Galge Review: Wind -a breath of heart-

Okano Makoto, a milk loving hentai, has made a promise with his loli childhood friend Minamo, before he moved that they would meet again. So now 10 years later he’s now moved to his mother’s hometown with his sister and he runs into his childhood friend on the roof of the school building. She’s recently moved into this town as well because her father was born here too. In that town some people can use a special “power” to do various things. For example, Minamo can make the wind blow and Hinata can jump high but Makoto has no idea what his power is or if he even has one. Minamo’s dad tries to figure out why people have these powers, when strange things and mysterious illnesses prevail. Anyway I’ve actually played the ero version back in 2002 but yea my Japanese was crap back then so I decided to replay the PS2 version so I could understand the story better & check out all the new scenes that were inserted to replace the pointles pr0n :P. Probably spoilers ahead so skip to final thoughts to avoid them as usual.

Okano Hinata – Hinata is Makoto’s adopted sister. She’s the genki imouto character and she likes to play soccer along with spitting out unyuu every other sentence (like Ayu’s uguu lol.) Makoto likes to abuse his poor sister and smack her on the head at least once a day while telling her to grow up (´・ω・`;). Makoto & Hinata’s father is dead and mom is missing in action and they’re pretty much living off the money from selling their previous house as well as their mom’s savings. Hinata’s actually pretty bro, since she knows that Minamo likes Makoto and she often leaves them to be alone together, lying that she has promises with other friends. One of the new CG scenes I caught in Hinata’s route was when Makoto, Hinata & Wakaba all got stuck in an elevator & the power went out. So then Makoto & Hinata both have to pee and they start freaking out 😆 So then at one point Makoto’s mind somehow transfers into their pet dog Chuchu, and chuchu is actually apparently some girl who has the power to turn into animals. Because she hated humans she “threw her human self away” and so she can only turn into animals now, but when the town’s power is weakened, she turns back into a human. Eventually she kicks Makoto out of her body and turns back into chuchu, which apparently really does stand for “kiss” so I guess it’s just a dog that says chuchu lol. When Hinata & Makoto go to the summer festival together, they run into Tsutomu treating Kasumi for a foot injury but at first they can’t see and they think something ELSE is going on 😆 So then Hinata gets the brilliant idea of trying to catch the floating air balloon that passes in the sky every day and soon after she catches some incurable disease. She keeps having a high fever every night, but then she’s fine the next day – or so it seems until she starts getting sleepy all the time and passing out.

The school nurse tells Makoto that Hinata’s symptoms are like those of people who got the same disease and would then go into a coma and eventually turn into a vegetable. Supposely the reason is possibly from using too much of your “power”, and the nurse says that her fiance has the same disease and he’s beein in a coma for 2 years. If that wasn’t bad enough, we cross over with Minamo’s plot and she calls Makoto crying becuase her father died. He finds a file from her fathers research that talks about a tree by the shrine that could heal diseases. He runs to the tree and Hikari is there. She tells him the tree leaves won’t do shit and instead gives him a medicine for Hinata that will slow down the symptoms. That night Makoto has a dream where he remembers when his mom told him that Hinata isn’t his blood related sister. She said that for now they’re siblings but one day they may grow up and uh….have other feelings and if that happens she’s awwright with it. And now that Hinata’s on her deathbed, Makoto suddenly realizes ORE NO IMOUTO NI KOI WO SURU~~ and he hugs her the next morning. That night Minamo calls him out at night to tell him that Hinata’s not his blood related sister and Makoto’s like “yea so what else is new?” So I guess poor Minamo gets desperate and latches on to him confessing her love to him ever since their childhood promise. Makoto’s like “sorry I love my imouto” and she’s like “it’s awright I just wanted to get it off my chest” and she runs off crying. Poor Minamo. (´;ω;`) When Makoto gets home he finds Hinata’s passed out in the shower and he gets her, dries her off & places her back into bed. Hinata wakes up and then starts going about how she loves her oniichan and she doesn’t want dat ho Minamo to take him away from her…because she knew that she wasn’t blood related to Makoto.

