Otome Game Review: Hatsukare☆Renai Debut Sengen!

Shinomiya Yui is tired of her average school life and feels like she wasted her first year studying and doing nothing interesting. Now that the 2nd year has started she wants to try to have a more exciting school life. She also hears from her friends that there’s a jinx if she goes to the Asumi hill and kisses the dude she loves during the fireworks, they’ll be together forever.

The System

The system seems confusing but hopefully the following tips help get you through.


  • Start the game with Daichi’s route. Go around talking to random people in town, collect topics and when you see a green star on Daichi’s head go talk to him to get all of his events. If there’s no Daichi event, do a Sakuya event or something or just move on to the next day. By collecting topics on your first run, you’ll have more stuff to talk about during the dokyun talks.
  • Doing the best end is easy, but doing the good end you really need to watch your heart meter. As shown in the image above, your heart meter must NOT EXCEED THIS SIZE. If it exceeds this size, you will not get the pure route events or the good end. Best thing to do is when you start the character, have a save on May 1st. Then load your May 1st save, pick choices in May that give 0 affection and in June choices that give “a little” Up rather than SuperUP.
  • For the friend routes, you can do them simultaneously as you doing the good end route. You can get both the friend end of 1 guy and the good end of another guy in one run so I found that rotating guys made it easier. For example I did Kakeru’s friend events in Kazuma’s route and vice versa.
  • Sensei has no friend end therefore it’s best to leave him last. He does however have 1 friend CG in one of his scenarios. I happened to find it when I was still fumbling around trying to get someone’s good ending so you will still need to do some of his friend events in a separate run to get that CG however once you get that CG you don’t need to proceed further as there is no friend end. To get sensei’s GOOD end, pick NO AFFECTION RAISING from MAY – JULY. NONE. If you even as much as pick ONE choice that raises affection, you will not get the good end.
  • When you do the good end run, you only need to do the main events with the guy (aka the red hearts) and you can skip the pink hearts and any dokyun talks to save time.
  • Sakuya has no route but he does have 1 CG which you can pick up during your run with Daichi. Once you complete all the routes the completion CG will unlock.
  • Some of the date events after Dokyun Mode will have Cgs but some won’t. I don’t remember which ones did and which ones didn’t but my best tip is quick save and check them all. They’re all short and some are really cute anyway so it’s no big deal.
  • If my tips still confuse you, just use Momokan’s guide to do some of the routes that she posted and hopefully that will familiarize you with the system enough to brave it on your own (at least it did for me!)

hatsu009Kariya Yuuji – Yuuji is a senior and is the “delinquent” character. Everyone who sees him is afraid of him and anyone in town who tries to pick a fight with him, knows he’ll kick their ass so they usually bow and run off. He has a younger twin brother Reiji (but younger twin means that Yuuji just came out first) who is a leader of a gang. Due to this, often people confuse Yuuji and Reiji and attack Yuuji thinking he’s Reiji. Fortunately the Kariya parents trained both of them to defend themselves so they can always handle a fight or two. Yuuji also has his own motorcycle and sometimes will take Yui to school on it. Yuuji seems like this badass but in actuality he’s an otomen! 😆 He actually works part time at his grandma’s bento shop and so he knows how to cook.  In addition to this he also secretly reads shoujo manga (。´✷ฺЗ✷ฺ)・;゙.:’;、ブフッ It also happens that  Reiji has a crush on Yui cause he likes girls who speak their mind xDDD He even tries to kiss her but Yui pushes him away and just then Yuuji comes running and he’s fucking pissed. Yui tells him that she pushed the bro away before he could kiss her so  Yuuji can toss his anger out XD. At the camping trip he’s even the one assigned to cook the food for his class but Yui helps him out since everyone ditches him probably too afraid to get near him. Since Yui is pretty much the only person who accepts him and understands him, he falls for her and so he asks her out after the camping trip. Yui of course agrees since who can say no to such an adorable waifu? ;D

