Mobile Otome Game Introduction: Gijin Kareshi

So as I was getting extremely bored of Nijiiro no Oujisama (cause all they freaking do in that game is drink tea and eat brownies) so I decided to try another game. In this one, you basically have a mobile tamagotchi man-pet. You can pick from cat, bunny, dog, fox and I forgot the others but it’s basically an animal furry dude. I of course picked the cat 😆 Basically you can talk to him, make him study, play with him etc….like you would with a tamagotchi (´・ω・`;). I’ll be honest it’s not as interesting to me…at least maybe it would be if it was an app. As an internet mobage game it’s rather lame since I wouldn’t be able to pull it out anytime and especially when I don’t have an internet connection. So you can give it a shot if you’re into that stuff but I think I will probably move on and try other games.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Otome Game Introduction: Gijin Kareshi”

  1. Oh, it’s an internet game? :\ how unfortunate, I wouldn’t want to use my data if I wasn’t near a place where I could just get the wifi…. I’d rather the game just be an app… perhaps someday they’ll make it into one? Lol I think I’d enjoy it more if it were an app, it feels more “on the go” then just an internet game haha

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