Tartaros Updates….meh

I helped our guild member level up last night to get to 54 but I’m kinda mehing about the whole thing. I should be excited cause yay new maps after like 2 months finally but looking at the update events…=_=;  I guess I’ll post a basic summary.

What is this I don't even.

Alright so let’s see…

  • Stamp Rally – login, get a stamp. Oh joy another stupid stamp event. 5 logins = 3 cash revival scrolls 🙄 , 10 logins = those stupid wings that increase damage by 5%, 15 days = 30 C stones, 1 level 5 magic stone, 1 level 5 C safety. 20 logins = a bunch of those ED stones that give like physical attack +101, con +4 etc. 25 logins = EARMUFFS FOR A RANDOM CHARACTER. God DAMN they’re already like dropping in price in the market, way to make them completely worthless. GJ MK 🙄
  • Come Back System – that’s right it’s a system to encourage you NOT to login! If you don’t login for a while and you come back you get stuff! Great. I’ll keep that in mind once I level cap Cromodo! Out of all the new systems they could have implemented, they implement this garbage.
  • They adjusted some face graphics for Ilishia & Elpintos. Adjusted some chat in Colloseum and adjusted a few categories in the auction.
  • Drop Event – Drop reward items include C stones, anti-fatigue pots for level 55 and below but they only take 20% off… The worst of these of course being the revival scrolls which you need 150 dropped items for to get 10. 10!!!!!! What the fk. Seriously? 🙄 That’s just trolling.
  • Level cap raised to 57, even though Taiwan its 58. Apparently there’s no Saijoukyuu armor (Wtf?) for level 56.

Checked my Tartaros twitter list

  • People are still crashing.
  • Some people say new map is easy others say its hard.
  • Most people are saying that the exp movement is even slower now so I’m guessing you probably get less than 2% a run on master.
  • Apparently in the new maps, you don’t get SS rank on master. Some people going back to Kaizoku, but you lose 10% if you do that at 54.

This is so lame. I’m really considering quitting now. This game has become so grindy it’s like there’s no point of even playing it unless there’s an exp event going on -_- I’ll try the new maps out I guess but I don’t expect to be playing much. This is depressing.


2 thoughts on “Tartaros Updates….meh”

  1. “Some people say new map is easy others say its hard.”

    It’s only hard if you’re doing that map at level 48 with a weapon weaker than 48+6 and you run out of HP pots. Seriously, I did the lv54~55 map on Master with NAGI, all by myself, and didn’t run into any issues until the boss room. Beating the boss within 4 minutes isn’t an issue, and the rest of the map isn’t an issue either. Again, I was soloing MASTER with Nagi of all characters and it didn’t get challenging until I reached the boss room (and then I got raped to death!). This map is not hard. At all. You DO need to be careful since it’s like Punta M where there’s like a ton of guys so they kinda gang up on you, but if frigging Nagi can get through it without me wanting to ragequit, I think every other character will be fine.

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