hatsu010After they begin dating, Yui comes over his room one day to borrow a cookbook from him. While he looks for it she reads his shoujo manga on his bed. She falls asleep on his bed and when she wakes up he’s top of her saying he ain’t gonna just settle for a kiss. Unfortunately this game is CeroB so he has to go lol j/k xD. For the summer festival, they go up to Asumi hill where he gives her a spare key to his bike saying she can ask him for a ride anytime. They smooch as the fireworks blast behind them. In the special epilogue, they go kyakyaufufuing on the beach. He gets wet and takes off his shirt and his sexy naked bod is much for Yui that she freaks out 8D. They then cuddle together under the starry sky that night.  In the Good End, the brothers fight over Yui and Reiji is determined to win her over XD. They have an arm wrestling competition that Yuuji wins the first time but the 2nd time Reiji starts saying lines that Yuuji said over the phone to Yui the night before. This throws off Yuuji’s concentration and he loses, but for the 3rd try he beats Reiji once more. For the fireworks festival, Yuuji is busy helping his grandma with bento making so he can’t go with Yui. Yui decides to visit him instead and help out cause she’s bored. His grandma then makes fun of them for not “properly being a couple” and he gets embarrassed and starts babbling nonsense. After they finish with the bentos, they run to catch the end of the festival and make a promise to see the fireworks together the following year.

hatsu005Kirishima Aoto – Aoto is the freshman kouhai who decides to join the student council along with Yui and her brother Daichi. He’s like a huge tsundere but he tries to be this manly man.  Because he wants to be a manly man his idol is of course Yuuji and he even tries to walk and talk like him XD. Sadly in the end he’s still a shota and unfortunately he catches the eye of Sakuya, Yui’s gay friend who dresses Aoto up in a cheerleader uniform against his will (。´✷ฺЗ✷ฺ)・;゙.:’;、ブフッ. He tries so hard and Yui knows this so she feels bad and lets him pretend that he’s this cool guy XD. (This is why I really like this game’s heroine.)  The student council is supposed to welcome to foreigners to Japan but Daichi gets sick. He’s like “whatever you guys do it” and dumps the entire presentation on Yui and Aoto. Aoto ends up putting a samurai show for everyone and it’s a big hit. One day at the donut shop, Yui finds Aoto being harrassed by some older girls. She gets a bit jealous but then it turns out that they’re actually his 3 older sisters. His hidden secret is that they treat him like their manbitch because he’s the youngest and only male in the family. This is exactly why he always try to be so manly so that way he isn’t pushed around all the time. However now that Yui knows his secret, he feels like his life is over because he even purposely picked a high school where nobody would know him! Yui tells him that it ain’t no thang and that she doesn’t think any less of him and promises to keep the whole thing a secret.  At the camping trip Yui gets separated from Aoto and falls down a steep hill. Aoto then looks for her and slides down a hill to help get her out..but has no idea how to get back up as he didn’t think his cunning plan all the way through. They try to get out but Aoto ends up hurting his head and it  starts bleeding.

hatsu006Fortunately Daichi comes to rescue them just in time and Aoto gets treated for his head injury. Turns out it wasn’t life threatening and he just passed out from the sight of blood. After the school trip he asks her out and confesses that he likes her…while a street audience forms wwww. She of course agrees but gets embarrassed at the peanut gallery.  He buys them matching straps and she gets him to use the pink one so he can always think of her while she uses the green one to think of him xD. On their way home he grabs her and kisses her really fast and then apologizes for it not being cool enough (*´▽`*). One day they find some delinquents destroying school property and tell them to stop. The delinquents  get pissy and beat up Aoto until Yuuji happens to be walking by and tells them to GTFO and since it’s Yuuji they run for it. During this event, Yui loses her strap that Aoto gave her and he offers to look for it in the mud. She wants to help but then he’s like ok fine I’ll buy you a new one. Well turns out he hadn’t given up and he starts looking for it again while some other girls are like “ew hes so gross digging in the mud I thought he was cool how disappointing.” Yui hears this and is like u dont know sheet bitches and runs over to Aoto and gives him a hug saying she loves him (*´ω`*) At the fireworks event, Aoto gives Yui the strap that he finally found and they kiss.  In the epilogue Aoto invites Yui to go swimming to the beach. They walk around the beach and it starts raining so they run into a nearby cave. nfortunately they cave they’re in gets flooded because of the high tide so they end up running further into the cave. After they manage to find an exit, they sit on some high rocks and watch the sunset together. Good End: Instead of going to the summer festival they eat some snacks in the student council office. They then go up to the school rooftop and watch the fireworks as he hugs her from behind.

