United We Play☆

So anyway I guess some first impressions about the new season of Pangya.

As expected, the lobby pretty much looks like this:

So I guess for now I’ll just save my SSC tickets until everyone got the SSCing out of their system and maybe hold some kind of blog event later on. The art contest ended up going okay and none of the cheaters won so I have no complaints. I ended up getting the “lucky” prize and so I got:

Card Pack Volume 2 x 2. I decided to open it but I didn’t expect much and…

Poo! Poo everywhere! Well I stuffed the Tiki card into my shoes for the hell of it. Whether or not it actually does anything is beyond me. Maybe it’ll come handy during drop events or something. The course clear bonus cards have been disabled until futher notice so make sure you don’t use those yet. My gold/silver/cards were similarly poopy so I didn’t bother screencapping those 😆

Yuki-san sent me a Lucia devil tail that he got from the papel boxes. +。:.゚ヽ(*´∀)ノ゚.:。+゚ァリガトゥ I opened up my 10 boxes and:

I got Nuri’s feather 😆 See he’s slowly building up his item collection. I just need some pants or something I’ll have to get later 😆

Carded items are now sellable in personal shops. This is actually a gateway to sell stuff. You can buy some crappy pang/top pants, put a good card in it and sell it for lots of money. Well your buyers would have to have a card remover but basically yeah.

Titles are now in a nice area in your room. Japan had actually gotten their system like this way before they became United so SGI is just late on the boat. The previous system was probably only on SGI – Korea & Japan had it the new way back when titles were first introduced. The current available titles in the shop are kinda lame…the ones on Japan were so much funnier & creative. I hope they hold a title contest on our server too (I don’t even know how many times I’ve suggested this before…)

Goodbye Minty, Hello Quma! Since that Spin +1 was irritating the crap out of me, I dumped Minty and upgraded my Quma so now I lost the stupid spin and gained 2 curve! Yippie! (`ゝω・)vィェィ Anyway played some Super Shuffles today. The guild chat is bugged out and you can’t use it during tourneys. Hopefully they will fix that soon. I only saw the 1 SSC hole so far in all the tourneys I played so I’ve gotten pretty good at it:

First I use my 4i to hit it into the chute and do a front spin tomahawk. I let it spin all the way down to the green or on the ice:

It often either stays in the chute or falls off but one time it did bounce on to the green and I ended up getting an eagle on that hole. Sadly none of your SSC records/trophies count on your history and as far as pang pouches, the best I’ve gotten was 2000 (´・ω・`;)… Anyway SSC is fun but I just get tired of Pangya pretty quickly lol so I had to log off for today. I think the new season is pretty cool. Recycling system hasn’t been implemented yet but soon as it is, I’m dumping my mass of Cecilia Accuracy +1 cards into there ( ಠ益ಠ ).


10 thoughts on “United We Play☆”

  1. Ritell> I believe that’s the outfit from the Wii game that you could redeem if you bought the Japanese Wii Pangya

    Yuki> 私ルーシアですかww まぁルーシア以外あまり使ってないから正しいですね(●ゝω・●) 良いカード出たのですか?こっちはゴミばっかりw

  2. ルーシアの尻尾は使わないから。。

    残念でした 。゜(゚´Д`゚)ノ

  3. calen> ルーシアWeddingドレス4個あたったこっちもうらやましいですww

    berz> everything for Nell is super high now that a lot of people got the frags of time from the anniversary event and made Nell their main character…which is great since now anything for Lucia will drop in price haha

  4. yeah TitanBoo prices are bizarre.
    come to think of… the cyber things for nell. i never saw them for sale here haha(nell is the no-money char, no wonder)

  5. おお、アニバーサリーボックスからレアでたのね!おめでと~^^


  6. 1m for specs what…last I saw they were like 500k! They should be even cheaper now. oh well they’re fugly so I don’t need them anyway!

  7. got specs KZ and L, cards only hana R T_T

    well, specs L means i prolly saved about 1m trying to buy that

  8. haha yea I made mine pretty short XD my friend was raging about how they made some of the bob/cecilia outfits she liked beginner only. I guess that’s a bummer if you use them or hana/nuri and you liked certain outfits!

  9. I’m surprised they implemented the rental system there. Not that they will lose money since gambling is the only attraction to get the best outfits. That goes for the rest of the Pangya servers.

    I have a rough draft of my Pangya United review setup, but hopefully the text length and over-analysis stuff won’t get out of hand haha.

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