My adventures with Project Diva

So now that I finally have a PSP I decided to take a break from otome gaming and try project diva. I jumped right into Project Diva 2nd and I was hooked. I guess I can’t say that the game “is addictive” but rather “it’s addictive for a vocaloid fan”. I’ve been into Vocaloid for the last 3 years (although not as much lately with the daily ranking mylists not being updated) so it was a great way to relive all my favorite songs.

Day 1:
This is my first time playing any PD game or any rhythm game for that matter. Last time I played a rhythm game was 6 years ago when I was playing a bit of Taiko no Tatsujin. I started Project Diva and the only song I could clear on EASY mode was Romeo x Cinderella and after finally unlocking it, I cleared Migikata no Chou.

Day 2:
I’m finally getting the hang of things and I’ve unlocked most songs thanks to Easy mode. I’ve managed to clear Normal mode of songs I really like like Just Be Friends and Meltdown. I unlocked everything except the last 2 songs which require me to clear every song on normal. Doesn’t help that half the song I don’t know/like making them extremely difficult to clear (I’m looking at you Oster Project 😡 ). I had to have my husband help me clear some songs because I just couldn’t seem to get past a certain “wall” on stuff like Yellow.

Day 3:
I’m starting to really get better at this and now I’m even able to clear Hard on some of my favorite songs! I managed to clear Hard on Melt, Hato and Migikata no Chou. This also unlocked Miku’s school swimsuit and Len’s jersey. I wish I could unlock Kaito’s but that requires me to play every song on hard omg ;_; Just thinking about those Oster Project songs on Hard makes my brain hurt lol. Why couldn’t they have the one Oster Project song I actually like on there? (Morning Call.)

Day 4:
Cleared every song on Normal and got the PSN extras so now I’ve pretty much been using white suite Kaito while rotating between Miku’s snow outfit and Len’s jersey :D. All my characters hate me except Kaito cause he’s the only one I really gave gifts to and now his room looks like a giant ice cream happy fun land 😆 I also saw the cute credits roll where you could make Hachune-san do all sorts of funny poses.


Day 5:
Now that I cleared Normal I had to focus on Hard in order to unlock Kaito’s mankini! (And other swimsuits and items but yea.) Hard is hard but somehow I managed to clear about half the hard songs with my husband helping me clear the ones I absolutely hate (like that Mikumiku bacteria song and arabesc etc.) I managed to finally clear all except for the singing passion of hatsune miku because that part with all the OOOOOOs just sounded so nonsensical to me I gave up. After 5-6 tries I said screw it, bought 6 help items (that turn Safe’s into Fines) and finally cleared the damn thing. I hate all of that guy’s songs, (looking at you disappearance of hatsune miku 🙄 ). So yea I finally unlocked Kaito’s mankini mission complete!

Day 6:
Now that I got every outfit unlocked I actually gotta buy the outfits. I imported Diva 1 save file which had every outfit from 1 unlocked so this will save me some money for stuff in Diva 2. Unfortunately the fastest way to make money is to play Expert but the only songs I’ve been able to clear on Expert are Cantarella, MikuMiku ni Shite Ageru and Innocence. I did manage to clear Romeo x Cinderella but that was a fluke and the points received wasn’t worth it. By the time I got home I gave in and used a money cheat so I could just buy the missing outfits/room items and move on to Project Diva Extend. Started Diva Extend – I love nekomimi switch and I had trouble paying attention to the symbols at first because I kept looking at all the nukos xDDD. The diva rooms have a lot more fun motions & stuff now so I’m looking forward to customizing those while I make my way through all the new songs.