hatsu003Natori Shunichiro – Shun is the gamer otaku but with the face of an ikemen. He really takes interest in Yui when she beats him and a bunch of other guys in some arcade fighting game by pulling out a special move and KOing everyone just by button mashing xD. Reminds me of my college days with Dead or Alive 2 lol (though sadly there was no ikemans nearby.)  Shun then invites her to a gaming tournament called Ultimate Brave where there’s an entry for a girl & guy team. Since Yui’s a total noob he decides to have her practice on his “qsq” ww She has trouble doing it on her own so he grabs her hands from behind and helps her play. He sees this as just practice but Yui starts getting all antsy. (*´▽`*)  She keeps losing but then MAGICALLY her button mashing skills get her a flawless victory and she manages to KO with that special move once again xDDD As a thanks for doing the tournament with him, Shun pretty much does all sorts of favors for Yui and begins to often hang out with her. He even helps her at the donut shop where she works and all his friends tell him リア充爆発しろ with his waifu. XD Yui comes over Shun’s place to do more practicing for the tournament and finds out that he lives alone most of the time because his parents are always away busy with work. Due to this he was pretty much raised with video gaming most of his life and doesn’t think much of it. He’s also used to eating TV dinners and prepared stuff for lunch & dinner so Yui decides to make him a bento ♡.  Finally the tournament day comes and Yui is so nervous she drops all her change. For the final round Shun’s character dies so it’s up to Yui and her magical button mashing. Fortunately her button mashing manages to whip out that legendary K.O. attack and they win!  After they win though, Shun is really bummed out because now that the competition is over there’s no reason for them to hang out anymore.

hatsu004They don’t talk for a few days until the school camping trip. They both realize that once their target was reached they didn’t know what to talk about. Suddenly when Yui gets up there’s a bee on her back and she freaks out so he swats it off. Terrified Yui starts crying so he gives her a handkerchief and he calls her cute (*´ω`*). He asks her to dance with him for the folk dance. After the camping trip he asks her to meet him at the donut place where he confesses that he likes her and asks her out. (though he babbles it out ) He says that he just wants to be with her without any excuses to play games together. And so they become an ichaicha ラブラブ couple . Since Shun’s a relationship noob, he tries to play an otome game and repeat the lines from it to Yui and she’s like whut lolol.  Some freshmen girls try to get Shun to go to the fireworks festival with them but he keeps refusing them until he has to pretty much yell out that he’s got a girlfiend who he’s absolutely in love with and will not go with anyone but her. (*´▽`*) And so they end up going together and smooching during the fireworks upon the hill.  In the special epilogue they do a beach scavenger hunt together. In the cave they find the last treasure but a ghost sound effect scares Yui so Shun hugs her. Realizing the delicious position he’s in he leans down and kisses her ;D.  Good End: Yui realizes she’s in love with Shun beyond gaming hobbies and decides to ask him out. He of course agrees and they start dating. They go on a date to purikura place and there’s cosplay outfits there and he tries on an outfit from Code Geass lmao xDDD. They realize that it’s silly so they end up just taking pics in their regular clothes. So then Sakuya comes outta nowhere going “Yui I’m in love with you pls go out with me and dump Shun.” Yui’s like ヽ(。_゜)ノ!?  and then Shun is like NO YUI I LOVE YOU. He almost dives in for the kiss and then Sakuya’s like “I was sick of watching you two beat around the bush so I put on an act to get you two to ADVANCE your relationship.” XDDD In the end they ditch the festival and walk around town together.

