Otome Game Review: Kami Naru Kimi To

Kamiki Sakuya is your average high school girl, with a spunky personality (for once) who likes nagging her childhood friend Narumi, and dragging him everywhere she goes.  One day she goes to the shrine that his family runs and gets a fortune saying “From today on you will be a god.” Suddenly the shrine god Amatsukunihoshinomikoto (aka Mikoto) appears before her and gives his god powers to her. He says he needs a break and wants to a vacation from his godly duties before he’s summoned back to heaven during the yearly star festival. Sakuya passes out and when she wakes up she can see demons, and ghosts and people now start calling her Kami-sama. With the help of her friends, shrine guard dog Yorihito (de gozaru) and 3 mischievous animal gods (a love advice giving cat, samurai bear, and Russian Engrish speaking penguin ), Sakuya’s new godly duties require helping people and making their wishes come true.

Takekiyo Yakumo – Yakumo is like the older brother figure to Sakuya & Narumi so they often refer to him as Yakumoniisan. He’s the typical airheaded nekketsu sports baka, and his idea of a perfect date would probably involve going to the gym and muscle building. During the wishing events he spends most of his time fighting aliens, warthogs and bears while flames of passion burn in the background :lol:. Not sure if this is a common route event or not but in his route I also encountered the scenario with Aki falling in love with that ayakashi penguin Kunugi. I mean it was kinda sad and all but it was hard to take it seriously cause lol she’s falling in love with a penguin who floats around thanks to 3 balloons attaching to his back ( ´_ゝ`). The reason that Yakumo became Sakuya’s brother figure is because when she was younger she was bullied a lot. She was pretty much raised with Narumi so when he had to go do his shrine training she would be alone most of the time. This is when Yakumo came and shooed the bullies away saying he’d be her brother figure and would protect her. So anyway that aside, Yakumo’s route really begins when he starts to constantly fall asleep. At first it’s just for a few minutes, then it’s for a few hours and a few hours turns into a few days. He keeps covering up his sleepyness saying that it’s because he overslept and he’s not sick at all. At this point Sakuya finds herself falling in love with Yakumo and that he’s no longer just an older brother figure for her.

He tells her that he got accepted to college because of his aikido and received a scholarship but what Sakuya doesn’t know is that he rejected it. When she comes over his place one night and stays over because it’s late, she realizes she and Yakumo never discussed love together. When she brings up the topic & asks if he has a girlfriend, Yakumo falls asleep on top of her.  He doesn’t wake up for 2 days and when she comes to see him HE HAS A BLANKET ON TOP OF HIS FACE LIKE HE’S DEAD. OMG MAN I WAS LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME and then Yakumo takes the blanket off saying “my dad has sick jokes” l|ilガ━━Σ(´Д`il|li)━━ンl|il びびったちくしょw A couple days later Sakuya finds out from Aki that Yakumo is going to be moving out of town soon because of college and she goes to him pissed that he didn’t tell her about this. He apologizes for not saying it sooner and when Sakuya tries to tell him to do his best she ends up crying so he gives her a hug. At this point Yakumo’s sleep problems get worse and he ends up skipping school more and more often. When Sakuya comes to visit his house his parents finally tell her the truth. Apparently he’s had this sleep problem ever since he was a child and he would often fall asleep for no reason but it was never this frequent so they didn’t think anything of it. They also tell her that he rejected his college scholarship because he thought that he might one day fall asleep and never wake up so he didn’t want to bother.

The story about him moving away was a lie because he intended to be hospitalized and never return hoping eventually Sakuya would just forget about him and move on with her life. The reason he made up all these lies is because ever since they were little he was the reliable older bro to her and he wanted to stay that way till the end. (´;ω;`) Just then Yakumo wakes up saying he heard it all and when he walks her home he tells her to live a happy life and forget about him. Sakuya says that she’s god now and he should tell her his true feelings. Yakumo then breaks down and hugs her saying he’s terrified of going to sleep every day because he doesn’t know if he’ll ever wake up. Just then Yakumo also realizes that he sees Sakuya more than a “little sister” and almost blurts out his feelings to her.  The next day Yuzuru tells Sakuya that Yakumo’s not sick, but rather he’s cursed. It’s apparently some curse dating back 1000s of years that Yuzuru was responsible for. Due to this Yuzuru feels like it’s his duty to save Yakumo and says that he can put a spell on him to try to get rid of the curse. There’s a risk though that Yakumo will never wake up and there’s a minimum of him having to sleep for 3 years before they can see results. While thinking about what to do, Yakumo and Sakuya walk home together and he breaks down and starts crying wondering what he did to deserve this. Sakuya hugs him saying that she’ll be there for him and they decide to hang out again the next day.