So yea they’re both so raburabu they kiss (or if you play the PC game they screw). So if you chose to stay siblings, Hinata falls into a coma. Makoto runs to Hikari who says that she can save Hinata by transplanting Makoto’s soul into her which would mean Makoto would die. But just then Makoto finds out that Hikari not only killed Minamo’s dad but she also killed Makoto’s parents. Makoto’s like oh shit and he starts running away from her while she wields her sword at him. She explains that Makoto’s power weakens the powers of others in this town and because he and Hinata crossed the town “barrier” when they went to look for the blimp, a weakened power Hinata couldn’t handle it and further lost more of her powers. When you lose your powers in this town, there’s nothing left to do but sleep, which is the truth behind the “sleeping” disease. So then she continues to chase after Makoto to kill him for Hinata, and somehow ends up accidentally stabbing herself. She then admits that the other way to save Hinata is for her to die instead. So then Hikari dies and Makoto comes home with Hinata out of her coma. One year later the memory of Hikari and the powers of everyone in town have been wiped from everyone’s minds, and Nozomi’s surgery went well. The Nurse’s fiance woke up as well. Hinata & Makoto basically live happily ever after. If you chose to be lovers with Hinata, she will call Makoto as “Makoto-san” instead of oniichan…everything else is the same so I guess there’s really no point to doing one of the endings here. Just pick whichever you like best! Anyway I did like Hinata but I hated how Makoto acted like a total jerk to Minamo (then again when isn’t he a jerk to Minamo..) Not being able to skip through the 2nd ending because of a name change was just poor programming though.

Fujimiya Wakaba & Nozomi – Wakaba & Nozomi’s routes are identical until the very last choice in which you either up with Wakaba or Nozomi. They’re both non-blood related sisters but they are very close and they work at “one day” together as waitresses. Wakaba’s power is to heal people and she uses it often to treat Nozomi’s very weak heart so that she can continue her kendo, and continue to live.  In this route they celeberate Wakaba’s & Hinata’s birthdays together, and Makoto goes with Nozomi to pick out a presents. Nozomi makes sure to tell us that Wakaba’s boobs grow at an exponential rate and she constantly needs new bras. So one day when Wakaba & Makoto are walking home, the erojiji stalker who’s been after Wakaba runs up behind them and smacks Makoto on the head. Makoto passes out and when he wakes up the erojiji’s like groping Wakaba. Makoto eventually threatens the jiji with the bat he dropped and the ossan runs off while Makoto is standing there with a bloody head, until he passes out again. Wakaba uses her healing powers to heal him and he wakes up some moments later to a crying Wakaba above him. When they’re all at the beach, Wakaba explains that the reason Nozomi became so manly is to be like a knight to protect Wakaba in return for Wakaba healing her. Because of this Wakaba feels like she’s stifling Nozomi back from living a free life and both of them realizes this relationship can’t last forever. Nozomi of course also then feels she’s stifling Wakaba back by having her devote her life to healing Nozomi.

After Wakaba, Makoto & Nozomi go to the summer festival, while Wakaba goes to a vending machine, Nozomi tries to confess her feelings to Makoto…but is interrupted when Wakaba returns. So then later Wakaba tells Makoto that she cockblocked on purpose! 😆 So then suddenly the story shifts focus on Hikari and Minamo’s dad about to fight. I guess Hikari loses this battle because Makoto finds her half dead and brings her to his house to treat. Wakaba comes over to help heal the wounds as well. But then Hikari gets all bitchy and tells them that she doesn’t need their healing and that they’re just doing it to make themselves feel better. Nozomi gets pissed saying Hikari’s being a bitch but Makoto the harem leader apologizes in everyone’s place. The next day Hikari’s so butthurt she attacks Wakaba with her sword and Wakaba ends up going to the hospital with a panicking Nozomi. The next day as fate would have it, Hikari then kills Minamo’s father. Since Hinata’s not dying in this route, Makoto had her stay with Minamo and comfort her that day. Hikari then attacks Wakaba once again and Nozomi yells at Makoto for taking Hikari’s side. She says that if Hikari pulls this shit again she will open a can of whoopass, and then she goes home. In the meantime Wakaba is resting in Hinata’s room at Makoto’s house and when she wakes up she says how she used to be picked on by the boys a lot calling her an “unwanted child” because she was adopted…but Nozomi would always save her. So Wakaba thought that she owed Nozomi & her family a lot and so when she found out she had the power to heal, she thought this was what she would do to repay her debt.

