splitting the game in half due to space issues? Complete BS, since Anniversary is much longer than these two games put together, and yet that isn’t getting split up. *sighs* Whatever man, 2013 has not been an exciting otoge year for me. Not even the awful Sakuragatari cheered me up. Only liked Dandelion so far, so maybe I should start betting on Korean games.

  7. cause they seem to make everyone yandere in their games. their new writers suck lol (or their director keeps telling them to copy Otomate or something)

  8. See, why did QR make Boris all yandere? :E He used to be my favorite, too. D: Oh well, at least they didn’t ruin Peter.

    Awesomely entertaining review as always. 😀

  9. You know, reading this a second or third time, I kinda feel that these guys kinda got inspiration (or ripped off of) from Madoka Magica. You know, how Homura kept looping around in a limbo till she could save her friend. Ace being stuck in a limbo protecting Julius and all reminds me of what Homura did lol

  10. yea she did the artwork for all the Diamond games and will do the art for the Alice remake as well.
    Yea I’m getting the rest of Cheshire Cat but this game really put Boris in a bad light for me. Hopefully replaying Heart will make me forget about that disaster!

    Yea I know Boris was a bit possessive but he would always take his anger out on the guys never on Alice…I hate when the dudes take their problems out on the heroine, she didn’t do anything to you chillaz!

  11. Peter~ щ(ಥДಥщ) Baby come back~. Wow, Fujimaru did the art work for this? No wonder it looks completely different from the original art (Heart and Clover). Ah, I have 2 more volumes to collect for the Cat Waltz serious T_T.

    I’m guessing all there’s left is spade? Hopefully by then Quinrose will make a super finale or mash up with all the characters, tie all the loops, and boom good series ending. I just hope they don’t milk this anymore than it already is ; n ;

    Awesome review as always mate! 😀 Grey in clover was better for me then in Diamond, his love for animals was the best T u T I did however, think Boris would probably go yandere at one point, but not that yandere o_o (in the cat waltz vol 5 I believe at the end there’s a page where he has alice around his chains). I mean did he just do a 180 in the opposite direction? What happened to his cute teenage type love route in clover?!

    Thank you for reviewing the game~

  12. see I was interested in Arabian’s Doubt but after so many slaps in the face I kinda…lost interest lol
    I’m getting tired of being burned by them (as you said russian roulette) and I’d rather give my money elsewhere
    At least with Otomate even if the story is shit usually the art makes up for it lol

  13. You get to know if you check the B’sLog articles, currently she has most of Black code done iirc from the interview, and Romeo vs Juliet, well there was other writer on that one but unlike Alice, RvsJ doesn’t seem to mark her as any other thing than scenario writer (But it would be good if they added a staff page in each site so one didn’t have to play russian roulette with their games XD).

    I will like to think she was mostly busy with Arabians Doubt since the continent series is her little baby.

    I have mostly come to understand 2 things about her writing.
    1. don’t hope too much when she goes for modern scenarios.
    2. She works better alone

    It would be good to keep those two things in mind, but that wiki helped me out in figuring out why the quality between 12ji and 24ji was so different (24ji had another writer on board) and why it all became better for 0ji (they probably had figured out how to work together after 24ji.)

    have fun with dot kare (and danzai thought I heard that it was mostly a depressing game… but they added actual good endings this time so it should be fine), my bank messed with my card so mine will get here next week ;_;

  14. -No one should go as far as locking people up. I once had a character I liked go from cool Machiavellian asshole to creepy yandere out of the blue in the same game and was like “WTF”? In most games they at least drop the hints…IDK I think it’s like romanticising of stalking – an assurance that they care and it will not be a temporary thing, by some twisted logic?

    -Oh, the guilt trip was the focus of this one. I means that while the first Dia had some mentions of it, the focus was on Alice changing, and it also revealed some important things about outsiders, what makes the difference between role holders and faceless, and some hints of Joker’s goals vs. Nightmare’s goals. Which is way more than what we got in Clover and Joker. (Or Mirror, for that matter.)