hatsu001Asahina Kakeru – Kakeru is your old fashioned boy next door childhood friend. Sadly due to this his rout was a bit predictable and dull since obviously HE LOVE U LONG TIME. He’s on the soccer team but has recently recovered from a leg injury. While it no longer hurts, mentally though he’s unstable and his game suffers because of this. So basically the combination of “I’m doing crappy in soccer” and “you’re my best friend forever Kakeru!” from Yui pretty much sends him off the wall. He then blurts out to Yui one day that she’s the only one who sees them as best friends and Yui thinks that Kakeru hates her oh noes! They basically end up avoiding each other and it’s pretty awkward until they finally decide to talk it out on the old swing set. That’s where Kakeru apologizes telling her that it’s not that he hates her it’s that for the lonnnngest time ever he’s seen her as way more than a friend!  After they get back from the school trip, that night he comes over her place and asks her to come watch his soccer match the following day. He does well at the soccer match and afterwards meets up with Yui on the roof to confess that he loves her beyond friendzone land. Yui says she loves him too and they become a couple. After this Kakeru ain’t holdin’ back and while they walk after school one day he grabs her and goes for the gold (aka a kiss cause this game is Cero B.) While they’re in the office making copies for sensei one day, a box falls on their heads or something and Kakeru trips landing on top of Yui. She complains that maybe they don’t look like lovers since they were friends for so long but he’s like idgaf you’re mah woman and we’ll I’d hit dat shit if we weren’t in the teachers lounge right now.

hatsu002After this Kakeru makes it more obvious that Yui is his girlfriend and then gets made fun of by his soccer buddies. Eventually Yui invites Kakeru over to her room though first time as a boyfriend. They look at old photos and cuddle together.  They go to the festival together and eat stand food. Kakeru also gives her a pair of earrings as a present. He puts them on her ears and soon as the fireworks blast they kiss.  In the special epilogue Kakeru wins a pair of tickets to a beach vacation at the mall. Soon as he sees Yui in her swimsuit he starts babbling and blushing 8D. They walk along the beach until they trip in the sand and Kakeru lands on top of her (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン He then can’t hold himself back and they end up making out in that position  >:D. When they go back to the hotel, he gets embarrassed and tells her to shower while he leaves the room :lol:. At night they walk on the beach and he apologizes for being randaay and making out with her that time. She’s like ain’t no thang your kisses are always welcome. Good End: Yui decides to ask out Kakeru on her own. After they become a couple they get all ichaicha but in that CeroA kind of way lol. Yui gets pissed in the end that Kakeru doesn’t go with her to the fireworks festival but then he jumps into her balcony from his that night. He then brings her takoyaki to eat and after the last firework sound they agree to go see it next year. His friend end felt more enjoyable as he tried to get Kentaro (Yui’s dog) to stop hating him by making him cookies and playing with him lol XD Otherwise yea Kakeru was kinda boring but I think he’s totally a necessary character in these kinds of games. You always need that pure 少年 character who’s been your neighbor for years and you’ve never noticed his feelings for you. Though on the other hand, after this route it really feels bad when you go after other guys (´;ω;`).

