Pray for Japan.

I haven’t really mentioned anything in either of my blogs about the Japan earthquake/tsunami but I’ve been spamming most of my thoughts,feelings, news updates on twitter. I’ve been unemployed for almost 3 months so as much as I want to donate, I just can’t afford to…but I managed to scrap up enough jewels on Poupee Girl to buy some donation items for the relief. Since PG is located in Japan, at least I know my money is going to the right place. If you wish to donate to Red Cross though, why not donate directly to the Japanese one? At least there’s no middleman and your money will get there faster. Anyway some of my twitter friends in Japan have reported no water or electricity and that they’ve been living off candy and snacks for the  past week (´・ω・`). Kinda depressing to be honest. The various Tokyo blackouts have shut down a lot of online games as well and halted any game content updates which 4gamer has posted a list of. Anyway it’s all been pretty chaotic with the nuclear disaster as well so I’m hoping all of this will just blow over soon. I don’t think there’s been such a huge disaster in my lifetime since probably Chernobyl but hey I lived in Odessa and I’m still alive and kicking so everyone in Japan ファイトォ*:.。..。.:*・゚(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。..。.:*!!!☆

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  1. Something is better then nothing. 🙂

    I kinda know the feeling. I live at home and my parents won’t let me get a job until I stop having weekly seizures…and I need to make my savings stretch to cover college expenses. I donated $10, but I wish I could donate more.

  2. “Anyway it’s all been pretty chaotic with the nuclear disaster as well so I’m hoping all of this will just blow over soon.” With all of the stupid panicky people in the US over this nuclear issue, I can just imagine them thinking “a cloud of radiation is blowing over the Pacific to Californina!!!”

  3. yeah this situation sucks, got part of the family around ibaraki, i know they are alive, but their cell battery died 2 days later =/

    i guess if they can manage to stop the problems in fukushima the rest will be “ok”

  4. I bought three of the shirts Ayumi Hamasaki made. All profits straight to Nippon ❤ And they are SUPER cute.

    My friend in Nagasaki had a grandpa in Ibaraki. 😦 Havent found him yet.

    Also, there was a pretty cool story where some guys 3DS pinged and found another guy and his 3DS in the rubble.

  5. Wow that’s pretty awesome. See I never heard of these stories because Yahoo news is fulla crap about nuclear meltdowns and the like (ಠ_ಠ)

  6. that’s actually what I was watching on the 11th. Japanese news were a lot better but then again if you don’t understand Japanese it might not have been so good I guess

  7. I’m all about NHK, they’re definitely the most reliable source of information.

    A good friend of mine is making T-shirts to sell for the relief fund for 15 bucks and I’m totally going to buy one! She already has over 70 buyers, which times that by 15 = around 1050 US dollars… translate that into Yen… yeah, you get the point lol.

    :\ all of my college’s Japanese exchange students came the day before the earthquake and tsunami. I feel so bad for them, they were all really upset, and so were a few of my close Japanese friends. I hope everything gets resolved soon!

    And Yahoo news sucks lol, they really do.

    But did you see the article with all the reunion videos and stuff? That one on Yahoo was cute, and then the one with the dog staying by the other hurt dog? ;_; i cried. *is a rabid animal lover*

  8. コメ遅くなっちゃいましたがありがとう^^

    私はこんな感じです。Pray for Japan from GIFU


  9. ;A; it’s really touching though to see all those reunion stories amidst all the crisis though, you know??

  10. Yuki> いえいえゆきさんと家族皆無事でなによりです
    手伝いできればいいですね。こっちから金上げることしかできないから 頑張れ(@・`ω・)v☆日本!

    Mimi> haha yea its’ nice 😀 Too bad now the US news is overshadowed by the middle east crisis :S

  11. Yeah seriously! What’s up with all this madness this year??!! First it was Egypt, then Japan and now Libya?? Craziness.

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