    -No, Gray wasn’t in the Ani, but I played Ani after reading reviews for both it and Clover, so I spotted Ace making a reference to him in the chess scene with Nightmare.

  15. That’s what I’ve heard 😀 I’ll play the remake after they release =3
    Yeah, without Peter this game isn’t fun XDD

  16. He’s my favorite too thats why I’m sad that they ripped him out of the Dia games 😦
    The remake won’t have turns so you can always play that one easily ^^

  17. Peter ❤ I LOVE him!! He's my fav and will ever be <' it's so confusing, I don't get this clock turns, all these stuff. Though I really wanted to play through the end this time =/
    Omg, that Peter Pan CG was so… XDDD
    Thanks for reviewing this game too ^^

  18. she kisses them while friendzoning them in her head argh >.<

    This is totally a quin rose thing…cause Shizuka in Oumagatoki and Ui in Hyakki did the same thing very often in that game -_-
    It irritates me to no end lmao xD

  19. Yeah, biases make the world go round! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    I know, I felt so bad for poor Peter. That day I was going back and playing some friend events from the older games, and there was this one where he was leading Alice out of the forest telling her he’d always be there to guide her and Alice was thinking she’s cruel enough that she’d throw him away someday and I got all teary T^T

    I do think this game had an idiotic tendency for using inappropriate music at certain points, like happy music when Alice is being screwed in the corner of a graveyard o.o Actually I also had some douche vibes from Blood at the point he was asking to stay in his place (the first time as a joke) because there was some really grim music playing in the bg, but when I turned the bgm off the situation seemed like rather normal teasing lol Also shirt shoving? I don’t remember that o.o Rather I was disappointed slightly at the fact that he didn’t even kiss her, but maybe that was better because she’d have freaked out XD You are right about the really sweet scenes with him in the last game though, but those came after much later and sub ends will be sub ends ;A; (I wish QR just NOT had these small ends and used that effort to improve the game as a whole instead)

    I for one am glad to have her stop whining about her sis and ex, but now she whines about the guys’ other selves instead. I wanted to punch her so bad in the Clover Nightmare and Heart Julius ends, she kisses them while friendzoning them in her head argh >.<

    Anyway good job playing everything, I'm already so beat and I'm a much crazier fan XD

  20. hello thanks for de-lurking! 😆

    Haha I heard Romeo vs Juliet is kinda ballsy too how is that going for you? XD
    I guess since they showed Julius in the past WITH Ace, that’s considered his ‘past’ ?
    I feel like the bulk of anything Julius & Ace related was in Ace’s route so when I got to Julius it was just dejavu of Heart and made worse when Alice constantly compared him to his Heart self. :S

    I wanted to see more of Nightmare’s past too. I mean why is he all alone in the hospital? Where is his family? What’s the deal! D; And yea I guess us seeing Gray as an assassin is as much past as we get really :/ I get the feeling that if the sales of the Heart remake go well they might do a remake for Clover. Not sure how I feel about that since I hated Elliot’s route in that and there were endings with the twins that really felt horrifying.

  21. yea Julius had good CGs but at the same time when I went to look at his gallery I realized most of his Cgs were just that – kissing lol.
    Kissing or drinking coffee. There was like no interesting ones except the ice skating one! :S

    I could never beat the mini game. I tried several times and the highest score I got was like 5400 or so and I guess that’s not enough to unlock anything :/

    Twins and Jerichos are side routes so don’t expect much but maybe you won’t be bothered by the stuff in Boris’ like I was?
    Totally agree with you on Nightmare he was such a cutie (*´▽`*)
    You’re right we can’t get cute romance with an assassin but I guess Assassin Gray isn’t who I liked lol T_T this is a personal opinion obviously lol
    I dunno the Blood in the last Dia game felt like he was more shy (i coulda sworn I saw a blush at once point) and sweeter?? But here he was just being his old randy douchey self hahaha xD The sparkly show for her was a nice move but then it almost felt like “well now that I got you to come here lemme shove my hands up your shirt ojousan” XD

    yea I’m glad they dropped the ex thing too but somehow Alice doesn’t feel like Alice without her whining about her sister or her ex! I know some people hate that but I feel like that gave her some sort of personality? I didn’t feel like she had that same “influence” on her decisions other than her constant nostalgia for Heart no Kuni (and Peter). And it’s okay that you love Blood haha I love Peter, we all gotta have biases 😀

  22. I know you encourage lurkers to occasionally come out and say ‘hi’, but I guess my first post won’t be about saying ‘hi’, rather it would be about saying ‘wtf!???’