Yakumo then tells her that he wants to leave her as a “hero” and so if she continues to be with him, her life will just be miserable so he tells her to stop talking to him from now on. He leaves her crying and after a few days of moping around, Rei tells Sakuya to get her shit together and that Yakumo may be telling her to GTFO but he’s really ronery and wants her to be by his side. Sakuya takes Rei’s advice and stomps over to Yakumo telling him that he’s not getting rid of her that easily and that she loves him. She says that she doesn’t need him to be a hero or protect her anymore and Yakumo finally gives in, says he loves her and they kiss by the school gates. (*´ω`*) The following day they walk around the empty school and reminisce about the past together. At the end they go to the school rooftop where Sakuya gives Yakumo a fake diploma she made for him and congratulates him on graduating – because if he falls asleep he will miss graduation as when he sleeps his time stops. And so it’s finally the day of the star festival and Sakuya relinquishes her godly powers back to Mikoto. After that, Yuzuru performs the spell on Yakumo and a sleepy Yakumo goes into the shrine where Sakuya is waiting for him. He asks if he can sleep next to her and then he falls asleep by her side saying “see you in 3 years, I  love you.” (ಥ_ಥ)He tells her that if in 5 years he doesn’t wake up, to move on with her life but Sakuya vows to wait for him forever.

And so 3 years later Sakuya graduates and becomes a florist at a local flower shop. Yakumo still hasn’t woken up and Yuzuru returns to town saying that she shouldn’t keep waiting. Sakuya says she still has 2 years and so now it’s 5 years from Yakumo’s sleep and he’s still in a coma. Another 2 years pass and now both her family and Yakumo’s family are telling her she should move on and other guys are starting to hit on her. Sakuya tells everyone to STFU and that she will keep waiting. So here’s where it’s weird. It’s now 10 years after the incident, Sakuya is 26 and Yuzuru shows up saying he will erase her memories of Yakumo so that she can move on with her life. Sakuya vows that she will keep waiting and so on the 10th year of the star festival Yakumo finally awakens with a sleeping Sakuya by his side. Her memories were not erased and they live happily ever after and have a loud and hairy baby. I’m confused, why didn’t he erase her memories? Did he know that Yakumo was gonna wake up? I dunno….I’ll just leave it as one of these unsolved mysteries lol. Ahh anyway all the weird gags at the beginning aside I was definitely ゚.+:。((((o・ω・)o))) ゚.+:。ドキドキ♪ in Yakumo’s route. He’s a massive airhead but it was really charming and adorable at some parts. The ending was really dragged out though so when he suddenly woke up I was like umm..okay that’s that?? So yea I think the ending coulda used a little more..polish but overall I thought he was a nice character. At least to the point where Hatano’s voice didn’t bother me as much as it did in the beginning.

Mizuniwa Rei – I CRIED LIKE A MOFO MAN even though now that I think about the story is very close to Tsukimiya Ayu from Kanon lol. So anyway Rei is a ghost and he’s been roaming the school not knowing why he’s there or where he comes from. He likes to watch over various classes and study various subjects at the school but is sad he can only watch & not participate. He can create illusions with his powers like if he makes a cup of tea, it will taste like tea but you will not have actually drunk any tea as it was all an illusion. Side story in this route has to do with Fu-san getting his ghost friend that died to stop haunting the school basement. When they talk to the ghost friend Yuuya he just tells Fu-san that he isn’t angry at him and never hated him before he leaves off to heaven. I guess these side stories are related to the character? So anyway one day Rei finds a ghost nuko in the classroom saying that it’s also wandering and eventually the nuko is ready to reincarnate and so they say goodbye to it. ALL MY TEARS GOD I CRIED SO HARD 。゚(●゚´Д)ノ。゚ヽ(  )ノ゚。ヽ(Д`゚●)ノ゚。。゚ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚。ウワァァァン!! The kittteehh ;____;. Rei suggests that Sakuya become a flower shop girl after she graduates, or even a teacher. They go to various places to try training to see what’s best for her. As they’re walking back she sees some classmate couple holding hands but when she tries to hold Rei’s hand it just goes through him. Sakuya gets upset but Rei notices and makes it so that her hand can touch his face, telling her that if he “thinks” about it he can touch things. Narumi notices Sakuya falling in love with Rei and warns her that if she goes any further with this she will only be hurt in the end. Sakuya ignores him and says she wants to help find Rei who he was before he died. Aki checks her deceased & missing person database but can’t find anything so they give up.

