Poupee Rose Garden Cafe

I didn’t even realize this event was going on until I logged into poupee this morning before I almost missed another dress up day. This is the 2nd time this week that I made a dressup 2 minutes before the daily reset :s. I think I’m starting to slowly distance myself from this game (or maybe because I find dressing up in Project Diva more interesting? lol). There’s also a hair discount campaign going on but I didn’t see any new hair styles so I’ll just keep my current hair for a bit longer.


2 thoughts on “Poupee Rose Garden Cafe”

  1. lol yea basically putting kaito into that outfit and making him dance to those “sexual” songs produces all sorts of lulz. but yea i guess i have this weird attachment to poupee so i dont wanna quit after like 3 years but yea interest is slowly waning ^^;

  2. Well you have been playing this game for years, you have to get burned out on it sometime. Besides, poupee does not offer mankinis (or even men to dress up), so it can’t compare to project diva. I saw your pics on tumblr, congrats on finally getting that btw. You’re making me want to play that game, just so I can laugh at the camera angles+makini.

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