    I kinda got bored with Mirror after Gray’s mindbogglingly uneventful route (lacking development of the hamster theft plot and instead focusing on Gray’s ho’s noone cares about), so i put it on a shelf to continue with Boris after I’m done with RvsJ.

    But wtf am I reading… They’ve turned Boris into yandere? Complete with a cage? What was QR smoking, I don’t even… Cats and cages should never be mixed, ever! *plants face into desk*

    I guess I won’t be touching Boris at all now. I hate cages. Thanks for saving the character for me (or at least the memory of the character as it was).

    Oh, and hi, finally.

    On a side note, I thought they should have shown a bit of Julius past since they did such a major reveal with Ace and tried to show a glimpse of Gray and Nightmare’s pasts too. We still don’t know why he hates seeing women cry.

    They can’t possibly cram all the pasts AND resolutions into the next game, but I really really hope they won’t decide to release another (two) filler episode(s) before Spade.

  23. Ahaha no problem! Unlike you I was actually pretty pleased with this game and thought it was an improvement over the last one (I am a morbid fan so I paid extra attention to everything so my interpretations about a lot things are different, lol), so I was like MUST GET ALL THE CGS *_* A shame about the awkward CGs, though. I felt like Julius was the only one whose kissing CGs were proportionally correct more than 80% of the time.

    The minigames are truly a pain in the ass, but I felt there was some point in doing them as this time the chibi pics are accompanied with small scenes and I loved the Julius and Ace one XD

    I still haven’t done Boris’s, Twins’ and Jericho’s route, so not looking at that part. The ones I did play all satisfied me, Nightmare’s was ADORABLE AS HECK and while Julius’s started him being pretty cold (I cried but then remembered Heart Julius acted pretty much the same, I (and Alice) just wasn’t so emotionally attached back then), it had such a sweet end omg. Ace’s route was really an interesting one, and this is the first time he actually opened up to Alice so it felt really satisfying-back in Heart Alice knew nothing about how deep his crazy was. I do miss sweetness in Gray’s route but I felt it delivered what it was supposed to, I can’t get my cute romance with an ASSASSIN. orz Also I loved how they spent a lot of time being bros first before getting to the naughty parts XD Sidney’s was rather informative for a sub route (also helped that early parts of Ace route had him appearing a lot so I felt like I played a whole route, haha) and I don’t think Blood had changed from the previous Dia game at all? Rather I was surprised at how quickly he let her in his private place, and even made a sparkly show just for her lol Also at that part where he was like ewwww that has comment has me considering poison or strangulation he wasn’t serious at all and was blushing to the tips of his ears and I was almost falling off my seat laughing. Also the glomping demand of moving to his mansion was a joke, and when he did ask her seriously at the end I thought it was sweet how he actually was willing to wait until she says yes. Ok I’ll stop my Blood bias is showing XD So glad they dropped the ex drama from the first 2 games though.

  24. yea absurd isn’t it?? I don’t even know if the original Alice with the turns took me this long but it didn’t feel AS long because you could skip turns very soon after you were in someone’s route.And yea totally agree with you about Ace, really changed things for me.