Narumi warns Sakuya once more and that’s when Sakuya realizes she really does love Rei. The next day she finds out that Rei went to Narumi and freaking out she goes looking for him. When she runs into Rei returning from Narumi’s shrine, he tells her that his body is weakening and he may not be able to last on earth too much longer. He tells her that he loved her and that they no longer should see each other because he will probably disappear around the time of the Star Festival. A few days later Sakuya comes to Rei telling him that she still loves him and Rei admits that he loves her too and wants to spend his remaining time with her.  They hang out together and have a fake “day of class” where Yuzuru acts like a teacher with Mikoto being the principal and the 3 animal gods being classmates xD. They then play dodgeball and afterwards everyone gives Rei a signed card wishing him off. After everyone leaves Rei breaks down saying he doesn’t want to wait until his next life to be with Sakuya but she hugs him telling him he must move on. This is of course a lie because deep in her heart Sakuya doesn’t want him to leave either and she walks home alone crying. After the star festival is over, Sakuya gets depressed because Yakumo goes off to die to college and she loses her god powers so she can’t see any of the animal gods anymore. She keeps visiting the classroom where she used to meet up with Rei and one day she finds a notebook they used to write notes in. When she opens it, it has “I’m here, don’t tell anyone” written in it. They continue seeing each other and communicating via the notebook until eventually Rei tells her to bring a radio which he is then able to transmit his voice through. Sakuya tells him that she plans to become a teacher and he cheers her on.

One of the days she is leaving the classroom, Narumi catches her and he’s not the least bit pleased. He brings her on the roof telling her that Rei was supposed to go to heaven during the star festival, but he didn’t because Sakuya’s holding him back. He tells her that if Rei doesn’t return to heaven, he will be forever stuck alone in limbo between heaven & earth. Days pass but Sakuya just can’t bring herself to say goodbye to him so she gets even more depressed. Eventually Rei’s existance on earth begins weakening and his radio signals start to get noisy so they go back to writing in the notebook. Finally a day comes and Sakuya is ready to say goodbye to him so with tears in her eyes she writes “Goodbye” in the notebook to him. Suddenly she passes out and has a dream where Rei kisses her goodbye and disappears. When she wakes up she finds on the last page of the notebook it says “Good luck.” I CRIED SO HARD MAN (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ)REIIII. In the epilogue, Sakuya went to college and got her teaching degree and has returned to the middle of nowhere town she was raised in. She’s now a teacher at the school she graduated from and one day she gets a call from Aki saying that the request she asked her 10 years ago regarding Rei’s background she finally found it. It wasn’t in the missing person or dead person database because he was alive. She gets cut off before she can finish and when Sakuya goes to water the flowers in the garden, a voice tells her not to add too much. She looks and sees that it’s a grown up Rei who’s come back and she tells him “welcome back”. They didn’t go into that but I guess I can assume he’s been in a coma for like 10 years and his ghost’s been running wild like Ayu from Kanon. I LOL’ed at myself at the end for bawwing like a mofo but I think I cried in Kanon the first time around too so I’m sure no matter how many times this storyline is pulled on me, I’ll cry each time anyway. Overall Rei was a sweet route though, but all my tears man.

Ninokami Yuzuru – Okay its actually YUDURU and he makes a point for us to remember this but f that Yuzuru it is lolol. So Yuzuru is the bad mouthed tsundere megane seito kaichou and most of the time he spends calling Sakuya a bumbling idiot. When she first meets him she sees that he has cat ears and a tail but he claims that it’s his secret cosplay hobby 😆 He works part time at a clothing store for humans and gods/spirits so when Sakuya applies for a job there he accepts her since she can see spirits being god and all. The side story in this route is that the 3 animal gods (Tama, Yuri and the bear whose name I forgot) have a mission of protecting their former owner’s grave. However some dude steals some money and claims that he bought the land and he wants to tear down the grave site. The animals try to scare all the construction workers away but  the dude just hired Fu-san to come and help him get rid of all the gods in the way. They almost fight with Fu-san but then Aki brings proof to show that the guy stole money to buy the land and so Fu-san refuses to help him and they beat the guy up. The grave is saved and the 3 animal gods glomp Sakuya and thank her for helping protect the spirit of their master – whose pets they were until Mikoto made them gods to guard his grave. So anyway once Yuzuru’s route really begins, she gets a bunch of angry ghosts telling her that if she doesn’t kill a “certain demon” then an unfortunate event will happen to this town once more like in the past. Apparently in the past there was a great blizzard that killed almost everyone in this town and this “demon” was to blame for it. When she confides in Yuzuru about this, he tells her that he’ll drive those ghosts away and to not go near them anymore.

Sakuya gets really upset that he won’t tell her anything, and that he also calls her a dumbass so she goes to Mikoto for help. She finds out that the demon who caused the great blizzard is actually Yuzuru and he admits to doing it. Sakuya claims it’s a lie because he’s been so helpful to her and helped others but he says that he had to do it in order to get rid of a curse placed on him. He says by helping people little by little he regained his powers and now that she knows his identity he must disappear from her life. He then uses a strong spell to erase his existance from everyone’s memory and the only two who remember him are Yakumo and Sakuya – the only 2 people that Yuzuru opened his heart to. Aki does some research and tells Sakuya that the ghosts are fulla crap, and they’re bitter over their death. Turns out that there’s no way another bad event would happen so there would be no need to kill Yuzuru. Mikoto pulls some strings and allows Sakuya to meet with the god who placed the curse on Yuzuru and she hears the truth about his past. Turns out that Yuzuru was a god, not a demon who came down from earth and ran into a crying shota during one of the Star Festivals. He found out the reason shota was upset is because he was to become a sacrifice for that stone sealing ceremony which would prevent any great disasters from happening. Yuzuru ends up getting close to the shota and they become BFFs until of course the night of the Star Festival 1 year later, where shota dies. Yuzuru is so upset about this, he uses a forbidden medicine and brings the kid back to life. Of course this is not allowed by the heavens, so Yuzuru got punished and not allowed to return to heaven as well as stripped of his godly powers.

