Thoughts regarding this whole PWC mess.

I’m glad that US gets to participate in the Pangya World Championship but the way it’s being handled on our side is pathetic. It’s pathetic to the point that I have to agree with that niconico commenter calling us DAMERICA because really that’s what it’s come down to.

On Japan you sign up, they give you a time, date, room and password so everyone has an equal chance to sign up. Additionally there are restrictions such as no rookies, quit rate less than 3% etc. What does the US do? Create a free for all nonsense tee time room, wait till it fills up with

1. idiots who don’t even know what PWC is and just jump into a room labeled “GM Tourney”
2. cheaters/hackers who can’t do mental math if you paid them and will be an embarrassment at PWC
3. morons who just want the initial prizes and if they happen to make it to PWC they will just run for it and we’ll have no actual candidates flying to Japan
4. actual pros (small %)
5. people who aren’t pros but want to try their luck

That’s funny somehow I wish this tourney was only for people in #4 and #5 categories but its obviously going to be mostly people in #1-3. And the best part is Ntreev/SGI thinks this is a great idea. They say “oh well we can point out pros instantly without having to do this tourney so we’re doing it to give everyone a chance.” Okay so you’re now excluding pros (who may not get in because some hacker got in) and letting some cheaters play and run off with prizes? Great idea guys! Way to embarrass America at PWC. Sigh I don’t even care anymore. I might try to get in for the hell of it even though I suck and I’ll be in like 90th place since I hate White Wiz anyway. 🙄

Also I find it ironic that this is for the American part of Pangya yet the tourney is being held at 4PM PST when most of west coast/central US players are at school or work. On east coast its 7PM so it’s ok for me but it seems like the time slot is better for no one other than Europe. What a joke honestly. 🙄


4 thoughts on “Thoughts regarding this whole PWC mess.”

  1. Yea I didn’t exactly expect SGI to be any different from Ntreev other than a name change. ^^; It really is a joke to be honest. The fact that they’re doing it during tee time is gonna get a ton of #1’s who just want papel coupons and love chocolates and don’t realize this is an actual world competition 🙄

  2. Absolutely horrid news. We’re talking about a WORLD CUP, in which the best of each server are supposed to compete against each other. This is as if the Tour de France accepts anyone with a bike to participate against pros like Alberto Contador. BS

    What if no single pro can enter the room? What if they DC? We’d have a couple of decent medium players scoring -35’s at north wiz but that ain’t going to suffice against players of the calibre of moka, whoopsy, mygo nor karti. Not to mention the players of type #3! I can imagine the comments on niconama laughing such participants right in the face because they can’t mentally calc or play downright bad.

    Way to go SG! You really met up to my expectations…

  3. yea I’m not really concerned that I won’t get a chance to go to Japan since I really do suck. I’m more annoyed that some idiot who cheats/doesn’t do mental math will be the winner and will make us look like idiots at the event or just not show period and they’ll instead just tell some GM to go in his place (and you know how PRO our Gms are.. 🙄 )

  4. I can actually access wordpress blogs at work if I sneak in a s after http (so it looks like https://whatever)!

    I haven’t seen the GM statement yet, but if he/she/it really did say they’re leaving it as a free-for-all so people who aren’t pros have a shot, I can tell you right now why this is BS. That implies that all the not-pro players are people who never take a look at the forums. So having registrations on the forums only allows pros to participate, and excludes all the average to poor players from having any fun. This is dumb. I’m pretty dang sure I am no where near what you would call “pro,” yet whenever there were forum-sign-up official tournaments, I certainly did get to participate. Pro players, good players, decent players, bad players – we all got to participate. So this BS about how it gives everybody a chance makes absolutely no sense. If they care enough, they’ll sign up through the forums. And it’s not like forum sign ups filled up in 2 seconds flat like Tee Time does. You can be like 5 hours late and there would STILL be room for you. People who care enough about the tournament will sign up through the forums. Any old dude who just wants to eff around with the GMs wouldn’t really bother.

    I can’t believe they’re handling a tournament of this caliber this way. It’s not like I’m even going to come remotely close to being in the top 4 who go to Japan, and it still enrages me. Way to go, Ntreev/SG Interactive! New name, same old BS! =__=

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