    I can’t wait to see Peter and Gowland in the remale ;u; I know it wont be new but I really do miss them!!
    Since Quin ROse keeps spam releasing other crap now I hope before they do Spade they have some kind of reorganization.
    I wouldn’t want them to release Spade the way they are releasing their games right now -_-

  25. Thank you!! I just noticed I hit 4 million and was like 😯
    yea I know that the artists can draw well I think rather than overwork they don’t actually make the artists draw it lol
    I think they have like interns or some part time staff helping to fill in “gaps”

    I wonder if Satsuki Kou then wrote Ace’s and Nightmare’s routes? Cause those were pretty enjoyable but then the rest were so bland…lol

  26. Congrat on finishing the game and reaching >4,000,000 visitors ^^ I remember 2 or 3 days ago it’s still > 3 millions now it’s already 4 ^^

    The image in final thought is so sad though ><! QR's artists can draw nice stuff but obviously QR made them do rush work. From Taisho Kitan artist's twitter I think she has nice art so if the CG turn out bad it's QR's fault.

    Releasing so many game is such a stupid move. Actually Satsuki Kou takes part in every QR game, I just checked the staff from B's log scan. So it's because her skill gone down or she only writes 2,3 routes.

    And if you want the CG pack then here (not mine): http://vocaotome.tumblr.com/post/60547193102/diamond-no-kuni-no-alice-mirror-world-cg-download

  27. Aw man 92 hours!!! That’s twice as much time it takes for me to complete a MARIO game O_o Are you ok??
    Also speaking of the game, it’s depressing to know that Julius and Jericho are just those who are already dead with just a lot of existences. It’s kind of sad that way, especially if you are on Julius’ route after learning about who he is. But it also shed a new light on Ace and let me see the “real” him for once (he always seemed fake to me in the other games): He’s actually a good dude but doing all these things hopelessly has turned him into a psychopath.
    Also I really miss Vivaldi, Gowland, and Peter too 😦 Christa is effed up, Gowland was a funny dude despite his burliness and hairiness, and Peter was a total honey devoted to Alice.
    I hope that the original writer(s) return for the Spade sequel so that Quinrose can end their series on a good note (with a bang). And I do hope that they get rid of all the Diamond stuff and put back all of the original characters back as they were. Cuz I’m tired of all this past crud and just want the old characters back

  28. omg they were terrible my husband was sitting next to me while I was playing this and he’d hear them and be like IM NOT EVEN PLAYING THIS AND THIS GAME PISSES ME OFF 😆
    I might do a mini review for the HnK remake but definitely not a detailed summary since I imagine it being the same as my Anniversary post.

  29. I think it used to be better but it seems like they changed writers and are obviously outsourcing art so they can rush the releases. Well the drop in quality shows lol!
    I’ll be playing the games I unboxed the other day =)

  30. oh well that explains things!
    I wonder what Satsuki Kou is writing? QR’s dumb template website never lists any of the staff so you never know wtf you get until you buy the game (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻
    Yea hopefully dot kare and danzai no maria will help pick me up after being run over by the QR quality bus.

  31. yea see like Boris was probably my 3rd favorite character so seeing him like this really pissed me off
    I know he may have had a few jealousy streaks here & there but he always would take it out on the other guys, not on ALICE herself.
    I never felt like he’d go as far as to lock her up e_e;;

    and I agree with you about Ace’s route. They always focus on Blood Blood Blood and the sister thing in most games but this was really great. I now wonder if maybe the original Alice writer wrote Ace’s route while everyone else was done by the other noobs at the company :/

    the thing is she had a guilt trip in this game too. the whole time I got the idea that basically she misses Heart no Kuni, and Peter, and it was like that in the first Dia game too. I think they could have easily merged the 2 together and then we wouldn’t need to hear nail on chalkboard birds lol. also the original Alice Caucus game was a RACE not some dumb bird fight argh

    But Gray wasn’t in Anniversary? He didn’t appear until Clover? I don’t remember if they ever mentioned Gray in Anniversary since Anni was my first game and I wouldn’t have been able to catch the reference. Joker didn’t appear until like 1 short scene in one of the bad endings. Makes me wonder if they intend to rewrite some of those lol. And yea I can see they are probably twisting shit around (that’s why I felt there was some inconsistencies between games) just to sell more games..meh Quin Rose…

