SmaKare Game Review: Shitsuji no Prince-sama


Ryuuzaki Hanako (randomly generated name) takes on a part time job live with 3 butlers in a huge and wealthy mansion by a request of her aunt. Apparently they are all idols who work under her aunt’s agency, and need to learn how to “handle the ladies” better. In addition Hanako’s aunt also wants her to learn how to be a proper ojousama~. On the first day, all the butlers seem like they handle the ladies well – but it’s all just an act. In fact they’re pretty selfish and rude and it’s up to Hanako to whip them into shape!

shohei01Yonekura Shouhei – Shouhei is randy as all hell and on the first day he tells Hanako that he’ll “bathe” her by pretty much having her sit naked with him in the bathtub while he gropes her all over :lol:. He randomly bites her ear and kisses her saying he’ll turn her into an ojousama but Hanako’s like wtf u doin bro? For her birthday party they make an agreement for her to turn her into a “lady” and motivate her by being an appropriate butler. They discuss on what kind of flowers she should pick for the party and she goes with the roses. After pricking her finger, Shouhei gets into randaaay mode again, treats her finger like a lollypop licking all the blood off. He then says “oh I need to check for allergies”, strips her shirt down and gives her hickeys everywhere xDDD. Hanako gets tired of his shit and runs off but suddenly there’s a power outage. She bumps into some vase and breaks it and starts to feel shitty. Just then Shouhei shows up and hugs her apologizing to her but adds that “she has no freedom cause she belongs to him!” Oh rly? So then turns out Hanako injured her hand from that vase and the other butlers scold Shouhei for not being with her at all times and on top of that having her get hurt. They consider changing butlers for her and he gets pissed and tells Hanako to do whatever she wants. Hanako runs after him and they both admit that they’re pretty much in love with each other and they make out in the garden.

shohei02Shouhei then whips out a ribbon saying he’s ready for some bondage play but after Hanako shits bricks he’s like LOL j/k. SO they pretty much get all raburabu and ichaicha and even end up screwing but the harsh reality is: after the 3 month butler period, Shouhei has to return to being an idol. For her birthday, the butlers throw her a party and as a special gift, Shouhei gives her a ride through Tokyo’s night sky. After this he pampers her and cuddles her in bed until she falls asleep. It’s now 1 week before the Christmas party and Shouhei is training Hanako to be a proper ojousama so she doesn’t embarrass herself. Suddenly a scandal breaks out with newspapers publishing a photo of Hanako and Shouhei walking together outside. His agency threatens to take him off the butler job and Hanako’s aunt says she’s worried and wants her to come home as well. Shouhei will not have this so he takes Hanako, goes directly to the newspaper publisher and tells them that she’s not his fan but the woman he LOVES! Way to throw fuel into the fire :lol:. So then the 3 months come to an end and all the butlers go back to being idols. Hanako gets sad but before she returns home one of the head butlers shows her the TV morning show and on there Shouhei tells the press that he plans to propose to her. He comes back to the mansion that day and is like damn you already got spoiled but whatever, marry me woman! Hanako of course agrees and they smooch and live happily ever after.

yosuke01Kira Yousuke – Yousuke seems like this rico suave fashion model butler but turns out he’s a do-S who likes to tease the girl he loves. His glasses are also fake as he only wears them to be more like a butler. Like with Shouhei, he bath intrudes but at least he doesn’t jump into the tub with her! He teases her a lot though but it always seems like he’s a bit distant. Eventually he tells Hanako that it’s better for him never to be emotionally involved with anyone because he’s an idol however she’s the first girl he’s taking a deeper interest in. They make a bet to see if Hanako can show him TWUU WUV since she says that being detached from everyone is just so sad! That night Yousuke then ends up sleeping naked next to Hanako because she’s scared of ghosts. The next morning the head butlers nearly shit bricks until Yousuke laughs it off as usual and says he’d never lay a hand on girl he’s not dating. One night Hanako wants to see Yousuke so she goes to the balcony where they talked last time. Unfortunately instead of running into Yousuke she runs into Shouhei instead. He grabs her as if about to kiss her and just then Yousuke walks in and completely misunderstands the whole thing. He takes Hanako away, pins her against the wall and makes out with her. He then lets her go and is like “holy shit man I just lost my cool what’s wrong with me!?” and then runs off like a pansy.

