I’m late on the boat here but…Android Otome Games XD

Edit: Turns out you need a freaking Japanese phone email to register for GREE to play this stupid game anyway (ノ`Д´)ノ彡┻━┻ Screw that. Giving this app a bad review!! They shouldn’t even put it on the android market if you need a specific email to play it on, there’s no point!

I just found out there’s like a company that makes otome games for android lol. I just downloaded this Abunai Koi no Bando one but haven’t tried it yet. Looks like none of them are voiced but the art is (;゚∀゚)=3ハァハァ Their official site is here and the games are free!! I think most of them are for Japanese phones but the one above is definitely for Android as I was able to find it in the android market by searching アブナイ. You need to register a free account at GREE first so I recommend doing that on your web browser before logging in from your phone.


20 thoughts on “I’m late on the boat here but…Android Otome Games XD”

  1. …cool, now I don’t feel like a noob for choosing SE Xperia as my new cell. Now if only I could read Japanese and get internet flatrate and figure out how these apps work….

    Thnaks for informing us, though *A*

  2. I’m afraid not. There’s some fan made English PC games (like Re:Alistair+) but most otome games are in Japanese.

  3. wow you’re right.
    I hadn’t actually tried it myself but when I did just now my auone.jp email didn’t seem to work either…has to be ezweb I guess. that fucking blows. what’s the point of android games if you can’t even register without a Japanese keitai blah. Time to give it a bad review lol!

  4. hairband> I’ll have to figure out a way to screencap my phone or maybe just take photos of my phone? lol hopefully I can get some pics one way or another xD

  5. Ooomg it’d be awesome if you could do reviews of cell otome games. I’ve always wanted to see what they were like

  6. Yeah I could see that lol I wonder if some of the iPhone otome game companies will port their games to Android now because of how popular it’s getting haha

  7. Rin> I need to figure out a way to screencap from my phone since it’s not rooted lol..I wanna be able to post a review of it haha

    Mimi> oh yea I guess that’s likely but Android is gaining popularity in Japan because of Xperia so hopefully more to come!

  8. Hahaha yeah the iPhone/iPod Touch/that Apple iOS shizz has otome games and a couple of BL games too, if I’m not mistaken….xD

  9. OMG I just picked another phone instead of a droid just because of the camera. (ノ-_-)ノ〃┻━┻ LOL at least I know what to pick next time. Damn, the art looks great. There’s a lot of good phone otome games lately.

  10. sharakael> Me too – I just happened to stumble upon it last night and was like 😯

    Mimi> I didn’t even know they had them for iphone. I thought the iphone just had those soine starry sky apps xD

    Hazuki> I’m using Evo 4G which I’m pretty happy with but Any Android 2.1 phone will work!

    domshiki> haha well at least if you got the iphone you can get the starry sky soine apps T_T

  11. omg RAAAAAAAAGE im so stupid i shud have gotten an android phone instead SIFOSDBFISODFDS

    haha do tell wot it’s like xD

  12. I saw the page before too…hmm…when I have to get myself a phone in 2 years I’ll try and get a droid LOL and use my ipod for iphone games LOL and get the best of both worlds XD

  13. :O Arghh, I need my droid to get here already!!! >_> I didn’t know there were any games for Android~ I knew there were some for iPhone~~ Oh man though, the artwork is fantastic ❤ and the fact that they're free just makes it so much better 😀

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