Wakaba also explains that Hikari reminds her of a younger Nozomi who alwasy was upset but would hide her tears from everyone, and so she wants to save Hikari. So then out of nowhere Wakaba’s like “I love Okano-san, fuck me!” and they go screwing in his room (while we get a crappy kiss CG lol.) Man I remember in the eroge she was such a slut in her eroscene lol. So then the next day when Wakaba leaves Makoto’s apartment, she asks him to kiss her one more time, and just then Nozomi comes to pick up Wakaba and sees them making out. She drops her bag and is like “What the fuck ho, you know I liked him, why you stealin’ him from me T_T” and she runs off. So from that day forth Nozomi refuses to talk to Wakaba and keeps avoiding her. Makoto goes looking for Nozomi and finds her alone at the beach. She admits that she had no idea Wakaba liked Makoto until she saw them kissing. (I had no idea either (ಠ_ಠ)) The day after Nozomi caught them in the act, Wakaba ran to Nozomi saying that she and Makoto aren’t dating and that Makoto probably likes Nozomi instead. Nozomi got pissed because she knows Wakaba is just bullshitting her out of guilt, and she says she’ll talk to Wakaba and tell her to stop constantly killing her own feelings for Nozomi’s sake. In the meantime, Makoto goes to see Hikari saying Wakaba wants to save her and Hikari’s only reaction is to make Makoto-sushi. She doesn’t kill him but gives him a warning that if he bothers her again she will. When Makoto gets home, he has a voice msg from Wakaba asking him to love Nozomi instead of her. The reason is like in Hinata’s route, Wakaba wants to give up her life for Nozomi using Hikari’s power. Nozomi then calls Makoto freaking out that Wakaba’s MIA and Makoto knows what the dilly is so they run to find Hikari and Nozomi ends up battling with her.

When Nozomi’s about to finish Hikari off, Wakaba runs & gets in the way saying that if Hikari dies then there’s no way to save Nozomi. She then gives us the long speech about how she owes Nozomi’s family and if Nozomi dies then the family will abandon her or something and she’d rather die. So then Nozomi hugs her and tells her that’s it not like that at all for a glorious yuri end! www So then Wakaba admits that her real mother and father shared a power with the “town” just like Hikari and Wakaba received the same power. Unfortunately it was too weak so instead she was able to use healing instead, and that’s why Hikari was after her. Wakaba also pointed out that she has 2 blood related sisters but she was the only one who received that power. So then at one point Wakaba’s real dad, and her 2 sisters, left  this town and abandoned her. However when the father came back with the 2 sisters, Wakaba met them and saw they were all living happily with their own separate families and she was happy to be with Nozomi’s family. Wakaba then said that if Hikari disappeared everyone’s powers in this town would disappear and Wakaba would no longer be able to heal so she wanted to “save” Hikari for her own selfishness. So then Hikari poofs and Wakaba & Nozomi repeat their yuri scene. In the epilogue, 4 years later, Makoto marries Wakaba…and Nozomi has died because since Hikari disappeared, Wakaba’s healing powers did too, and she wasn’t able to heal her anymore.( ´_ゝ`) During the reception, Minamo admits defeat and says she was in love with Makoto and when she found out he was dating Wakaba she got so upset she ate 70 takoyaki プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵

She then drops the bomb and informs everyone that she, Wakaba & Hinata are all blood related sisters, and that Nozomi was the one who told her this before she passed away. So then Wakaba cries and after she throws the boquet Kasumi catches it. Soo now you just reload your save and instead of staying with Wakaba that night, you walk Nozomi home to get her ending….where she dies after having Makoto’s baby! /(^o^)\ナンテコッタイ How wonderful ( ´_ゝ`). The final scene has Wakaba and Makoto at Nozomi’s grave 10 years later. Sora, Makoto & Nozomi’s daughter who looks like a Nozomi clone, is there too and she’s bffs with Wakaba’s daughter Futaba. If you redo Nozomi’s route (from the save is fine), you get 2 choices during Hikari’s fight to either yell out or to jump in the way of the sword. If you jump in the way of the sword, Makoto gets uh stabbed and bleeds in front of Nozomi & Wakaba (´・ω・`;). But then I guess this triggers Wakaba’s power and she is not only able to heal Makoto, but she permanently heals Nozomi’s heart. So now 4 years later, Nozomi is marrying Makoto and says she wants to name their baby Sora. If you pick to “yell out” then you just don’t get the Makoto bloody CG and everything else is the same and you get the Nozomi dying ending so I guess there’s no point to doing that one. So yea…both Wakaba & Nozomi’s routes are so intertwined they may as well have done a 3P end! I mean if you get with Wakaba, Nozomi dies, if you get with Nozomi..she dies..wait. 😆 Wakaba feels like a dirty slut to me honestly. She’s so busy trying to please everyone but when she needs to, she steals the man from her sister & best friend! She also totally loves dat dick in the PC version so yea I really don’t like her lol. I like Nozomi a lot more but it’s too bad that except for her good end she dies a lot ;_;. At least she does get a happy ending in this game though.