yosuke02After this he’s pretty careful around Hanako and gets all shy and deredere and of course gets pissed anytime Shouhei flirts with her. Eventually they both talk it out and admit that they’re both in love with each other…and finally hump in Hanakos bed. A few days later Yousuke takes her to an amusement park date but after they get home he feels distant. It’s so bad that they next day he a another butler to take care of Hanako. Eventually after the Christmas party, the time for Yousuke to be Hanako’s butler comes to an end. He then tells Hanako that the truth is he has to join some agency overseas for a few years and doesn’t know when he’ll return to Japan. Hanako thinks that this is the end for them but he asks if she is willing to come with him. She says she’s not ready to drop everything and go abroad so instead he asks her to wait for him. I guess I’m not too good with do-S dudes since I ended up on the normal end where Yousuke announces to both Hanako’s aunt and on TV that they are lovers. He then plans to go to Paris to do his modeling work but before leaving he stops by Hanako’s house making her shit bricks. He then grabs her, makes out with her and tells her to wait for him until the day he returns. I guess I’m not too great with do-S characters and most of the time I pick choices that would be do-S rather than do-M like I’m supposed to. I mean I can’t help it when they go all do_S on me  I just wanna kick them in the face instead (ಠ_ಠ) (I think I only made it through Diabolik Lovers because it was voiced.)

makoto01Kamisaki Makoto – Makoto is the tsundere childhood friend. At first Hanako isn’t sure if he remembers her, but once she picks him to be her butler, he drags her to her room going YOU’RE MINE NOW GUURL…I mean I’m yours (︶.̮︶✽)イヤン. He’s got the stuttering and the blushing down and as 99% of all childhood fiends, HE LOVE U LONG TIME. He’s also a randy bastard cause he gives Hanako some tea and cake but makes her lick the cake off his fingers….while he like internally orgasms to it lmaoooo. \(^o^)/ The rest of the time he spends being a bumbling tsundere, accidentally pushing Hanako into a lake because  of his internal embarrassment. Then seeing her pantsu through her wet clothes only makes the situation worse and he makes it out like its HER fault and Hanako’s like whut is your problem dude. Finally after more of this kind of thing, Makoto admits that he’s been in love wit Hanako forever & ever and says it’s ok that it’s one sided! Hanako tells him that in fact she actually happens to like him too and he’s like “that’s it guurl now you can’t get me off your back!”  In fact she really can’t get him off her back because turns out he’s a YANDERE! That’s right he’s so obsessed with her he gets annoyed when she even mentions the names of the other butlers let alone speaks to them. He constantly just wants to spend time with her alone in her room and says he doesn’t give a shit if the rest of the world burns down! He doesn’t tell her about any events such as the upcoming Christmas party all so that she will only care and give him her undivided attention. SOMEONE HAS INSECURITY ISSUES! It gets better (or worse?) Turns out the reason he became an idol is when Hanako was a loli, she said she wanted to marry an idol in some magazine.

makoto02Cue Makotos logic that if he became an idol she would marry him! He blatantly sticks to get like glue and ichas with her in front of the other butlers like they’re air. For example he put her on his lap and spoon fed her at the breakfast table with everyone there. Eventually Hanako tels him to STAHP doing this shit in front of everyone so he’s like fine I’ll do it when we’re alone. Eventually the Xmas party comes and after it ends, so does Makoto’s time being her butler. Makoto however is not finished and he tells Hanako now that he’s no longer her butler, he’ll be with her forever and ever and he grabs and kisses her. Instead of doing his “chaste” kisses like he always does he practically eats her face and they screw the rest of the night. After this, Makoto announces to both Hanako and her aunt that he wants to quit showbiz so he can devote 100% of his time to Hanako. He writes Hanako a song and sings it and then she realizes he has a singing talent. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to quit his work and will cheer him on. Makoto agrees not to just ragequit and become a weird yandere and says he will pursue a singing career just for Hanako. And so since I luckily got the happy ending this time, he proposes to Hanako to marry him after he becomes a famous singer. He then comes to her house and immediately drags her to a chapel to have a “practice” ceremony where they get all dressed up and pretend to get married for future reference (’ω’;). Makoto your yandere tendencies ruined my pure sweet childhood friend image.


The art in this game is great and once again, god damn them for drawing an eyeless heroine. Like most D3P heroines, I didn’t mind this one at all and she was alright though being an ojousama I wish she was a little more bossy. I think because I picked the bossy choices is really the reason I never got a happy end with Yousuke (´・ω・`;). I guess at this point I think Shouhei is my fav because the heroine pretty much pwned his ass. Makoto was kinda creepy and Yousuke was just a douche lmao. Shouhei was kinda douchey at first but he got better over the progress of his route. Compared to Stalking Love this game only has 8 chapters and during Shouhei’s route there was a bug so I was able to read a bunch of them in 1 day without my tickets running out てへぺろ(๑´ڡ`๑).  Also in case you couldn’t tell, the game and the CGs are extremely randy <●><●>. If this was a PSP game I’d surely rate it Cero C or D lol. After finishing 2 smakare games I think I’m pretty much set on my mobile gaming with this app. I don’t know why I really enjoy all the games they put out and I plan to play and review more of them on this blog.


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  1. That is some serious yandere problems right there. =3= Surprised he isn’t freaking out/ruining the other routes.

