Otome Game Review: Hakushaku to Yousei ~Yume to Kizuna ni Omoi wo Hasete~

Well since I saw the anime 2 years ago and it had a really crappy ending, I figured I’d play the game in hopes that we’d get more content and a better end. While we do indeed get more content and a better ending, we also get a bunch of unnecessary things. The entire game basically runs around Lydia reading some letters from people asking for help regarding some fairy related event. Lydia of course gets on top of things and as usual Edgar tags along. The game also started with a massive flashback to the anime using anime screencaps (and not good ones at that.) One of the episodes was also them basically taking the anime episode and using screencaps to turn it into a ‘story’. For someone who never watched the anime this may be okay, but since I saw the anime I was really annoyed having to see the same crap all over again.

The game also has a really weird pattern. It’s not like how you sort of go down the list and then pick choices and end up with a guy. No, you only really end up with Edgar and I guess based on which letters you open, different paths lead you to a different scenario but with ultimately the same ending. There are choices that will give you a bad end, but overall you will get whatever good end with Edgar 😆 Most of the game is spent on Edgar hitting on Lydia, while she tsunderes around and avoids all his terrible punch lines. In the end when he stops screwing around and is like LYDIA I LOVE YOU SRSLY, then I guess she gets the picture and tells him she loves him as well 😆 The first ending (and only ending apparently) I got ended up with them fighting Yulysses (Sp?) and the only reason they beat him is because the sword wouldn’t stab Lydia and approved of her as Edgar’s waifu lol.

All the seiyuus are back from the anime except for Nana Mizuki. I don’t really get this. This is even more weird when you see the anime flashbacks and…Lydia doesn’t have a voice. 😆 After I finished one of the endings there were movie, gallery, and special seiyuu talk bonuses. Nico’s was really crappy and short. Edgar’s Midorikawa Hikaru actually sounded normal. I mean he can sound so…normal but yet he does such a dramatic voice for Edgar it’s like WRYYYYY you do this! Actually I feel like any role he’s ever done seems so over dramafied. I hope one day I can hear him voice a character in his normal speaking voice – which sounds a little less nasal than his typical roles lol. In Sugita’s seiyuu talk he was like oh yes I am the boring character Raven you might not have recognized me. Even Sugita hates this game 😆 Kamiya Hiroshi sounded like Orihara Izaya no matter how much I tried to unhear it ( *´艸`)フフフ

Once I got that first ending I had to then go through the first scenario AGAIN (skipping of course) just to get to the part where you can open different letters for different scenarios. The worst part is, once I got to the letter opening part the game refused to let me load the menu and save at that spot. So then on my 3rd run I had to save at a scene I remembered slightly before the letter choosing just to be able to save myself some grief 😡 Ultimately the entire game is the same. Each letter you open of course gives you a different fairy rescuing/Edgar hitting on Lydia scenario but ultimately it all goes back to the end with Edgar fighting  Yulysses and kissing Lydia 🙄 The scenarios themselves were stupid cause I really couldn’t give a crap about any of the stupidly drawn faries or the fact that EVERY SINGLE NON LYDIA FEMALE and NON EDGAR MALE IS FREAKING UGLY. (Save for people like Raven, Yulysses etc.) But all the random story characters just looked so hideous it’s like the game purposely wanted us to not give a crap about them.

Then there’s the whole problem with Lydia. Geezus it’s like god forbid you actually ENJOY Edgar hitting on you. Instant bad end. The guide I followed at one point forgot to list a choice option. I figured what could go wrong if I pick something at random? Instant bad end. It wasn’t even a bad end where like “oh no you just got stabbed”. No it was just all of a sudden “Game over, bad end, go back to letters?” What the hell?? 😯 They were hardly even story impacting choices so besides crappy story and crappy CGs, the entire game’s programming is a piece of crap! I checked the clear list and I managed to clear 10/16 ends and get 61/98 CGs. Total playtime was 19 hours for all of this crap. Really? 19 hours and no concrete story? Alrighty then!

Anyway completely disappointed with this game to the point that I couldn’t even finish it. After doing 3 “runs” of letters I just gave up. I found myself doing other things while the game ran on auto and only turning to look at it when I had to pick a choice. It annoyed me that I couldn’t actually be “dere” with Edgar and I had to constantly be tsun because Lydia is a stupid bitch….so I couldn’t even enjoy that aspect of the game. The CGs were crappy. It reminded me of my own crappy art. I can’t believe this game sold a single copy. I guess hard core Midorikawa, Koyasu or Sugita fangirls jumped on the bandwagon? I don’t know, but I definitely don’t recommend this game to anybody. The game started somewhere in the middle of the anime, but it ended in the same place the anime did – where they defeat Yulysses. The only difference is we got a kiss scene. Just like with the anime, the game crap level is over 9000. I should have just stopped after the first time I reached the “good end” 🙄

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  1. wow you seem scarier than usually with your comments, must have been very bad. hope the next game is better than this one

    and thanks for the review yet again

  2. I remember trying to watch the anime– When Edgar started to beat up people and SPARKLED all KIRA KIRA while doing so because apparently he’s so damn hot, I think that’s when I knew I wanted to stop.

    And I did.

    Midorikawa Hikaru is like the Japanese VA version of Jeff Goldblum of over-drama-ing.

    The plot for this series just doesn’t rub on me and while I wanted to like Lydia because she has a pretty design, they don’t take advantage of making her an interesting character and I just SIGHED because of that. The guys aren’t interesting, Edgar reminds me of a not-interesting Tamaki from Ouran– overall this all falls flat 😦 Sorry you had to play such a crappy game

    1. Yea pretty much. Midorikawa can sound normal (like he did in his seiyuu talk) but he was so freaking overdramatic and Lydia was so annoying with her constant rejections ugh. The CGs were REALLY bad so there was really nothing going for this game or reason for me to complete it lol

  3. Some of those CGs are so QUALITY. Otomate should have known better than to use QUALITY Artland animu screenies lol. At least get some other decent studio to reanimate or something.

  4. This isn’t otomate actually its 5PB 😛 Every otomate game I’ve played has had pretty decent art. I guess I’ll stay away from any other 5PB games at this point 😕

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