Narukaze Minamo – So Minamo is the childhood friend and she likes to read thick novels like Crime & Punishment and Les Miserables. She has to get ignored by Makoto even in her own route and I just pity her and I want Makoto to be niceboated with the School Days Makoto sometimes. The harmonica she has was given to her by Makoto before he moved. Her dream is to get married and have babies lol; so simple minded. Minamo’s mother died when she was very young so she doesn’t remember her face. Minamo sadly fails at cooking and poisons Makoto with her bento until the sports festival when she finally levels up & makes something edible. Although her stupidity still has no bounds because when she comes over to help treat Makoto while he’s sick, she ends up screwing and kyaaa’ing multiple times until Makoto passes out from running after her, undoing all the damage 😆 Minamo is pretty straight foreward with her feelings towards Makoto and she sucks on his finger when he gets a cut, she kisses him when they’re all at the beach but for some reason…Makoto doesn’t seem to get it. It’s like he needs to be hit with a ton of bricks to realize Minamo likes him in this route ( ´_ゝ`). At the summer festival they run into Hikari who suggests Minamo uses her wind power at the grassy field which gets all the fireflies to come out and light their butts. So then when Minamo’s dad goes out to fight Hikari (and die) he leaves Makoto and Minamo alone to do their ichaichaing.

Makoto of course is dumb as a log so until like he falls on top of Minamo with his hand on her boob and she holds it there going “GET TO WORK” does he finally get the picture 😆 Sadly they’re interrupted when a bloody Akihito comes back home. While he’s dying at the doorstep he asks Makoto & Minamo to save Hikari, and then his body disappears. So then Minamo cries that she’s all alone now with no relatives and what does Makoto do? Just sits there and watches her cry (ಠ_ಠ)真死ね. So then instead of being by her side he has HINATA watch over her and so then Kasumi’s like “stop being a shitlord and comfort Minamo already.” Makoto feels guilty so he goes to Minamo’s house since he promised Akihito to take care of her. Minamo’s not having anymore of his shit so she yells at him asking what she is to him, friends or what? And that she tried her hardest to show her feelings to him but he wouldn’t answer back. So after Minamo’s long rant to Makoto he was like “gee wiz I guess we both liked each other but were too afraid of rejection so we kept it on the lowdown and stayed friends!” So then they both confess to each other and hug while bawwwing as the rain pours outside. The next day they’ve both calmed the fuck down and are discussing Akihito’s remaining words that he moved to this town to “save a girl”(Hikari). They both realize it’s Hikari because in Akihito’s notes he was looking for a girl named “aya” but Hikari’s name is written as 彩 and that’s when it all clicks. The next day Nozomi calls Makoto freaking out that Wakaba got attacked by Hikari and was taken to the hospital (see Wakaba’s route.) That evening Makoto & Minamo get all stressed out from all the crap going on and she feels the only way they can solve this tension is to do the futon samba. So then Nozomi calls Makoto screaming that Wakaba’s MIA and this time Nozomi fights Hikari in the school building. So then Nozomi is injured and Makoto asks Minamo to protect Wakaba while he tries to stop Hikari, but by the time he gets to Wakaba apparently she’s disappeared (and as Hikari says dead.)