All he could do was live as a “human” and he was willing to deal with it until the great blizzard came and killed everyone. Anyone who was left blamed it on Yuzuru saying that because he let the shota live, they had this misfortune happen. Of course this is all b/s since the shota died, and the stone was sealed but Yuzuru brought him back to life and then got punished HIMSELF for it. So yea those fucks throw him into a dark cellar to rot with no food and water but since he’s a demon now, he cannot die so he has to suffer all alone there for like 50 years. He keeps having hope that the child he saved will save him, but years pass and he never does. Finally one day an old man comes to save him and he is crying and apologizing – as it’s now that child who was unable to save him until he became old and wrinkly. Yuzuru swore that whoever let him out he would kill but once he was released he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. The god finishes his story saying that Yuzuru had almost collected enough power to return to heaven after hundreds of years but he used it all up just to save Sakuya from getting killed by the angry ghosts (see Inuyasha.) Aaand so now Sakuya’s drowning in guilt because of her Yuzuru can’t go back to heaven and all those years of effort have been flushed down the toilet. If that wasn’t bad enough, she then starts to forget about him too and all she can remember is her feelings for him, not his name or his face. One day as she is walking in town she walks past him and feels like she must follow that person. She runs after him and glomps him from behind when suddenly all the memories of him flow back to her and his memory wash spell is broken. She says that she loves him and begs him not to leave her ever again.

Yuzuru gives in and hugs her telling her about how much he suffered and how much he hated humans because of what happened.  He explains that for years he’s hidden his true identity and blended in with human society, wiping memories of people that would find out who he really was. He promises not to wipe anyone’s memories anymore and as a repayment for remembering and caring about him, he offers to…help her study. (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ Lmfao xD. When he comes over Sakuya’s parents are so thrilled that their daughter is actually going to study that they “leave the young couple alone” and tell them “we won’t be back for 3 hours ヽ(= ´ ェ `=)ノうふふ♪”. Yuzuru’s study methods are hard core and if Sakuya gets answers wrong she starts talking in Engrish like Yuri xDDD. Once they finish studying he finally turns her back to normal and she’s so happy she jumps on top of him and hugs him. Realizing wtf she’s doing she tries getting off until Yuzuru pulls her down and gets on top キタタタタタタタタタ━(゚(゚ω(゚ω゚(☆ω☆)゚ω゚)ω゚)゚)タタタタタタタタタ━!!!! He tells her that he’s in love with her too and then kisses her (*ノ∀ノ)イヤン.  Sakuya finds out that one of the ways to get Yuzuru’s powers back is to convince the angry ghosts to return to heaven but the price of course is her life. She manages to do so and immediately after she gets a fever and begins passing out. Yuzuru doesn’t know what happened but he finds out that he can now finally return to heaven as someone has “taken over his punishment”. He of course finds out that Sakuya sacrificed herself from Narumi and she only has about 3 years left to live.

The only way for her to not die is if Yuzuru basically sacrificed both his god and his demon powers and became a normal human being on earth.  Sakuya is ready to accept this fate as long as Yuzuru can go back to heaven but he’s like nuh-uh girlfrien’ I’m staying here on earth with you forever and ever イヤン☆(*´∀`)σ)))))*3゚),・´.、 And so Sakuya realizes that death kinda suck after all and so during the Star Festival, Yuzuru kisses her while simultaneously relieving her of her godly powers and getting rid of the curse inside of her. He of course loses all his powers but whatever since they  now live happily ever after. He admits to have finally gotten over his human hatred and in the epilogue Sakuya gives him a scarf she knitted for him. He says that after he graduates he won’t go off to college and instead will work for Aki’s group so he can remain in town – as a life without Sakuya is meaningless to him. He then asks her to come live with him, even while she’s in high school and while she babbles about her parents he informs her that they’ve already given the OK. xDDDD Lol her parents are so funny. So yea I was playing this route until like 1AM on a worknight cause it was just SO GOOD. I was just SO MOVED by the end I swear I almost cried tears of joy. Everything about Yuzuru was just so wonderful and after all that he went through, he sacrificed it all for the person that accepted him and the person he fell in love with. Even if his badmouthing got annoying at some points I could really understand his reasons behind it so all was forgiven! Also I’m thinking that the child Yuzuru saved was actually Yakumo’s distant relative which was mentioned in that route – also he’s the one who gave Yuzuru the name “Yuzuru” since he was just known as Ninokami. Overall this is possibly my favorite route.

