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Otome Game Review: Hanasaku Mani Mani

Wow this game was…something else but more on that in my final thoughts. ಠ_ಠ Our heroine Mochizuki Nao is blasted to the past of the Edo era at the bakumatsu period when they’re about to overthrow the shogun. She gets picked up by a historical bishie who brings her to Manjiya, a prostitute house where the geiko ladies can service men but without having to actually spread their legs. Guess it must be a high class one. \(^o^)/ Even though she starts working in the back, all the guys there suggest she start working “in the front” to service all the male customers instead. Without any second thoughts, Nao’s like SURE THANG and so begin her exciting adventures in semi-prostitution. Warning: Terrible writing and landmine tropes ahead! Continue reading Otome Game Review: Hanasaku Mani Mani

Otome Game Review: Kannou Mukashibanashi Portable

So apparently this game is based on a set of drama CDs whose prominent feature is the dummy head mic. The dummy head mic makes it feel like the voice of the person is whispering in your ear so needless to say this being my first experience, I WAS REALLY FREAKED OUT (((( ;゚д゚))))アワワワワ.  Our heroine, Himeko, has some hot butler man bed intrude into her room telling her he’ll read her some bedtime stories. The best part of course is that she can experience these stories by being the heroine in each one! It sounds too good to be true, and well it is because these aren’t your Cinderella fairy tales. These are mostly horror stories where Prince Charming is responsible for ending the heroine’s life :lol:. This time however, each story gives us multiple outcomes and “what if” scenarios, allowing the reader to experience a variety plot twists.

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Otome Game Review: Your Memories Off -Girls Style-

The story is about a girl named Tsukioka Umi who’s in her last year of high school and one day her otaku classmate invites her to go to a live band show by a local college band. She’s very impressed by it and then it so happens that she meets the band members at her part time job at a cafe. She asks if she can go watch them practice and she ends up singing with them. They are all impressed, especially the leader Shunichi that he asks if she can join their band and so she becomes their lead singer. Umi also has a pet bunny named Sora who I think gets more CGs than he deserves lol but let’s get rolling. Continue reading Otome Game Review: Your Memories Off -Girls Style-