Mobile Otome Game Introduction: Shitsujitachi no Gakuen Jijou

Well I figured I’d get all these kusomobage out of the way lmfao so I started this. The story is about you, the grand daughter of a rich ojiisama (who still uses kaomoji to send you text messages) who gets enrolled in a special ojousama school. Of course every ojousama school would have butlers and at this school the butlers train with these ojousamas. So basically it’s like Meichan no Shitsuji the otome game 😆

You get to pick which guy you want to do the path of at the start but the ONE GUY I wanted to do the most, I was told “you gotta get the endings for the other 5 guys”. Of course with the whole daily fatigue system I’m as motivated as I am to clean the mass of dust under my bed so…I guess I’ll just play 1 guy’s route and see how things go. I picked Wakaba, the polite shota who is secretly randy (or so I hope or I’ll really be bored.) As usual the game has its usual selection of gachas, and dressups for your avatar – but sadly it’s not as good as the avatars in KoiKare so not too much motivation there. I think they have some voiced scenarios but pretty sure you gotta fork over mobacoins for those so whatever.  No idea who the voice actors are so I can’t comment on that.

Anyway it’s available on mobage for android as usual so give it a shot if you’re into butler stuff.