Deleting my TinierMe Account.

In the next week, I plan to delete my tinierme account. However it would be a waste as I have vocaloid sets for Kaito, Luka and Meiko as well as over 600+ items in my closet that I’d like to give away to someone. I asked on twitter and since TM is so shitty nobody wanted anything….so I figured I’d ask if any of my blog readers wanted any of the items. At this point it’s first come first serve so comment below if you want anything specific….or if you just want me to send you everything (or only male items or only female items, only room items etc.) I plan to chuck the account this weekend so if you want anything speak up or forever hold your peace.


8 thoughts on “Deleting my TinierMe Account.”

  1. Isn’t that the truth with most games? I was like that with Gaia Online. I got an account in 2005… and I just can’t seem to quit. And I didn’t even spend any real money on it either lol That’s why I said, let’s play when it doesn’t suck. Miracles uh… sometimes happen ;;

  2. Teiyo> you can consider me quit as far as Pangya is concerned. They’re no better than Tinierme as all their updates are real money gambling shit or recycled events from last year. I dont even log on anymore lol ^^; I’m pretty much wondering why I haven’t uninstalled the stupid game yet =_=;

  3. Yeah, I’ve felt the same way. I left for like… 2 months, came back and it took me a while to realize that chibi gatcha was gone (da fuck). I like the avatars better than Gaia Online’s… but there is like nothing to do on the site lol

    But, if you’re giving away stuff. Kaito set would be loved haha. That’s all I’d ask for, if it’s not too much trouble :3 usr: Demien

    btw, we should play some Pangya together again lol (when the events don’t suck)

  4. Man I was thinking of getting back into TInierme since some friends I know use it. Although then again maybe getting back intou poupee would be better.

    xD So if it’s not troublesome I’d totally take the stuff off your hands.

  5. Oh yeah that’s one of the biggest groups on there isn’t it?

    Anyway there’s like no good games on there since it’s still beta and there’s constantly errors and bad connection on the chats.

    Oh I guess it doesn’t matter now but I’m Nusumi-chan on TM and I posted as Cloudy here before lol.

  6. normally i’d just leave my account rotting but since I own the vocaloid group and I don’t want it to go to hell I figured it’s best to just chuck my account

    the site’s cash only updates are as bad as Pangya and while I’m all cool with a game having a form of pay items, when it starts to take over the games main updates, that’s when I peace out

  7. Yeah that site is just all GC stuff nowadays huh? It’s getting boring for me too so I only really use it to talk to people.

    I’m actually trying to quit or go on less since it’s just wasting my time. orz

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