hatsu007Mochizuki Kazuma – Kazuma is a popular fashion model “Mocchi” but for some reason he goes to a regular school and is constantly on the run from rabid fangirls. He’s surprised that she doesn’t give any fucks about him being an idol and doesn’t kyaa or ask for his autograph when she runs into him. Kazuma doesn’t believe that “working hard” gives profit and instead it’s a waste of time, so he asks Yui to give him “proof” that hard work pays off. She decides to “prove” to him by starting to plant some sunflowers outside the school that her brother gives her.  As far as his modeling career he never takes it seriously. He gets sick of dealing with fangirls and starts to run to Yui for help by hiding in the student council office. During one of the shoots some fangirls pissed him off so he was like f u all and decided to go home with Yui anyway. His agency yelled at him for this but that was it so he tells Yui not to fret about it. As Yui works on her flower garden Kazuma ends up helping her with carrying gardening soil and materials and she compliments him on how strong he is :lol:. Since he’s obviously knowledged about fashion, he takes her to a makeup store and puts a lipstick on her to try it on. One day Yui and Sakuya go to a batting center to relieve stress when they run into Kazuma. Kazuma comes along and while he’s there he teaches Yui how to bat properly. Turns out in middle school he used to be a really good baseball player and was the top of his baseball team. However something happened and he quit and became a model in high school instead. So then some construction company comes and plans to destroy the garden where Yui was growing the flowers. Kazuma tells her to give it up but Yui’s like NEVER! Unfortunately as he says, there’s nothing she can do in the end and she’s upset that she couldn’t see the flowers fully bloom and admits that maybe hard work & effort do not pay off after all. At the camping trip Yui tries her best to keep a straight face and not be upset about the garden incident. After the kimodameshi event, the following day she finds Kazuma staring at some flowers in the woods.

hatsu008He then tells her that before their final baseball middle school game, there was a board member change at the school and a lot of the clubs were broken up including the baseball team. This happened 2 weeks before got to play their final game. That’s when Kazuma realized no matter how hard you try, your effort can be destroyed in a single moment.  After the trip turns out the sunflowers that Yui planted had bloomed in an area where the construction company hadn’t gotten to it yet. Kazuma then confesses to Yui in front of the flowers that he likes her. Yui’s like sure I’ll go out with you cause I like you too =D. After this Yui and Kazuma take the sunflowers and move them to a different spot away from the construction site.  Kazuma then demands a kiss and while Yui babbles about reasons why  they shouldn’t, he grabs and kisses her anyway. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) He pretty much becomes a kiss demon after this lol. Actually he becomes randy in general (/▽*\)~♪ イヤァン.  He invites her over his house eventually but his parents are home so he says he won’t try anything weird ;D. She looks at his old photo album and he’s got his head shaven so she’s like omg. He says everyone on the baseball team had their heads shaven like that. They almost kiss on his bed but his mom cockblocks with some TEA! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ They go to fireworks festival together and Kazuma says he intends to take his modeling work seriously and not half ass it like he did before. He says it’s thanks to her that he learned that hard work does pay off. They smooch on the hill as usual. In the epilogue extra, they go to the beach together. They then go on  ferris wheel and smooch during the sunset. Since Kazuma is randy as hell he can’t get enough so they end up riding more than 1 round and making out over & over xD.  Good End: Yui asks him out etc. They go on a shopping date and some fangirls catch them but he’s like “sorry busy with mah woman now buzz off”. They leave the mall and she links arms with him and he says he don’t care if anyone sees them cause he’s not hiding the fact that she’s his gf. For the fireworks festival they end up running away from fangirls again into the city. They  buy some hand fireworks from the convenience store and grab a bucket and light them up together. For some reason Kazuma’s character design kept giving me odd flashbacks to all the characters in Isshoni Gohan because it was the weirdest one out of the group. I kinda like it when he pins it back during the sports festival event otherwise  it starts to look too messy to me.