Day 7 :
I managed to clear every song on Normal (since I didn’t even bother with easy for some of the songs now) and Hard. The only Hard songs are the last few (including disappearances and singing passions ugh /puke of Miku.) Fortunately I’ve actually unlocked everything except Miku’s 2011 winter outfit which I have as an extra from PSN so no need to even bother! \( ^o^)/ So yea I will be taking a break from Diva and maybe play it once in a while or at some point try creating my own Edit PV. I’ve not really tried any extreme songs but I did manage to clear Nekomimi Switch on Extreme. The ending credit roll this time allowed you to have Miku kill a bunch of words and earn points. I got about 600 billion or so xD. Only 35% kill rate because I didn’t know wtf to do and just button mashed the whole time. I cried like a mofo during Hello Planet’s PV and when I saw the corresponding PVs on NicoNico I cried even further. (´;ω;`)

And so that concludes my Diva Adventures! It was definitely fun ride and I definitely learned a lot in such a short period of time. I consider myself having made a lot of progress within a week’s time x3. For those who never tried project diva I can say I recommend it but I’d say all my favorite songs were definitely on 2nd. The song selection in Extend was rather underwhelming and I only liked a select few (some of which were repeats from 2nd.) Let’s hope they bring out more songs or for now we’ll have to settle on fan-created edits. (´^ω^`) In the meantime I’ll try to get the rest of the room events unlocked!


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  1. all the christmas outfits & birthday items are available if you get Project Diva extend so there’s almost no point in buying them. I downloaded the DLCs from a friend who got them so I’m not sure about the DLCs in the PSN store sorry!

  2. On the PSN store, when you are looking for the DLCs what are the keywords you search? It’s bugging me because I want to buy the Christmas outfits and Kaito’s white outfit, but I don’t what to search.

  3. Just played this game yesterday, it is fun but sometimes frustrating, my hands are not fast enough to caught up with a certain song :((

  4. Back then when I first did the mod for the PS3, I did not see anyone doing a ps2 mod compatibility for the slims. As far as I know, ps3 fat had ps2 backwards function, after which they removed in ps3 slim. I’ll use the ps2 mod if it comes down to it. I did hear something about some newer dongles going up to higher firmware for ps3. I know some ps3 otome games are using firmware that’s higher than what I have so I can’t play it (not to mention the ridiculous space it requires).

    Currently playing through fate/extra after finishing Love drops. God that was a horrible game experience. It was so bad that I had to take 2 weeks to finish playing that (force myself to play every day for a few hours). It was like reading twilight, except it was even WORSE.

    Also played 2 trap games, lol. It was pretty hard to take in as well. One main character was scared of girl cooties but had to protect them as a ranking agent (VN: Code is shield 9, 50% english translation), and the other is pretty much like a girl (VN: Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku wo).

    I did try a little of Asaki yumemishi before my laptop hard disk died on me, and that was way better than all the games combined. I think it to be better than bloody call overall for the introduction. Maybe I’ll review the games soon.

  5. silentwolfie> hakuoki’s coming out in english in February so maybe you want to hold out for that? if a game is available for PS2 you should just play it on the ps2 emu, it’s a lot more stable and works better. every ps2 game i reviewed worked on the emu so that’s how you know lol. also since you said you modded your ps3 can’t you just play the ps2 games on that?

    Poor University Student> lol your name 😆 its funny you mention DDR as I always liked the songs from that but I never bothered with the game. maybe I’m just better with my hands than my feet (I used to play piano.) I understand your boredom of the same songs as I can only repeat songs I actually like which is only about 50% of the songs on extend lol.

  6. Well, currently I tried a few and you’re right I guess.

    – Hakuoki, able to play with atrac voices, 60 fps.
    – Kami naru kimi to, failure. Both voices and intro movies are non existent, 40 fps
    – Beastmaster and princes, 30-35 fps, voices working. Think intro movies aren’t working, really small issue.

    Currently downloading maybe 1 more game to see how it goes.

    Well, ‘really enjoy otome games’ wouldn’t be happening anytime soon anyway, my kanji level probably goes a bit into 700-800 words at best, just need like maybe 3000-4000 more to go (and honestly I am hesitant to buy new platforms because I have too many games already). I also have problems deciphering katakana words, so that’s even worse.

    Prolly by the time I’m capable of reading japanese is the time the emulator is ready to play psp games for real.

