Pangya 6th Anniversary Visual Fanbook Review

Picked up my Pangya 6th Anniversary Visual Fanbook from Kinokuniya today. Came faster than I expected. Is it worth it? If you’re a pangya fan definitely.  Years of all those classic Pangya illustrations are all in one place. It even has illustrations for stuff we haven’t seen (like black wedding dresses for the girls.)

The book also includes some illustrations I never saw from Pangya Wii as well as Pangya Portable (which I don’t even have.)

The end of the book features some illustrations of Kaz and photos of SeeD. That section made me really sad since it’s been a year since the guy passed away (´・ω・`). The only disappointment I have is characters like Kaz, Max only got 1 page period @_@. Lucia/Arin all got at least 2-3 pages but the guys…yea so much for that 😦  I guess in the end golf is a man’s game after all? 😆 In other news:

Here’s a picture of Ken in a fundoshi. 😆

You can get this book at a couple of places:

Amazon Japan (brutal shipping outside Japan though)
BK1 (need to know Japanese though, no English interface)
Kinokuniya (if you don’t live near one though I think they can ship it to you)

Good luck and I definitely recommend! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Pangya 6th Anniversary Visual Fanbook Review

  1. I’m so frustrated that the boys of pangya get no attention what so ever 😦 Especially Kaz lol Well, since this has early illustrations, I wouldn’t expect many pictures of him as he is fairly new (and male).

    Can’t wait to see the full report (if you make one) ^^

  2. Can’t wait to receive mine ;_;
    thanks for the quick review, looks like it’s worthing it !

  3. Teiyo> Probably wont since my scanned is wedged between my table so scanning more stuff was kind of annoying 😕 I think Main might make a more full report? xD But yea there’s a lack of mans. At least there was some nice Kaz illustrations (although tiny) in the Seed section.

    Main> Yea it really is, my review is crappy and doesn’t really do it justice xD

  4. 公式本届いたのですね^^

  5. Yuki> うん本も買ったらVISUALポンタ日本パンヤで使える。

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