Sakaki Narumi – At first I thought Narumi was kinda boring cause he was this kuudere childhood friend which is why I kept shoving him at the end….but at the end of his route I found myself crying a river. (ಥ_ಥ)Narumi obviously has the whole I’ve loved you forever stereotype going on but of course our heroine always thought of him as a brother.  He was originally transferred to this village because he was able to see spirits at a young age and many people thought he was a freak. Sakuya was the only one who stood up for him and told the bullies who bullied him to GTFO or she’d kick all their asses (but then in turn she got bullied and had to be saved by Yakumo lol.) The side story in this route is really cute where a little mini-Yorihito named Nise appears and calls Yorihito his father as he trains to be a guardian shrine dog. Turns out due to an incident (possibly the one Yuzuru caused), Nise was shot 300 years into the future. If they don’t return him to the past both he and Yorihito will disappear. Yorihito cries but then eventually they return the baby guard dog who becomes the model for the guardian dog statue at Narumi’s shrine – aka Yorihito. So Narumi has a hobby of reading a manga called “Kirara Rainbow” (which I still stand by my thought that it’s a shoujo manga). When he gets a chance to help the mangaka work on some pages he gets an autograph and hugs with tears of joy lol. Mikoto leaves Sakuya & Narumi at the purifying lake overnight so he can do his ceremony thing before the Star Festival and that’s when Sakuya realizes she sees him as a man and not just as a brother/childhood friend. Well it was all very simple the moment she saw him half naked and wet standing in dat river she was all like (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ.

I guess the hotness is too much for her cause she gets sick and passes out so Narumi carries her home on his back (while she continues burning the image of his naked self in her mind.) She ends up staying at his place overnight and when she wakes up in the middle of the night she wants to thank him for taking care of her. When she goes looking for him she overhears him telling Yorihito that they are just “friends” and he doesn’t care that they end up going their separate ways after they graduate. Sakuya is completely heartbroken and when he tells her she should stay at his place and recover she says she’s fine and runs home alone. After that she keeps avoiding him at school until one day he grabs her hand after school saying he needs to talk to her. All he has to say to her is that she should move on and find someone she loves and have a happy life with that person. Feeling stabbed in the heart, Sakuya decides to try to confess her feelings to Narumi. She keeps trying to be alone with him after school but SOMEHOW YAKUMO KEEPS COCKBLOCKING EVERY SINGLE TIME LOL. Failing multiple times Sakuya decides to write him a love letter but she 1. almost puts it into the wrong shoe box 2. when he thinks she likes another guy she shoves the letter in his hands and 3. when he meets her after school to give her an answer the letter said become my weirdo instead of lover (変人 instead of 恋人) (:.o゚з゚o:.).:∵ぶっ. xDDDD Narumi isn’t dumb of course and he knows that it’s a love confession so he tells her that he loves her too and has never once thought of her as a sibling. In fact he’s been in love with her the moment she came by his side to protect him.

Sakuya is so happy that they both love each other until he drops the bomb on her head telling her that they cannot date. Not understanding why Sakuya gets extremely upset and Narumi hugs her and just says he’s sorry. After demanding to know why they can’t go out, finally Narumi gives in and explains that his family’s been cursed for generations in which if anyone in the family dates a god, or someone who was once a god, the person in his family will be cursed to death. Sakuya  is extremely pissed off now because Mikoto knew about this curse as well, and despite this, he still turned her into a god. Once Narumi finds out that the person that would be cursed is him and not her, he’s totally okay with them dating because he doesn’t mind taking the burden on to himself. He suddenly becomes extremely dere and Mikoto says that if indeed the curse gets bad, they can break it by breaking up and having each other’s memories wiped. Of course he doesn’t tell her about the memory wipe until a few days before the Star Festival as the 2 get closer. They get all raburabu at school (with Yakumo cockblocking and pissing Narumi off) and then Sakuya asks her parents if she can stay at Narumi’s place to “help with the festival preparations.” (It’s actually so that she can keep an eye on the curse.) Her parents are like YOU DON’T DESERVE OUR HORRIBLE DAUGHTER! so with that approval Sakuya spends the rest of the time at Narumi’s house and they even share a futon at night together (*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ(*´ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)ェ`*)スペシャルポッ♪

Narumi acts like nothing is wrong and he’s not curse but in fact he is and he’s able to hide it until the point where he goes deaf and blind. Sakuya is ready to have her feelings for Narumi wiped until Yuzuru the awesome shows up telling Mikoto that he’s about to make the same mistake he made 1000 years ago when he wiped the feelings of the first member of Narumi’s family who fell in love with a god. Mikoto stops himself and tells Sakuya to do what she and Narumi feel is right. As time passes, Narumi’s condition gets worse and after she rages at Mikoto again for turning her into a god, she returns to Narumi’s place and finds him standing outside alone and crying. (´;ω;`) She gives him a hug and the comforting words he’s always given to her. The next day Narumi tells her that he found out that if during the star festival the 2 of them have a very strong bond together, the curse will be broken. Sakuya is happy to hear this but by the time the star festival comes Narumi can barely even speak anymore although he can slightly hear her so she talks about all their childhood memories as they walk around the booths. When they go to watch the fireworks she says “its so beautiful” without thinking and then realizes Narumi can’t see them but he says “It’s a beautiful sound.” (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ)