hatsu011Kujou Mizuki – Hooray a non rapist Yusa Kouji character! Ok yea I guess this no longer really applies because I think that role has been taken over by either Tachibana or Hino at this point :lol:. Mizuki sensei has just started working at the school and now in 2nd year he’s Yui’s homeroom teacher. Apparently they used to know each other 10 years ago he was her “oniichan” in highs school when she was in elementary school. (I guess this makes him probably 26~28?) But then he had to move away and loli Yui ran off crying, injuring herself in the process . Mizuki tried to look for her but couldn’t find her and then he had to leave because his mother was throwing a shitfi about not missing their flight.  He never got to properly say goodbye to Yui and he felt like he was responsible for her injury, although it was just a small head scar. The reason he was moving away is because his parents got divorced so his mom became clingy and needy and was like YOU WON’T BETRAY ME RIGHT MIZUKI. The reason he came over her house in the first place is to tutor her older brother Daichi but he often would play with her as well. In his office one day he checks Yui’s forehead for the injury and jokingly says “too bad it healed cause I woulda taken responsibility and made you my waifu.” (*´ω`*) Anyway Mizuki sensei loves Yui SOOO FUCKING MUCH that even when I picked every choice that didn’t raise affection in May, June and July IT WOULD STILL RAISE AFFECTION 😆 Due to this I had to redo his route like 4 times trying to get it as low as freaking possible before it would constantly give me the best end (while I was trying to get the good end.) One day while near the outside water fountains, Yui accidentally sprays water and gets him all wet. She then goes to the nurse’s office with him and helps him dry his shirt and put his tie on. He’s surprised that she can do these things and realizes she’s no longer a child. He starts to get jealous of her with other guys, including even Sakuya and I was like lol plz Mizuki, Sakuya is ┌(┌ ^o^)┐ホモオ and not even a potential rival ww. Also I’m extremely disappointed dat hot naked man CG was not in the gallery what gives bro.  At the camping trip, after the bon fire dance, Mizuki takes Yui to an isolated place from all the other students. They sit down and talk and he gets kinda jelly finding out that she was able to tie his necktie and wonders where she learned it. She’s from oniitan so hes like oh whew.

hatsu012After the camp trip, he calls her out to meet her at the park. Tells her that his parents divorced cause all they would do is fight. Due to this the neighbors would avoid his family but Yui’s mom was totally okay with him coming over and tutoring her and her brother. He felt like he had a warm household to be in for once. He then tells Yui that she was the one who said “I’ll be your family, and i’ll be your waifu” as a loli lmao. He tells her to take responsibility for her “promise” with him. I know it’s kinda cute on one hand, but seriously if you’re like 16 and some 6 year old says “I’m gonna mawwy you oniichan” your immediate thought should be “aww how cute” not “I hope you’re keeping that promise in 10 years guurl roowr”(ಠ_ಠ). I guess he was too emotionally unstable at the time which from the sound of his psycho mom I guess I can sympathize with.  After they start dating secretly, Yui hears Mizuki  talking to the other teachers that there’s no way he’d date a student because they’re all immature. She knows that he’s doing it to protect their relationship but gets a little upset. One day after school he offers her a ride home in his car but then changes his mind and instead takes her to the beach. He tells her that he’ll raise her to be a FIINNNE woman :lol:. おまわりさん、こいつですww  At the summer festival they decide to go to a less crowded area so they don’t run into anyone they know. She asks if they can go up to that hill to smooch in the fireworks and he’s like sure lets go. He then gives her an engagement ring and tells her he loves her before they kiss. In the special epilogue, Mizuki invites her to spend the night at his house and even gets permission from her mom! Yui’s all nervous but Yui pls, this is CeroB so in the end the two of them just have dinner and then chastely lie in bed together and cuddle all night. (✧≖‿ゝ≖) Good End: Mizuki runs into Yui at the festival but other students are there to cockblock. He then takes her far away from the festival to hide from everyone and they go to the park. They watch the fireworks together from there as he hugs her from behind. I normally don’t like hairy dudes (well he only had a small goatee) but I think Mizuki sensei was pretty good looking. I’m also glad to see the “older character” not be some gross ossan for once? Just because he’s the “older guy” he doesn’t need to look like your father :lol:. So yea props to the chara designer for designing a good looking sensei and well I didn’t really expect much from this route since oh noes student x teacher gotta hide that stuff etc.