  32. I think the original game (heart/anniversary – i only played anniversary) was the best one.
    it had a more solid story and most events were fun to watch and weren’t fulla dumb filler.
    I don’t know how they plan to seam them together without the turn system but if it’s anything like Mirror I’m gonna rage

  33. are you referring to the post sexy time one? 😆 I haven’t capped all the CGs and no one’s uploaded a CG pack so I’ll try to remember to upload that one for you. If I forget drop by my broadcast and remind me! (I’m replying from work but when I get home my brain jumps out the window :lol:)

  34. I really like that CG of half-naked Alice and embarrassed Alice xDD Ace looks so tempting >.> What was he saying in that one?
    Which routes did you like the best? And also which of the Heart no Kuni games is the bst inyour opinion?
    I wanna buy Heart no Kuni remake but I haven’t played I before. B-but almost 100 hours, omg.

  35. Ah, when you mentioned Boris problem in your last post, I remembered your issue with confinement. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it either, I just kind of overlooked it because Boris is not one of the characters I’m invested in (I don’t dislike him, he’s just “okay” for me), so I never had some kind of firm concept about what he is. Also, I thought he had a bit of jealous streak, and I remember at least one of his ends in HnK being yandere, so it didn’t shock me that much. Also, alt world personality. (Speaking of which, I’m not a fan of Grey’s personality here either, but it fits the hints we heard about his past, so I let that slide too. But I was disappointed at the lack of fluffy animals too.) Or QR thinks that every game should have some sort of confinement scenario for people into it, so they had Boris do it because Blood isn’t available? But I guess I would have had bigger problem with it if I was a Boris fan.
    Ace’s route also gave me a strange satisfaction on meta level because until now it was total Blood bias and randy Blood, but in Diamond the first, Alice is all like “not outside in your garden that I know no one you don’t want to can enter”. While Ace is like “the grass is tall enough” and Alice is like “okay, let’s do it…IN THE GRAVEYARD”.
    I liked Mirror’s White Rabbit end better than first Diamond’s. Some Joker ends are clear enough, some aren’t, in both Diamond games.
    But I’m not sure if they split the games because of the volume. I think they wanted to make two points in the overall storyline,and didn’t think they could fit them together or something. (And were also trying to rush the release, of course.) So they had one game go on with the guilt trip…and one explain about what will happen with Alice if she definitely chooses to stay.

    Overall, Ace route, parts of Nightmare, and Alice taking action made Mirror worth it for me and plot progress made up for mediocrity of the other Diamond, but I bought the standard versions so I lose less. (And, again, better in comparison to my last Otomate mistakes. I guess you could say my current opinion of Otomate matches your current opinion of QR.)

    As for the HnK remake…I was worried about the cuts, but they promise none will be made. But I still think they might retcon some things. See, I think that the first game was supposed to be self-contained. (I think that mentions of Gray and Joker were added for Anniversary, but I don’t have any evidence.) And I know your theory, but I could have sworn that in the “true true end” of HnK(A) Alice rememebers “that country” when she is talking with her friend, implying that she simply woke up from the dream, like the original Caroll’s Alice. It seems to me like they maybe decided to change it because they needed material the sequels, but can’t say anything until Spade comes.

  36. Well I checked and I think I get why the series seems to be on decay.


    Satsuki Kou is writing other stuff so most of the writing is done by new writers, probably Satsuki just writes whatever is a key development and just gives instructions about the rest to the other two writers.

    Actually checking how the staff has changed over the games gives a good idea about the reason for their different quality.

    Luckily you will have dotkare to cheer you up 8D

  37. Congrats on clearing the game!!! I don’t really know about QuinRose’s Alice series but looking at all the comments you made and your final thoughts, it’s kinda bad. The time taken to clear was TOO much.
    Well, good work on the review as usual it was really detailed!! Just asking what’s the game you’re gonna play next?

  38. This seems like a bad game. I also heard from a friend who got the game that the sound the birds made was AWFUL and that it hurt her ears. Since you’re not going to cancel getting the heart no kuni no alice remake, are you going to be doing a review for it as well?

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