After the fireworks end, Narumi is completely deaf blind and mute and is basically in a state of darkness. She walks him over to a tree where she had planned to leave him to let Mikoto know that they would have their memories wiped. Before she leaves, suddenly Narumi grabs her hand and stutters out a “Don’t leave…please trust me…” Sakuya starts crying saying that she doesn’t want to see him be like this for the rest of his life but before she can finish he grabs and kisses her.  (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ) (ಥ_ಥ)Suddenly all her worries are blown away (that was some kiss I guess (/ρ\)いやーん) and as she loses her god powers, the curse is broken. And so in the epilogue, 1 year later Sakuya has become the shrine maiden and she and Narumi plan to go to the same school together to study shrine stuff? He gives her an engagement ring and thanks her for believing him that night 1 year prior. ( ;∀;) イイハナシダナー I CRIED SO HARD MAN IT WAS A HAPPY ENDING BUT 。゚(●゚´Д)ノ。゚ヽ(  )ノ゚。ヽ(Д`゚●)ノ゚。。゚ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚。ウワァァァン!! Gah actually I’m really glad I left Narumi for last. He had a lot of “supportive” roles in the other routes and you could tell he really cared about Sakuya so I guess it was proven even further in this route. It was a very new role for Soichiro Hoshi at least for me. I usually heard him as the genki voice or the crazy raging voice but I don’t know if I’ve ever heard him voicing a kuudere like this lol. Anyway very sweet route and definitely changed my opinion of the character. Only other sad thing was since I already played Yakumo’s route, all those times where Yakumo mentioned that they can’t be together anymore and how he has to “leave” were really depressing ;_;.

Amatsukuni Hoshien no Mikoto – Well Mikoto’s the last boss and the guy who shoved the whole god thing on to Sakuya. It’s really unclear as to why he made her god in the first few routes but everything is explained here. In this route Mikoto asks Sakuya to jump into the  future and ask his future self if his “wish came true”. She does so and finds out that it did but at the same time she finds her future self running & crying calling Mikoto’s name. She’s not sure why but he tells her to forget what she saw in the future and just live her life in the present. Most of the route was basically us seeing the side stories from the other routes (penguin love, helping the 3 animal gods etc) while Mikoto helped. In the meantime she notices that Mikoto keeps going to see this sacred tree by the shrine and says that the tree is his “sin”.  He says he feels guilty that he’s a god but couldn’t grant a single wish, and that all he could do was “listen”. After all the helping people adventures, Mikoto takes Sakuya fishing but he makes it so she can’t catch anything so she’s like ( ´_ゝ`) and ragequits. One day she hears that tree telling her to save Mikoto and when she pries him to spill the beans he basically tells her the same story we heard in Narumi’s route. The story about how Narumi’s great great great (x 1000 years) grandma fell in love with a demon and was cursed for it. The demon asked Mikoto to wipe her memories of him so that she would live and then the villagers killed the demon and buried him under that tree.  And so from that year on every year they’d celebrate that day as the “star festival” in order to try and simmer the demon’s angry soul. Basically the demon was spawned out of human hatred and Mikoto got involved because he took a part of himself and made it into a stone that he gave to Narumi’s great x1000 years grandma  to use to suck the “evil” out of the demon into herself.

So yea he’s been kinda guilty ever since  that he didn’t save the demon who wasn’t full of hate, but just was in love with Narumi’s granny. So then Sakuya finds out that part of that demon is inside of her because apparently 10 years ago when Mikoto was supposed to absorb the remaining hatred from that tree into himself he chickened out and Sakuya just happened to be there! She saw him crying and gave him a hug and at the same time absorbed some of that evil power into herself which also allowed Mikoto to survive rather than disappear like he intended. (So basically in all the other routes when he said he was “going to heaven” he was actually disappearing because he sacrificed himself. (´;ω;`)) And so Sakuya was cursed to die in 10 years which is why 10 years later Mikoto showed up and made her a god so that he could prevent her from dying and then suck her god powers out along with the evil aura on to himself like originally intended. Of course once Sakuya finds out about all of this she won’t be havin’ none of it and decides that she’s gonna save Mikoto by not allowing him to do just as keikaku.  Mikoto’s like no ho I got multiple promises to fullfill (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ and Sakuya doesn’t give a damn so during the Star Festival she kisses Mikoto and takes the remaining evil power out of him on to herself…and dies 3 months later. One year passes and everyone’s issues are resolved (Yakumo doesn’t die, Rei wakes up from being a ghost etc). Mikoto’s time has stopped and he can’t stop thinking about Sakuya as he’s been drowning in guilt because it will be the first Star Festival with Sakuya. He looks at the charm that she left him and decides it’s not over till the fat lady sings!