  7. I enjoyed Project Diva for a while until I just got annoyed of repeating the same songs over and over, and I’m not on the Vocaloid bandwagon in the first place and only like Luka ^^;; I had a brief love for Kaito when I saw him for the first time.

    It could also be that I don’t really enjoy the gameplay of this rhythm game either; I love the DJ Max games (I’ve played all the portable versions and own Trilogy for the PC) and casually play DDR as well. When I play Project Diva I get more stressed than pleasured xD

    Anyway, glad you enjoyed the game! 🙂 Looking forward to your next post.

  8. arg, almost cleared the song right below hello world
    (i should`ve gone to bed 2h ago lol)=X

    honestly, its more entertaining than i expected (since i`ve played the other two and theres a lot of repeated songs)

    too bad the repeated songs are the ones im not addicted =p

    **and its really hard to play without losing attention because of the pv in the background. they look better version after version @_@

  9. I think so? but I only got hiiro no kakera to work with it. Also I had to run like 3 programs at once and it would often crash so… ( ≖Д≖;) all the newer otome games use a different sound format and the emulator doesnt support it so I just gave up and bought a PSP lol. It was worth it let me tell you so if you really want to enjoy psp otome games a PSP is better. Plus the emulator lags like crap anyway (it can only process so many frames at once) so for games with action scenes they look all slow & crappy lol.

  10. Got a question on the PSP emulator. When you tried using the emulator in the past did you use mono atrac plugin for visual novels? I’m trying to get voices in hakuoki currently =X

  11. lol i cant even clear rolling girl on hard, god damn I hate that stupid song lol. I’ve been trying to clear hello planet on extreme but i keep coming up short 😦

  12. hahah rawrrrr played for 1 hour today and unlocked 52% of EX, then i stopped the unlocking process to play rolling girl until extreme…

    … until about 50^% of the song (T________T)

    then i tried ura omote lovers only to find it impossible to go past 25% of it ahaha

    at least rolling girl is addictive and looks possible to finish @_@

    from what i saw on youtube, my fingers will NOT move fast enough to finish that one on extreme haha

  13. Er– Magic? //I stalk you on Deviantart. //shot.

    Lol. And I really wish for a PSP now. //shot. Len, my obsession for the past 3 years. OTL;; //if I played this game I would totally be biased //shot. Uh– Yeah. xD;; Len’s outfits aught’ to be cute~ ❤

  14. Roflmao. : D Kaito and his Man-bikini. //shot. I’ve played this on my uncle’s friend’s PSP before~ it was fun. * n* Too bad he only had stuff for Miku. //shot to death. Tch. Only if he had Len’s stuff. //dies. Uh– Yeah. Lol. //needs to get a PSP now. Lol.

    Btw, if I’m not mistaken, it’s your birthday Hinano? : D If not, I’m sorry for getting the date wrong. Lol. ANYWAY– HAPPY BIRTHDAY HINANO~~
    Have a great day~

  15. I can’t even clear that damn song on hard without using help items so I just kinda gave up for now. :S
    Extend actually had a few songs I didn’t know but I began to like (i.e. Hello Planet) but the room system is more fun on extend and you do get more outfits unlocked! Its hard for me to bother playing extreme on songs I dont like so I don’t forsee myself clearing most of those in the near future xD

  16. Lolol singing passion of miku is pretty hard. I don’t think I’ve even tried it on extreme and I already cleared pretty much all of the songs on extreme!

    Proud to say I’ve never ever used an item on a song! I only wish there were more non-Miku songs. I do think 2nd has a better song selection, contemplating whether or not to get Extend though.

  17. lol well I can only do a few extreme songs and the rest are just so fast I get frustrated and quit. I can’t even beat the singing passion of miku on hard so I’m really not that motivated (specially since its not a song i like anyway.) I guess I have more bias since I was into vocaloid way before I played diva so I already came into this game with pre-set favorites 🙂

  18. after you get used to the extreme songs, it gets quite addictive @_@
    (even for me that knew almost nothing of miku before the game haha)

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