Hikari says that Wakaba’s power is needed as nourishment for this town to survive and so she sacrificed her for that reason. Minamo yells that there’s gotta be a way to save the town without sacrificing people but Hikari says she’s been searching for that answer for 1000 years without any success. So she tries to stab Makoto but fails because Nozomi comes behind her and stabs her before passing out. So then when Hikari grabs her sword once more to stab Makoto, she fails because he uses his power to make her sword useless as it’s made out of her “powers”. Hikari then decides to be practical and use a regular sword to stab Makoto but Minamo gets in the way and gets stabbed in his place. So then Hikari’s like “ohhhh shitt NOOOOO” and regrets being an emo bitch and decides she will end her evil ways by saving Minamo and sacrificing herself. And so again Hikari poofs, everyone loses their powers and Minamo, Hinata & Makoto continue their happy go lucky life – and somehow Wakaba & Nozomi are alive & well. One evening Minamo takes Makoto to see the stars in the field where she had the firelies light their butts with Hikari. (This scene was prolly to replace the ero in the PC version.) So then they hear Hikari’s voice and suddenly a wind blows and all the fireflies come out again. A few months later, at the school festival, Makoto & Minamo rest on a bench while they remember Hikari and then her cat comes by and sits in Minamo’s lap. I mean honestly for them cutting all the ero out in this game……they could have added more content for Minamo. I just don’t understand, she’s the childhood friend, isn’t she supposed to have the most romantic route? Why did it feel like Makoto showed more interest in his freaking adopted sister than he did in Minamo?? ( ´_ゝ`) Why would you start the game out with Minamo’s childhood promise and then shaft her like this? WHAT DID SHE EVER DO TO YOU MINORI!? (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Yea I give up Minamo pretty much got shafted until the very end I guess. It’s no wonder the ero-scene felt so out of place in the original game.

Tsukishiro Hikari – Runs an antique item store and makes the special power sealing glasses for Kasumi. Well what can I say that hasn’t already been revealed in the other routes? To get her end you basically have to raise flags for everyone. Hikari has to pretty much kill people as sacrifices to the “town” so that it doesn’t die and people don’t lose their powers etc. She’s been doing this for many years and Akihito tried to save her but she thinks that she can’t be saved in any way and tells Makoto to leave her be. Akihito then tells Makoto that he and his wife along with Makoto’s parents all met with Hikari 10 years ago and she’s looked the same as she does now. So they then saw her 1 year later and she came and slashed Minamo’s mom. Her mom said “she must have a reason so don’t tell the police” but Akihito along with Makoto’s parents decided they wanted to try and catch Hikari. Sadly in the process, Makoto’s dad got killed and suddenly “disappeared” from the world. Akihito felt it was too dangerous so he decided along with Makoto’s mom to leave this town. When they left town they thought it would all be over, but Akihito still had his other child, Wakaba left in this town that he left with his aquaintances (Nozomi’s family.) When Akihito contacted Nozomi’s family about picking up Wakaba, he found out that her powers had gotten stronger and she would become Hikari’s next target. And so then Makoto’s mother left home to go to “work” but in reality she went to see Hikari…and never returned. Akihito tried to save her but because of his hate for Hikari for killing his wife he couldn’t so he asked if Makoto could “love her” in his place and save her instead. So shortly after Akihito explains this to Makoto, some hours later Minamo calls him weeping that her father has died.

When Makoto goes to see Hikari she bitches about how nobody understands her pain with keeping this town “alive” and that she cannot be saved. So while she’s bitching Makoto slaps dat ho and says it’s she who doesn’t understand the feelings of those trying to save her. So then she decides to jump off a cliff and Makoto dives after her only to find himself in front of the shrine moments later, apparently saved by Hikari. So then Hikari shows Makoto a past flashback when Hikari was just a shrine maiden of the shrine in this town. One night she caught her brother sacrificing some loli to the town because if he doesn’t then it will perish. He mentioned that as those who take care of the shrine, this is their job. Hikari got so pissed at her brother doing this that she decided to “end it” by killing him. When she slashes him he’s like “LOL now I’m free from this shit, have fun with that see ya” and he disappears leaving the sacrificing for Hikari to uphold. So then some years later Hikari ran into Minamo’s mother at the shrine. Minamo’s mom tells Hikari that her husband was a dumbass (like Makoto) and wouldn’t realize her feelings until she pounced on dat ass. And so of course the next time 1 year later, when Hikari met Minamo’s mom again, that was when she was to perform her “duty” as the shrine maiden of the town. Minamo’s mom says that her “duty” is to free Hikari from the town’s curse…but rather than herself, it’s up to her “daughters”. Her own future is of course death and so we’ve come to a complete circle. So apparently the only way to save this town is for Hikari to stop being a shrine maiden and the only way to stop her from doing that is to take her virginity 😆 OH IT WAS SUCH A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS! So after they fuck she’s like “oh btw I forgot to tell you, I’m gonna disappear now.”