Mikoto goes back in time 11 years ago and when he runs into 6 year old Sakuya he tells her to go home and apologize to her mother. She asks him while he looks upset and he says it’s because he’s met someone he loved and now he has to part with them. Determined and ready to undo what was done he goes to the tree and starts the ceremony to sacrifice himself but LO AND BEHOLD LOLI SAKUYA IS THERE AGAIN. OH MY GOD GURRRRLLL lol. He’s like oh god not this shit again and begs her to leave immediately but she says that her mom told her not to leave sad people alone /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ. So then he says that he’ll succeed anyway and he continues the ceremony returning the good luck charm back to Sakuya telling her to live a happy life until one day they meet again. And so 10 years pass and we’re back to the beginning of the game with Sakuya & Narumi visiting Fu-san and getting the fortune from him. However this time, it says that “you will meet a destined person today” instead of “you will become god”. And so of course when Sakuya goes to sweep by Narumi’s shrine, something calls her to that tree and when she gets there, Mikoto is there waiting for her saying he’s here to fulfill her promise. What promise? I am so confused! (ಠ_ಠ)I don’t understand lol this is just like Kaede’s ending in Natzuora where I’m like what the shit happened? XD It’s so strange I felt like no emotional attachment to this route. Maybe I moved a muscle because Mikoto’s final CG was so beautiful but otherwise I was more confused than anything. I don’t get why she didn’t get cursed the 2nd time around even though she was there. Was it because the charm protected her? And if she didn’t get cursed, why the hell did Mikoto not die? Was this some weird “yay it’s a miracle” ending? XD I don’t get so needless to say I found myself falling asleep most of this route and by the end I was just lost. Well Mikoto was really funny and maybe too funny so that it was hard to take him seriously near the end although at least for the most part, it did tie most of the loose ends of the story.

You know what’s funny? The entire team of Natsuzora no Monologue made this game but it’s as if they read my rage from August and suddenly made this game 200 times better lol. I can say that this game was immensely enjoyable and I just loved everyone to the point that I had a difficult time picking which character to vote for in their character poll (although I settled on Yuzuru because he’s just 素敵♥.) I mean they should just port Natsuzora to PSP, make the text standard VN style and it would be such a hit I tell you! I came into the game thinking it would be like Hiiro no Kakera but if you played Natsuzora you will definitely be able to tell the massive similarities from backgrounds, to music to even the shrine system being like the LRC. The omake included the gallery for all the beautiful backgrounds and the usual “otomate dictionary of terms nobody gives a crap about” actually had voice overs on every single one! Wow I mean that actually made me give a crap and go through some of them and listen to the descriptions (especially the ones like ラブラブ and ラブレター xDDD Narumi.) All the CGs and character sprites were beautifully drawn and painted but my only beef is TOO MANY BUST SHOTS. Seriously the gallery is like 90% bust shots and 10% everything else. Don’t get me wrong I think they are wonderful none the less but it would have been nice to see a different angle once in a while (´・ω・`). While only Rei and Narumi’s routes actually made me cry, the other routes (except Mikoto sigh) were still pretty moving and I could feel the lump building up in my throat so I was on the verge of tears anyway. As far as play order I’d recommend Rei, Yakumo, Yuzuru, Narumi and Mikoto (which you have to play last anyway.) Anyway definitely give this game a try and I mean play every character because there’s just no dis-likeable characters here. Hell I even loved side characters like Sakuya’s parents or the baby wanchan who trained with Yorihito. Oh before I forget did I mention how much I LOVED the heroine?? Oh my god I really hope Otomate uses her as a template from now on because this is one of the best heroines to come out of this company lol. The comedy and Engrish were absolute gold and I was moved to tears, so I can definitely say this is one of Otomate’s hits.


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  1. Is the text during this game capable of being translated to English (from like the menu or something) or available in English?? Cause I really want this game but I can’t read Japanese even if my life depended on it xD

  2. Thank you so much !!
    I love this review ! and also falling in love with Narumi here ><" I ended up with him first and move to Yakumo-niisan. This game is perfect ! I hope they can move and have more expressions like Tokimeki Memorial Girl's side! I have to try Yuduru. I love Tsundere one too! lol

  3. I wanted to know a little bit of info about each guy which is why I didn’t skip to the final thoughts section. 😛

    And of course he voices the character I think I’m going to like the most. Unf, I’m totally getting this game now.

  4. Although I actually just sort of read the first two sentences for each character to avoid spoiling myself in case I play this game, your review makes me really really want to play it!!! And when I looked at the tags and saw Hoshi Souichiro the deal is made. Who is he voicing by the way?

  5. Oh Otomate and their damn time loops //flips tables for Natsuzora no Monologue
    Thank you for the explanation, I guess it kinda makes sense now lol.

