Digging into Pangya files…


So I dug around the Pangya US files today to see what nifty stuff I could find xDD I mean if we have this stuff in our files why won’t they release it already god 🙄

Anyway found some Code Geass stuff… ( didn’t bother rendering all of them too time consuming lol)

Found outfits for Arin I’ve never seen before! When will this get released??

Oh that’s right for those curious what the Pirate contest prize will look like in game….

I found this Kooh Pajama…does this exist? I swear I’ve never seen it before 😕

Vocaloid outfits for Kooh, Hana & Nuri are in the files…nothing for the other characters. Maybe it’s possible someday we will get them? (´・ω・`;)

That’s all I found. I wanna figure out how the hell to move the bones around and make some 3D pictures using Pangya characters but at the moment I’m too new with this program but I’ll play around with it more another time xD;


18 thoughts on “Digging into Pangya files…”

  1. I just checked pangya KR, that kooh pajama is the alternate to her panda dolfini pajama set. Guess you just never saw it worn.

  2. Apart from that whole Prop 8 hooey that was promulgated by a very vocal minority, California is distinctly homosexual-friendly. As much as I HATE living here, I will say we’re accepting of homosexuals, especially down here in Orange and LA County. I suppose if you don’t live here it’s easy to be persuaded into believing Californians are anti-homosexual, but that’s just not accurate.

    I’m sure if Yamaha or any other major copyright holder came and said “Hey, pull that stuff out of your game” the SDs would be gone in a heartbeat. For now, let’s just enjoy them. 🙂

    Personally I’m happy they’re respecting copyrights. A lot of other companies in this business give American KMMO publishers a bad reputation by blatantly stealing copyrighted material for their web content or in-game items. Remember the old event announcements from back when Albatross 18 was just starting out?

  3. Whats ironic is they’ve already released the shoes, gloves, and hat for the HG outfit. Even the sunglasses! The only thing they didn’t release is the outfit itself. If they were sooo worried about copyright they wouldn’t have released any of those items. So no I don’t think this is a licensing issue I think it’s them being afraid of all this gay criticism crap especially in a state like California where there’s always some hubbub about it.

    Miku and Geass on the other hand I can understand licensing issues so I’ll leave it at that.

  4. The PSP game wasn’t published by Ntreev USA and had the backing of Sony. Whole different ball park there. Hell, it’s not even in the same state.

  5. Wah, I like Arin’s China dress thing.

    And yeah I don’t get why Max’s HG set isn’t out yet. It’s in the PSP game (renamed to something generic of course) and they got away with an E10+ rating. I’ve seen worse or similar stuff made with the self design system too, and they don’t ban people for it. XD

  6. Still? I don’t frequently use those words but I thought they pulled them from the list a long time ago. I remember someone raising a big stink about it on the Trickster forums years ago and they pulled it from the forum filter.

    The reasonable explanation is to prevent them from being used derogatorily. It’s not uncommon in the least in the gaming industry to filter the word “gay” at the least. I know if I were a homosexual I wouldn’t enjoy having my sexual identity tossed around as a slur by 14 year olds.

    But more to the point, that outfit has copyrighted logos on it. Unless Ntreev USA received the rights to use those logos they’d have legal issues releasing those items.

  7. Main> See that’s what I thought but for some reason I’ve never really seen anyone wear it @_@ Weird coincidence I guess!

    Neru> I really wish they’d stop being homophobic and release it honestly. I am so disappointed it wasn’t released for his birthday.

  8. Wow thanks for sharing! I hope maybe they release some of these some day, especially Max’s HG set. 😀

  9. Kooh’s pyjama was releasing along with the other pyjamas. The one you know can be turned into this one (althrough it does not really look the same) on the other versions if I recall.

  10. Oh really? I really like it! I saw the files had the dress (red/black/white) that Japan had for her which I didn’t really like but I really loved this blue/red/white one! I hope we get it at some point.

  11. The chinese style dress, they already have on EU and KR. As for the white dress for Arin… I think it’ll be released within the next 3 or 4 updates on KR or JP.

  12. Most likely they haven’t been released because the developers didn’t give them the go ahead to do so. Don’t forget that they’re the publishers, a lot of players greatly exaggerate the role the publisher has in making game design and release decisions.

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