She also points out that even if she & her brother die, the town will be fine, it’s just that people will lose their powers. She also says that she’s spread her remaining powers over the town to guide the wind (which is the son of some god from a thousand years ago) out of this town and into the outside world. She also says she has like 3 days left and asks Makoto to spend her last 3 days with her. They also decide to give Hikari’s cat Forte to Kasumi to take care of. For the next 3 days Hikari lives at Makoto’s house and he’s determined to save her (and I have no freaking idea where Hinata was at this time…maybe Minamo’s house?) Anyway it’s really annoying how she suddenly gets all blushy faced & cute in these last 3 days, it’s like her character just goes 180. Ok yea I realize that she’s “free” of her duties so the weight’s off her back but it’s almost sickening how she’s all like “kya I made you some dinner Makoto hehe ///!” ( ´_ゝ`) And then she’s all like OH NO I FEEL SO GUILTY FOR KILLING EVERYONE WHAT SHOULD I DO! So on the final day she comes to that magical tree by the shrine and says the only way to save the wind in this town is to spread it to the outside world, and by merging her soul with it is the only way. So then she makes some promise with Makoto for him to marry Minamo, and disappears. Makoto cries all arone in his room with some flowers Hikari left and who is there to hug him? None other than Minamo, who he treated like SHIT the entire game. The poor girl is still like “Can I become Hikari’s replacement? I still love you Makoto よぼぉ…(´;ω;`)” Sigh that’s why this game pisses me off. Main heroine gets sloppy seconds and everybody is okay with this. In the epilogue some years later, Makoto & Minamo have a baby who they name Hikari.

Some years later when Hikari is in kindergarten she looks like the other Hikari clone (lol see Nozomi end 1.)  If you don’t make the promise with Hikari, Makoto instead decides to use his power to neutralize the power of the shrine tree or some crap which then requires Makoto to intake all the pain that Hikari caused by killing people over the last 1000 years or something. So then Hinata & co. come to help but when Hikari asks them to stop Makoto they’re all like “lol no thanks”. Bastard deserves it for treating Minamo like crap anyway. The whole time Hikari’s like “I don’t deserve this, I killed all these people, so I should be the one to disappear” and everyone’s like “we want you to be happy!” Good question Hikari, I wish you would die too lmfao. When she tries to get Minamo to understand her feelings Minamo slaps her yelling that “you think I can forget you and just be happy with Makoto!?” Yea it’s called Hikari ending 1 ( ´_ゝ`). Man lol the drama just got so bad here I was rolling my eyes 🙄 While Makoto’s soul gets absorbed into the wind god, he gets words of encouragement from his and Minamo’s parents.  Makoto succeeds but seems like Hikari can’t be saved until he hears the voice of her father (who I thought was her brother but alrighty then.) So I guess everything works out and in the epilogue Makoto marries Hikari and since her body’s been in loli form for 1000 years Makoto looks like a massive pedobear. For their honeymoon, Makoto & Hikari went to another town since she never left that other town because she was its caretaker. They end up in some corn field where Hikari starts drawing a picture with Makoto in it. Blah whatever Hikari. I think this entire thing was a PS2 only addition and seeing how I hate Hikari and I won’t magically “forgive” her for her sins, I am not amused. I also love how everyone but Minamo & Hinata get a wedding end. Oh wait Minamo got a happy end in Hikari’s original true end….but that doesn’t really count cause in my eyes it’s still sloppy 2nds! Screw you Minori!