  6. *laughs* I know what you mean by Mikoto’s route. Actually, if you go back to read it again, you’ll realize what happened. It’s a stable time loop.

    So in the first timeline, Sakuya takes all of the evil out of Mikoto and dies because of that. So then there’s this purified Mikoto who doesn’t have any of the demon’s evil or curse in him (so like a blank slate). It’s THIS Mikoto that goes back in time to a point where most of the demon’s curse is already gone (remember that at the point ten years ago, he was getting ready to absorb the remaining bits of the curse, meaning most of it was already gone).

    This time, he meets Sakuya (little version) but doesn’t let her absorb any of the evil curse that would have killed her otherwise. This is the new “modified” timeline. Since Mikoto is purified due to Sakuya’s sacrifice in the previous timeline, he doesn’t die from absorbing what remains of the curse. And Sakuya also doesn’t absorb any of the curse either, so they instead meet up 10 years later so he can keep his promise to her to not disappear.

    It takes a bit of thinking XD I know I had to reread it.

  7. “Amatsukunihoshinomikoto ” what? LOL.

    I actually heard this game was coming out but had like no interest in it ’cause the heroine to me (at first!) looked quite bland but now I KNOW I WAS WRONG. AND THAT I MUST PLAY THIS GAME.

    Oh god, this sounds like the greatest game ever. I must play it. Right now. I’m so glad I thought wrong about this game… Otomate give us more of this type of game! >w>

  8. Mikoto?! Оh crap….why him?! he looks like…well…an old aunt, omg.
    I’m crying a river…
    by the way, the main heroine is very cute *_*

  9. PFF— Sakuya seems so admirable~ * u* All of the characters seem so Lovable. ; u; I wanna play. //cries. Rei and Narumi’s routes… They seem so… sad. ; A; //is a sucker for those types of stories. The art quality is Amazing too. * n* ❤ Fff– ❤ I'll try and get my hands on this~ :'D

  10. dellz> Yea the heroine is definitely great so I hope you enjoy :))) Don’t discount out Yuzuru, he may surprise you XD

    aly> it wasn’t THAT long only like a week or so xD; this is the only game that made you cry? 😕 Pretty sure I cried in a lot of other games (i.e. Natsuzora lol) but this is definitely one of the better ones 🙂

  11. Took you forever to post this entry but yay \(^0^)/

    I agree. That cat and Rei’s CG actually made me cry, the bgm is just so saaaaaaaaad (T__T) I replay that load everytime I play this game. Man, I will definitely buy this game’s OST just for my pleasure. It. just. so. good.

    and wow, its like everyone has serious issues going on and thank god this game actually had gags and jokes everywhere at the beginning or else it’ll be so heavy @_@

    this is the only game that made me cry ;A; AND i’m not even in Rei’s route yet lol. so much tears.

  12. Thank you for the summary, now I am interested to play this game, and yeah from the sound of it I love the heroine, she is really different… I hope otome game makes the heroine like her lol

    And I think I’ll like Rei and Narumi route xD

  13. Yumii> I plan to play it but I want to try playing games in their appropriate season and I heard it’s a spring game so I’m holding off for now!

    Nataly> Sorry to burst your bubble but Sakurai voices Mikoto lol. Narumi is voiced by Soichiro Hoshi.

    twentyninenight> get well soon then enjoy the game x3

  14. Great review~
    I also started reading this but put it on hold for now. Are you planning on playing Arcana Familia? I’ve finished 2 routes so far and it’s REALLY good.

  15. wow… drawing is very, very beautiful. Thank you for review! For sure I’ll go for Sakaki Narumi, especially as he’s the main hero of this story and he’s probably my type *_* And hope he’s voiced by Sakurai, please, please….

  16. Kinn> you can buy games at AmiAmi http://www.amiami.jp/shop?set=english
    I don’t actually choose games based on art quality although this happened to be one of very high quality. I pretty much play anything & everything honestly XD;

    Usagi> It’s Nagaoka apparently
    He/she also did the art for S.Y.K. and Clock Zero 🙂 The CG artist this time was different though so I guess that’s what really made the huge difference. I don’t know who directed the CGs though since most of them were bust only shots and I know Clock Zero definitely had a “variety” so I guess I find that strange. Also no the game’s not like hiiro at ALL lol. It’s strange it gives off that vibe on the cover but inside its Natsuzora Natsuzora Natsuzora lol

  17. Please, can you tell me how you get your games? Even the older ones. I’ve been reading your reviews and am dying to give them a shot. The quality of the games you choose based on the art and story are excite my lady parts to no end. Oh God, I will follow you forever.

  18. “Suddenly the shrine god Amatsukunihoshinomikoto (aka Mikoto) appears before her and gives his god powers to her.”

    My gosh that name. LOL.

    At first I had low expectations for this game since it also reminded me of Hiiro No Kakera in many ways. But you convinced me to give it a try. (* u *)/ Great review as always!

    The art is brilliant! Do you know who drew it?

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