Wow good thing I left Bright Shadow while the leaving was still good.

So much fail GamepotUSA, SO MUCH FAIL 😆 Man this is awful. Why do I feel like Tartaros is headed the same way >_>. I checked Bright Shadow Japan is still functioning so I guess they make enough money from their stupid gacha to vouch for continuous service lol. Speaking of Tartaros:

…now that this is finally out of my hair, I probably won’t be logging into the game unless there’s a decent event.


7 thoughts on “Wow good thing I left Bright Shadow while the leaving was still good.”

  1. I can make assumptions because I DID play the Japanese version, which if you had read my previous posts you would have seen. I know it’s still running in Japan, but when I played it hardly anyone was on and all I ever see on their forum is “lag, nobody’s on, will anyone party with me, what’s fun about this game, I quit.” So you shouldn’t be making assumptions either 🙄

  2. @Hinano

    You should not make such assumptions unless you play the Japanese version. The Japanese version is still going strong in Japan even though there are several recent new games coming out to compete with it in Japan. Also there was 300 people in Meteor Pit on the Japanese version at the same time on new years. I see lots and lots of players during evening hours in Japan. Gamepot ruined this game by jacking the exp rate to more than 10X (at one point) what the other versions have. They also nerfed the party exp sharing rate, making only single enemy type classes able to level very good.

  3. This is sooooo sad, yet not surprising. I saw the announcement in my E-mail and actually thought, “Finally.”

    It’s really only sad for the players that stuck with it. But oh well, farewell Bright Shadow!

  4. now this is something thats different from what i did when i got bored from RO(hm which seems to be the game i played the longest)

    in the end, i just logged in to chat hehehe

  5. Those are actually from the game they only animated slightly while they split the items for the people in your party lol. But yea Bright Shadow has barely been around for a year so yea it’s basically uber fail xD

  6. But didn’t the english version of Bright Shadow come out late last year? And it’s closing already? Man that’s some UBER FAIL!

    Cute bunch of stickers, even though many are the same. Too lazy to even do 4 different expressions for each character, nice.

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