  2. fortunately the faceless thing is really only limited to phone games nowdays. most psp/pc otome games the heroines have eyes 😛

  3. actually that’s exactly why they make eyeless heroes and heroines xD I still can’t “imagine myself” as the heroine cause hey I actually have eyes! LOL

    and yep Japan’s culture is about females being passive and taking it as it comes without opening their mouth 😆

  4. Hmm maybe they made her eyeless so that you could only focus on the guy/imagine that you yourself were the heroine? Idk XD
    but ugh the heroine almost always gets jumped by a guy *sigh* does Japan like it more when the female is more submissive??

  5. Also, P.S. I’ll never say that you SHOULD bother to do BL. ❤ I used to hate it and never got why anyone could moe kyun from it, so I completely understand your feelings!

  6. There’s USUALLY an obligatory rape route, same as otome games, but most games aren’t about rape. At least, not today. Used to be that rape was more popular in the 1990’s and the early 2000’s, but I’d guess that it’s just market trends in the adult games genre as a whole, as well as BL as a genre. (It changed a LOT in the past ten years, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole if it’s still the way it used to be.) The nukige ones, of course, are full of rape, but what do you expect out of nukige? The story-based ones tends to be as consensual as most eroge—–boys go through hardships and awkward plot events together, they fall in love, have sex. I’d say the last five BL games I played have more consensual sex than the last five 18+ otoge I played, lol.

    Which is why otoge needs to step up the act! I know shoujo tends to be about five years behind BL in terms of sexual freedom, but this is not on, dammit.

  7. Isn’t BL fulla rape though? Like it seems they feel like “oh well it’s 2 guys let em rape each other!” I could just be falling for the stereotype since I know nothing about BL. I dunno I guess BL games never make me (*´ェ`*)キュン♡ like otome games do which is why I never bothered. But yea I agree with you it’s annoying that being “sexually confident” either means you’re some dirty whore or a ravaging cougar with giant boobs. I think only Quin Rose seems to allow the heroine to actually enjoy screwing but lately they’re starting to follow the do-M trope too if the Oumagatoki FD is a proof of anything -_-

  8. Which is part of why I do BL, my friend. Sure, there are so very few games that let you be an S without being a total dickwad, but it’s better than nothing. I’ll be happy if otome games let us do that without having to invent some ridiculous excuse as to why the heroine is ~omg sexual predator who is not pure and innocent~ to ease the gasps, shocks, faintings and pantyhosed pitchforks of the mainstream crowd, though.

    (Also, I’ll be happy if games—eroge, BL, otome, whatever—-can finally figure it out that sadistic does NOT equal dickwad, dammit. If sadists aren’t paired with masochists, they’re just criminals for violent physical/sexual assault! Being S to someone who isn’t M is like talking about penises to your grandma! It’s rude! It’s totally not on for most of us with a healthy mind! And if we’re paired with masochists, we’re just nice, eager-to-please people who just happen to enjoy other people’s pain and discomfort, dammit. I’m OKAY with the usual trope, I just wish games would realize that sadist fantasies does not ALWAYS have to be the usual trope.)

    It’s been a while since I got apps for my smartphone. XD I’m sure I’m doing all this smartphone business wrong! But I’ll certainly look into this when I get there.

  9. I like your idea lolol 8D Sadly otome games never give us that option so I just end up wanting to kick them in the face and I pick all the super tsun choices 😆 (though sometimes it leads to a good outcome!?)

    I mean the app is still kinda “slow” and can be annoying sometimes but it’s a small price to pay for how much you get and the fun of the stories. Give it a shot yourself when you get time!

  10. Ah, the appropriate Do-S reaction when someone is Do-S to you isn’t to kick them in the face. That’s just the reaction of someone who’s neither S or M and just don’t want to take their shit. If you’re S, you turn the tables right on the poor boy who thinks he can be S on you (the idea is cute! how silly!)—-either by force of wiles, it doesn’t matter—-and then show him how it’s properly DONE and how HE’s the M here, he just doesn’t realize it.

    /creep mode off

    That said, it’s really nice to see D3P is still chugging these out! IDK if the iOS store’s reviews have gotten better since then, but this game interests me more than the previous ones. Maybe I’ll give it a go—-once I have my life back, that is.

  11. Yea GREE is terrible that I’ve given up on it. I can’t stand games where you have to “do quests” or “spam a certain dance event” or whatever just to progress. All the smakare games are straight VNs and the side stuff is optional and doesn’t affect your game progress!

  12. I really like the art! And the system blahblah whatever isn’t nearly as annoying as GREE. (Gah! Curse you!) The game sounds lovely though, really want to play it now.

  13. The art looks really nice but they should just stop that eyeless heroines trend already -_-
    Glad it was a good game for you. I’m looking forward to more of your reviews ^v^

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