Shikoin Kasumi – She obviously has a crush on her childhood friend Tsutomu but he’s too busy chasing every other girl’s ass. She still even has an earring that he gave her when they were 4 years old. In Kasumi’s route, Hikari picks her to be the sacrifice and so she gets attacked on her way home one day. The reason is because Kasumi accidentally saw Hikari’s thoughts when she took her glasses off at her shop. Kasumi gets worried about Hikari so she decides to go see Hikari, and Tsutomu panics and runse to save her ultimately ending up yelling at Hikari. Sadly this gets him stabbed and he falls on top of Kasumi bleeding. Kasumi yells at Makoto for telling Tsutomu everything regarding Hikari and Tsutomu asks Kasumi not to blame him because he’s the one who just went looking for her on his own will. So then Kasumi babbles that Hikari is her friend and she shouldn’t do this and Hikari feels so bad, like in Minamo’s route, she sacrifices herself to save Tsutomu. Kasumi is so happy that he’s alive again that she hugs him and he hugs her back – while Makoto is like “I’ma be a bro and leave them alone” and walks away 😆 And so 4 years later, Tsutomu marries Kasumi who no longer needs her glasses since everyone’s powers are gone. ヽ(^ω^ω^ω^ω^ω^)/ When Kasumi throws the boquet, Minamo catches it next to a blushing Makoto. Umm best end? XD. Why couldn’t the whole game make me grin like this ending did (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ 彡┻━┻ Well maybe it’s a good thing I left this end for last because the rest of the game was irritating me.

So uh the 2nd time around this game wasn’t as good. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know why I thought this game was good. Maybe because back in 2002 this was my 2nd eroge ever and I was like ooh look at the pretty art, even though compared to eroge now, the art is actually craptastic. During the beach episode, the swimsuits were just hideous. The body proportions on Nozomi were like wut and Minamo’s swimsuit looked like something my grandma would wear. While the PS2 cut out the ero and added new content, they added content I didn’t care to see. I couldn’t give a damn about Hikari getting a good end because I hate her. Why couldn’t they add a better end for Minamo? Because she gets a “bootleg good end” in Hikari’s original ending? 🙄 The only addition that I liked was Kasumi’s route because as my friend said, she and Tsutomu are “my OTP”. Their relationship is just so cute in the whole game but Makoto’s relationship with the other girls? I don’t even know. He keeps smacking Hinata, ignoring Minamo and I guess the only time I felt he had ANY emotions towards ANYONE was probably in Hikari’s route. In that case, what the hell is the point of all this childhood friendship Minamo focus? To shaft her hardcore? Okay Minori. If storywise it wasn’t annoying enough, how about not being able to skip the credits in EVERY ENDING. So when I had to do Nozomi & Hikari’s endings twice, I had to sit through the credits EACH TIME. Hey if the credits song was actually decent I wouldn’t mind but… Anyway needless to say, this gave me a CLEAR decision to never play anymore of Minori’s games in the future; not that I want to since they fucking hate foreigners with their gay IP block (that can easily be bypassed via web proxy lolololol.) If you do bother wasting your time with this game, I recommend to play in the same order as my review. In other news, have you broken your support disk lately?

7 thoughts on “Galge Review: Wind -a breath of heart-

  1. Which one is Nozomi, and which one is Wakaba? I’m guessing Nozomi is the green one.

    Poor Minamo getting shafted. Most childhood friends have crappy routes, which is a shame because I love that trope and it can be so nice if done well (ex Clock Zero), but Minamo seems to have gotten even more shafted than most childhood friends usually are.

    Lol at the broken support disk thing. So not only did they want people to import a crappy game, but they also wanted them to break one of the disks. That has to be one of the stupidest anti-piracy methods I have ever heard of. Elitists doesn’t even begin to describe NNL.

  2. oh actually Nozomi’s the blonde XD I think NNL joined forces with Minori to bring their games into English but that was a while ago and I haven’t heard any news of that since

  3. Also, are you going to play the psp version of Air? Then, assuming you have a psp emulator, Karin is going to release Danzai no Maria to the psp later this year (or it may be a sequel, but I doubt it). I knew you were disappointed about not being able to play it on PC, and they’ll probably add a route to one of them more interesting demon guys. I’d also recommend you to play their PSP Grimm game, but since the PC port is coming put in 5 days, it’s better for you to wait. Two of the characters have very sad endings, and one of them is getting a new one on the port, which hopefully is a happier ending like they did with Franken. Plus, harem route!

  4. doesn’t work on psp emulator, I tried. doesn’t display kanji and the entire game is black & white lol so I’m playing the Ps2 version actually. Karin is re-releasing danzai no maria director’s cut for PC in December so I’ll just wait for that one.

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