hatsu014Shinomiya Daichi – If you decide not to go after any of the mans there’s always your doting and crazy oniichan who loves to call you all sorts of “pet names” – aka random western names like Melissa, Elizabeth, Victoria, Theresa etc. He’s like a doting siscon though cause he calls high school boys a bunch of testosterone animals and tells Yui she should drop out of school XD. His other suggestion is to stalk his imouto 24 hours a day 365 days a year and fend off any mans xDDD. Daichi is the student council president and he acts like some royal count but he has a reason. The reason he dresses up as some “royal dude Gaiya” is because when he was 14 he was a bookworm and when he confessed to the girl he likes, she dumped him saying she will only date guys who are like the idol named Louis. So after that Daichi decided to become like that idol which is why he’s so FABULOUS /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ.   For the fireworks festival, all her friends ditch her cause they’re too busy with school and stuff so she has no one to go with. This is when oniitan comes in and asks her to go with him to the student council office in school instead. She gets frustrated that she has to work on her day off but turns out he gives her a great view of all the fireworks at the festival from the top of the student council office window. (*´ω`*) To be honest, I wanted to date him but that would be weird so it’s liek I wanted to date him through some other character lmao DAIICHIII. Also I want to date Yuuji’s brother Reiji but I know they will probably never make a fandisk for a game like this (´;ω;`).


hatsu013I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS GAME. No seriously there’s not a single character or sub character that I dislike. Even the heroine is great!  I mean you know this game is something else when one of my favorite characters is voiced by Morikawa (and if you’ve read this blog long enough you’d know what I think of Morikawa’s characters :lol:). Everyone was adorable and even though I liked some more than others (like Shun and Yuuji) there’s not a single route that I hated. At first the system really gave me grief (and really gave it to me at the end there with Mizuki’s route) but once I figured it out, it became quite easy and I only used a guide for 3 of the routes (to save time figuring out where the CGs are.)  The 3D chibis were really cute and DOKYUN MODE IS SO FUNNY ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ It reminds me of Drastic Killer’s Love Steal except instead of moaning the guys go DOKYUUUNNNN!!!! プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ There’s not really a good play order since you can play whoever you want but from my personal recommended order would be Daichi, Kakeru, Mocchi,  Aoto, Yuuji, Shun, Sensei. Daichi first to collect topics and Sensei last because his story is relevant to the heroine as well as the fact that he has no friend ending so systematically it’s better that way.  Sure this game has no deep story but it was a really fun light hearted school game that would just put a smile on face every play through.  Anyway I definitely recommend this game and I hope my guide at the top helps make the system easy so you can ignore the system grief and enjoy the ε-(*´∀`|萌|.


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  1. I must be very retarded… but… HOW I FUCK*NG QUICK SAVE ON THIS GAME?! It’s makin’ me crazy xDDDD (I love the tsundere chibi… I’m soooooooooooo weak to them…)

  2. Well with a game like this, it’s mostly funny humorous stuff rather than deep story so you may not need to really know too much Japanese to enjoy it =D
    I’m glad you find my reviews useful! It’s comments like yours that motivate me to continue doing this so thank you as well!

  3. Wow, I don’t even-damn it. After reading your review for this game, you can only imagine how badly I want it. Now, I’m not gonna lie. I can only understand about 30% of what the characters are saying when I play an otome game, which is something I don’t have a problem with since I can use your blog, as well as several other of the wonderful otome gamers out there who are kind enough to summarize everything up for us readers. Well, there’s that and there’s also the fact that I’m trying to use it to re-enforce my Japanese.

    Long story short, I just wanted to let you know that I REALLY appreciate and enjoy your reviews, because not only are they amusing, they also give me a lot more insight into the characters stories, as well as any parts/scenes that I may have missed or misunderstood.

    I’m looking forward your future reviews~!

  4. a while ago it probably already got erased because twitch deletes stuff after a week unless it gets a lot of views

  5. I don’t but most likely it’s in one of the dates that happens after the dokyun talk. When he asks where you want to go, quick save/quickload and go to every place until one of them gives you a CG. THat’s what I ended up doing, sorry I don’t remember exactly when this popped up!

  6. Thanks for the review! I’m playing it right now and it’s really cute. I have a question though –I went through Shun’s route without a guide and somehow I’m missing his 8th cg and it’s driving me crazy trying to figure out where it is ;^; Do you remember which month/event it’s in?

  7. Glad it helped convince you 😀

    At the bottom of the blog I have the release schedule for both games and I do plan to order & broadcast both.

  8. I decided to buy this game cause your review was so good !!!Thank you so much!!!

    And I have a question.
    Is there any schedule which buys しらつゆの怪 or NORN9 ノルン+ノネット ?
    I want to play those games but don’t have enough money…
    So I thought if you buy this game then you upload on twitch so I can see it:/
    If you don’t , Please do not care about this:)

    And Congraturation on the 3 millions hits !!!!!

  9. まぁいつものようにフルコンプする予定ですw (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

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    AMNESIA CROWD、楽しみにしていますね\(^o^)/

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    Thank you soooo much!!!!!

    btw..will you also update amnesia crowd too?
    I can’t buy this game but I really want to see this…

    I’m japanese so I’m not good at English..so sorry if you can’t understand my English:(

  13. If you want just wait a couple days and I’ll have my utapri all star review up. Then you can discuss whatever you want 🙂

  14. I don’t want to start a flood, but Hinano, I have a question (it’s very important for me!) concerning not this game, but UtaPri series. I wanted to ask you in the topics but comments there are not available, so.. can I somehow talk to you, maybe by email? Thank you

  15. Congrat on the 3 millions hits ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

  16. Did Ranmaru’s route too and when it got to emotionally sappy I was just sitting there thinking “WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFFFF-” Oh, you’re going to love Amnesia Crowd! Just started doing the working part of the game and the chibis are too cute OTL Can’t wait to find a guide for suspense and love~ It’s pretty new so so far I’ve only seen a guide for love T_T

  17. lol its ok I thought Daichi was some sensei too because I didn’t actually read lmfao xDDD I’m still waiting for my Amnesia to arrive but I am happy to say UtaPri All Star is a lot less terrible than Debut. (At least in Ranmaru’s route)

  18. LMAO, THIS WHOLE TIME I THOUGHT DAICHI WAS THE SCHOOL PRINCIPLE BECAUSE OF MY BAD JAPANESE OTL But seriously, he did look like one…┗┐ヽ(′Д、`*)ノ┌┛ Anyways, this game is fantastic! 😀 I really think it was a well done game. All the characters seem superb and the artwork is beautiful ಥ_ಥ I thought the system wasn’t that bad, it seems like a normal adventure type of otome like storm lover and tgms3 :O! Plus the dokyun was fun and cute! 😀 After finishing this, I’m totally pumped to play Amnesia Crowd~

  19. Shun was so cute xDDD I think we need more of these video game stereotype nerds.
    The sensei thing is true though lmfao XD I mean who takes marriage confessions of a 6 year old seriously ww

  20. yea you can always just skip right to the final thoughts to avoid the spoilers (╹◡╹)
    At the beginning of the review (there’s no spoilers) under System I linked to one but it’s incomplete so I just posted some tips on how to get through the game.
    This is one of the few games where I actually didn’t really use the guide and made it through lol

  21. I just got this game in the mail! Yay and after briefly look at your review (don’t want to spoil too much), sounds like an awesome game! Glad I purchased it :> I can’t wait to play.

    btw, do you happen to have the guide (if its a website?) cause I’d love to use it since I want to get all the CGs 🙂

  22. Shun’s route!! (*´д`*)ハァハァ I want it so badly~ Haha it’s nice to see an otaku character that isn’t A) insecure ugly man child or B) insecure beauty star who is ashamed of themselves.

    Also your comment on sensei and his demanding of Yui keeping her promise made me literally burst out laughing. Rowr can’t wait to tap dat in ten years

  23. I’ve been reading your awesome reviews for a while now and I figure I’d stop lurking and actually comment. *o* I want to try this game now… it’s just a matter of finding it! I hope I can read what’s going on though >__<* But regardless, your reviews are so fun to read and make me want to spend my money.

  24. *A* seeing your review makes me want to play it. Maybe I’ll try pursuing 1/2 guys here, hopefully the system won’t annoy me ヘ(´∀`ヘ) And thank you for the tips, this will help me a lot ^-^/

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